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Battle Rap News

Eminem's Total Slaughter Live Coverage

July 12, 2014, 2:27 am

Our team will be giving you free updates on Eminem + Slaughterhouse's Total Slaughter event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.


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Joe Budden vs Hollow Da Don

Murda Mook vs Loaded Lux

T-Rex vs Daylyt

Arsonal vs Big T









20 dollaz. He gettin cooked right in front of y'all welcome to benni Hanna's @MurdaMookez

U battled on the roof. That was cute. But u a chump.  in real life I had to battle for da stoop and the loser got the pump @MurdaMookez

Massacre. Long chopper. This bitch hold 32 passengers @MurdaMookez 

Against calicoe we was lovin it but we all got tired of all ur mumbling. @MurdaMookez

Ill battle anyone on the card w this hand of Jesus. Tell that man never throw rocks at the sun. He can't reach it @iAmLoadedLux

I'm a go upside ur head till ur side burns @iAmLoadedLux 

U gon got this work but u not the first mase ain't the only murder than been up in a church @iAmLoadedLux

Id rather rap like a preacher than act like a priest. @iAmLoadedLux

Fly rugged niggas- Aladain @iAmLoadedLux

Damn homey. On the smack DVD u was the man homey what the fuck happened to mook?  [email protected]




DAylyt is still on stage. Laying down. He won't leave #TotalSlaughter 

I don't play light. U put the broad in Broad Daylight @IHATETREX

Put the metal down. I Want all my believers to settle down congregation. Look at the shit I got stuck in constipation @DAYLYT2k

This my brotha but this nigga dead  @IHATETREX 

I hit my niggas like I got Daylyt they like cool. It'll be a light day I'm a fry day @IHATETREX

they don't know what to think. So many punches  they don't know what to think w the big picture @DAYLYT2k

Permanently unemployed for these boys they get no hire @DAYLYT2k

I'm Donald sterling. U on my team but I don't fuck w none of u niggas @IHATETREX



This one time at at band camp I was fuckin @HollowDaDonLOM mom @ARSONALDAREBEL

They pay me well this a crazy world. I'll Rkelly take a piss on ur baby girl @ARSONALDAREBEL

Ruger holes u had actors around u ur whole life like the Truman Show @BIGTQMB

I'm like @DAYLYT2k tattoo artist I'm drawing on a nigga like I don't know what m doin @ARSONALDAREBEL

Fresh pair of tims every time I have his mom over cuz real niggas keep they boots on and pull the thong over @ARSONALDAREBEL

I'm like the big bad wolf looking for those kids cuz I'm blowin every house till I get to those bricks @BIGTQMB

Joe. Why u the nigga always getting the hook that's Nate Dogg @ARSONALDAREBEL

Trayvon. When joe voted against me I shoulda knotted his shit. Word to Raekwon @ARSONALDAREBEL

Silver Uzi Swiss cheese nozzle wit the bullets that Big t swallow @ARSONALDAREBEL

Ur bars was heavy but u got lighter over the years Aunt Vivian @ARSONALDAREBEL 

8:11pm: The online PPV is still down but we'll keep you posted with updates.

8:08pm: Sway is onstage getting the event started and they're running a pre-recorded video of Eminem addressing the crowd.

7:07pm: Aye Verb gives his predictions for tonight's battles and speaks on who's the best in Slaughterhouse.


6:53 Peep the line building up outside of tonight's Total Slaughter event, presented by Shady Records & WatchLOUD:

The official match ups and titles of each event have been announced:

Battle for Title of Total Slaughter 1 Champion: Murda Mook vs Loaded Lux


Wild Card Challenge: Joe Budden vs Hollow Da Don


Battle for Title of Road to Total Slaughter Champion: Daylyt vs  T-Rex

Undercard Battle: Arsonal vs  Big T


Also in attendance tonight: Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, and Royce da 5’9” of Slaughterhouse, Sway Calloway, Kid Capri, Ebro Darden, Mike Herard, Poison Pen, DJ Kay Slay, Drect Williams, and Road to Total Slaughter stars Math Hoffa, Aye Verb, Marv Won and more.

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