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Battle Rap News

Allow Drect To Reintroduce Himself

March 14, 2015, 2:37 pm


Image by Rehab Regime




By Drect


There's always that one smart/talented person that everyone knows.  You know - that person whom people are inexplicably attracted to ... the one that makes people say things like, "You're going to make it.  You'll be rich and famous one day!"


Unfortunately, that person is and has always been me.


I was blessed with a very unique skill set that allows me to bring people together and create STUFF: crazy stuff and stuff that you wouldn't believe I created even if I told you. I wouldn't trade my talents in for anything in the world.


I didn't use the word "unfortunately" to create some kind of depressed tone that will have you feeling bad for me as you read this article.  I used to hate expectation - it makes failure seem greater.  I never wanted to be some Luke Skywalker of battle rap - sent here to restore balance to this imaginary lyrical force.  If anything, I wanted to battle on SMACK & Scribble Jam, then spit bars on Sway In The Morning to promote my Twitter page ... THAT'S IT.


Instead, I was thrust into this super businessman role that I wasn't even sure I really wanted - it just happened.


7 years into this shit, i'm finally starting to embrace this role and OWN IT.  Really, the only thing "unfortunate" about my situation is that it took me this long.




My name is David Williams, I grew up in Plymouth, Massachusetts and I'll be 28 years old on April 2.


I have the world's most common name and I was born in America's birthplace - it sucks and it doesn't sound cool ... AT ALL, but it's ok because I somehow managed to become one of the most important people in battle rap, influence hip hop legends I thought I'd never have the chance to meet and create/maintain some very dope brands, which sounds pretty cool.




I've always cared about what people THINK too much.  I hardly ever let it show, which has led to a disease of inconsistency that has plagued my work life for some time now, but I still manage to do these things others may deem "incredible."  Maybe they are incredible  ... Maybe I'm just crazy.


At the end of the day, there's three things I have to look at:


1.) I created Grind Time - people downplay it (and me) now, but it was HUGE for hip hop and truly a game-changer.


2.) I have Rap Grid - a website and media outlet that has been my creative vessel for the last few years.  People have taken to the brand and now it's flourishing more than ever.


3.) There are about 52 people important people in both battle rap and hip hop that trust me with their careers.  Every second matters.


It's time to stop playing.  My job isn't done yet - it's just beginning.


It's 8:11 am right now and I have to go to sleep, but welcome to my blog ... forreal


*A LOT more is coming soon*