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Battle Rap News

Hollow Da Don featured on Adult Swim

April 29, 2015, 11:30 pm

Adult Swim shows some love to battle culture in their new video which features Hollow Da Don directing bars towards random, unsuspecting people (and one seagull). Peep the video below and hopefully we will see more of this from Adult Swim in the near future.  


Hallow Da Don | On The Street | Adult Swim


Rap Grid 2015 Cypher - Money Bagz, Polo Da Truth, Ike P, Jus One, Bones Brigante & Swave Sevah

April 27, 2015, 8:10 pm


Rap Grid continues its 2015 cypher series in Harlem, NY with appearances from Team Homi and Freestyle Friday retired champion, Bones Brigante.



DNA & K-Shine Talk About Daylyt Leaving Rone Battle

April 27, 2015, 6:57 pm


DNA & K-Shine share there thoughts on Daylyt walking out of his Don't Flop battle with Rone.



#BST2 PPV Trailer

April 22, 2015, 7:45 pm


RBE's #BST2 PPV is available now. Check out the trailer below and click here to purchase the PPV.


Dizaster Responds To Fight Footage: "Billy Boondocks Is The AIDS Virus Of Battle Rap"

April 22, 2015, 1:13 am


Dizaster responds to his fight with Billy Boondocks at KOTD's "Back to Basics" event.


#BST2 PPV Is Now Live!

April 21, 2015, 7:07 pm

Our Blood, Sweat & Tiers 2 PPV is now live! Buy here and watch here after purchasing. Featuring Daylyt vs Ooops, Ill Will vs Showoff, Mr. Mill$ vs Big Kannon, and more.






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WATCH INFAMOUZ BATTLES' THE RE-UP PPV : John John vs Cali Smoov, Lotta Zay vs Fredo

PURCHASE RBE'S BLOOD, SWEAT, & TIERS 2 PPV: Daylyt vs. Ooops, Ill Will vs. Showoff, & more



Billy Boondocks Speaks On Fight With Dizaster: "I Don't Feel No Type Of Way"

April 21, 2015, 5:40 am


Billy Boondocks speaks on his fight with Dizaster and tells their history with each other.


Rone Said He Would Never Battle Daylyt Again

April 20, 2015, 6:07 pm


Rone speaks at KOTD's Back To Basics event and says he would never battle Daylyt again.



Dizaster Choke Slams & Punches Billy Boondocks (Fight)

April 20, 2015, 5:20 am


After a heated argument with Billy Boondocks on the rooftop of KOTD's "Back To Basics" battle, Dizaster finally had enough and attacked Billy, who had been heckling him and The Saurus.



Rare Breed Ent: #BST2 Live Coverage

April 18, 2015, 6:37 pm




Our team will be giving you live updates of Rare Breed Entertainment's #BST2 event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

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Daylyt vs Ooops

*Event cut out before the Karma Kane battle. Otherwise it was a great success Ooops vs Day and Kannon vs Mills will be historic*
I had a dream it was so real. I was on stage actin crazy not really sayin nothin. It was so ill - Ooops
I’m a man so I still get scared. I wanted to bring them cans here to that cancer that's still there - Ooops
*Oops just said his brother died at 9Got shot when some dude used him as s human shield during a shoutout.*
MLK was a buster. I mean it in the best way. We shoulda been in the streets. Chopper on the back The Malcom X way - Daylyt
*Day said when someone kill his boy he get at him A cop does it he hits the streets yelling stop the violence*
*Day is murdering the room*
Started mobbin. Became a C-God. But he not Poseiden - Daylyt
Blue nigga. Steve Urkel showed yall if a nerd randomly get a machine. Then Automatically he a cool nigga - Daylyt
*Day says he's sacrificing his 3rd round to talk to his people*
*Damn Ooops talkin that real shit after saying he never sold a drug*
Which one will show up the straight or the bi day. Hell get a box for stealing if he off. After I fry Day - Ooops
Be a taze. Now u stuck in a world full of my lines. Be a maze - Daylyt
I became spectacular beating these Draculas. Now every show I gotta kill the next sucky nigga - Daylyt
I see perfect in the dark but I be too cocky when the shades off me - Daylyt
Done here. Gun named Daylyt. I let it dump here. Cans on stage like we brought Stomp here - Ooops
I'm a sharp shooter. I can't die in this ring. I got a different heart I see ur Face tats and look deeper. Ur a different mark - Ooops
Winning don't mean shit to me. I wanna prove how great you are or put u out of ur Damn misery - Ooops
This is my ship from A to Z I'm the real deal day. This is my shit - Ooops
They say I could no longer rip these squares. Well think Brittany spears. oops I did it again - Daylyt
Me loosing to oops is like the show out vs Bill Colector fight. I will knot. - Daylyt
Activist tough as fuck. We can knuckle up like black panther fists - Daylyt
Ooops I gave u the shot but it's the Shawn Marion type. Shit about to get ugly for him - Daylyt

Lotta Zay vs Sin Sity

U don't sell no keys but the name Lot fit him perfectly. Cuz he's about to take this L OT - Sin Sity
Shot. Ur gonna have to face the hands like u couldn't watch - Lotta Zay
Ur momma cryin cuz I spotted U a Onion. Ready to serve u the right way like a drive thru in London. - Lotta Zay
Meth lab cut him from ear to ear. He’ll smile with his throat. I'll make his neck laugh - Sin Sity
Abbo fam. Fun so big. Boom boom. Look like we're trying to knock down ur door w a battaram - Lotta Zay
Squeeze macs he lean back like he riding around w his side bitch in the front seat - Lotta Zay
Disrespectful ur body the villi an in terminator get this liquid metal - Lotta Zay
You've had quite a career. U and C3 was the biggest dyke fight of the year - Sin Sity
He could took a couple hits but once he break he sweet in the middle. That's a pin Lotta piniatta - Sin Sity
See everything. Drums on deck like an employee in Medellin - Lotta Zay

Ill Will vs Showoff

I told my young dog toy story. That mean lay everything Down like when Andy walk in - Ill Will
You gotta remember our code where I come from when u tap a niggas pockets it don't come with a don Demarco - Ill Will
Info. Soon as Show start, Will pulling up to the crib like a Fresh Prince intro - Ill Will
I might get paper. All I hear is these little dogs crying. I'm mike Vick neighbor - Ill Will
I'm clean paper after he get paid. I will knot show up - Ill Will
If this I pull I'll bet the first 5 book on god - Ill Will
Unique A head shot from a beretta wil knock ur daughter berret a across the street. - Showoff
One gauge. He saw death after one rose that's Selena on stage. - Showoff
I had to learn to keep my elbow still when that fifth pop. Wrist locked give that Velcro feel - Showoff
That thing scalped him gave a whole new meaning to catching the fade. - Ill Will
Feces. If I go behind my back 2 times its gon look worse than a Chris paul meme - Ill Will
That gauge will blow him off the step show so manny nights stompin him he'll think he at a step show - Ill Will

JC vs Ahdi Boom

Hospital feedin him shit u don't even think is food. But that's for wantin to be famous. Trying to make a living off the tube - JC
Bad investments got long stocks involved. U run into me that's USDA nigga knock it off - JC
U fuckin buried and ahdi about as real as the one mclovin carries - JC
U doing this Audi wrong gassin it when u shoulda been pumpin them breaks. - JC
My brain is a rubix cube. I'm a block spinner - JC
U.S. Still be a dancer trying to break through son. Every1 wanna be a star to this magazine make u one - Ahdi Boom
These bullets is all for one and one for all these bullets shoots musket tears - Ahdi Boom
U fuckin queer u lack drive that's why u stuck in gear - Ahdi Boom
Against no names u spot the most amazing shit we ever heard but die against big names - Ahdi Boom
U one of those niggas that try to fit in, like your clothes for instance you just buying em to fit in but halfwhat u buy u don't fit in - JC
I'll burn everybody in the same race and scrape every plate I ate off - JC
Some say I only talk about killing. But there’s only been 40 battles bitch there's 1,000 ways to die - JC
I will put a blunt out on his face. That's a hash tag - JC
All quotes have u stuttering before u get knocked out like bidabida that's all folks - Ahdi Boom
There a difference in our macerenas cuz I'll reach for the Mac and tear this whole arena up - Ahdi Boom
*Boom doing a dance scheme pg step, rowboat electric slide etc*
*JC vs. Ahdi Boom bout to go down*


Big Kannon vs Mr. Mill$

*And the winner is on 2-1 decision Mr. Mill$*
Trap kid. You brought a bunch of squares to the battle rap grid - Mr. Mill$
1 word. Authenticity. With the pen you’re unbelievable. but you come off as unbelievable. - Mr. Mill$
Lesson. He don't spazzing out in time but guys we [email protected] mill a second - Big Kannon
Like life. He have no talent till he in another niggas shoes. Thats why I don't like Mile. - Big Kannon
My nine still hold 16 like prez mafia - Big Kannon
22 shells. U get smacked for not knowing what the ratchet do. Thats NuNu nellz - Big Kannon
This round gonna be crazy. If u don't know what I have in for mill. Peep the formula baby - Big Kannon
*Yoooo this battle is judged too. Neck in neck.*
Adriana. Corkscrew through his top. See how I open Diwon - Mr. Mill$
*Damn this is a fuckin battle!!!!!*
Hell freeze. A right left combo will have u face lookin worse than NuNu Nellz knees - Mr. Mill$
Rifle got a wide scope I could shoot into the crowd and just have ur niggas cracking up like its an east side joke - Mr. Mill$
She fucked the whole team in Indiana that's why she don't know who's her (Hoosier) daddy - Big Kannon
Don't think I won't see sparks fly from the steel Mill - Big Kannon
Reggie Miller was the last Indian a nigga they worried about gettin a shot - Mr. Mill$
You’ll get an arp fashion tip.  that's an axe to the cap after our money exchange - Mr. Mill$
That's hysterical. When I cop the pump that moss will leave him in the wall like Jericho - Mr. Mill$
Most fans are stupid nigga. It's like reminiscing over an old bitch. Yall used to filler - Big Kannon
The animation is what kills the battle that's Daylyt vs surf - Big Kannon
What I'll do to u. The answer is you'll be the first to cross over mike - Big Kannon
Get your kid bagged with the toy. Now u happy Mills ? Hell go to sleep right after Mills - Big Kannon

Ya Boy Clip vs 4KUS

U could get killed with a dance move. Think the Macarena how the arms come off of the waist - Ya Boy Clip 
These shots is like cameras if u focus on what's important you'll get a shot perfectly - Ya Boy Clip
This about to get more ugly than DNA with Jazz face - Ya Boy Clip
*Arp and Steams burry the hatchet*
*First battle KWalker vs NunNun just finished.  Good warm up*


K Walker vs Nunn Nunn


This an aushwitz shower vs a spritz of febreeze - Nunn Nunn
Cops drive by ur block they makin sure the building is safe... They Drive by my block they building a case - K Walker
If I get shot they ain't comin til the bussin is finished. If u get shot they comin in a couple minutes - K Walker
Ur bars fit only u. My bars tell what the whole hood goin thru - K Walker
I call my gun buju bantan cuz when that shit boom. Bye bye - Nunn Nun
I'll put you in the sky walker and a kin - Nunn Nunn
Your bitch chin bounce the balls like Jeremy Linn - Nunn Nunn
When u rap u clap ready to steam something. When I rap its facts u really mean that shit - K Walker
You swing left I do a good Brazilian, weave right - Nunn Nunn
This shot like JC vs Chilla. That mill was overdue - Nunn Nunn
I got that Archie bunker wife that chick singing for all in the family - Nunn Nunn
Crack. U look like Charron if he ain't make it to Smack - K Walker
Battle abuse. Charlie vs Rex. U better have an excuse - K Walker
WATCH INFAMOUZ BATTLES' THE RE-UP PPV : John John vs Cali Smoov, Lotta Zay vs Fredo

PURCHASE RBE'S BLOOD, SWEAT, & TIERS 2 PPV: Daylyt vs. Ooops, Ill Will vs. Showoff, & more