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Battle Rap News

The Road to BST 2

April 9, 2015, 12:18 am


With RBE's Blood, Sweat & Tiers 2 just around the corner, we wanted to bring you a little behind the scenes look at the highly anticipated event going down April 18th in NYC. If you missed the first Blood, Sweat & Tiers click here. BST 2 features some crazy match ups like Daylyt vs Ooops, Ill Will vs Show Off, JC vs Ahdi Boom, and more. Make sure to pre-order the PPV here.




Rap Grid Network Welcomes TrapHouse NY

April 7, 2015, 1:07 am

We just welcomed a new partner into the Rap Grid Network: TrapHouse NY. Traphouse NY is a respected battle rap league that showcases talent from all over the New York state and is ushering in the future battle rap stars of tomorrow. We're very proud to be building with them.

Check out some of their newest (and older classic battles below), and subscribe to their YouTube channels at TrapHouse NY. If you're a league interested in joining our network, hit us up at [email protected].


Bigg K vs Arsonal


Shotgun Suge vs Reepah Rell

Xcel vs Daylyt

Dont Flop Atlanta: #Resurrection Live Coverage

April 4, 2015, 8:14 pm




Our team will be giving you live updates of Dont Flop Atlanta: #Resurrection event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

You can also follow us here:


YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Google Plus













Math Hoffa vs Chilla Jones

*No way to call this battle without the footage 3 flawless round from*
*Chilla going crazy omg. Talkin bout him vs Daylyt " superman vs batman - whole world Marveled vs DC*
If u was a good partner Bonnie woulda came straight back like good posture - Chilla Jones
*Math 3 classic rounds. His best since Aye Verb.  Chilla killing the 3rd right now*
I'm like a body builder / inside u mad u not fuckin wit me.. u a Bonnie nigga - Math Hoffa
Slide through and bust at the Ds… that's a titty fuck - Math Hoffa
Math on Dizaster "to take my shine sun set it in the west"
*First two rounds classic. Can't call it. 3rd on math*
You shoulda took a page outta Bonnie's verse and ducked My Verse - Chilla Jones
This goin be a Serius Dizaster ... First time u had punches in back to back battles - Chilla Jones
*Math going crazzzy holy shit!*
Next time I hear that woooo (wu) ima listen to U-God - Math Hoffa
*This first round is too crazy!  Thought math had it.  Chilla was too crazy!  Too close!*
Cortez rockin a shirt like RIP / All u goin see is MATH on that essay Tee (SAT) - Chilla Jones
In addition your whole division is basic Math - Chilla Jones
U came to see punchlines right?  Not punches - Chilla Jones
*Math 1st round one of his best ever*
Have Jones insides blew out… that's Osmosis nigga - Math Hoffa
If u forget where the f-u-r that's your chin-Chilla - Math Hoffa
Plies wouldn't give this pwussy the W - Math Hoffa
Needed a cheap opponent now I'm stuck wit u / last time I had write for a Jones it got uncomfortable - Math Hoffa
This Mayweather vs Pacquiao SIKE! This a brick of dope vs a black & mild - Math Hoffa
*It's on Math first*

John John Da Don & Syah Boy vs Dna & K-Shine

*DNA & Shine dressed like a Mob Boss & King during 3rd against John John & Syahboy*

*This the best two on two battle in years.  Maybe 2-1 DNA & Shine*
Ima call u Westbrook - cause u better without KD - John John Da Don
*Syahboy is going crazy!  He might be the MVP, but DNA & Shine team work too crazy*
I been nice - u ain't know I caught bodies back then - I'm Bill Cosby now - Syah Boy
Da Don a tell 'oh' (Donatello) that's why he got a shell in his back - DNA & K-Shine
*John John Da Don & Syahboy vs DNA & K-Shine*


After I give him his L that I owe him (OM) ima hollow his team - John John Da Don
*2nd round on John John & Syah.  DNA came back*
*DNA had to come back. Ppl were confused and complaining lmao*
*DNA left the battle like Daylyt and left Shine to do the 3rd round by himself*
*shine on the ground* "yo shine what u doin - GETTiN THIs CHOPPER REaDy" - DNA & Shine
Take the steel and throw Shine in a bag - that's a jewelry heist - John John Da Don
*First round fire!  DNA & Shine more teamwork. John & Syah more taking turns*
DNA will be Puff Daddy cause he will turn his back on Shine - Syah Boy
These niggas wanna go half on the dime bag and share the L - Syah Boy
*OMG DNA & Shine just spit one of the best two on two rounds in history! Crazy choreography*
Throwback bullets go through John's Walls - DNA

*Crazy Crowd!*

Real Deal vs Syd Vicious

*His battles was goin be a classic DEF but both messed up in the 3rd. 2-1 either way. Syd almost got 3-0*
*Syd just came back. He said Real Deal is Dot Mobb's affirmative action plan*
*Syd just choked in the 3rd.  He's sick though he been throwing up between rounds*
*Real deal freestyled half his verse. It's 3rd round on Syd*
*Real Deal said Sonny and Syd look like the Professor and Escalade*
You'll get ur lil white buddy thrown in the crowd like Spike Dudley - Real Deal
You should thank me - I put u on the bill like gratuity - Real Deal
*Second round debatable but it was crazy*
Yall bought Mr. Pheeney would friggin beat me? / I'm sicker than a nigga wit aids EASY - Syd Vicious 
That right hook got him seeing stars like a Vice Lord - Syd Vicious
*Syd said Real Deal was grading a student paper & she thought he gave her a 30, but it said 3-0 bodybag*
U been hating since Obama been nominated / this is for every cellphone u confiscated - Syd Vicious
*Syd Vicious vs Real Deal is crazy*

I love battle rap.. u get to Hyde the Jekel side - Real Deal

Please dead it / u rhymes phosphorous with rhinoceros.. loss of all street credit - Real Deal
*Syd Vicious 1-0 on real deal so far*
*Syd is already winning the first!*
If u rep you state I'll send 8 (senate) like a congressman - Syd Vicious
*Syd is snapping*
Let a couple PPP a boy like 2 1/2 men - Syd Vicious
*Real deals 1st was classic. It's on Syd*
We'll stop u out - you'll feel more kicks to the stomach than Octomom - Real Deal
yea I'm sober / u fat as fuck I figured u wanted some left overs - Real Deal

Soul vs Ness Lee

*Soul might have got it. Crazy battle!*
*Soul is snapping crazy right now. Damn.  Him and Ness rapping they asses off*
Bender I been callin u out 4 years where u been at/ next time u say my name ina battle u better win that - Ness Lee
I told shawty get over hurr like Aye Verb fighting Scorpion - Ness Lee
*Ness got the second round. It may be 1-1.  It's on ness now*
U think him being black clouds my vision? I drop them over he head like acid rain - Soul
U arms swelled up, so if u working out he traps that's a bar bell shrug - Soul
U ol' I wallow in sorrow face ass nigga / u got extra trench coat I can borrow on the face ass nigga - Ness Lee
*Ness just said he had on Lucifer's shoes moving through the snow*
*First round was close. Toss up*
Scared to breathe around the air he in (Arian) like Ann Frank - Soul
Ness Lee is cooking lmao. Can't quote all of this
I can't wait to light up this square - chain smoker - Ness Lee
I'll body slam his lil ass on stage like Plies - Ness Lee

Lexx Luthor vs Brixx Belvedere

*Debatable battle. U can go 2-1 either way.  This Brixx vs Lexx is a classic. Crazy bars not cliché*
How dairy ... How dare yall milking this Oval teen - Brixx Belvedere
One shell can kill a kings dream / it won't take many to Martin Luther - Brixx Belvedere
Ironic they needed a Charming emcee (MC) to kill one of the SONS - Lexx Luthor
*Lexx just had a Street Sharks bar. Wow*
Someone give him gum - u watching Anchor man if u think Brixx got a trident - Lexx Luthor
*Second round was crazy. Lexx might have edged it but crazy both ways*
It's a wrap for them caps on the block like Pat Ewing - Brixx Belvedere
I'm here to check on that fade like a Nike hat - Brixx Belvedere
U sound like a SON ... I have been poppin off lately ... - Brixx Belvedere
On my high horse don't hit my phone less it's a big amount /High horse ... Bigger mount -  Brixx Belvedere
We used to battle in Grind Time ... the loser had to stay there - Lexx Luthor
*Lexx second round is crazy!!!  Brixx goin have to do a lot to win this one*
I'll take the fuckin bitch out like Kids Bop - Lexx Luthor
Ima suspect shooter but nah I ain't Chris Bosh / I'm masked up drummin like Slipknot - Lexx Luthor
If they say he throw hand on sight that peekaboo - Lexx Luthor
Brixx got round one - he did like 12 punches back to back to end the round. All crowd pleasers
I just put a tip in her box like a quick suggestion -  Brixx Belvedere
Ya bitch dirty on them poles like a fixed election -  Brixx Belvedere
Pack in a mug like a instant beverage / that bitch kik like a instant message  - Brixx Belvedere 
*Brixx cookin!*
Who souled this little corn to take the cream of the crop - Brixx Belvedere
I wanna show him the ropes before I give him the business like Shane McMahon - Lexx Luthor
I gotta push Brixx to the side to open doors like a secret passage way - Lexx Luthor

Jonny Storm vs Lucianno Crakk

Storm won 3-0
I should snuff u - u Dominican so it's only right I give u socks - Luciano Crakk
How u got better eyebrows than your girl" - Luciano Crakk
Storm had a cold Spanish scheme in the 3rd. Ppl are saying body - battle isn't over yet
I quick to get u TO like Ya sisters kids - u get it?  Cause u tío to Ya sisters kids" - Jonny Storm
If Em's nice then I'm the M. Bison of pen writing" - Jonny Storm
*Storm winning 2-0*
I'll get pissed and buck it like Justin Beiber" - Luciano Crakk
Call him John Q - when it comes to the SONS he killed himself TRYNA take out Heart" - Luciano Crakk
Put u on your ass and lift Ya soul like shoe salesman" - Jonny Storm
*Storm is winning 1-0* 
You'll get a strap to Ya head like Quailman" - Jonny Storm
You look like ... Doug Funny wit drug money" - Jonny Storm
Blow techs / so when I grab the tool you'll look black & blue ... Like that gold dress" - Luciano crakk
*Strong round 1 for storm - it's on Crack*
When he reaches, you'll see crack is ass ... Plumber butt" - Jonny Storm
I'm spazzin' - every word he say gets leaned ... Italics" - Jonny Storm
Yall got me out here whipping crack!  I got warrants in Atlanta" - Jonny Storm
WATCH INFAMOUZ BATTLES' THE RE-UP PPV: John John vs Cali Smoov, Lotta Zay vs Fredo

PURCHASE RBE'S BLOOD, SWEAT, & TIERS 2 PPV: Daylyt vs. Ooops, Ill Will vs. Showoff, & more



SMACK/URL's Rookies vs Vets Live Coverage

March 28, 2015, 5:18 pm




Our team will be giving you live updates on URL's Rookies vs Vets event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

You can also follow us here:


YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Google Plus









PURCHASE INFAMOUZ BATTLES' THE RE-UP PPV: John John vs Cali Smoov, Lotta Zay vs Fredo

PURCHASE RBE'S BLOOD, SWEAT, & TIERS 2 PPV: Daylyt vs. Ooops, Ill Will vs. Showoff, & more








March 25, 2015, 8:11 pm

Watch the latest video from T Money Bagz's Barchitects group. Click below to watch!


DFW Battle League: Plan Nein vs The Assassinato

March 16, 2015, 9:24 pm

Check out the latest battle from DFW Battle League, featuring world famous professional poker player Alexander "Assassinato" Fitgerald vs Plan Nein. Click below to watch and subscribe to DFW Battle's YouTube channel by clicking here.



Allow Drect To Reintroduce Himself

March 14, 2015, 2:37 pm


Image by Rehab Regime




By Drect


There's always that one smart/talented person that everyone knows.  You know - that person whom people are inexplicably attracted to ... the one that makes people say things like, "You're going to make it.  You'll be rich and famous one day!"


Unfortunately, that person is and has always been me.


I was blessed with a very unique skill set that allows me to bring people together and create STUFF: crazy stuff and stuff that you wouldn't believe I created even if I told you. I wouldn't trade my talents in for anything in the world.


I didn't use the word "unfortunately" to create some kind of depressed tone that will have you feeling bad for me as you read this article.  I used to hate expectation - it makes failure seem greater.  I never wanted to be some Luke Skywalker of battle rap - sent here to restore balance to this imaginary lyrical force.  If anything, I wanted to battle on SMACK & Scribble Jam, then spit bars on Sway In The Morning to promote my Twitter page ... THAT'S IT.


Instead, I was thrust into this super businessman role that I wasn't even sure I really wanted - it just happened.


7 years into this shit, i'm finally starting to embrace this role and OWN IT.  Really, the only thing "unfortunate" about my situation is that it took me this long.




My name is David Williams, I grew up in Plymouth, Massachusetts and I'll be 28 years old on April 2.


I have the world's most common name and I was born in America's birthplace - it sucks and it doesn't sound cool ... AT ALL, but it's ok because I somehow managed to become one of the most important people in battle rap, influence hip hop legends I thought I'd never have the chance to meet and create/maintain some very dope brands, which sounds pretty cool.




I've always cared about what people THINK too much.  I hardly ever let it show, which has led to a disease of inconsistency that has plagued my work life for some time now, but I still manage to do these things others may deem "incredible."  Maybe they are incredible  ... Maybe I'm just crazy.


At the end of the day, there's three things I have to look at:


1.) I created Grind Time - people downplay it (and me) now, but it was HUGE for hip hop and truly a game-changer.


2.) I have Rap Grid - a website and media outlet that has been my creative vessel for the last few years.  People have taken to the brand and now it's flourishing more than ever.


3.) There are about 52 people important people in both battle rap and hip hop that trust me with their careers.  Every second matters.


It's time to stop playing.  My job isn't done yet - it's just beginning.


It's 8:11 am right now and I have to go to sleep, but welcome to my blog ... forreal


*A LOT more is coming soon*



#OnTheGrid With Nino Bless & Aak | Celebrity "Comeback" Battles: Lady Luck's Return, Drake vs Mook & More

March 11, 2015, 8:28 pm

If you haven't peeped the latest episode of #OnTheGrid, watch Nino Bless & Aak discuss the controversial subject of celebrity rappers making comebacks in battles. Watch the full episode below, and if you haven't seen the past two episodes you should subscribe to Rap Grid's YouTube channel by clicking here and go check that for some more heated and controversial discussions.



Nino Bless & Aak Discuss URL's Upcoming Rookies vs Vets Event

March 5, 2015, 5:46 am

In our second episode of On The Grid, join Nino Bless and Aak as they break down the upcoming URL "Rookies vs Vets" event. Watch this episode below, catch the first episode here, and subscribe to Rap Grid's YouTube channel by clicking here.



iBattle Worldwide Presents E. Farrell vs DOT

February 24, 2015, 1:30 am

At iBattle's first iGotNext event, the main event was E. Farrell vs DOT. Watch this heated battle below, and subscribe to iBattle's YouTube channel by clicking here.