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Battle Rap News

KOTD: #MASSacre Live Coverage

May 16, 2015, 7:33 pm





Our team will be giving you live updates of KOTD's: #MASSacre event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

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Pat Stay vs Calicoe



Calicoe is really not playing.  No punchlines.  Just bars about his life.  Its effective.   

“I ain’t even seen news about Nova Scotia, so  you might just be the toughest dude in Nova Scotia” - Calicoe

“I don’t give a fuck if you come from the D … technically we all do” - Pat Stay

Pat Stay is destroying this round

Pat is killing Cal for dry snitching on himself in battles.

“Look in the camera and say, ‘thanks ma’ and start giving praise to the parent that actually raised ya.”

Pat Stay 1-0

“You a 6-6 white boy from Nova Scotia, your first strap was a sling shot” - Calicoe

“Yo Boston that last bar was for Pats fans, not Pat’s fans”

Calicoe is killing it.  Pat looks uncomfortable due to the tension, but his bars are more creative.

“Even on the rag-u-laid-her you like Nate Dogg” - Pay Stay

Pat is talking about how real gangsters don’t come to battle rap events and stand on camera.

Calicoe got round 2.  It looks like he’s in Pat’s head.  Its 1-1

Calicoe said he got 20k for the battle

“White boys think that Mike Brown shit is funny until your mama missing you” - Calicoe

A fight almost broke out due to Calicoe touching Pat a bunch of times.

“You 6’6 - I can’t tell if you Kurt Angle, William Reagle or Rick Smits”

If Pat’s 3rd isn’t hot he is going to lose

“If it seems like I’m afraid its because of myself and how fast ill snatch your life away - that white boy rage”

Pat’s 3rd seemed lyrically better but all the tension & momentum has us feeling like Calicoe won.

Caustic vs Arsonal


”What do you call a crip in a Red Sox jersey?  That’s a Boston crab” - Caustic

“Its not white vs black its the police that we need to fight … you on that black power shit - ill give him equal rights”

“I only do this shit for the whips and chains, that’s why i push bricks like Egyptian slaves”

“Squidward bars / You an animated crab like Squidward’s boss”

Caustic is saying that Arsonal’s girl fucked one of his best friends, “Yo bitch go behind you back like a And1 Mixtape”

“Your shit aint real and it aint authentic / you can’t bring your lady around without your homie putting his cock in it”

Caustic had a great round

“I brought the transformers in here, that means we all spark” - Arsonal

“The gun so big I gotta hold it on my shoulder like how naggers in the 70s held a boom box”

“You acting like this pussy that nigga … you bringing trannies back”

“Dread head with two nine’s in Boston, I’m Jae Crowder”

“I’m the most interesting man in the world - I had the Dos Equis nigga drinking Coronas”

“I’m disrespectful ill walk in your house and shit everywhere … that’s a hoarder”

It was looking like Caustic definitely won, but Arsonal made it close at the end.


Pass vs Charlie Clips



“I’m Rick James bitch - fuck your couch nigga I’ll slap Charlie” - Pass

“I’ll knock out the whole front row of your teeth just to let DNA borrow one”

Pass is killing it with his flow.

“You not a legend in Harlem cause your dues ain’t been Paid In Full”

“You know how many round I got for you?  You ever played spades?  I got 2 and a possible” - Charlie Clips

Clips is freestying, but its dope

“I understand why you changed your name to Pass - in them last battles you was lost for words”

Pass got RND 1

“It’s like a parade - we all see your lines coming from a mile away” - Pass

“Your chin connects directly to your chest cause you don’t have a neck”

“That Hollow barely gave him a taper - let’s see if Clips can catch a fade”

Pass isn’t punchline rapping, but he is killing it technically.

“Fire escape - Pass through the window … That’s Brutha Man” - Clips

“I’ll walk through your hood, no scratches on me … I’m a foamposite” -

Clips got RND 2

“Just cause you old, you ain’t on another level nigga / because you 38 don’t make you special nigga” - Pass

“This ain’t MLK when that piece make you turn the other cheek”

Clips just rebutted and destroyed a fan heckling him in the crowd

“Look me in the eyes nigga … ok don’t look too long cause that’s gay / My Calicoe got so many rounds that ain’t for Pay Stay” - Clips

“Stomp on you bitch in constructs - she under my Timberlands, she the new Missy”

Clips had a great 3rd RND.  Probably clenched him the battle.


Chilla Jones vs Conceited



*Stay Tuned For QUOTES*


“*Stay Tuned For QUOTES*


Bigg K vs Ill Will



“When your Princess die they won’t find any prints (Prince) William” - Bigg K

“Im bout to wig on Will like Ron Burgundy”

“You going’ leave the club in the trunk like a golf cart”

“You goingsee da feet and dye hair … Man I aint come to spit no bullshit” - Ill Will

“I’ll take him out of his shoes and put myself in them - I’m empathizing”

“I’ll hit Kenny chest … knee, since he a wild child”

Round 1 was a toss up

“Potato on the barracuda … fish and chips” - Bigg K

“I’ll whip your head back and forth for whatever Will owe Smith”

“I’ll throw Willie in a full Nelson”

“You got exonerated … DNA proved you are not a killer”

“Ill paint your fuckin’ house - this a sure win (Sherwin) William”

“This light skin - this Clip’ll bang like Blake Griffin”

Bigg K’s second round was fire

“You don’t even get pussy, so K, why you jelly?” - Ill Will

“If it start with K, then it ends with K, that’s Kodak … you get the picture”

“Back in the day I woulda dropped you every week like a No Limit cd”

“They canon flash and hit the nigga behind you - that will be his lat photobomb” - Ill Will

“Big shot Robert Horry move / 3 clicks send a bitch home fast like Dorothy shoes”

This battle is great.  Ill Will’s second was more creative, but Bigg K had crazier punchlines.  Debatable second - maybe Ill Will.

Bigg K had the rebuttal of his life to start the 3rd.  No one will clown him for missing his bro’s funeral again.

“I squeeze the can on Will like fix-a-flat” - Bigg K

“This the best M16 since the Renegade verse”

“I left - you got left … There’s a big difference in that” - Bigg K doesn’t care about URL at all

Ill Will’s 3rd is going to determine the winner

“Hit you then hit your boo K like the main of honor” - Ill Will

“Gun so loud I can shoot him in Holyoke and the people in Boston think they racing to the finish line again”

Bigg K might have go the last round with the rebuttal


Rone vs Goodz



“After the way I’m hunting they gotta going be reading Goodz will” - Rone

“No Good Morning America just America mourning Goodz”

“Body type of an overstuffed teddy bear / all that extra flesh god you could put a neck in there”

*Rone names all the designer stuff Goodz wears* “You don’t got a job but you still got the white man on your back”

Goodz: “How much you got paid to do this battle?” Rone: “2 Million”

“You a real good kid this don’t even seem right / the toughest thing you did was cross the street at a green light” - Goodz

Goodz is killing it!

“Times get hard for me I go to selling drugs / things get tough for you, you get to go using them”

“The team call you when its free throw time / you look like Rex Chapman at the 3 point line”

“I ain’t event drink this battle - it wasn’t worth my cup of Henny” - Goodz just won and did’t shake Rone’s hand.  Its over

X-Cel vs Danny Myers



“I have to whip God to show my passion back” - X-Cel

X-Cel choked in rnd 1

“Gimme space *gun fingers* once she see this black hole not even your anti matters” - Danny Myers

“Ironic how its onlt the black that’s getting sick of Cel (sickle cell)”

Myers got round 1

X-Cel getting the crowd hype with a dope Danny Myers impersonation

“Danny the bar God is punch drunk” - X-Cel

“You goin get these last couple pumps like when you fucking and the baby crying” - Danny Myers

“Street Fighter … Dan was just a fake Ken punching” - X-Cel

“Ima tell you something we know / you not build for that position you want like Tim Tebow”

“3rd eye open - let me tell you a secret / the loudest one in the room is usually the weakest”

“Around midnight / you’ll see me holding your baby under water like a midwife” - Danny Myers

“I’m fucking up his name like when parents be using they kids social”

“Lyrically, i’m a cut above you pussy - that’s a c-section”

“I’ll take his dead body to Baltimore and wear it as a riot vest”

“I’ll crack his skull in the barbershop - that’s a hairline fracture”

Danny Myers killed it.  3-0 or 2-1

K-Shine vs Dirtbag Dan

Dirtbag Dan is doing bird gun bars.  It’s working but its hard to quote

“You like Billy Boondocks - if we hear one more rap out of you we choking you” - Dirtbag Dan

“Large something - have your whole family dressed like they job hunting” - K-Shine

“This shot have a nigga looking’ like he trine guard Melo”

Shine & Big T just did a double ream super chalice boo super bazooka.  Crazy performance.

K-Shine beat Dirtbag Dan handily

Sicarii vs E. Farrell



“We in New England so its only right he lost that first round from a draft” - E. Farrell

Good first round from E. Farrell

“You damn near celebrate - you make Charron look like Christian Gray” - Sicarii

You can get stuck with the Blades of Glory but with that ratchet I’m a Semi Pro” - Sicarii

We give the first round to E. Farrell

“Your punches … they land but never seen connecting back to a body like Rayman”

“All that popping OxyCotin is why you got a problem dropping 30s” - E. Farrell

“I’m after big bucks, racks and dough (doe) because I’m killing the game” - E. Farrell

“You got the swag of Dipset Sweden” - Sicarii

“I wouldn’t say YOU hard with a Baltimore Accent” - Sicarii

“You just a cartoon joker bitch … That’s Harley Quinn” - Sicarii

“All my cans smoking’ like Hollohan’s Pepsi” - Sicarii

Sicarii might have edged round 2

“Paint thinner have you taking off a coat / I’m a fucking problem when I

come through like the condom broke” - E. Farrell

“You always hanging with a Buster like Arthur the aardvark” - E. Farrell

“Your team is known for being left out in Boston like the Green Monster” - E. Ferrell

“This ain’t Bikini Bottom - you can’t be a star living under a rock” - E. Ferrell

“I’m a spice rack when I rap - these bars are meant to keep herbs in their place” - E. Ferrell

E. Ferrell’s third was crazy

“Every battle from this pimple-faced faggot is a breakout performance” - Sicarii

Scary killing Ferrell for being a dork, “Lord of the dorks and the misfits”


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