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Battle Rap News

Shotty Horroh on Meeting Jay-Z & Working With Deadmau5 | #WD5

September 1, 2015, 7:29 pm



Rap Grid caught up with Shotty Horroh for a quick interview before his battle against Arsonal at King Of The Dot's World Domination 5 event. Shotty revelaled that he has been working with famed electronic music producer Deadmau5 and discussed how their collaborative relationship began. He also talked about his experience meeting Jay-Z at a Toronto Raptors game. Hear what he had to say about it below and be sure to check out our full coverage of #WD5 Day One and Day Two.


Interview by @Drect















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Dizaster on World Domination 5: "Most Successful Event of All Time | #WD5

August 29, 2015, 9:50 pm



Dizaster sat down with Drect to discuss the reasons why he believes King Of The Dot's World Domination 5 was the "most successful event of all time." Whether or not you agree with him, there's no denying Diz - who battled Dumbfounded on day one and impersonated Eurgh in a battle against Sketch Menace on day two - played a large role in the event. Peep what he had to say about everything below and be sure to check out our full coverage of #WD5 Day One and Day Two.


Interview by @Drect















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DFW Battle League Presents: Haynes vs Blaze

August 29, 2015, 9:26 pm



Haynes vs Blaze from DFW Battle League's Southern Slaughter event. Check out DFW Battle League on YouTube for more dope battles.


DFW Battle League Presents: Haynes vs Blaze











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Illmaculate Gives In-Depth Break Down of Battle With Pat Stay | #WD5

August 27, 2015, 10:12 pm



In addition to his brief but hilarious response to Pat Stay's recap video, Illmaculate sat down with Drect for an in-depth look at his title match against Canada's reigning champ during KOTD's World Domination 5 event last weekend. Spolier alert: Illmaculate got that New Chain he was after..


Illmaculate Gives In-Depth Break Down of Battle With Pat Stay | #WD5















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Go-Rilla Warfare Presents: Young Kannon vs Sammy Wild 100s

August 26, 2015, 6:53 am



In this intense matchup from Go-Rilla Warfare, Chicago newcomer Sammy Wild 100s takes on veteran battle rapper Young Kannon. Make sure to check out the PPV for Go-Rilla Warfare's Crown 2 event going down November 21st, featuring Charlie Clips vs Big Kannon, Aye Verb vs Tsu Surf, and more. The event will also feature the first ever Battle Rap Awards Ceremony and you can help decide the winners. Click here to vote for your favorite battle rapper, battle performance, slogan and more!


Go-Rilla Warfare Presents: Young Kannon vs Sammy Wild 100s











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Poison Pen & Drect Announce The Return Of Grind Time!

August 26, 2015, 6:41 am



While in Toronto for King Of The Dot's World Domination 5, Poison Pen and Drect hit us with a quick video announcement to reveal plans for a "Grind Time Then" event in memory of PH aka Pumpkinhead. We'll definitely keep you updated on this event as more details surface. In the meantime, watch the video below to see what they have in the works!


Poison Pen & Drect Announce The Return Of Grind Time!
















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Go-Rilla Warfare Presents First Ever Battle Rap Awards (VOTE NOW)

August 25, 2015, 12:02 am



Go-Rilla Wafare will be hosting the first ever Battle Rap Awards ceremony and now is your chance to vote for your favorite battle rappers, battles, performances, slogans & more. Click here to log in and vote!

Winners will be announced during "The Crown 2" event on November 21st. "The Crown 2" is also a huge battle event, featuring Charlie Clips vs Big Kannon, Math Hoffa vs Bigg K, Aye Verb vs Tsu Surf, Lady Luck vs O'fficial and more. Pre-order the PPV here.















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KOTD: World Domination 5 Live Coverage Day Two

August 22, 2015, 10:24 pm





Our team will be giving you live updates of KOTD's #WD5 event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

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Pat Stay vs. Illmaculate
Daylyt vs. Iron Solomon
Pass vs. Chilla Jones
Real Deal vs. Head I.C.E
100 Bulletz vs. DNA
Deffinition vs. The Saurus
Quake Matthews vs. Lexx Luthor

Find our coverage of Day One here.






Illmaculate vs Pat Stay




And the winner of the #WD5 title match is Illmaculate.

Pat sacrificed his third to say real shit. No big punches. This is really a toss up

"I don't give a fuck if ur a two time world champ / know what I have that's cooler? Girl fans"

Pat getting crazy reaction

Pat is spittin real shit in the third

Pat said he never got the money Drake promised for beating Charron, but he gives strippers $20k

"Put us in the same boat, Pat'll get his title waved" - Illmaculate

"U a white trash wife u gettin beat at home" - Illmaculate

"They made u the face of the league cause u never had a body to connect with" - Illmaculate

"In my prime like Nickel Nine / u put the big in bigot, fine" - Illmaculate

"Flick of my wrist have u stretched and laid out like a Japanese fan" - Illmaculate

Illmac got the second round. It's 1-1. This match is super even.

Pats swag is crazy haha

"Calicoe shit was corny / coulda leveled him in a second flat but that's another story" - Pat Stay

"Two arms at my torso like Goro" - Pat Stay



Illmacs second was crazy. Going to be hard to beat.

"Moon walk with boots?  What's next?  U goin Electric Slide with your Sketchers tied?" - Illmaculate

Illmac calling out Pat for picking up Nils but not getting crazy vs Calicoe

Illmac has the crowd. Second round is bananas

Illmac had two crazy rebuttals "South Park characters ... Every round a body"

Idk man ... Rnd one was mad close. Maybe pat edge.  MAYBE

"Do it so effortlessly / wheelchair kid from South Park u not stepping to me" - Pat Stay

Pat with great short jokes, "Illmaculate, lil flacid dick"

"Know what rhymes with dude your size?  Suicide" - @patstay

Great first round from Illmac. It's on Pat rnd 1

"He thinks he's safe cause he never leave home like an umpire" - Illmaculate

"For 3 verses I leave Earth like a UFO in cruise control" - @illmaculate




Real Deal vs Head I.C.E.


"Now he dead and his family like 'Real is that really you?' ... Through a Ouija Board" - Head ICE clenched the battle


“As far as my body count in this rap shit, I’m the American sniper” - Head ICE

Ice had a funny ass story about Real Deal buying a prostitute

Real Deals third ended funny. Cut it short

"look like the old dude n the hood that think the new weed is too strong and prefers Jamaican dirt" - Real Deal

"Lion's Den. Was you a lion then? You lying then" - Real Deal

"Knees give out quick when I rock him one time like a Easter outfit" - Real Deal

“Bull shitter, you not a wolf, you a Wolf Blitzer” - Real Deal

Ice had a great second. May give it to real deal tho. 1-1 going into the 3rd. Close battle

Ice frisbee'd Real Deal cd into the crowd as his closer lol

"Your sister let me sock her like my bottom dresser drawer" - Head ICE

"Giving Real Deal's ear the same pressure that Mike (Tyson) had" - Head ICE



"She get hit Jay Cutler style ... Bear with no protection" - Real Deal


Real Deal's round 2 is fire

"Yall seen me deliver so many times I should have a midwife's license" - Real Deal

"U so old u can't tell me Ice Age with out carbon dating" - Real Deal

"Real only real when he got Coronas in him. When he home, he Homer Simpson" - Head ICE

Ice winning 1-0

"If ice running out of bars it's a 99% chance I'm coming home from prison" - Head ICE

Ice just called Real Deal the wiener in the corn dog

"Shells big as cows nipples give 'em Down syndrome" - Head ICE

"Suck my dick straight like that / if me in T-Rex was still beefin you'd get punched in your face like that" - Head ICE

"Any prior u got is Richard movies" - @Headice

"Since he rep the streets I hope he die by chopper fire like Stevie Ray Vaughn" - Real Deal

"U turned Zamboni ... Tried to dust off the ice" - Real Deal

"U gave me ice man he ain't a top gun he's somewhere in the Middle East" - @Real_DealRaps


Real Deal getting focused for Ice


Wolf Love Head Ice told Real Deal to pardon his back.. Chef it's Ya boy RD ain't having that though




Pass vs Chilla Jones


Rap Grid Result: Pass beat Chilla 2-1.  Chilla started fire and ended on a low. Pass ended crazy


Things not looking good for Chilla


"I'm using Pass to get a shot like the King Of The Dot chain" - Chilla Jones


"Corpse stiffen / The only person I seen Chilla body (chill a body) was a mortician" - Pass


"I already shook one part too, that's word to Prodigy" - Pass


Pass is going CRAZY


"I nice but you got bars with no conviction I got life sentences" - Pass


"You'll get X'd from American Histoy when you bite the glock" - Pass


"My team in the team with the stick like this lacrosse now" - Pass


"I wouldn't put u against @JustCaustic, cuz you battles in Nikiya's basement and fucking lost it" - Chilla Jones


We give Pass round 2.  1-1 going into the third


"Charlie blacked on son. That battle was total eclipse/totally Clips" - Chilla Jones


"I handled 100 Bullets, you had trouble with a Hollow" - Chilla Jones

"All u doing is shadowboxing - you be punching for nothin'" - Pass


“Soon as u take off your hat u look like black Beetlejuice" - Pass

"I'm consistent year-around, I'm a seasoned vet in they fucking minds" - Pass

Pass second round is crazy

"Most of us look down on his drive, that's why we over Pass" - Chilla Jones

Chilla Jones 1-0. Seems like his round was longer.

"You suck, so who thinks Pass'll Fire (pacifier)" - Chilla Jones

"If we box I'll bow your rib in like we were wrapping presents"  - Chilla Jones

"I ain't going behind your back - arms extend and hit his chest pass" - Chilla Jones


"I hope somebody got Pass protection" - @chillajonesd

Pass first round was dope all hell!

"Your voice crack when you try to get loud, u the black Chorron” - Pass

This KOTD u getting knocked out when I touch down" - @Pass510


Chilla Jones with John John Da Don in his corner about rep Boston in the 6 vs Pass

Pass going at everyone in Canada. A bunch of reaction!


The rapper formally known as Passwurdz about to do his thing in the ring Vs Chilla




Daylyt vs Iron Solomon



Rap Grid Result: Daylyt spit crazy bars & touched on real life, but old Iron Solomon is back. 2-1 Solomon


"Before I go I gotta ask u one question ... WHAT ARE THOOOOSSSE!!!" - @DAYLYT2k lol Solomon had on KOTD sneakers


"Ask a nigga from Watts why the chicken crossed the road, he got pocket checked on the other side!" - Daylyt

"Niggas this scary gotta get booked ... This is Goosebumps" - Daylyt

"I grew up acting my dad how u get to Sesame Street / your daddy helped write the theme song" - Daylyt

Daylyt saying real shit ...

Old Iron Solomon is back. 3 crazy rounds. It's the 3rd on Daylyt

“Difference between me and u? After battles I get press, after battles u get dressed” - Iron Solomon

"I’m catching you on your way down ... This is goaltending" - Iron Solomon

"He's so lost he gotta ask Calicoe for directions" - Iron Solomon

"California raising suspicion about you crippin' through hem Grape vines" - Iron Solomon

"You from the Matrix, why we never see the same cat twice?" - Iron Solomon

"The hard shit comes between soft rounds ... This is titty fucking" - Iron Solomon

“I’m like you having tattoo regrets, get this mark out my face!” - Iron Solomon

Daylyt crazy second. His round are a little shorter than Irons.  Seems like Iron is edging it.


"Too much Daylyt in your face white boy, sunblockin' won't protect you" - Daylyt


"He thought he could split the GOAT but I'm the wrong nigga to go at" - Daylyt


Solomon killing Daylyt with his whole style. Crazy second


"could rap til 2020 couldn't see me  n hindsight / imagine wat this fruit would do 4 a Klondike" - Iron Solomon


"A NY in front of Quill will put him to sleep" - Iron Solomon


Solomon was flowing. Whole crowd was rocking and dancing


“Like Your Tattoo Artist, made you take it on the chin, and turn the other cheek” - Iron Solomon


Solomon said Dot Mobb did the E. Honda ass slap

Round one close as hell. Classic rnd. Maybe edge to Iron Solomon


"Leave a jackass face on his back that's Steve-O / one arm then Iron in the sky, I'm Magneto" - Daylyt

"I showed up as a slave with wrinkled clothes and 9 months later I got Iron" - Daylyt


"These iron round I got for money are currency but if u add it up it will all make sense" - @DAYLYT2k


"I didn't even need to break night to see Day light" - Iron Solomon

"You'll need more than Uranus when you and I verse" - Iron Solomon

"This ain't Days day this is night night ... I don't think Light Bright" - Iron Solomon

"Send Lyt to meet Big, I think Chris missed Day/Xmas Day" - Iron Solomon

"You heard of King Solomon's wives, I'm used to having mad boos" - Iron Solomon

Solomon is freestyling crazy!

"U think I'll take one L ain't quit?  I ain't Kendrick Lamar" - @IronSolomon



Iron Solomon dressed to Kill in the battle with Daylyt



First (or maybe 2nd) couple of Battle rap Daylyt and @mari2ahadi @daylyt2k14 setting up for the Iron Solomon battle


Deffinition vs The Saurus


Rap Grid result: The Saurus got rnd 1, Deffinition got rnd 2 & rnd 3 was close.  Great battle man


Deffinition said The Saurus looks like Geodude

“You lose more poker games than a James Bond villian” - Deffinition

We got it 1-1 going into the third. Deffinition took the 2nd

“He handles his liquor worst than Michael J Fox handles..anything” - The Saurus

"You wish you were Batman but you're the Bane of my existence" - The Saurus

Definition's second was classic. This battle is great.


Deffinitinon 2nd round is fire

“You’ve written more marriage vows than battle rounds” - Deffinition

“You’ve got more engagement rings than you’ve got WRC ones” - Deffintion

"Spaghetti face was in 2nd grade / (talked to girls) pressed escape to get away" - Deffinition

The Saurus winning 1-0

"He'll have a small stroke on the canvas, that's expressionism" - @TheSaurus831

“Brought My own metal, I don’t like Deff Tones” - The Saurus

"You can't back out of this fiasco, this is what you wanted Mos Def" - The Saurus,

"Leash on a stray dog / feels like yall robbing Peter to pay Paul" - The Saurus

“all bark no bite, this a tree to a chainsaw”  - The Saurus

Deffinition had a strong first

"She fucked Uno Lavoz after you, she's practically sleeping her way to mid tier" - Deffinition



Deffinition vs Thesaurus right before their #wd5 battle at #kotd #toronto




Dizaster (as Eurgh) vs Sketch Menace

Rap Grid Result: Sketch was spitting that fire but Dizasteurgh was on that hot ish


Dizasteurgh just got in a fake fight with Revy, "cmon bruv I was in Jumpoff im a legend"

How tf did Dizaster write all this in like 6 hours

Diz had a line about Eurgh, "it's like I spit in my own face" WOW

Eurgh didn't come to the battle. So Dizaster is dressed as him and dissing himself

"Like a mullet how I got her in the sack / all business up front but still a party in the back" - @SketchMenace

"I don't feel bad about all the times that I bootlegged all your (Don't Flop) events" - @SketchMenace

"I'm comfortable like this cause my face looks like Dumbfoundeads mothers pussy" - Dizasteurgh

"I come in with the Anagram and hit u with the Bamalam" - Dizasteurgh

KOTD vs Don't Flop needs to happen. This is war!

"I got no sex life I won't come unless I get a direct flight" - @MRDIZASTER

“What you know about starting a division in Mississippi? I’m a faggot bruv!” -Dizasteurgh

Dizaster's Eurgh impression is amazing "Im from Don't Flop where we say DFAFD but that's exactly what I did"

“What you know about starting a division in Mississippi? I’m a faggot bruv!” -Dizasteurg

Dizaster's Eurgh impression is amazing "Im from Don't Flop where we say DFAFD but that's exactly what I did"

“I’m from Don’t Flop where we say ‘Don’t Flop All Day’ but that’s exactly what I did” -Dizasteurgh

Sketch is Killing it vs Diz-As-Eurgh


Dizaster dressed up as Eurgh



Quake Matthews vs Lexx Luthor


Rap Grid Result: Lexx 2-1 or 3-0 over a Quake.  TOO many bars

“We used to battle on the rooftop, and the loser’s mom got Danced With the Devil” - Lexx Luthor

“Listen, what is the 2 year plan for you? How many more battles do u plan to do?” - Quake Matthews

“You from cottonfield, golf courses and soccer fields” [email protected]









KOTD: World Domination 5 Live Coverage Day One

August 21, 2015, 11:00 pm





Our team will be giving you live updates of KOTD's #WD5 event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

You can also follow us here:


YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Google Plus








Dizaster vs Dumbfoundead
Charron vs John John Da Don
Bender vs Soul
Arsonal vs Shotty Horroh
Kid Twist vs Rone
Tycoon Tax vs J-Pro
Gin-I vs Psycoses








Dizaster vs Dumbfoundead



Rap Grid Result: Dumbfoundead was mad funny. He killed it, but Diz was incredible.  Dizaster won.


Dizaster is MURDERING

"I guarantee you even though he was Caucasian Paul Walker was Asian at heart" - Dizaster

"What rhymes with Dumbfoundead?  You so Asian your face looks like a plug outlet" - Dizaster

"10 years from now Ima be on the the screen and u goin be at World Domination 15" - Dumbfoundead


Hard to quote dumbs lines. They string together

"U rap like its last call, tryna get the bar out in a hurry" - Dumbfoundead

"Lush is your manager right? How u got a manager that can't manage his life" - Dumbfoundead

It's either Diz 2-0 or 1-1

"Talking while I'm rhyming / u were one of my students I taught u how to be a master of silence" - Dizaster

"U ain't the Asian guy that throws the fireball / I call u to install my firewall" - Dizaster

"Put my sushi roll in her booty hole cause she likes it raw" - Dumbfoundead

"Of course they goin say he served me over the net / every Asian has crazy ping pong skills" - Dizaster

"Talking shit about Martyrs / it's 2015 u got a chink in your armor" - Dizaster

Dumbfounded 2nd round is super funny!

"You'll battle in any international backstreet for a flat fee your like the real life Zangief" - Dumbfoundead



Dizaster ripped round 1.  He's winning 1-0


"No matter how much a organic tries to shorten my rounds ur mother will always love me long time" - Dizaster

"U like the little Asian dude from Indiana Jones, no wonder u wanted Short Rounds" - Dizaster

"I don't care if u think I'm racist / this Asian dude bout to open the door for me like the keymaker from the Matrix" - Dizaster

“He known as Hannibal Lector at the animal shelter” - Dizaster

"U always rocking Air Jordan's / Ur the aire to the airline that flies to Jordan ... Air Jordan" - Dumbfoundead

Dumb said Diz worked at "Turban Outfitters"

"Me calling u a cab driver is stupid as hell / It's 2015 ... U drive a Uber XL" - Dumbfoundead


Dizaster dressed like the Last Airbender for his battle with Dumbfoundead


Dumbfoundead aka Parker getting mic'd for his decade in the making battle with Dizaster


Charron vs John John Da Don




Rap Grid Result: John John was dope, but Charron won 3-0 with the performance of the night #WD5 #KOTD


"U stole from @hollowdadon the name ain't your own - John Sno dat ... Game of Thorones" - Charron

“You take so many 16’s, after your verse it’s an amber alert” - Charron


"Peyton & Kemp - I used the Glove to point and the 40 to bang" - John John Da Don


John John imitating everyone who lost to Charron. He's killing it.


"I was appalled the pattin' (Paula Patton) made u sing like Robin Thicke" - John John Da Don


Charron 2-0 but JJDD spitting fire


"U got exposed tryna fuck with the kid like Jared from Subway" - Charron


"U got off TRACK and turned bitch like Bruce Jenner" - Charron


"I don't shoot Clips ... I 3-0 them!" - Charron

"Someone just said say it again in the crowd ... I don't have to say it again to this bitch I'm not renewing my vows" - Charron

"Shorty in her (Laura) box like Terminator" - John John Da Don

John Johns second was crazy. Crazy Knicks line

"This 3-0 should cover us B-O cause this a clean body" - John John Da Don

"Following Laura made ya wins low now it's a Family Matter" - John John Da Don

"Shotty took Laura from u now that horrible .. No thats Horroh Boo" - John John Da Don

Charron winning 1-0

"After in done whippin that ass there's still two more rounds of him remixing that trash" - Charron


"U won't even have God on your side cause Organik won't let @TheRealHollohan on the stage" - Charron

"U should speak Spanish - u know your career's on delay (ándale)" - @charronkotd

Charron is going CRaZY

"U are he prince of Whooville cause all you do is steal your presence" - Charron crazy rebuttals to start

"If I'm around its a wrap for his presents - the Prince of Whooville" - John John Da Don

"If Toronto 6th man wanna take like L, Eh (LA) I guess he Lou Will" - John John Da Don

"It's like Keeping up with the Kardashians ... Cause my family raised a bunch of ratchets with all K's in it" - @JohnJohnDaDon




Soul vs Bender


Rap Grid Result: Bender got the first. Soul got the second. Third was close, we edge Soul


"You try force it (try force it) you face Ganon" - Soul


"Ghostbuster proton beam put Soul in a box / Mac hit'em baptism ... Soul gettin washed" - Bender

"Bring u bad luck after being gassed up like a Vietnam monk" - Bender


"Black lives matter and black livers don't" - Soul won the second round with the perfect ending

Shouts to @SoulWasTaken for the Party Arty scheme - if yall don't know go do your research

"Pissing down his leg had her stepping in puddles like chivalry is dead" - Soul

"Your Blatter's out of control ...president of FIFA" - Soul

"U got a Stephen Hawking chance of even walking ... dont even Stand By Me" - Bender


"Fighting over five points like the dead rabbits" - Bender

Bender is winning 1-0

"Either the pen kill him or buying out the bar will ... Carlito" - Soul

"This Action Bronson motherfucker bout to feel like he just dissed the Wu" - @SoulWasTaken

Strong Rnd 1 by Bender. It's on Soul

"Go watch Macbeth u wanna play with a King" - Bender

"I'll send u back to your Sheep Farm so u can fuck what u heard" - @Al_Bender


Don't Flop champ in this bitch Soul vs Bender up next


Arsonal vs Shotty Horroh


Rap Grid Result: Shotty vs Ars was close til Ars choked and recovered in the third.  Could have been classic


Ars wiped off Shotty's head with the crip rag. Shotty says, "thanks" lmao

"If these leagues had Ray banned he wouldn't act so shady" - Shotty Horroh


"U need Ray to feed u like photosynthesis" - Shotty Horroh

Organik had to call time on Arsonal.  Ars is going anyway. He recovered from the choke. Shotty getting mad

They trying to cut @ARSONALDAREBEL off cuz he's way past time, Ars not having it #WD5

Ok Ars back getting reactions again

Ars chocked but got it back after a minute.  He's tryna build back to a big crowd reaction now

Ars slammed Shotty's hat on the ground!

Crowd is booing Arsonal is trying to get his verses back, but hasn't been rapping for about a minute after trying twice to get it

"Blamed for 100 years of slavery I felt like a dick for that / I checked it was 400 years ago u need a history class" - Shotty Horroh

Arsonal choking so bad right now #WD5

"A different man / leave ur cap red and have it turn backyards like the lead singer of that Limp Bizkit band" - Shotty Horroh

"Have ur baby cease up now she's turning blue" - Shotty Horroh

"Jackhammer, Suplex, Goldberg ... Who's next!?!" - Shotty Horroh

Disrespectful ass battle.  Talking about all family members

Ars and Shotty pocket checking each other. Getting hype ppl breaking it up but Ars still spitting


"Let some mean pop out the can, I call it Oscar the Grouch" - Arsonal

"I'll put u in a headlock and make u say, 'UNCLE' ... Now he having flashbacks" - Arsonal

First round close. Can't call it.  Battle is hype

"Metal in my hands for bad deeds like I was Judas / fruit on his head like Isaac Newton" - Shotty Horroh

"Gimme space before I put a crater in your leg and make u moon walk" - Shotty Horroh

"I'll pop a pump like Scott Steiner" - Shotty Horroh

Shotty bustin mad jokes on Ars falling off stage at #Blackout "did u slip on a banana clip"


"You told @hollowdadon you don't do rematches ... Somehow I don't believe that" - @ShottyHorroh


Best Arsonal verse in a while. It's Rnd 1 on Shotty


Arsonal calling out all the rappers Shotty's ex, Laura Tarsi allegedly let beat

Ars first round is crack

"How many shots u think it'll take to make his leg lock?  I figure 4" - Arsonal

"Someone said Ars when's the next time we goin see u on SMACK - I said sorry I don't do drugs" - Arsonal

"There's a lot of steps on the road to heaven - I know your uncle tired in the afterlife" - @ARSONALDAREBEL


Arsonal getting his Marty Mcfly on



Kid Twist vs Rone

Rap Grid Result: Rone 2-1 over Kid Twist. Rones's 3rd was good but Twist is the first to bring a politician to a battle

Rone snapped in the third, but the Norm Kelly joint was fire


Rone hilarious rebuttal "Norm come back here!  You're a bitch!!!"


Kid Twist brought Canadian politician Norm Kelly to the battle to address something Rone said. Crowd went crazy

"I'll beat you so bad @MeekMill will post memes about this" - Kid Twist

"If u sent a girl a dick pick she'd report you for child porn" - Kid Twist

Twist second round was good. Some ppl have him taking it but we say Rone

Rone snapping. It's 2-0

"That chopper write its own story, that's auto-bio-graphical" - Rone

"If you were a prisoner going down stairs you coulda be more con-descending" Rone clowning Twist's style

"U sold your soul to the devil to be a constant teen (Constantine)" - @kidtweezy


"We'll X your country's stars, that's a confederate flag" - Kid Twist



Jon Jon Da don and Head Ice taking bets on Rone and Kid Twist.. Who took who??


Rone ends a crazy Philly flow with, "this the type of shit that @MeekMill shoulda been on"

"Here to show its possible to neuter a bitch / here to line sun (son) up like a lunar eclipse" - Rone

"Your girl into live streaming ... So I pissed on the bitch" - Rone

"URL friend-zoned Rone ... They just don't like him like that" - Kid Twist

“You’re an American Idiot and your first album was dookie” - Kid Twist

"Both my grandmas are dead SON I LIVED that HARD life" - Kid Twist



Tycoon Tax vs J-Pro


Rap Grid Result: Tycoon Tax vs J-Pro was close as hell. Tax clearly got the 1st last two close. We may have edged second to Pro


Jpro might have got the 3rd ... Fuck that was close

"I'll kill him in the 6 wit one 9 ... Rey Mysterio"  - J Pro

"I got so many bars ... Rap Grid rushing just to tweet faster" - Tycoon Tax (we did rush to tweet that)

"Think they got the juice til they facing a punch (face in the punch) like the Kool Aid Man" - Tycoon Tax

"These niggas is politicians - they all lying when they say they goin get rid of Tax" - Tycoon Tax

J-Pro might have got the second round. We'll say 1-1

"Put wings on ya body that's a Ashton Martin ... now I'm fuckin wit a Ghost like Action Bronson" - J Pro


"You'll die next tonight (to Knight) like 2Pac" - Tycoon Tax


"I'm Donald Trump - A Tycoon that don't like Mexicans" - Tycoon Tax


We got Tycoon Tax 1-0. More polished delivery


Pro saying Tax is ugly "favorite Instagram filters are Valencia & Mayfair"





"Supposed to be the man in Toronto wit the street flow / Pete Carroll - u should of handed him off to Beast Mode" - @JProepsilon


"If this bitch Pro test, he'll die after the mug shot like Sandra Bland" - Tycoon Tax


"U just a Mexican that get paid to lose in the ring like Nacho Libre" - Tycoon Tax


"U not made for the big leagues, so I had to give u the semi ... Pro" - @tycoontax


Gin-I vs Psycoses


Rap Grid Result: Psycoses 3-0 over Gin-I Grimes.  Gin-I's third was good but Psycoses had too many fire lines and crisp delivery


"I'm so sick I need to be Quaratined but I came to Blackout and leave you Flatlined at World Domination" - Psycoses


"Med school undergrad ... U not good enough to test my patients" - Psycoses

"Come up with the can shaking like 'u got a dollar to spare?" - Gin-I


Gin-I with a dope Different Strokes/Wonder Years/Cosby Show scheme

Gin-I getting dope reactions but some silent moments too

Psycoses up 2-0

"My right hand is like @AYEVERB mother ... This bitch already cocked" - Psycoses

"I'll pull the heart through this kids back like General Butt Naked" - @GinGrimes

Psycoses is winning 1-0 had like 8 body bag lines

"One arm waving got you running home like a 3rd base coach" - Psycoses

Gin-I got crazy reaction from line about doing business with Akon

"I'll break a body down with substance like a Cartel acid bath" - @mc_psycoses


Psycoses just body bagged a dude in the crowd "if I wanted an annoying fag to talk through my rounds I woulda asked for a @QueenzFlip promo"


Gin-I got crazy reaction from line about doing business with Akon


The young lion @mc_psycoses about to put in work in the 6 with his whoa @aliastheaddikt in his corner













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