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Battle Rap News


October 16, 2013, 7:38 pm


All of these battles can be seen now at


When the card for BOTB6 was first announced, the battle community knew we would be up for some classics, as KOTD would be bringing the big battle tradition back to Oakland with both very familiar and new faces.  We have prepared this recap of the epic event to help fans re-live some of the most electrifying moments of Battle of the Bay 6.  Shoutout to the KOTD staff for providing RapGrid with Pay Per View passes, watching the stream gave us a chance to be a little more detailed with our reviews.




- We have prepared a review for a few Day 1 battles & all of Day 2

- KOTD had mostly two minute and ninety second rounds (with the exception of the one round Head Ice vs Daylyt Battle)

- Watching the PPV stream has allowed us to include more quotes, yay for you

- The line of the battle is notated by red text under the standout lines section (some battles have more than one)

- After Dizaster vs Aye Verb, the crowd became restless and didn’t give the last three battles proper reaction



Rum Nitty vs Danny Myers


Prediction: Rum Nitty 3-0


This battle was such a slugfest - what an unexpected surprise.  Not only the best battle of day 1, but one of the best battles of the entire event.  With the proper push this could become KOTD’s Chilla Jones vs JC.  There’s not much to say ... the energy was through the roof and this was a classic from beginning to finish.


Standout Lines


“My case was like child support ... bust once and paid for it 18 years” - Myers

“Ill have a battler shaking on cam like Jaz the Rapper” - Nitty (ref. to Jaz’s twerk video)

“A lima bean in a time machine - ill make you a vegetable in the future” - Myers

“Big ratchet squeezin out the whip like Raspusha ass” - Nitty

“Ill cut you into so many pieces, you funeral will be on a conveyer belt” - Myers

“5:30 am you’ll see the K while you yawning / you’ll dread being woke up this way (Sway) In The Morning” - Nitty

"Dan act like roids in his system, but ill still give him the blues brother" - Nitty


Final Grade: A+


Bar for bar, these are some of the most original and dope lines I’ve heard in a while


My Winner: Nitty 2-1 ... Most will call this a draw

Cadalack Ron vs ZM


Prediction: *Blank Stare*


Cadalack and ZM are both very on and off.  Cadalack’s jokes, shock value-filled punchlines and edgy content can either be very captivating or relatively dry at times, therefore it is hard to predict when battle fans will take to one of his performances.  ZM was at his peak when Grind Time first took off, and performs on a very high level when faced with competition like Soul Khan, but has a hard time consistently beasting opponents with top notch performances.  Cadalack had a lot of crazy jokes and “wow” moments, while ZM was consistent and delivered a very lyrical round 3.  The battle was capped off by Cadalack saying some crazy lines about ZM’s girlfriend and late grandmother.


Standout Lines


“You ain’t Tailor Gang, you Cheese Wiz Khalifah and them fat clothes is tailored strange” - Caddy

“Before there was a URL you smoked SMACK and ICE” - ZM

“Ron’s girl pussy remind me of Philly ... it get a lot of brotherly love” - ZM

“Step in my cell and i’ll split him like mitosis” - Caddy

“You an undercover twerker - every time you sneeze your booty claps” - Caddy

"I can’t let the hero win (heroin) i gotta go out like a goon / u tryna get cut now? so you don’t need a lil bitch thats lighter to spoon" - ZM


Final Grade: B-


The battle had its entertaining moments, but it could be very awkward at times


My Winner: I might have leaned towards Caddy because he was entertaining at times, but ZM had some dope bars ... I don’t know you just have to see this one.

Chilla Jones vs The Deadman


Prediction: Debatable Classic - Might have even had Deadman pulling off an upset


We all know Chilla Jones is the scheme king - a lyrical beast.  Both him and Deadman have been putting in work on their respective coasts over the past year by stringing together a streak of impressive performance with classic lines.  I saw this as a match that could steal the show.  This is my favorite Chilla performance - he really shined in the shorter two minute rounds.  Deadman had dope moments, but he seemed to have a lot less haymakers than usual.  I was hoping he would match some of his recent past performances.


Standout Lines


"You came here to battle Shakespeare, but I don't play write" - Chilla

"Your girl let Con fuck, gave QP neck and throat / last i heard Heart beatin like a stethoscope" - Chilla

"Put so much money on they dome they think im Jerry ... Jones" - Deadman

"Your bars shaky hold your horses you aint stable" - Chilla

"ill blast and split his house in half - that's how I do Plex (duplex) / you told me he was slammin in the ring ... I should sue Plex (suplex)" - Chilla

"if Kobe get 50 he's a great scorer / Rondo can get 50 ... he plays for 8 quarters" - Deadman (on Chilla's ass long rounds)

"swag of a navigation app you give the worst sex / fuckin hoes like '600 strokes turn left'" - Deadman


Final Grade: A-


Dope back and forth, but Chilla seemed to have the upperhand the entire battle


My Winner: Chilla Jones 2-1

KG The Poet vs Lotta Zay


Prediction: Lotta Zay 2-1


A very dope battle that really forced listeners to think and appreciate both emcees’ pen game.  Both battled Daylyt in two of the best battles of the year, so I knew this would be a barfest.  The battle was fire on both sides, but KG just seemed to be on another level this night.  I would love to see KG throw a little more personality into his bars - his style would be nearly perfect.


Standout Lines


“Put on that white face but the soul's black like Krondon" - Lotta (Strong Arm Steady ref.)

"if i split ya front you'll see cheeks with puff like J-Lo's prime" - KG

"this shit will have a crack head off the wall like Humpty Dumpty" - KG

"when im masked up ill take control of ya city like Bane / bang and have u talking through your stomach like Krang" - Lotta

"ill fuck her in the ass so hard, she can't sit down like a guest on the Steve Wilkos show" - Lotta

"if u say you pay tons u just middle manning, you know ... Copper, Peyton, Eli ... middle Manning" - KG

"ya bitch wants this singa long - got my balls bouncin' wit every word" - Lotta


Final Grade: B+


KG elevated to a level we all knew he was capable of years ago and captured the crowd


My Winner: KG The Poet 3-0, dont get it twisted Lotta Zay was dope too

John John Da Don vs The Saurus


Prediction: John John 2-1


90% of the time John John Da Don is fire.  As The Saurus’ career has progressed, it seems as though he has become a little less effective as a battle rapper and is not necessarily feared anymore.  Both came with some heat, but The Saurus turned it up a notch and really got busy - I saw flashes of the old Saurus all through this battle, but with an updated style.  He rebuttaled at the beginning of every round ... 2/3 of them were bodybag lines.  I was pleasantly surprised.


Standout Lines


“why am i giving you the shot if you the vet” - John John

“you bout to get your light skineded life ended” - Saurus

“(ill)mac wont be affected by your death you’re like steve jobs” - John John

“every round is softer than a cinnabon, said u got that friar tucked - you ain’t even robbin hoods a lil jon” - Saurus

“he took bar recycling and made it a trend / even his own name ... he like “John” wooooo i need to say it again!” - Saurus

“he such a biter the only beverage type he sips ... Sprite Remix” - Saurus

“that back and forth over the net? im not your tennis friend / but i can serve you wit this backhand i bet ya legs’ll wemble den (Wimbleden)” - John John

“ride in wit a wagon full of white boys like a stage coach / got a rifle and a guage close  // and i know where i can aim those / not at any one of john homes just that full house where john stay most (John Stamos)” - Saurus


Final Grade: B+


John John was his usual self, but didn’t have any bombs, while The Saurus set the stage on fire


My Winner: The Saurus 3-0 (John may have got the 3rd)

Bigg K vs Illmaculate


Prediction: Classic


This is a match where you just knew both guys would come correct.  What makes this hard to call is the various angles and styles that both were effectively using throughout the battle.  I’d hate for this to become a “street vs backpacker” argument on the comments - it will ruin the beauty of this shit.  Bigg K may be the most believable person in battle rap.  Illmac was a little more creative, but Bigg K had some very very very crazy lines.  Illmaculate’s round 3 is one of the best rounds I have ever heard from a creative standpoint: “we haven't battled yet, this all happened in your head now imagine what’s gunna happen at the actual event.”


Standout Lines


“ill lift illmac through a ceiling fan and drop money on his grill like a dental plan” - Bigg K

“u act tough when u rap stuff - play gangsta / but u really pussy, thats fake heart ... pacemaker” - Bigg K

“pay me homage - you comparing satin to satan / angel cake to pagan profits” - Illmac

“ill lift your soul through the beam like a mothership” - Bigg K

“i keep a level head in drama you seem shook/ im bipolar ... nice jab, mean hook” - Bigg K

“chrome mac 90 up in your dog teeth / this ill mac ring twice - that’s w-r-c’s” - Bigg K

“he’s so forgetful wit writtens i ain't got a line about this fool in prison / cause at least there he can actually get through a sentence” - Illmac

“u get some type a street cred cause u caught a weed charge / i will beat slob down your chest like a retard” - Bigg K

“long desert eagle hit u dead in the chest / thats how to kill a mockingbird - hit gregory peck” - Bigg K (Illmac’s name is Greg)


Final Grade: A+


This shit was just hot


My Winner: Illmaculate 2-1

Daylyt vs Head Ice


Prediction: You can’t make a prediction for a Daylyt battle anymore


This was a one round battle.  Daylyt had crazy lines and no gimmicks (he put on the mask while Ice was rapping though), while Ice was hilarious and spit some deep schemes.  This is a hard one to call because Ice rapped for about two minutes longer and went second.  Still a dope battle. Three rounds might have made it even better.


Standout Lines


“its funny how you callin me the clown but u the crusty nigga / the bitch asked me his age I told her he older (odor) than a musty nigga” - Daylyt

“you’ll get jumped out the gate ... no of(fence)” - Daylyt

“where i’m from we dot up the squares - it is everything but paradise (pair a dice)” - Daylyt

“Ill put a round in a square like a single Reeces” - Daylyt

“yall praise a nigga that got ass nekked?  Yall past reckless / i don't feel comfortable around niggas that be ass checkin” - Ice

“you aint no real Dot Mobb nigga, i know real Dot Mobb niggas / most of them don't even like Dot Mobb niggas” - Ice

“only crack u got need A&D ointment / u can have some A-Z choices and u still get a player 3 joystick” - Ice


Final Grade: B+


Needed 3 full rounds


My Winner: Can’t call it - too short

Tantrum vs A Class


Prediction: A-Class 2-1


Tantrum is very dope, but lately he just hasn’t been the same.  I was a little upset with this World Domination 4 performance and hoped he would do really good at home.  A-Class is very funny and technical, most of the time he delivers, so I had to edge him coming into this.  


The first thing I want to note is that Timothy De La Ghetto (aka Traphik) and Dumbfoundead were all in the camera LOL - I felt like everyone was trying to recreate the vibe for Dumb vs Tantrum and get 1 million views all over again with another Korea vs China battle.  This is a hard one to judge on camera let me explain why: Tantrum tried to take away A-Class’ angles by saying that he plays off of being asian too much.  It worked, and I thought A-Class had no chance, but he had some lines that were just undeniable.  At the peak of this battle, Tantrum brought our a ninja mask and had the crowd going crazy.


Standout Lines


“u the reason dmx was always asking where my dogs at” - Class

he thinks the top asians are still everybody knows, dumbfoundead, tantrum, when everybody knows dumb founded tantrum” - Class

“you been rapping for 3 years and can't even get some clothing that fits / how your name tantrum and u cant even get anyone to throw you a fit” - Class

“ur such an awkward celibate faggot you even got friend zoned by your left hand” - Tantrum

“even if being a mirror match is potentially accurate, ill break your image down to every reflection and shatter it on some enter the dragon shit” - Tantrum

“compared to Koreans, chinese chicks got beyond a flat ass / them bitches are made without a trunk like a Honda hatchback” - Class

“your own boy was gunna commit suicide and you didn’t fuckin care / how is your best friend an Illusion when you’re the one who wasn’t there” - Class

“hit the homie Illmac and tell him ima need my Hattori Honzo blade back” - Tantrum

“this fool went to a black hairdresser and asked for the last airbender” - Class

“he thinks the city's confusing and the burbs have bad vibes / he even hates the hills - cause he heard they have eyes” - Class


Final Grade: B+


It was dope, but had some dry spots here and there


My Winner: Tantrum (bar for bar A-Class may have won two rounds, but looking at the battle as a whole, Tantrum’s angle was more impressive and effective)

DNA vs Pass


Prediction: Pass 2-1


This battle was an interesting matchup because both Pass and DNA have this issue where sometimes they will look like the best battlers on the face of the Earth and other times they just go good enough to get by.  This battle has been talked about for years, so we knew it would be fire.


The way Pass breaks down his opponents is lyrically amazing at times; he raps with conviction and the right amount of aggression.  DNA had some big lines, but he did a little too much play off of Pass’ name.  Pass attacked the battle from multiple angles while DNA only used a few and it hurt him in the end.


Standout Lines


“these young niggas will part your top so when u hear bang bang it ain’t a gay ass Don Demarco drop” - Pass

“theres a cancer in battle rap DNA’s selling it .. nah i said ur a part of a cancer in battle rap, you’re the DNA cell in it” - Pass

“there’s HIV in your DNA thats why ur first name’s Eric right? (Wright)” - Pass

“you can change your name pass, but these words (wurdz) goin still stick wit u” - DNA

“heyo Charlie ... that’s the way you talk to your son” - Pass

“you’re an avid diva, can’t spar wit the raps, got no part in the trap, my nigga your speech backwards” - Pass

“The Saurus average 300k, you don't get mentioned in the same breath as Illmaculate / Okwerdz get 10 times your views and he can’t even rap for shit” - DNA

“somebody should send some metal flying to DNA case blood ain't got no iron in him” - Pass

“we coulda battled in la but i knew he wasn't no comp then (Compton)” - DNA


Final Grade: A-


If DNA had a better third round it would have been a classic


My winner: Pass 2-1 (the second round was a tie)

Dizaster vs Aye Verb


My Prediction: None.  This battle was dependent on too many variables


There were a lot of classic Dizaster moments and Aye Verb had a very crazy angle in the third round.  Even though the battle was good, it may be time for Dizaster to switch it up a little bit and revamp his style.  Im not sick of it, because he still says crazy lines ... I just dont want to get sick of it in the near future.  His freestyle and rebuttal game are always on point, so its hard for Diz to give a bad performance, but he shouldn’t use his natural talents as a crutch.


In Aye Verb’s third round, he turned into a psychologist and explained why Dizaster acted that way.  Dizaster had a crazy rebuttal ... that round was classic.


Standout Lines


“when u rap people be like “awww fuck” u give niggas the same feel as when the condom break” - Verb

“this guy came up here looking like a LL Cool J fan / scratch that - he came up here lookin like the Kool-Aid man” - Diz

“you literally look like Kid and Play - get the fuck out of my face you black Nick Lachey” - Diz

“shot from Wichita ... Kansas / every shot i throw i pull a different card ... Gambit” - Verb

“deform your organ tissue and leave you on the corner of the table folded like a fuckin’ order menu” - Diz

“i really think you are from the hood just not protected / and you scared when you want protection - being scared brings out aggression” - Verb

“his last round was lame every other black guy I meet is Jamaal Barack Hussein / so if i can’t rap like this how about you guys give us back our names” - Diz

“un uncles are stock brokers, your uncles are broke stockers” - Diz

“im KRS you’re Jay-Z all you ever did was copy my blueprints” - Diz


Final Grade: A-


Dope main event, but it was lacking something ...


My Winner: Aye Verb 2-1

Cortez vs Caustic


My Prediction: Cortez 2-1


This battle reminds me a lot of Swave Sevah vs Fredo.  One person wins the first two rounds, and then BOOM the other guy has a monster 3rd.


Cortez won the first two rounds convincingly and he brought back the classic “there’s some shit we gotta speak about” only to tell Caustic that its stupid to talk about someone's girl in a battle.  It was done very well.  After getting boo’d in his second, Caustic bounced back by telling the crowd about some girl named Medusa that smash a bunch of rappers after World Domination 4 and said Cortez had problems getting it up.  I don’t know if it was true, but it was funny and definitely won the crowd over.


Standout Lines


“earning presents with disability (diss ability) cause i'm receiving full benefits” - Cortez

“I was supposed to battle Arcane, but he was scared”- Caustic

“supposed to believe this Cortez guy is a shooter / you dress like a homeless guy from the future” - Caustic (on Cortez’ outfit vs Dizaster)

“does Caustic’s nose know more than Caustic knows” - Cortez

“wit ur bitch i creep ... she swallows ... ate ours (hours) - thats a good night sleep” - Cortez

“who this rook bout to move upon (a pawn) .. he bout to take a L by (k)night ... sacrifice / your bitch up (bishop) on every move and her ass is nice” - Cortez

“u gettin top tier money, but u got def got (tycoon) taxed in Canada” - Caustic

“ur style is so ass Arsonal would eat that shit out for an hour and a half” - Caustic

“the barrel got more kick than Chun Li on a bonus stage” - Caustic

“thought u had me all mapped out but couldn't get a round” - Cortez

“even in the bible Daniel sacrificed a friend / still made profit and was well known for lying then” - Cortez

“what does it say about u as a man if a bitch named Medusa can’t get your dick hard” - Caustic


Final Grade: B


If the battle was earlier in the day, there would have been a lot of excitement in the room


My Winner: Cortez 2-1

Ness Lee vs RemyD


Prediction: Ness Lee 2-1


Remy messed up a few times, which basically killed the competitive edge the battle should have had, but ill sum this whole battle up with one quote:


“Just because you squeeze a lot of good words in your content don’t mean its complex we need some context/

I got schemes Chilla ain't even caught yet //

Like ill alternate and delete your projects /

Then reinstall the VST EXC to rewire and beat ya Logic but only because you cannot directly put Reason on it//” - Ness Lee


If you record music, then that was CRAZY


Standout Lines


“i'm nicer than verb’s first 12 bars against X-Factor and u wacker than the last 50” - Ness

“u think you’ll see a day with you being a chart climber? word to Georgia I don't know if you or Ray Charles blinder” - Remy

“you treated your crib like a napalm fighter/ so when i spit flames you’ll feel right at home cause i set the place on fire” - Remy

“you got an im currently dating Erykah Badu swag” - Ness

“he’ll dash fast as a track event / this man 4 runnin like a grand slam that a batter hit” - Remy

“its far more than bars, i brought rap back to battling” - Remy


Final Grade: B


If the battle was earlier and Remy didn’t mess up it would have been dope


My Winner: Ness Lee 3-0 (Remy’s third was dope though)

Charlie Clips vs Dirtbag Dan


My Prediction: Charlie Clips 3-0


Dirtbag Dan was his normal self for the majority of the battle, but he resorted to freestyling the last 40 seconds of his last two rounds.  Clips was good most of the battle, but had a freestyle that was a little hit/miss in his second.  One thing I can say is that these two are probably the most charismatic characters in battle rap and it really showed.  When Dan started rapping on some G shit it was actually dope - no joke i’d love to see him do a Proving Grounds battle with all gun bars.


Standout Lines


“damn homie ... in Grind Time you was the maaaaan homieeee” - Clips

“we both mexican cause im serving every kinda shell outta that one truck” - Clips

“if you rebuttal any of these fat jokes you are fat and they hurt you” - Dan

“if you looking for them bird bars i got the rifle wit the woodstock” - Dan (Charlie Brown scheme ending)

“knock the bitch out this nigga ... y’all won't get it until Dan yell (Danielle)” - Clips

“only 45 i seen Charlie clap is that gross ass percentage of body fat” - Dan

“ill have have Ms Brown in town coffin watching / long nose pointed at him like Caustic watchin” - Dan

“Dan is the wackest character in street fighter ... he’s gay, his punches are weak and his hadoken stops right here” - Clips

“Im a ludacris artist with these bingo flips / ill give ya eye twenty (I20) thats Ludacris artist wit a bingo chip” - Clips

“i should have refused to serve this faggot like Chik-Fil-A” - Dan

“i thought u were DNA’s social worker ... I ain’t even know you rapped” - Dan

Final Grade: B


Dan admitted he lost :-(


My Winner: Charlie Clips 3-0




Overall this was a dope event and it featured two classic battles that might break the top 100 of all time list.  In the future KOTD should make a few of the people with smaller names battle on another date and move some of the highly anticipated battles to day one.  Due to the crowd being tired, I would have loved to see Clips/Dan, Ness/Remy and Cortez/Caustic as the Day 1 main events.  Still a good job with some dope footage.  Thank you to KOTD for providing us with a PPV link.


Best Battle: Illmaculate vs Bigg K / Dan Myers vs Rum Nitty

Best Round: Illmaculate round 3 vs Bigg K / Caustic round 3 vs Cortez

Best Line: “there’s HIV in your DNA thats why ur first name’s Eric right?” - Pass

Best Performance: Chilla Jones


Go to and purchase these battles ... peace


- Drect