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Battle Rap News

Rap Grid's Live Coverage of SMACK/URL's Summer Madness 3 #SM3 (Event Blog)

September 8, 2013, 9:10 am



Arsonal vs K-Shine

Big T vs O-Red

Jaz The Rapper vs Ms. Hustle

Calicoe vs T-Rex

Tay Roc vs Ill Will

Math Hoffa vs Serius Jones

Daylyt vs Swave Sevah

JC vs John John Da Don




Any time huge events go down, battle fans across the world scour the internet to find any kinds of updates, pictures or quotables from their favorite emcees.  This time around, Rap Grid has made it easy for you guys to find everything in one place, as our team is live at Stage 48 in New York City today to provide you with exclusive content that will be updated in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day!


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6:00am: Math apologizes for punching Serius Jones



Daylyt goes OFF after the battle and almost has an altercation with SMACK





1:25am: Hear URL fans' first-hand account on what happened in the fight between Math Hoffa and Serius Jones.




Math Hoffa vs Serius Jones



After a dope rebuttal and crazy start to his first round, Math Hoffa lost a little steam and punched Serius Jones in an event that is leaving a lot of people confused and awe-struck.  Summer Madness has now been shut down!


Tay Roc vs Ill Will



"I'm KFC - ill wing ya drumstick and leave ya thighs and breast in a box" - Tay Rock

"Y'all gonna make me say fuck the fame and have him looking like Alonzo when the Russians came." -Ill Will

"I'm gettin head in ur mutha whip. We only fuck in the car that's the mutha ship." -Ill Will

Ill Will is going CRAZY

"Get ya life taken - that's a given / This gun'll have your shit outside - that's eviction" - Ill Will

"Cal will be Isiah Thomas: A Detroit nigga gettin pissed on with 11 in his back" - Ill Will

Tay Rock's second round is CRAZY

*Ill Will pretents to choke* "You think i'm choking?  Not here nigga ' I can't choke i'm not a top tier nigga"

"Push his wig left / bullets are Catholic priests, they'll touch his kids next"

Ill Will has one of the best performances of the night.  People are saying 2-1 towards Ill Will 




Calicoe vs T-Rex



"I might as well be a serial killer, cuz  a bag in a box when ur pops go" -T-Rex


"I aint leaving no witness cause im off in the middle of his rounds like Trick Trick" - Rex


Rex is going IN.  This is remiscent of his last Summer Madness Performance


“I just showed up on some chill shit. I coulda just shown up to this battle w/out raps on some ill shit” -Calicoe


"Why y'all move, Dot Mobb a bunch of bitches like Moulon Rouge" - Calicoe


"When that gun on top of your lip where u goin go-T" - Calicoe


"That fifth all chrome, that mac black / both got kick like Duncan Penderhues from Class Act" - Rex


"Ill murder a niggas mother for that gram ma" - Rex


There were some debatable battles tonight, but Calicoe vs Rex is the closest


"This is simple, desert eagle will give you dimples" - Calicoe


Calicoe just called out Tsu Surf


"If its drama im wit it / show up to his funeral with the same clothes I had on when I did it" - Rex


Calicoe got on the political tip




Jaz The Rapper vs Ms.Hustle



 "I'm outta school bitches, but aint shit change cause its September and i'm back to school bitches" - Jaz


"You lookin hurt in the streets but don't worry cause you'll get buried in da dirt with da Beats" - Jaz


"Y'all gunna think i'm the teachers pet when I leave da apple on her desk" - Hustle


"Nobes is the nigga that work for the nigga that work for the nigga that get the dutches for SMACK" -Hustle


Round 1 is DEBATABLE


Jaz is airing out Hustle's dirty laundry


"You can get killed for tryna rob bars, you aint see what happened to Blizzard in Juice?" - Jaz


"You play tough ima send Jaz to a different world if she pull them shades up" - Hustle


"Suge, Ars & Daylyt smashed - you let all the grapes hit, you should put a cork in it"- Jaz


"You not Ms Hustle.  You Ms. Struggle" - Jaz


Jaz pretty decisively won the battle




O-Red vs Big T



"He got the advantage if he batlte me cuz.  How am I supposed to come up wiht personals for a person with no personality" - Big T


"O-Red you know what that got in common with a target?  THE O RED" - Big T


*O-Red gave Big T a cookie*


"Tonight I go alien off that E, T / U the cheapest drink at McDonalds - that mean you sweet T" - O-Red


"O beast ... you just obese" - O-Red


Big T vs O-Red is already an excellent battle


"That steel peel like Real Deal / That guy'll teach ya" - O-Red


"They say stripes make you look slim - that don't work for you / Ur shirt look 50% reversible" - O-Red


First round was debatable, O-red won the second round easily


"I was squeezin out at the faces / I done took a plug out they head like i'm leaving out the matrix" - Big T


"Slow it down ... You from Jersey? Fuck I gotta put it in subtitles" - Big T


Battle is a debatable classic.  Red called out Math, DNA & Clips.



Arsonal vs K-Shine


“Now I see why cars think they can toy with you. Cuz all Dot Mob been smacked since they was little. Y'all's name’s Troy Mitchell” - Arsonal


"U said u can't spell bars w/out putting that Ars in it, but I ain't ever heard a good bar with Ars in it.." -K-Shine


"You Died soon as you cam in contact with a Big T, you Trayvon Martin" - Ars


"You don't ever swing shit, you a bus driver ... you supposed to have a mean hit" - Shine


"This a cake walk / That K so big it'll have have the shooter doing the Drake walk" - Shine


*Arsonal being very physical with Shine*


People saying that Ars got rnd 1


Crowd is booing Ars apparently for no reason


K-Shine pulled a midget out on stage with him!



General consensus is that Arsonal may have won






6:35pm: K-Shine vs Arsonal about to start. Apparently SNO and KG the Poet had a debatable URL battle yesterday. 2-1 either way.



6:19pm: T-Money Bagz gives his predictions for Summer Madness 3 battles.




T-Rex new chain?

Arsonal with the dope shirt.


5:37pm: SNO calls out Shotty Horroh, Real Deal, & Bigg K.



5:25pm: T-Rex speaks on battling on King Of The Dot and "Dot Mob" Madness.



4:13pm: A look inside the Stage 48 venue.



"Pay Clips Or Riot"

Daylyt Crippin Heavy

Balcony View



Shotgun Suge




3:35pm: We're in the venue. SMACK is screening the unseen Conceited vs Yung Ill battle from 2012.



“That's why everybody hates ur lines like the DMV” -Conceited

“With those rhymes you made it easy to separate the pro's from the con's” -Yung Ill

SM3 Stage Shot



SMACK Makes An Appearance Outside


Bonnie Godiva with a fan



Daylyt (aka CJ From GTA San Andreas)



Comedian Jack Thriller (This Is 50) Outside



Star & Jesse Rican from URL Battle Arena



3:09pm: Swave gives his thoughts on battling Daylyt.



2:24pm: PH calls out Illmaculate and speaks on Team Homi, Ill Will, etc.



2:02pm: Ty Law about his introduction to Ultimate Rap League.



1:43 pm: Serius Jones: Math Hoffa has been "on his dick for 10 years".



1:30 pm: The line is building up.