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Battle Rap News

Dont Flop Atlanta: #Resurrection Live Coverage

April 4, 2015, 8:14 pm




Our team will be giving you live updates of Dont Flop Atlanta: #Resurrection event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

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Math Hoffa vs Chilla Jones

*No way to call this battle without the footage 3 flawless round from*
*Chilla going crazy omg. Talkin bout him vs Daylyt " superman vs batman - whole world Marveled vs DC*
If u was a good partner Bonnie woulda came straight back like good posture - Chilla Jones
*Math 3 classic rounds. His best since Aye Verb.  Chilla killing the 3rd right now*
I'm like a body builder / inside u mad u not fuckin wit me.. u a Bonnie nigga - Math Hoffa
Slide through and bust at the Ds… that's a titty fuck - Math Hoffa
Math on Dizaster "to take my shine sun set it in the west"
*First two rounds classic. Can't call it. 3rd on math*
You shoulda took a page outta Bonnie's verse and ducked My Verse - Chilla Jones
This goin be a Serius Dizaster ... First time u had punches in back to back battles - Chilla Jones
*Math going crazzzy holy shit!*
Next time I hear that woooo (wu) ima listen to U-God - Math Hoffa
*This first round is too crazy!  Thought math had it.  Chilla was too crazy!  Too close!*
Cortez rockin a shirt like RIP / All u goin see is MATH on that essay Tee (SAT) - Chilla Jones
In addition your whole division is basic Math - Chilla Jones
U came to see punchlines right?  Not punches - Chilla Jones
*Math 1st round one of his best ever*
Have Jones insides blew out… that's Osmosis nigga - Math Hoffa
If u forget where the f-u-r that's your chin-Chilla - Math Hoffa
Plies wouldn't give this pwussy the W - Math Hoffa
Needed a cheap opponent now I'm stuck wit u / last time I had write for a Jones it got uncomfortable - Math Hoffa
This Mayweather vs Pacquiao SIKE! This a brick of dope vs a black & mild - Math Hoffa
*It's on Math first*

John John Da Don & Syah Boy vs Dna & K-Shine

*DNA & Shine dressed like a Mob Boss & King during 3rd against John John & Syahboy*

*This the best two on two battle in years.  Maybe 2-1 DNA & Shine*
Ima call u Westbrook - cause u better without KD - John John Da Don
*Syahboy is going crazy!  He might be the MVP, but DNA & Shine team work too crazy*
I been nice - u ain't know I caught bodies back then - I'm Bill Cosby now - Syah Boy
Da Don a tell 'oh' (Donatello) that's why he got a shell in his back - DNA & K-Shine
*John John Da Don & Syahboy vs DNA & K-Shine*


After I give him his L that I owe him (OM) ima hollow his team - John John Da Don
*2nd round on John John & Syah.  DNA came back*
*DNA had to come back. Ppl were confused and complaining lmao*
*DNA left the battle like Daylyt and left Shine to do the 3rd round by himself*
*shine on the ground* "yo shine what u doin - GETTiN THIs CHOPPER REaDy" - DNA & Shine
Take the steel and throw Shine in a bag - that's a jewelry heist - John John Da Don
*First round fire!  DNA & Shine more teamwork. John & Syah more taking turns*
DNA will be Puff Daddy cause he will turn his back on Shine - Syah Boy
These niggas wanna go half on the dime bag and share the L - Syah Boy
*OMG DNA & Shine just spit one of the best two on two rounds in history! Crazy choreography*
Throwback bullets go through John's Walls - DNA

*Crazy Crowd!*

Real Deal vs Syd Vicious

*His battles was goin be a classic DEF but both messed up in the 3rd. 2-1 either way. Syd almost got 3-0*
*Syd just came back. He said Real Deal is Dot Mobb's affirmative action plan*
*Syd just choked in the 3rd.  He's sick though he been throwing up between rounds*
*Real deal freestyled half his verse. It's 3rd round on Syd*
*Real Deal said Sonny and Syd look like the Professor and Escalade*
You'll get ur lil white buddy thrown in the crowd like Spike Dudley - Real Deal
You should thank me - I put u on the bill like gratuity - Real Deal
*Second round debatable but it was crazy*
Yall bought Mr. Pheeney would friggin beat me? / I'm sicker than a nigga wit aids EASY - Syd Vicious 
That right hook got him seeing stars like a Vice Lord - Syd Vicious
*Syd said Real Deal was grading a student paper & she thought he gave her a 30, but it said 3-0 bodybag*
U been hating since Obama been nominated / this is for every cellphone u confiscated - Syd Vicious
*Syd Vicious vs Real Deal is crazy*

I love battle rap.. u get to Hyde the Jekel side - Real Deal

Please dead it / u rhymes phosphorous with rhinoceros.. loss of all street credit - Real Deal
*Syd Vicious 1-0 on real deal so far*
*Syd is already winning the first!*
If u rep you state I'll send 8 (senate) like a congressman - Syd Vicious
*Syd is snapping*
Let a couple PPP a boy like 2 1/2 men - Syd Vicious
*Real deals 1st was classic. It's on Syd*
We'll stop u out - you'll feel more kicks to the stomach than Octomom - Real Deal
yea I'm sober / u fat as fuck I figured u wanted some left overs - Real Deal

Soul vs Ness Lee

*Soul might have got it. Crazy battle!*
*Soul is snapping crazy right now. Damn.  Him and Ness rapping they asses off*
Bender I been callin u out 4 years where u been at/ next time u say my name ina battle u better win that - Ness Lee
I told shawty get over hurr like Aye Verb fighting Scorpion - Ness Lee
*Ness got the second round. It may be 1-1.  It's on ness now*
U think him being black clouds my vision? I drop them over he head like acid rain - Soul
U arms swelled up, so if u working out he traps that's a bar bell shrug - Soul
U ol' I wallow in sorrow face ass nigga / u got extra trench coat I can borrow on the face ass nigga - Ness Lee
*Ness just said he had on Lucifer's shoes moving through the snow*
*First round was close. Toss up*
Scared to breathe around the air he in (Arian) like Ann Frank - Soul
Ness Lee is cooking lmao. Can't quote all of this
I can't wait to light up this square - chain smoker - Ness Lee
I'll body slam his lil ass on stage like Plies - Ness Lee

Lexx Luthor vs Brixx Belvedere

*Debatable battle. U can go 2-1 either way.  This Brixx vs Lexx is a classic. Crazy bars not cliché*
How dairy ... How dare yall milking this Oval teen - Brixx Belvedere
One shell can kill a kings dream / it won't take many to Martin Luther - Brixx Belvedere
Ironic they needed a Charming emcee (MC) to kill one of the SONS - Lexx Luthor
*Lexx just had a Street Sharks bar. Wow*
Someone give him gum - u watching Anchor man if u think Brixx got a trident - Lexx Luthor
*Second round was crazy. Lexx might have edged it but crazy both ways*
It's a wrap for them caps on the block like Pat Ewing - Brixx Belvedere
I'm here to check on that fade like a Nike hat - Brixx Belvedere
U sound like a SON ... I have been poppin off lately ... - Brixx Belvedere
On my high horse don't hit my phone less it's a big amount /High horse ... Bigger mount -  Brixx Belvedere
We used to battle in Grind Time ... the loser had to stay there - Lexx Luthor
*Lexx second round is crazy!!!  Brixx goin have to do a lot to win this one*
I'll take the fuckin bitch out like Kids Bop - Lexx Luthor
Ima suspect shooter but nah I ain't Chris Bosh / I'm masked up drummin like Slipknot - Lexx Luthor
If they say he throw hand on sight that peekaboo - Lexx Luthor
Brixx got round one - he did like 12 punches back to back to end the round. All crowd pleasers
I just put a tip in her box like a quick suggestion -  Brixx Belvedere
Ya bitch dirty on them poles like a fixed election -  Brixx Belvedere
Pack in a mug like a instant beverage / that bitch kik like a instant message  - Brixx Belvedere 
*Brixx cookin!*
Who souled this little corn to take the cream of the crop - Brixx Belvedere
I wanna show him the ropes before I give him the business like Shane McMahon - Lexx Luthor
I gotta push Brixx to the side to open doors like a secret passage way - Lexx Luthor

Jonny Storm vs Lucianno Crakk

Storm won 3-0
I should snuff u - u Dominican so it's only right I give u socks - Luciano Crakk
How u got better eyebrows than your girl" - Luciano Crakk
Storm had a cold Spanish scheme in the 3rd. Ppl are saying body - battle isn't over yet
I quick to get u TO like Ya sisters kids - u get it?  Cause u tío to Ya sisters kids" - Jonny Storm
If Em's nice then I'm the M. Bison of pen writing" - Jonny Storm
*Storm winning 2-0*
I'll get pissed and buck it like Justin Beiber" - Luciano Crakk
Call him John Q - when it comes to the SONS he killed himself TRYNA take out Heart" - Luciano Crakk
Put u on your ass and lift Ya soul like shoe salesman" - Jonny Storm
*Storm is winning 1-0* 
You'll get a strap to Ya head like Quailman" - Jonny Storm
You look like ... Doug Funny wit drug money" - Jonny Storm
Blow techs / so when I grab the tool you'll look black & blue ... Like that gold dress" - Luciano crakk
*Strong round 1 for storm - it's on Crack*
When he reaches, you'll see crack is ass ... Plumber butt" - Jonny Storm
I'm spazzin' - every word he say gets leaned ... Italics" - Jonny Storm
Yall got me out here whipping crack!  I got warrants in Atlanta" - Jonny Storm
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