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Battle Rap News

HD Pictures from Total Slaughter

July 16, 2014, 4:43 pm

photo credit: @NettieMcfly for

Eminem's Total Slaughter Live Coverage

July 12, 2014, 2:27 am

Our team will be giving you free updates on Eminem + Slaughterhouse's Total Slaughter event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.


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Joe Budden vs Hollow Da Don

Murda Mook vs Loaded Lux

T-Rex vs Daylyt

Arsonal vs Big T









20 dollaz. He gettin cooked right in front of y'all welcome to benni Hanna's @MurdaMookez

U battled on the roof. That was cute. But u a chump.  in real life I had to battle for da stoop and the loser got the pump @MurdaMookez

Massacre. Long chopper. This bitch hold 32 passengers @MurdaMookez 

Against calicoe we was lovin it but we all got tired of all ur mumbling. @MurdaMookez

Ill battle anyone on the card w this hand of Jesus. Tell that man never throw rocks at the sun. He can't reach it @iAmLoadedLux

I'm a go upside ur head till ur side burns @iAmLoadedLux 

U gon got this work but u not the first mase ain't the only murder than been up in a church @iAmLoadedLux

Id rather rap like a preacher than act like a priest. @iAmLoadedLux

Fly rugged niggas- Aladain @iAmLoadedLux

Damn homey. On the smack DVD u was the man homey what the fuck happened to mook?  [email protected]




DAylyt is still on stage. Laying down. He won't leave #TotalSlaughter 

I don't play light. U put the broad in Broad Daylight @IHATETREX

Put the metal down. I Want all my believers to settle down congregation. Look at the shit I got stuck in constipation @DAYLYT2k

This my brotha but this nigga dead  @IHATETREX 

I hit my niggas like I got Daylyt they like cool. It'll be a light day I'm a fry day @IHATETREX

they don't know what to think. So many punches  they don't know what to think w the big picture @DAYLYT2k

Permanently unemployed for these boys they get no hire @DAYLYT2k

I'm Donald sterling. U on my team but I don't fuck w none of u niggas @IHATETREX



This one time at at band camp I was fuckin @HollowDaDonLOM mom @ARSONALDAREBEL

They pay me well this a crazy world. I'll Rkelly take a piss on ur baby girl @ARSONALDAREBEL

Ruger holes u had actors around u ur whole life like the Truman Show @BIGTQMB

I'm like @DAYLYT2k tattoo artist I'm drawing on a nigga like I don't know what m doin @ARSONALDAREBEL

Fresh pair of tims every time I have his mom over cuz real niggas keep they boots on and pull the thong over @ARSONALDAREBEL

I'm like the big bad wolf looking for those kids cuz I'm blowin every house till I get to those bricks @BIGTQMB

Joe. Why u the nigga always getting the hook that's Nate Dogg @ARSONALDAREBEL

Trayvon. When joe voted against me I shoulda knotted his shit. Word to Raekwon @ARSONALDAREBEL

Silver Uzi Swiss cheese nozzle wit the bullets that Big t swallow @ARSONALDAREBEL

Ur bars was heavy but u got lighter over the years Aunt Vivian @ARSONALDAREBEL 

8:11pm: The online PPV is still down but we'll keep you posted with updates.

8:08pm: Sway is onstage getting the event started and they're running a pre-recorded video of Eminem addressing the crowd.

7:07pm: Aye Verb gives his predictions for tonight's battles and speaks on who's the best in Slaughterhouse.


6:53 Peep the line building up outside of tonight's Total Slaughter event, presented by Shady Records & WatchLOUD:

The official match ups and titles of each event have been announced:

Battle for Title of Total Slaughter 1 Champion: Murda Mook vs Loaded Lux


Wild Card Challenge: Joe Budden vs Hollow Da Don


Battle for Title of Road to Total Slaughter Champion: Daylyt vs  T-Rex

Undercard Battle: Arsonal vs  Big T


Also in attendance tonight: Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, and Royce da 5’9” of Slaughterhouse, Sway Calloway, Kid Capri, Ebro Darden, Mike Herard, Poison Pen, DJ Kay Slay, Drect Williams, and Road to Total Slaughter stars Math Hoffa, Aye Verb, Marv Won and more.

Buy the PPV at

Dizaster vs Math Hoffa Fight, QOTR's No Holds Barred & KOTD's BOLA5 Live Coverage

June 28, 2014, 10:56 pm

Our team will be giving you free updates on Queen Of The Ring's No Holds Barred event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day, and check the Twitter feed below for updates on King Of The Dot's BOLA5.


You can also follow us here:


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URL's NOME4 Live Coverage

June 7, 2014, 5:51 pm

Our team will be giving you free updates on Ultimate Rap League's NOME4 event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.


You can also follow us here:


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Charlie Clips vs Tay Roc

Big T vs B Magic

Goodz vs Aye Verb

T-Rex vs Cortez

DNA vs Ill Will

Ms Hustle vs Young Gattas

Reed Dollaz vs John John Da Don








DNA vs Ill Will


I get paid nigga but u go to the white boys and get paid less now whos the slave niggas @illwill6deep

Ur bitch call me r2 cuz she want my d 2 times a week @illwill6deep 
Im cool my nigga. The day i dont murda ink ill let ja rule mah nigga @DNA_GTFOH 
If i kill this nigga its all for nothing and when u and nuborn stayed together u was fuckin @illwill6deep r
Get that the fuck out of here get that hat the fuck outta here. Since he said im gon loose. Get smack the fuck outta here @DNA_GTFOH
Two handguns to his face it aint macauly culkin @illwill6deep  
Smack watced me kill a magician thsts why he put this monster on the card thats yu gi oh  @illwill6deep 
U couldn't last on my strip ud bd doin what u do in new york. Suckin clips @illwill6deep 
Talkin bout the time limits we aint gonna do no Rex and cortez shit im a spit till im finished @DNA_GTFOH
B magic was lying cuz smack really the one tryin to con yac niggas @DNA_GTFOH

T-Rex vs Cortez


Mook was getting some head thats when mook jumped up. Pushed kshine off the bed rex said this nigga dead @CORTEZ_HSP 

They gonna put holes in u till u whistle like a flute @IHATETREX  
This gonna be a bobby brown show a bunch of 40's clappin. @IHATETREX  
Crome disorder. Yea. We on smack but u about to see a total slaughter @CORTEZ_HSP 

Young Gattas vs Ms Hustle


Knock her fitted off. Give her a hollow tip like she tool advice from the dinininon @MsHuSTLe127  

Im dat bitch that say where da hos at. U dat bitch that when they fuck they wake up and say u gotta go where ur clothes out @YoungGattas
Im not saying u transsexual. But u taller than every nigga u stand next to. @YoungGattas
U get played bitch. I got body on top of body this a slave ship.  @MsHuSTLe127 
Free zae itll be a stretch b4 my boy meets world he Been savage  @MsHuSTLe127
If ebony try to jet shell b in btwn magazines like the beauty of the week @YoungGattas
U throwin up grape signs its bitches like u decieving nigas u banned from face time @YoungGattas
Half the time she dont even know why she fuckin. Its just something to do. @YoungGattas
How the fuck u on bet with ebt. @YoungGattas  
When u living off us we pay the taxes to cover ur expenses. @YoungGattas  
Ill bust and leave her camp pissed thats a college trip @MsHuSTLe127 
U couldn't execute this simple plan when we met yrs ago u was a different man @MsHuSTLe127
I wont need twizz editing if i get to chokin on this bitch. @MsHuSTLe127  
Ill say for not keepin it a thousand ill put a g on ur head like spike in school daze @YoungGattas  
Snipes a bitch like too wong fu all u see a mask out the bucket like schoolboyq @YoungGattas  
Yall haters im Tomb Raider the first bitch in the game @YoungGattas  
Team pussy all talkers ill paul walker if she try to switch in my lane @YoungGattas  

Big T vs B Magic


Dump a hollow. Keep the iron on my side like cuss damato @DABEST_BMAGIC  

I got a gun so big. Its so not little. Last nigga i sent a screen shot to wound up on the hospital @BIGTQMB  
Run up on me like what now! Ill reverse it like now what? @BIGTQMB
Them punches usually land except ur fight with fox. @BIGTQMB 
BMAGIC Choke. Recover. Long choke. Forfeit round. Yikes.
U either drop from the shady like obie trice or the that milli from the ring lole koby wife @DABEST_BMAGIC 
Damn Big t round 2 a stinker.  No quotes. 
Last year for my bday i blew out the candles and wished a muthafucka would. - @BIGTQMB  
Cocky w the blazers gotta be a slayer go to all these bitches cribs like its how to be a player @DABEST_BMAGIC  
Metal spray. Cross between ur eyes like Kevin gates. Handing out these big metal rounds like collection plates. @DABEST_BMAGIC 


Goodz vs Aye Verb

I aint top tier. Im in a class of my own cuz i can whip a nigga all 3 rounds off swagger alone @TheRealGoodz 
I show up on they block with tan, white girl and wet. Turn that bitch into Baywatch. @AYEVERB  
U only battle where ur ground at. A real king  can go outta town. Face a king and bring his crown back @AYEVERB
Big scope involved. I use it to hit em from far away thats a callin card @TheRealGoodz
Make it hot Yo Baka. I made my living off taking blocks. @TheRealGoodz  


U ain't got bars like that. U look like 33 yr old Benzino. U ain't gon be a star like that. @AYEVERB  

Wet erbody out here cannonball off the deep end. Creepin w the extension gotta put my bitch weave in @AYEVERB 
U ain't got the heart to play. How it feel gettin killed by ur father. U Marvin Gay @TheRealGoodz  
Pistol dumpin. U gonna get what u don't want if this cat fish for something. @TheRealGoodz  
You gonna be out of here by tomorrow baby. plan B @TheRealGoodz  
I don't think u straight nigga. U was on stage against swave lookin like a 14 karat gay nigga @TheRealGoodz
I'm from the hood. I used to have to freestyle over the sound of Mack rounds in the background @AYEVERB  
Who talk bigger. Y'all know how these soft niggas act when they sip thAt hard liquor @AYEVERB 



Reed Dollaz vs John John Da Don

His mother suck my dick. Extra extra km telling Reed all about it @JohnJohnDaDon  
Other nigas bars is sumn u gotta deal wit so no matter how much real shot u say it ain't gonna equal up to how I steal shit [email protected]
Tell my maintenance bring dum mops. I was killin wrappers was u was packing ur lunch box @RealReedDollaz
U been a faggot. U prince and u brotha Bart look like Lenny Kravitz @RealReedDollaz
A lot of Reed vs Read stuff
U was hot for 1 year. Missing for twelve. I been sucking that glass dick prolly sniffing as well @JohnJohnDaDon
I know it haunt u at night. He can't sleep still cuz he be havin dreams of getting meek meals @JohnJohnDaDon
Bill collected was lookin like a heel collector when he got knocked out. I'll still fuck u up just ask @HollowDaDonLOM [email protected]


Go-Rilla Warfare The Crown Live Coverage

March 28, 2014, 3:27 pm


Our team will be giving you free updates on Go-Rilla Warfare's The Crown event in this blog until the event is over. Click the banner to purchase the Pay Per View, which will be available April 1st. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.


You can also follow us here:


YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Google Plus




Big T vs Big Kannon

Charlie Clips vs Hitman Holla

Aye Verb vs Swave Sevah

Yung Ill vs Arsonal

B Magic vs JC

DNA vs Young Kannon






Big T vs Big Kannon


"Give him shattered intestines to bladder infections. This shit could get real Ms Gracie in a matter of seconds" - Big T


Big T choked in his first round


"He said he be good in the ring / A legend chokin in his 1st round ... look at me king" - Big Kannon


Charlie Clips vs Hitman Holla


Dope battle - as always Clips ended with a freestyle



"Nigga owe me $10 I need it I'm on his doorstep / knocking a 357 like it ain't 4 yet, shooting and he ain't open the door yet" - Hitman Holla


"U think I'm Lyin cool. I'll smack that bitch make ur Queen Flip in a quiet room" - Charlie Clips


Aye Verb vs Swave Sevah



Aye Verb was in classic form tonight, Swave was dope and stumbled tonight. Verb has quit battle rapping.


"Nigga I know karate. Nigga karate only work on niggas who do karate. I'm a break every branch off mr miagi bonsai tree "- Aye Verb


"Killin him is sumn I'm dying to do. Post a picture of the dead body in Unbias Review" - Swave Sevah


JC vs B-Magic


Crazy battle - bar fest


“Magic will be in so many pieces his box gonna come with a manual” - JC


“I do this for the war game flesh wound make his chess move like a warm game” B-Magic



Yung Ill vs Arsonal




Arsonal may have edged the battle


"I got a thousand dollar street cred / bet that ars won't keep it a thousand till he get g-checked" - Yung Ill

"I got a thousand dollar street bet that ars won't keep it a thousand till he get g-checked" - Arsonal


6:21pm: Arsonal says he's been asking Hollow Da Don for a rematch, and also says Shotty Horroh will kill Aye Verb when they battle.



5:18pm: DNA discusses judging in battle rap and talks about his ongoing fued with Okwerdz.


Young Kannon vs DNA

The battle exceeded expectations

DNA started it off with a Loaded Lux Impression

"U speedin in the ring thing that punches in the thing / U remind me of Drago cuz u rushin in the ring" - DNA

"Calicoe a forefitter u a soft nigga, what u got in common both y'all pops is lost niggas / Ur pops is lost for knocking up a retarded bitch" - Young Kannon


Undercard Matches



Mr Oops vs Prince Lord - Oops easily won.  Dope bars on both sides


"I got a pistol handmade from Jesus, I made my peace with god" - Chris Lloyd


"I'm in another nigga crib like 'fuck your house' / I'm even flipping over shit like 'fuck your couch'" - Oops




Tone Montana vs Mackk Myron - Mack Myron bodied


"You better pump those breaks / Your soul will be lion in the sky like Mufasa face" - Mack Myron


D Eagle vs Mr. Mill$ - Mill$ catches a body


The Venue



2: 36pm: JC talks about his battle with Danja Zone, whether or not he'd battle Rone, and why he's in rare form tonight.

2: 14pm: Gerald McCoy from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gives his predictions for all of today's battles.


Click To Pre-Order The PPV (Available 48 Hours After Event)

Drect Reviews Hollow vs Loaded Lux & Daylyt vs B-Magic

January 31, 2014, 3:55 am

MTV Rap Battle feat. Dizaster, Arsonal, Verb & More?

January 29, 2014, 11:12 pm

What do you guys think is going on inthis picture? *Excited*

UW High Stakes Live Coverage (Hollow Da Don vs Loaded Lux)

January 26, 2014, 8:28 pm


Our team will be giving you free updates on UW Battle League's High Stakes event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.


Also check out our KOTD Blackout 4 coverage:


You can also follow us here:


YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Google Plus




Loaded Lux vs Hollow da Don

Tsu Surf vs Calicoe

Hitman Holla vs O-Red

Daylyt vs B-Magic







Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don



Battle over #classic

The crowd is screaming and chanting hollows name

"It's easy to develop a large picture when u focused on the negatives" - Hollow

"He a lost nigga? I found him say it to blacks face" - Hollow brought out calicoe's dad!

"Dear lord ... I'm the chosen one that's why hollow be thy name" - Hollow

"Go ahead with that bullshit Shareef!" - Hollow

"In jail No singles - just Pringles - I'll stack chips in the can" - Hollow

" why would we expect a nigga name hollow to be solid?" - lux

"Stand up niggas don't lean!" - lux *crowd going crazy*


"When hollow ween off it he goin always be a nigga is disguise" - Lux

Lux breaking down Hollow's sobriety

Hollow was more original in the second round, but the battle is close

Unlimited last round!

My rhymes give u that I just shitted face/he give u that 'I think I get it' face - Hollow

Hollow wrote a letter & ended with "wat I'm Tryna tell u ... Ps don't rush ur delivery"


"Because you don't understand him don't mean that he's nice!" - Hollow

Hollow impersonating lux lmfaooooo oh Gawd

"Get this work - fired in a furnace / cal got it for free u goin earn (urn) it" - Lux

"I never showed a weak hand but I off writers (arthritis)" - lux

"Most talked about battle rapper of this age - do an autopsy on the stage" - Lux


"That's you LOM niggas - living off of moms" - Lux

"Y'all might look like monsters on screen but you Backyardigans" - Lux

"I'll for for the trunk like a Keibler elf" - Lux

"Ru Paul couldn't drag Queens this much" - lux

"I HATE YOU LUX!" - Hollow

"So far ahead if my time I can rebuttal a rhyme before u come up with the line"

"It's a circus act just to see this clown go through a fire round" - Hollow

"I guess it takes a while to put on that Hell's Angel jacket and Eddie Murphy pants"



"They can't picture the Don king, but he good for promotion" - Lux


"This is interview with a vampire - u ain't know it was high stakes" - loaded lux


.@iAmLoadedLux's camp got "say no to drugs" picket signs w/ @HollowDaDonLOM's bugged out face on it







Tsu Surf vs Calicoe




Calicoe vs Tsu Surf was classic! Could be a tie, but Cal's ending was crack!

"This the 4th battle in Jersey and the 1st time we seen you!" - Calicoe

Calicoe got heart! He all in Jersey dudes faces. The atmosphere is dark In Here

Bunch of Jersey niggas gunning for me, I would been bussin back screamin nigga I come from the D!" - Calicoe

Cal and Surf is heated. Wouldn't be surprised if they fought later

"You would think ima love and hiphop fan I hate tahiry (to hear he) said no - Surf

"omaha omaha ... nigga im Peyton Manning thats the place for the body" - Calicoe

Surf said Calicoe had a police excort when he battled O-Red

Surf good second round its on Cal rnd 2


"only BMF i know is this Big Muthafuckin' Forty" - Surf


Surf said Calicoe had a police escort when he battled O-Red


Hitman let his lil bro Showout clap tonight!


"you bout to get stuck up hoe ... but you the baddest bitch" - Calicoe


Calicoe's making Surf's homies mad he gettin all in they face!

Calicoe spittin that real shit about legal situations!


"You was skinny dippin with 6 bitches and none of them was in the picture" - Surf

"You battled @Shotgunsuge103 and said you had a show w/ @RickRoss.When, where? Did he know you were there?" @Tsu_Surf

"ill lift it up then lift him up - thats how you verti-cal" - Surf

"pay attention cal - its not what you got its what you lack" - Surf

"Name that 40 December - that's a Cal ender" - @Tsu_Surf

Calicoe bout this life


O-Red vs Hitman Holla


"Tell 'em roll ... bounce before i put sweetness in a box" - Red

"Debo voice - I wanna spend Red money" - Hitman

"Tell my sharp shooter bring me hitman heart" - O-Red

"Will and Jaden ... you'll get a couple smif's after earth" - Red

"Toss that, move out the way and let my brother clap" - Hitman's brother clapped!


"Im standing thurr giving him the mayweather shoulder" *mayweather def. move* - Hitman

"that magazine was the last thing that O Read" - Hitman

"I told Ars send me my bread ... and his half too" - Hitman

"Hitman man was rappign and all of a sudden, O-Red just flew backwards"






Daylyt vs B-Magic



Magic post battle interview #uwbattleleague #uw #rapbattle #highstakes


Daylyt's girl @mari2ahadi slow motion booty POPPIN for Morpheus cray moment #uwbattleleague #uw…


Another pic of magic and Daylyt #uwbattleleague #uw #rapbattle #highstakes


Pic of the fake lux Daylyt brought on stage #uwbattleleague #uw #rapbattle #highstakes


Bars wise Magic won, but Daylyt's performance was LEGENDARY great show!  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


B-Magic killing the 3rd round ... slipped a lil and brought it right back  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"Get the pump to your LA Gear if you step light" - @DaBest_BMagic  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


Daylyt rapping with slo-mo matrix now he's killing it.  Girl slo-mo booty poppin  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


Daylyt just brought the crowd back with a "Pearl Harbor/Battle ship" lin  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


Some people are getting bored with Daylyt's crip lesson, but he is saying some crazy bars  … #uwbattleleague


"Put that gin aside.  This is genocide" @DAYLYT2k #highstakes  …


Daylyt is giving Magic a crip history lesson  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"ill put in work on his chin like Axel Foley" - @DaBest_BMagic  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


B-Magic's second round was crazy  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"You'll see a Day vid Ruffin niggas up - couldn't resist the temptation of a mark out"  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


Daylyt is battling the Lux impersonator  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


Daylyt started 2nd rnd bringing out a Matrix agents fighting a Loaded Lux impersonator  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


It was a good round, but B-Magic may have won that.  He had some real dope lines


"Stick n' weave like a bobby pin" - @DaBest_BMagic  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"Dome shot - lean his body like Smooth Criminal" - @DaBest_Bmagic   … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"I'm fucking day up like a death in the family" #highstakes  …


"ill get the snub nose - Letoya Jackson" - @Dabest_bmagic  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"I wig on him with the mil, I'm Donald Trump'in"  #highstakes  …


"I'm just ahead ... Zordon" - @DAYLYT2k  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"im a king ... Arthur - no wonder I be on the cam a lot" - @DAYLYT2k  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"The blue pill, well thats quill" - hes lettin ppl choose the outcome of battle @DAYLYT2k  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"Is it goin be the red pill or the blue pill" - @DAYLYT2k  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"I can no longer work for this fuck money, fuck money" - @DAYLYT2k #highstakes  …


Daylyt is dressed like Morpheus from the Matrix  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


B-Magic vs Daylyt starting now!  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes









January 22, 2014, 4:02 am

KOTD - Blackout 4


Our team will be live in Toronto to provide you with exclusive content that will be updated in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff the whole weekend.


You can also follow us here:


YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Google Plus





Ill Will vs Real Deal

JC vs Rone

Big T vs Bender

Shotty Horroh vs Aye Verb

Osa vs RemyD

Rich Dolarz vs Loe Pesci


Official update from RapGrid's @JonReiss:


Reporting from Blackout on the afternoon before day 2 there's been a lot of talk about what battles will and will not go down.  These reports change from hour to hour but the party line on a few of them has remained pretty much the same. Since only 5 battles took place last night BO4 will be back loaded with the majority of battles taking place tonight. The question is. which battles will go down.  For each rapper mentioned below there's another rapper here that's supposed to battle them that we also won't get to see.  Here's a few that may be in jeopardy.


King of the Dot deserves a lot of slack and respect for really working hard to counteract the Murphy's Law nature of these cancellation. They've really been hammering away to try and beat the odds.


Big T Vs. Bender- Big T and KOTD has been really trying to make this battle happen. A blizzard is apparently what's keeping him from getting to out of the states. For the past 2 days, this battle of all the potentially cancelled battles was the one people were saying had the best chance of happening. Last I heard, it's not likely Big T Vs. Bender will not go down this weekend, but perhaps soon after.


Aye Verb- I've been told there's a chance he might get to Canada in time for the event.  Apparently it's an issue of Aye Verb receiving a passport in time, which he hasn't yet.  The KOTD staff says that they will make his happen even if they have to do it on Monday. Aye Verb's opponent is in town for the week so the plan is to record it on Monday if they must and release it anyone who bought PPV or tickets ASAP.


Ill Will- Also put himself out there to try and get to Blackout.  In fact he was willing to risk being held at the border upon return for the good of the culture.  However, a recent video on YouTube has exacerbated his situation and made crossing the border to precarious for him at the moment.


Rich Dollaz- Was actually here in Toronto when he found out about a death in his family and had to fly right back.  At first there was some question as to what really went down but this story has been verified as legitimate.


JC- This is new to me but I'm hearing he might be having some difficulty getting here, something about transportation.  This is just a rumor at this point.


RemyD- This seems to have folks a bit perturbed.  Remy had a car accident while QP was in the car, however, fans and spectators assert that the damage was light and didn't warrant pulling out of the event.


Pat Stay vs Dizaster (Title Match) | Bender vs Big T | Step Easy vs DDSS | +More








Pat Stay vs Dizaster



Pat Stay had a Loaded Lux moment & remains champ!


The battle isn't over but Pat took it


Why so serious. He was suppose to battle in August but he moved it to the end of January. That's how aqaiarius (queer he is) - Pat


Fresco is more of man than you'll ever be. U have the swag of Arnold Shwarzenegger when he was having a pregnancy - Diz


Suck a dick.Ur such a racist u don't where the chain bc it's not long enough to hang a black person with - Diz


Diz needs something special right now to take it


They say u fucked Scarlett Pain. That couldn’t be less impressive. I'd be impressed if u fucked Rachel Starr or Alexis Texas - Pat


U nice but I got more style than u. I'm so nice my rap name should be how are u - Pat


A multi from Diz followed by "someone tell bender I'm sorry player - Diz


U don't believe in urself. Ur big but u got the self esteem of an elf - Diz


Holy ... pat is killin it right now


If I am a golden retriever it's cuz ppl believe ur lies. If I am golden retriever it's cuz in here to lead the blind - Pat


By the time u get thru half his round u'll be at the part in titianic where dicaprio drowns - Pat

U know u never lay the smack down. Going thru security at the airport is the only time you'll ever see pat down - Diz


I've been known to knock whiteheads out like acne removal cream - Diz


His names pat cuz he stays in the back of his home cuz he's afraid if he leaves he'll get attacked by Charron - Diz


Conceited vs Charlie Clips



No bias. Most ppl will say clips beat Conceited. Clips on fire.

"love u fans, come out no matter the weather / u know ya bars crazy when you can bring organik n smack 2getha" - Clips

Clips is killin it

U know this shits depressing when u think ur slogans Is weapons - Clips

I'll oop her con. Gonna electrocute that bitch I'll Shaka khan - Clips

Con light in the 2nd

They know I'll get rid of 1-- bullets like J-Pro - Clips

Both clips and con are crazy performers

Somebody told ur boy u were on twitter everyday trying to get a DM from soulja boy - Clips

U got any kind of pay nigga. In Toronto u can get robbed for it like the mayor nigga - Con

I'll smack ur gun then step on the barrel like I'm captain Morgan (crazy crowd reaction) - Clips

That's a true fact. He moved out his moms nick cannon didn't send no money now he forced to moved back - Clips

Cats are saying Diz and DNA nearly fought on stage

1st slow it down: U get cap and more guns come out. Captain Morgans. Capped and organs come out - Con

U put on all kinds of weight. He so fat he try to put food on license plate - Con



Yung Ill vs Fresco



If u came for the check u got played cuz Ganik gave me twice that amount and I dunno even know what u got paid - Fresco

I'm ahead of this Mark like the Gospel of Matthew - Fresco

Crash on the sofa drop my kids off then leave thanks for having them over - Fresco

Ill freestyled in the 2nd, Fresco is coming back

This battle crazy fresco got it back in the 2nd

U think he brolic he softer than me promise. I don't want u to be biased.  I just want u to be honest - Fresco

I'm a do fresco bad. Black bag with the yellow strings just to show u frescos trash - Ill

Fresco is literally choking on something

Y'all put the kinda gay looking white boy against the questionable black guy. I guess the reason u wanna see this battle that's why - Fresco



Rum Nitty vs Tycoon Tax



The battle was crazy.  This is probably the best so far

U comfortable. U should battle at ultimate warrior. That's the only way they givin You w's - Tax

Tax wanna be black so much he got coon in his name. Get a permanent vacation if I hit u with a can coon. - Nitty

When I say I got something for rum it ain't a message board - Tax



Sketch Menace vs Soul



Crazy battle - best of the event so far

The pen game death note. I never really thought about it brother. Just some bad shit to say before a kill a mothetfucker  - Sketch

Every book u reference has been made into a movie. - Sketch

Lift dude from a hole. When I uplift this punk bitch it ain't chicken soup for the Soul - Sketch

I don't give a fuck. Ill son him anyway. That's immaculate conception.

I inspire assassins like JD Sallinger- Soul


The only time u ever heard of a great Scott it's from Doc Brown - Sketch


Megadeff vs Lexx Luthor



Cabinet pussy so big I fucked around and parked a scab in it - Lexx

When I aim and peel I'm spraying his brains all over the club like a baby seal - Megadef

Every scheme come from elohiem. I'm god boy - Megadef

I don't watch a lot of conceited but I'll leave a son heartless. Gun so big Mega had to kick start it - Megadef

Megadef is catching a body so far

They said its kotd so don't flop but he should go overseas cuz there those guns don't pop - Megadef

Yo are to faggots what Dre is to headphones - Lexx

2 glocs. Golden eye Nintendo shit - Megadef



DAY 2 - SATURDAY (1/25/2014)



Day 2 - The Stage is set



SMACK with a nice lady



Arsonal vs Swave Sevah




Classic Battle

“We takin this battle shit to a whole new level / We put Team Rebel Arms against a real life Rebel” - Swave

“I hope all if YouTube fans see me beat u to death in this ring like Boom Boom Mancini” - Swave

“I bang mine so many times the kick back gave me carpal tunnel” - Swave

“This battle gon be 3-0 dog Lorenze Tate w/ the braids nigga” - Arsonal

“Headshot got ur dreads looking like burnt spaghetti” - Swave

Swave with the dope Thundercats reference


Ars just said The Saurus whooped Charron and that he play capture the flag


The Saurus vs Charron



"Tell that crying baby Dizaster hes next" - Charron


"Sorry player I'm getting Xory tailored for a slip knot" - The Saurus


There's so many holes in you're face you're sponsored by the OGA. You should be the face of dot mob" - Charron


"If you're the father of my style you neglected your son. You're the exact person I hope I never become" - Charron


Slash then buck at heads like guns N roses” - Charron


DNA vs Arcane



Some people in the crowd started fighting, but KOTD quickly broke it up

DNA clearly took the first and Arcane clearly took the 2nd

“I'm a green beret I leave shells scattered everywhere like this was Easter Day” - Arcane


DNA’s second round was fire


"He said it's a mystery event but when ur battling arcane u never know who ur goin up against." - DNA


"I'm splicing DNA in half like Stem cell research" - Arcane


"When I Make Eric perish it ain't EPMD" - Arcane


"Y'all must be from Texas cuz everyone who had that chain saw massacres" - DNA


"I came to put hands on Cane like the monopoly man" - DNA


Bonnie Godiva vs Uno Lavoz




People are calling the battle "Uncomfortable"

Bonnie says Uno chokes ladies

Bonnie got a prop. It's comin. ... It's a judges robe!  Medusa (Uno’s ex - girl from Arsonal vs Diz battle) is on stage. She's testifying!!

“Boo if u and Math have a baby I hope it's first words is ‘woo’ - Uno

Bonnie choked for about a minute.  Uno Lavoz is bodybagging now

“Ur pussy is like math and serius. Ur only famous cuz Math is known for hittin that” - Uno

“I heard ur box smells like shit that's a port a potty. Something something Laura Tarsi” - Uno

Uno got a little more reaction round 1 but he also got boo’d

“They only call UNO when they down to the last spot on the card” - Bonnie

“I'll face fuck u w all that lipstick on. That's make up sex” - Uno

Uno just got booed for calling Bonnie a glow in the dark slave. Now he's getting heckled



Pat Stay speaks on his battle with Dizaster:



The Saurus speaks on his opponent:



J-Pro vs 100 Bulletz


“Your only like Hitman Holla cuz it's the same bulletz every clip” - J-Pro

“U pull strings to get feedback on stage u Jimmy Hendrix amplifier” - 100 Bulletz

“Ur on a quest to find love but Bonnie's just another black thought” - J-Pro

“Try to sway but u don't got the answers - kanye” - J-Pro


“I eat kids like alley cats that live behid abortion clinics” - 100 Bulletz


Step Easy vs DDSS


"I'll put a nerd in his place like that wad of spit that hit Eurgh in the face" - DDSS


"Ddss-Different day Same shot" -Step Easy

DAY 1 - FRIDAY (1/24/2014)

KOTD Stage

Living Legend: The Saurus

Sketch Menace


Shotty Horroh speaking

Rone being his usual self

Organik breaking down the event

Charlie Clips - what a funny dude

Charron looking fearless

Bender looking super warm

Bishop speaking about Dizaster vs Pat Stay

Swave Sevah's got a new hairdo!

classic Dizaster moment

former KOTD champ, Arcane

100 Bulletz

Charron & Pat Stay

Uno Lavoz


Dizaster & Swave Sevah

Osa, Bender & Loe Pesci

Shotty Horroh Outside

2013 - A Year In Review ... For Battle Rap

January 1, 2014, 1:47 am


This year has seen some of the most controversial, dynamic and exciting moments in the history of battle rap.  Youtube subscription service based leagues were launched (and folded), Charlie Clips went SUPER ham, “bars” were finally heralded over “names,” Hollow returned from incarceration to battle Tsu Surf, Dizaster spit in Eurghs face and Arsonal un-CRIPified Charron just as fast as Daylyt made him one.


2013 was also the year of the bloggers: Jay Blac, Jon Rines, Angry Fan, Laura Tarsi, Dana, Mr. 250, War Room Sports, RapGrid, Queenzflip, Vladtv, (Jon Reiss), TOBattleblog, Unbias Review, RMBVA, OTBVA, Battlefix & more all held it down and made great contributions to the battle culture.


From the many entertaining battles and moments surrounding this culture over the past 365 (give or take) days, RapGrid has put together the dopest commentary you can read on battle rap in celebration of the new year; forget all of the politically correct lists catering to the most popular emcees and companies - THIS IS THE REAL.


*Note: This list includes videos ranging from dates 12/12 - 12/13*





10. Anubis vs HA Double - URL Proving Grounds


The Scoop: As the “big stage” seemingly took a turn for the worse, “Bars Over Names” became a huge slogan fans adopted to help emcees with smaller names shine above some of their peers.  These two definitely set the lyrical bar for newcomers to big leagues.


Standout Line: “You doin’ all you can do like Ryu, cause don’t all Ken do is moves like Ryu?” - HA Double


9. Danja Zone vs NuBorn - Black Ice Cartel


The Scoop: In of of the years best displays of pure lyrical talent, Nu Born seemed to resurrect himself from the ashes of obscurity that he was thrust into after a lackluster battle with Sco.  This only added to the growing stock of Danja Zone, who became a force in 2013, as he fully took advantage of all opportunities placed in front of him.


Standout Line: “The machine gun Kelly, that mac Miller - they both spit like they supposed to be black but they not” - Danja Zone


8. Rum Nitty vs Danny Myers - King Of The Dot


The Scoop: Once in a while a battle comes out of no where that makes you say, “Hold on ... WHAT THE FUCK DID HE JUST SAY?!?!?!”  The energy was through the roof, the punchlines were crazy, and the crowd was nuts.  Best part?  No one saw it coming.


Standout Line: “I’ll chop you into so many pieces your funeral will be on a conveyer belt” - Danny Myers


7. Arsonal vs DNA - Dont Flop


The Scoop: Main events are very tricky, as they can go one of two ways: a.) live up to the hype b.) suck terribly and waste everyone’s time/money.  This battle may have seemed out of place to some, as both rappers are from the North East (US), but the Don’t Flop crowd assured every moment of this match would have you on the edge of your seat, as they were electric.  Arsonal and DNA both showed why fans fell in love with their energetic styles years ago.


Standout Line: “She gave me disability that’s why I do shit so well, so if she’s retarded that might explain why I spit so well”


6. Gattas vs Bonnie Godiva - King Of The Dot


The Scoop: The first female battle in KOTD history was an instant classic - so anticipated that Drake himself went to great lengths to ensure that it went down.  These two girls set a very high standard for women in one of the greatest battle moments of 2013.


Standout Line: “I’ll Blazer with 22 Rockets ... now Bonnie is Clyde” - Gattas


5. Shuffle T vs Marlo - Dont Flop


The Scoop: Dont Flop does a great job of theming matches, and this was definitely no exception to the rule as this “Bad Bars” battle ironically had some of the best bars of the year.  Throw some gun fingers up for London *brrrap*


Standout Line: “Im great ... no wall of China” - Marlo


4. Lotta Zay vs Syahboy - URL


The Scoop: Inspired by Loaded Lux’s famous “battle on the roof ...” line, URL decided to throw a small group of battles on a roof and release the footage in black and white.  If the interesting new look mixed with the great back-and-forth wasn’t enough, Lotta Zay ended the battle with one of the best lines in a history - a remix of Syahboy’s most famous line: Wiz Khalifa (Wiz Could-Leave-Ya.)



Standout Line: “When that ratchet blow your wiz could leave ya with her wig on the side missing like Amber Rose” - Lotta Zay


3. DNA vs Charron - King Of The Dot


The Scoop: After Shotgun Suge pulled a no-show at World Domination 4, DNA stepped up to the plate a took a last-minute battle against Charron in what would be one of the most talked about battles of 2013.  Perfectly timed freestyles, crazy rebuttals and a hype crowd not only made this a classic battle, but it took us back to the glory days of the sport where emcees would seamlessly integrate well prepared material with spur-of-the-moment observations that could swing the momentum of a close battle.  Only 8 days prep ...


Standout Line: “I’m here to put DNA in someone else’s box like artificial insemination” - Charron


2. Bigg K vs Illmaculate - King Of The Dot


The Scoop: Illmaculate proved why he is a legend and Bigg K earned his status among battle rap’s elite in this epic clash of styles.  The only words that can do this video justice are the ones spit by both emcees.  Just watch.


Standout Line: “I’m bipolar - nice jab ... mean hook”


1. Conceited vs Tsu Surf - URL


The Scoop: SMACK/URL’s Armageddon event was shut down without warning and many fans were left with none of the main events they came from around the world to see ... that is until Poison Pen made a few calles to End of the Weak and saved one battle: Conceited vs Tsu Surf.  Due to the circumstances, everyone wanted a classic and that is exactly what they got.  Any time two of the most popular battle rappers in the world perform at top notch level, its a treat.  Arguably the best performance to date from both of artists.


Standout Line: “I don’t need a boogie board for me to body Surf”





Tsu Surf vs Hollow - most anticipated battle of the year - some very crazy rounds

Ms Hustle vs Ms.Fit - arguably the best battle in queen of the ring history

Dizaster vs Arsonal - finally the chapter is closed ... in classic fashion

Rone vs Real Deal - *woooooo* how do they write this stuff?

J. Dose vs Math - [insert same description as Dizaster vs Arsonal here]

Lotta Zay vs Daylyt - top notch lyricism at its finest - who had the gimmicks?

Danny Myers Mr Mill$ - you probably never saw this ... you should

QP vs Remy D - He’s back ... by “he” we mean both of them

Pat Stay vs Arcane - Classic title match





The conspiracy of Arcane’s ghostwriter

Everything Daylyt did

Math Hoffa punching Serius Jones

K-Shine teaching DNA about ... DNA

Hitman Holla vs Phara Funeral/Shooney Da Rapper

Wedding Proposal ... in a battle?






Sonny Bamboo vs Villun - take those shades off ... it’s okay to be Albino

Chris Leese & Unanymous vs TwoCan & CallumBOOM! - what a crazy tag team

Goodz vs X-Factor - Damn X ...

Fresco 3rd round vs Rone - what a second ... Rone got raped? (NO HE DIDN’T!)

Tycoon Tax vs Kaliente - “Knock knock ... this homeless dude can’t even answer the door”






Dizaster vs T-Rex - the cameras didn’t do it justice

Hitman Holla vs Conceited - no 3rd round

Dizaster vs Arcane - smh for multiple reasons

Ness Lee vs Shotty Horroh - c’mon y’all, you are better than this

Real Deal vs Tony D - Tony D messed up






Charron - BET Kicked it all off

O’fficial - She gets the award for female performer of the year

Daylyt - He got naked, slapped someone with ball juice & was jesus in a KKK outfit ... while spitting hot bars

Ill Will - Ya man got BUSY

Lotta Zay - His first half of 2013 is one of the most consistent dominating runs in the history of acapella rap battles


With Blackout 4 and Loaded Lux vs Hollow topping off First Quarter 2014, we have a huge year ahead of us - Stay tuned!


- @Drect