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Battle Rap News

Dose vs Math Hoffa: A Rematch of Epic Proportions

March 10, 2013, 11:46 pm



Dose vs Math Hoffa: A Rematch of Epic Proportions

As I literally sit here and ready myself to watch one of my personal most anticipated battles of the year, I pause a second ...

I often pause before watching battles to reflect on the comments and opinions I have heard from people at the live events as well as twitter comments from both emcees involved.  This allows me to watch the battle from another angle: a comparative one, in which I find myself often asking "how true is the information i've heard?"

If you aren't aware of their history, here is a quick breakdown:

- Dose raps first and says like memorable line, "Click clack BOOM! Turn his dome to a stadium"

- Math has the most reaction to an opening statement in battle history with, "I was supposed to battle T-Rex, but he was scared ..."

- Math raps for a minute or two, and Dose gets to close to Math's face

- Math says, "yo son get out my face son"

- Dose gives him a crazy look and says something

- Math punches Dose and pandemonium breaks out

- Math ends up becoming a underground celeb and the clip even ends up on tv a few times

You can watch the first match here:


I was always one of those people who thought Math was dope in his first round against Dose (up until the punch at least.)  Lines like, "The only thing he ever squeezed was his feet in his little brothers shoes" always stuck out to me as classics.  As time went on and the battle community grew, it became apparent that a lot of fans think Dose killed Math, who in turn punched Dose in an act of desperation to escape the potential embarassemtn of losing a battle.

From both knowing Math personally and observing his actions from a fans point of view, there is no way in A MILLION years that he: a. Thought he was loosing & b. Punched Dose to escape the battle.

After years of hearing that he would lose if him and Dose rematched, Math probably just got annoyed and agreed to rematch for the fans.  And here we have it; J Dose vs Math Hoffa - THE REMATCH:

I am watching this battle literally as I type, so I thought i'd try something new and share my personal thoughts while enjoying the video:

- I wonder who owns (lol)

- I wonder if people know that the voice in the beginning of these intro videos are Beasley (lol once more)

- I like Math's opening statement ... oh shit, "He still look like a sucka" wow that was worse than the Hollow fake handshake.  If that was on stage ... SMH

- Damn i knew Dose lost on 106th once (the footage is online) but three times?  I didn't know you could get on the show that much

- I like how Math is revisiting his original verse and micing it with new material.  A lot of classic lines

- "I should start this off by knocking you the fuck out!" lmfao @ Dose intro

- The whole "myself" thing is hot, but Dose gotta earn the crowd respect

- Math scheme is hot

- Aaron Rodgers line was tight

- Whew! Dose talkin about his rehabilation

- Dose swaggin out!  Crowd feeling him.  This is getting interesting

- "Breath so hot his mic need a sweatband" lmfao Dose got jokes

- "When i shoot u goin need a vest on a vest!"

- You can argue that Dose won Round 1 - he did more with his flow, but he isn't calm and poised like Math because its his first battle.  I also didn't like how Dose ended, but it seemed like Dose went a little longer.  Ill call the Round a tie for now because im pushing for Dose to do good.  I want to see a good match!

- Math dancing is HILARIOUS

- Lol Math is flipping Dose's verse from the first battle

- Amy Winehouse line was real good

- "His name is dos, so u gotta battle him twice" lolololol

- "Just because i punch was sucker doesnt mean it was a sucka punch" - idk if Dose can come back from this second round

- Dose has some of the most creative "defeat/da feet" line but I dont know how I feel about it

- Dose saying a lot of ill wordplay without too many punchlines, but I think people are feeling it "windmill/huge fan" line was tough

- I don't like Dose bringing back the lines, I think he should just rap and let people get it

- Math won round two.  Dose is saying dope stuff, but he needs to develop his style a little more for this era

- 1st 45 seconds of Math's 3rd round is perfect

- "Die from one round, but they'll still say its a 3-0 ... Doctor and lawyer in the house ... Theo" that whole rhyme scheme has Math pulling ahead clearly

- Dose just laughed at the T-Rex line and mad a strange face.  Well ... that was weird lol I wonder if anyone else caught that (24:30)

- Math basically dared Dose to punch him back this time.  That part was real dope.  Great 3rd Round from Math

- They way Dose is breaking down what Math is in the first match is dope - kind of like poetry.  I wish he slowed it down and articulated it more.  Live it might not have been super crazy, but online its ill.

- That line Dose had about "adapt to the ER" was TOUGH

- Dose has A LOT of crazy rhymes on paper

- "Walk inside the Louie store, they like, 'The mamakin is moving' ... oh u mad cause im stylin' on you?" - haha

- Second part of Dose's 3rd Round was real good - a lot of personality

All in all, good battle for the fans.  I don't know if URL plans on having Dose back, but I would like to see how his style develops over time - he has all the elements of being a dope battle rapper.  I have always said this, but I think Math is one of the top 5 battle rappers of all time and he is just going to continue to prove it over and over again.

*Signing Out*

- Drect