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Battle Rap News


January 22, 2014, 4:02 am

KOTD - Blackout 4


Our team will be live in Toronto to provide you with exclusive content that will be updated in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff the whole weekend.


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Ill Will vs Real Deal

JC vs Rone

Big T vs Bender

Shotty Horroh vs Aye Verb

Osa vs RemyD

Rich Dolarz vs Loe Pesci


Official update from RapGrid's @JonReiss:


Reporting from Blackout on the afternoon before day 2 there's been a lot of talk about what battles will and will not go down.  These reports change from hour to hour but the party line on a few of them has remained pretty much the same. Since only 5 battles took place last night BO4 will be back loaded with the majority of battles taking place tonight. The question is. which battles will go down.  For each rapper mentioned below there's another rapper here that's supposed to battle them that we also won't get to see.  Here's a few that may be in jeopardy.


King of the Dot deserves a lot of slack and respect for really working hard to counteract the Murphy's Law nature of these cancellation. They've really been hammering away to try and beat the odds.


Big T Vs. Bender- Big T and KOTD has been really trying to make this battle happen. A blizzard is apparently what's keeping him from getting to out of the states. For the past 2 days, this battle of all the potentially cancelled battles was the one people were saying had the best chance of happening. Last I heard, it's not likely Big T Vs. Bender will not go down this weekend, but perhaps soon after.


Aye Verb- I've been told there's a chance he might get to Canada in time for the event.  Apparently it's an issue of Aye Verb receiving a passport in time, which he hasn't yet.  The KOTD staff says that they will make his happen even if they have to do it on Monday. Aye Verb's opponent is in town for the week so the plan is to record it on Monday if they must and release it anyone who bought PPV or tickets ASAP.


Ill Will- Also put himself out there to try and get to Blackout.  In fact he was willing to risk being held at the border upon return for the good of the culture.  However, a recent video on YouTube has exacerbated his situation and made crossing the border to precarious for him at the moment.


Rich Dollaz- Was actually here in Toronto when he found out about a death in his family and had to fly right back.  At first there was some question as to what really went down but this story has been verified as legitimate.


JC- This is new to me but I'm hearing he might be having some difficulty getting here, something about transportation.  This is just a rumor at this point.


RemyD- This seems to have folks a bit perturbed.  Remy had a car accident while QP was in the car, however, fans and spectators assert that the damage was light and didn't warrant pulling out of the event.


Pat Stay vs Dizaster (Title Match) | Bender vs Big T | Step Easy vs DDSS | +More








Pat Stay vs Dizaster



Pat Stay had a Loaded Lux moment & remains champ!


The battle isn't over but Pat took it


Why so serious. He was suppose to battle in August but he moved it to the end of January. That's how aqaiarius (queer he is) - Pat


Fresco is more of man than you'll ever be. U have the swag of Arnold Shwarzenegger when he was having a pregnancy - Diz


Suck a dick.Ur such a racist u don't where the chain bc it's not long enough to hang a black person with - Diz


Diz needs something special right now to take it


They say u fucked Scarlett Pain. That couldn’t be less impressive. I'd be impressed if u fucked Rachel Starr or Alexis Texas - Pat


U nice but I got more style than u. I'm so nice my rap name should be how are u - Pat


A multi from Diz followed by "someone tell bender I'm sorry player - Diz


U don't believe in urself. Ur big but u got the self esteem of an elf - Diz


Holy ... pat is killin it right now


If I am a golden retriever it's cuz ppl believe ur lies. If I am golden retriever it's cuz in here to lead the blind - Pat


By the time u get thru half his round u'll be at the part in titianic where dicaprio drowns - Pat

U know u never lay the smack down. Going thru security at the airport is the only time you'll ever see pat down - Diz


I've been known to knock whiteheads out like acne removal cream - Diz


His names pat cuz he stays in the back of his home cuz he's afraid if he leaves he'll get attacked by Charron - Diz


Conceited vs Charlie Clips



No bias. Most ppl will say clips beat Conceited. Clips on fire.

"love u fans, come out no matter the weather / u know ya bars crazy when you can bring organik n smack 2getha" - Clips

Clips is killin it

U know this shits depressing when u think ur slogans Is weapons - Clips

I'll oop her con. Gonna electrocute that bitch I'll Shaka khan - Clips

Con light in the 2nd

They know I'll get rid of 1-- bullets like J-Pro - Clips

Both clips and con are crazy performers

Somebody told ur boy u were on twitter everyday trying to get a DM from soulja boy - Clips

U got any kind of pay nigga. In Toronto u can get robbed for it like the mayor nigga - Con

I'll smack ur gun then step on the barrel like I'm captain Morgan (crazy crowd reaction) - Clips

That's a true fact. He moved out his moms nick cannon didn't send no money now he forced to moved back - Clips

Cats are saying Diz and DNA nearly fought on stage

1st slow it down: U get cap and more guns come out. Captain Morgans. Capped and organs come out - Con

U put on all kinds of weight. He so fat he try to put food on license plate - Con



Yung Ill vs Fresco



If u came for the check u got played cuz Ganik gave me twice that amount and I dunno even know what u got paid - Fresco

I'm ahead of this Mark like the Gospel of Matthew - Fresco

Crash on the sofa drop my kids off then leave thanks for having them over - Fresco

Ill freestyled in the 2nd, Fresco is coming back

This battle crazy fresco got it back in the 2nd

U think he brolic he softer than me promise. I don't want u to be biased.  I just want u to be honest - Fresco

I'm a do fresco bad. Black bag with the yellow strings just to show u frescos trash - Ill

Fresco is literally choking on something

Y'all put the kinda gay looking white boy against the questionable black guy. I guess the reason u wanna see this battle that's why - Fresco



Rum Nitty vs Tycoon Tax



The battle was crazy.  This is probably the best so far

U comfortable. U should battle at ultimate warrior. That's the only way they givin You w's - Tax

Tax wanna be black so much he got coon in his name. Get a permanent vacation if I hit u with a can coon. - Nitty

When I say I got something for rum it ain't a message board - Tax



Sketch Menace vs Soul



Crazy battle - best of the event so far

The pen game death note. I never really thought about it brother. Just some bad shit to say before a kill a mothetfucker  - Sketch

Every book u reference has been made into a movie. - Sketch

Lift dude from a hole. When I uplift this punk bitch it ain't chicken soup for the Soul - Sketch

I don't give a fuck. Ill son him anyway. That's immaculate conception.

I inspire assassins like JD Sallinger- Soul


The only time u ever heard of a great Scott it's from Doc Brown - Sketch


Megadeff vs Lexx Luthor



Cabinet pussy so big I fucked around and parked a scab in it - Lexx

When I aim and peel I'm spraying his brains all over the club like a baby seal - Megadef

Every scheme come from elohiem. I'm god boy - Megadef

I don't watch a lot of conceited but I'll leave a son heartless. Gun so big Mega had to kick start it - Megadef

Megadef is catching a body so far

They said its kotd so don't flop but he should go overseas cuz there those guns don't pop - Megadef

Yo are to faggots what Dre is to headphones - Lexx

2 glocs. Golden eye Nintendo shit - Megadef



DAY 2 - SATURDAY (1/25/2014)



Day 2 - The Stage is set



SMACK with a nice lady



Arsonal vs Swave Sevah




Classic Battle

“We takin this battle shit to a whole new level / We put Team Rebel Arms against a real life Rebel” - Swave

“I hope all if YouTube fans see me beat u to death in this ring like Boom Boom Mancini” - Swave

“I bang mine so many times the kick back gave me carpal tunnel” - Swave

“This battle gon be 3-0 dog Lorenze Tate w/ the braids nigga” - Arsonal

“Headshot got ur dreads looking like burnt spaghetti” - Swave

Swave with the dope Thundercats reference


Ars just said The Saurus whooped Charron and that he play capture the flag


The Saurus vs Charron



"Tell that crying baby Dizaster hes next" - Charron


"Sorry player I'm getting Xory tailored for a slip knot" - The Saurus


There's so many holes in you're face you're sponsored by the OGA. You should be the face of dot mob" - Charron


"If you're the father of my style you neglected your son. You're the exact person I hope I never become" - Charron


Slash then buck at heads like guns N roses” - Charron


DNA vs Arcane



Some people in the crowd started fighting, but KOTD quickly broke it up

DNA clearly took the first and Arcane clearly took the 2nd

“I'm a green beret I leave shells scattered everywhere like this was Easter Day” - Arcane


DNA’s second round was fire


"He said it's a mystery event but when ur battling arcane u never know who ur goin up against." - DNA


"I'm splicing DNA in half like Stem cell research" - Arcane


"When I Make Eric perish it ain't EPMD" - Arcane


"Y'all must be from Texas cuz everyone who had that chain saw massacres" - DNA


"I came to put hands on Cane like the monopoly man" - DNA


Bonnie Godiva vs Uno Lavoz




People are calling the battle "Uncomfortable"

Bonnie says Uno chokes ladies

Bonnie got a prop. It's comin. ... It's a judges robe!  Medusa (Uno’s ex - girl from Arsonal vs Diz battle) is on stage. She's testifying!!

“Boo if u and Math have a baby I hope it's first words is ‘woo’ - Uno

Bonnie choked for about a minute.  Uno Lavoz is bodybagging now

“Ur pussy is like math and serius. Ur only famous cuz Math is known for hittin that” - Uno

“I heard ur box smells like shit that's a port a potty. Something something Laura Tarsi” - Uno

Uno got a little more reaction round 1 but he also got boo’d

“They only call UNO when they down to the last spot on the card” - Bonnie

“I'll face fuck u w all that lipstick on. That's make up sex” - Uno

Uno just got booed for calling Bonnie a glow in the dark slave. Now he's getting heckled



Pat Stay speaks on his battle with Dizaster:



The Saurus speaks on his opponent:



J-Pro vs 100 Bulletz


“Your only like Hitman Holla cuz it's the same bulletz every clip” - J-Pro

“U pull strings to get feedback on stage u Jimmy Hendrix amplifier” - 100 Bulletz

“Ur on a quest to find love but Bonnie's just another black thought” - J-Pro

“Try to sway but u don't got the answers - kanye” - J-Pro


“I eat kids like alley cats that live behid abortion clinics” - 100 Bulletz


Step Easy vs DDSS


"I'll put a nerd in his place like that wad of spit that hit Eurgh in the face" - DDSS


"Ddss-Different day Same shot" -Step Easy

DAY 1 - FRIDAY (1/24/2014)

KOTD Stage

Living Legend: The Saurus

Sketch Menace


Shotty Horroh speaking

Rone being his usual self

Organik breaking down the event

Charlie Clips - what a funny dude

Charron looking fearless

Bender looking super warm

Bishop speaking about Dizaster vs Pat Stay

Swave Sevah's got a new hairdo!

classic Dizaster moment

former KOTD champ, Arcane

100 Bulletz

Charron & Pat Stay

Uno Lavoz


Dizaster & Swave Sevah

Osa, Bender & Loe Pesci

Shotty Horroh Outside