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Battle Rap News

Go-Rilla Warfare The Crown Live Coverage

March 28, 2014, 3:27 pm


Our team will be giving you free updates on Go-Rilla Warfare's The Crown event in this blog until the event is over. Click the banner to purchase the Pay Per View, which will be available April 1st. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.


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Big T vs Big Kannon

Charlie Clips vs Hitman Holla

Aye Verb vs Swave Sevah

Yung Ill vs Arsonal

B Magic vs JC

DNA vs Young Kannon






Big T vs Big Kannon


"Give him shattered intestines to bladder infections. This shit could get real Ms Gracie in a matter of seconds" - Big T


Big T choked in his first round


"He said he be good in the ring / A legend chokin in his 1st round ... look at me king" - Big Kannon


Charlie Clips vs Hitman Holla


Dope battle - as always Clips ended with a freestyle



"Nigga owe me $10 I need it I'm on his doorstep / knocking a 357 like it ain't 4 yet, shooting and he ain't open the door yet" - Hitman Holla


"U think I'm Lyin cool. I'll smack that bitch make ur Queen Flip in a quiet room" - Charlie Clips


Aye Verb vs Swave Sevah



Aye Verb was in classic form tonight, Swave was dope and stumbled tonight. Verb has quit battle rapping.


"Nigga I know karate. Nigga karate only work on niggas who do karate. I'm a break every branch off mr miagi bonsai tree "- Aye Verb


"Killin him is sumn I'm dying to do. Post a picture of the dead body in Unbias Review" - Swave Sevah


JC vs B-Magic


Crazy battle - bar fest


“Magic will be in so many pieces his box gonna come with a manual” - JC


“I do this for the war game flesh wound make his chess move like a warm game” B-Magic



Yung Ill vs Arsonal




Arsonal may have edged the battle


"I got a thousand dollar street cred / bet that ars won't keep it a thousand till he get g-checked" - Yung Ill

"I got a thousand dollar street bet that ars won't keep it a thousand till he get g-checked" - Arsonal


6:21pm: Arsonal says he's been asking Hollow Da Don for a rematch, and also says Shotty Horroh will kill Aye Verb when they battle.



5:18pm: DNA discusses judging in battle rap and talks about his ongoing fued with Okwerdz.


Young Kannon vs DNA

The battle exceeded expectations

DNA started it off with a Loaded Lux Impression

"U speedin in the ring thing that punches in the thing / U remind me of Drago cuz u rushin in the ring" - DNA

"Calicoe a forefitter u a soft nigga, what u got in common both y'all pops is lost niggas / Ur pops is lost for knocking up a retarded bitch" - Young Kannon


Undercard Matches



Mr Oops vs Prince Lord - Oops easily won.  Dope bars on both sides


"I got a pistol handmade from Jesus, I made my peace with god" - Chris Lloyd


"I'm in another nigga crib like 'fuck your house' / I'm even flipping over shit like 'fuck your couch'" - Oops




Tone Montana vs Mackk Myron - Mack Myron bodied


"You better pump those breaks / Your soul will be lion in the sky like Mufasa face" - Mack Myron


D Eagle vs Mr. Mill$ - Mill$ catches a body


The Venue



2: 36pm: JC talks about his battle with Danja Zone, whether or not he'd battle Rone, and why he's in rare form tonight.

2: 14pm: Gerald McCoy from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gives his predictions for all of today's battles.


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