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Battle Rap News

Dizaster vs Cassidy: Ether Live Coverage

December 5, 2014, 7:43 pm

Our team will be giving you free updates on Fresh Coast and FilmOn's Ether event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.


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Cassidy vs Dizaster

Daylyt vs Serius Jones
Conceited vs Bigg K
The Saurus vs Arsonal
Illmaculate vs Real Deal
Big T vs Aktive
Heartless vs Danny Myers
Bonnie Godiva vs Offishal










Dizaster vs Cassidy

The crowd is chanting refund!

The battle is over. The whole event is done 

For the last 10 mins some weird shit has been going down.  Ppl are leaving. It might have gotten shut down

Crowd is heckling the staff. Diz need his mic turned up

U like Kim Karsashian not cause ur butts fake / yall fake bitches who got famous off one tape - Dizaster

Cassidy is still spittin but he lost the crowd.  His first round is done

Cassidy getting booed

U look like u wearing a drake mask / u more of a bitch thanNicki Minaj wit us fake ass" - Cassidy

When I blow ur insides out u goin get bodied cause ur body ain't reversible - Cassidy

Cassidy stumbled crowd went crazy. He said "sike I lied" and flipped it

Cassidy is getting mad reaction.  He's doing good

Holdin up a 9 in he air like a man that lost his fuckin thumb - Cassidy

A shell a make ya heart go Acapella, No beat - Cassidy

Ppl are finally moving. Some lady that works here went ham

If ppl don't get off of the stage they are going to shut the event down.  No one is moving Lush is going crazy

"Crowd is chanting 'get off stage' and nobody is moving'"

Cassidy spit like 8 bars and the cops are here  and they had to stop the battle before they shut it down

Daylyt vs Serius Jones

street and a nerd, gay and u straight / u wear a mask over the mask that u tatted on ur face - Serius Jones

My bars is so hard niggas in the yard do pull-ups on 'em - Serius Jones

Ok this whole first round is fire.  They both spitting. Serius doing better than he did vs clips so far

U quill cause ur bars ... Dey light as a feather - Serius Jones

Daylyt brought all bars! No games! He's killing it!


Derrick Rose I'm hurting these niggas (hurtin knees) - Daylyt



Bigg K vs Conceited


The crowd is booing Conceited now, but he swaggy so he making them laugh

u have gay butt sex wit King Bach - he give u the wood rockin leather like a sling shot - Bigg K

I talk u listen - we don't conversate / don't wanna get beat? concentrate - Bigg K 

Bigg K winning 2-0 right now

Conceited is spittin that shit but Bigg K got the crowd

The Steel a make Big bend like Roethlesberger - Conceited

Bigg K is incredible - at this point he might be top 5

Bigg K got the first round but Conceited had some good slow it downs

I'll show u how to put in work (pudding work) like Bill Cosby - Conceited

Bigg K's first round was fire!

Thesaurus vs Arsonal

Arsonal won 3-0 maybe 2-1. The crowd is booing Laura Tarsi's for not knowing much about battle rap 

U soft bro / u the typa cracks that would stop at a red light on Grand Theft Auto - Arsonal

Ain't ever lost a battle some say Hitman did the shit / well how much a rematch wit Holla cost so I can't put him on Schindlers list - Arsonal

U lil bitch daughter goin keep lookin like the angry birds pig till u stop banging crip and start raising ur kid - Thesaurus

U a fake crip us favorite food is imitation crab - Thesaurus

That was a cold case ... The clan u chose u rock wit wit don't even got a ghost face - Arsonal

On paper, this is a candidate for Arsonal's best round ever

Ur cracker ass should know what it feel like to be a black man / ghost from our past still chasing us like an old game of Pacman - Arsonal

Arsonal is taking a educated racist angle in this round. He is absolutely body bagging the battle

U took this battle for a paycheck to feed your ninja turtle looking kid (Saurus just had the crazy flip) - Thesaurus

I'm beating him for Tryna breathe next to the time king like Lance Stephenson - Thesaurus

Thesaurus fighting back! 

Arsonal was killing it and talking to Mistah Fab -  he got fucked ip and had to end the round 

You think your shit is raw, authetic? If you need help spelling bars, you might be autistic - Thesaurus

Arsonal & The Saurus are cooking!

You remind me of reggie miller, you used to be a shooter, now you just talk the game - Arsonal

You look like the cracker that brought the ebola out of Africa - Arsonal

I got a gun so big it make Marv won and Big T look Anorexic - Arsonal

Start running rebel if I catch U N LV - Thesaurus

Big T vs Aktive

Brick on top of Brick on top of Brick, I was a lego child - Big T 

We don’t need a fucking tee we playing minature golf - Aktive

You depend on daylyt to move around, you like solar power - Big T

They said it’d be a good year, never thought I’d get the whole entire blimp - Aktive

Grab the knife you’ll get stuck up, ya conceited bitch - Aktive  

I let this gat talk to em, thats a heated conversation - Big T

Arms around everybody, thats a group hug - Big T

Rum Nitty vs Billy Boondocks

Put these autos on ya, then auto zone ya they’ll be picking up ya parts - Rum Nitty

I call my 50, Tyson it spit retarded - Rum Nitty

I’ll dump a nickel in ya back, thats a piggy bank - Rum Nitty

Real Deal vs Illmaculate

Some dude the the crowd was messing up the Illmac battle. Tried to fight lush. Everyone was on point tho

U earned ur stripes but I'm a circus tiger biting through a burning tire - Illmaculate

Illmac is in rare form!

I’ll show up in st johns and put blood in your mouth like a game song - Real Deal

Illmac got round 1

Who's dick do I have to have Daylyt suck if I don't get the respect I deserve - Illmaculate

How I go from two opponents who didn’t try to one who tries to hard - illmaculate

Thats why You always call yourself the chef, you always cater to the crows - illmaculate

Real Deal is doing good but no haymakers.  Illmac is in the zone it's on him

Real Deal said Portland is so white that they were protesting against Mike Brown - Real Deal

Heartless vs Danny Myers

Debatable battle

U not a street nigga for real he best friends wit Magic Johnson's son - Danny Myers

Last round on Danny - strong battle so far

The metal draws on this pussy like a chastity belt - Heartless

Only thing me and my dad got in common is when the camera on we both know what to do wit Clips - Heartless

TV screen view

Find his bitch ... Then put a fee on her (Fiona) like Shrek wife  I got sumthing for her ass like wet wipes - Heartless

Microphones just went out during heartless second round

5th day of xmas get the five golden ring ... No I'll get the 5 ... Go then ring - Heartless

His pistol don't got a body like Zordon / I had dummies on 'em now I'm bout to put moron - Heartless

Extension coming from my neighbors house like my lights is off - Danny Myers

Danny Myers spittin!

You right, I don't pull out and buss why u think I'm talking to a SON - Danny Myers

Punch wit the right or bring the cold left over like Tupperware - Heartless

He like shampoo u think dandruff (dans rough) but when he got in the cell son blue - Heartless

u got 8 kids so I know u ain't pullin' out to buss - Heartless

Setting up the venue for #Ether