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Battle Rap News

Rare Breed Ent: #BST2 Live Coverage

April 18, 2015, 6:37 pm




Our team will be giving you live updates of Rare Breed Entertainment's #BST2 event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

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Daylyt vs Ooops

*Event cut out before the Karma Kane battle. Otherwise it was a great success Ooops vs Day and Kannon vs Mills will be historic*
I had a dream it was so real. I was on stage actin crazy not really sayin nothin. It was so ill - Ooops
I’m a man so I still get scared. I wanted to bring them cans here to that cancer that's still there - Ooops
*Oops just said his brother died at 9Got shot when some dude used him as s human shield during a shoutout.*
MLK was a buster. I mean it in the best way. We shoulda been in the streets. Chopper on the back The Malcom X way - Daylyt
*Day said when someone kill his boy he get at him A cop does it he hits the streets yelling stop the violence*
*Day is murdering the room*
Started mobbin. Became a C-God. But he not Poseiden - Daylyt
Blue nigga. Steve Urkel showed yall if a nerd randomly get a machine. Then Automatically he a cool nigga - Daylyt
*Day says he's sacrificing his 3rd round to talk to his people*
*Damn Ooops talkin that real shit after saying he never sold a drug*
Which one will show up the straight or the bi day. Hell get a box for stealing if he off. After I fry Day - Ooops
Be a taze. Now u stuck in a world full of my lines. Be a maze - Daylyt
I became spectacular beating these Draculas. Now every show I gotta kill the next sucky nigga - Daylyt
I see perfect in the dark but I be too cocky when the shades off me - Daylyt
Done here. Gun named Daylyt. I let it dump here. Cans on stage like we brought Stomp here - Ooops
I'm a sharp shooter. I can't die in this ring. I got a different heart I see ur Face tats and look deeper. Ur a different mark - Ooops
Winning don't mean shit to me. I wanna prove how great you are or put u out of ur Damn misery - Ooops
This is my ship from A to Z I'm the real deal day. This is my shit - Ooops
They say I could no longer rip these squares. Well think Brittany spears. oops I did it again - Daylyt
Me loosing to oops is like the show out vs Bill Colector fight. I will knot. - Daylyt
Activist tough as fuck. We can knuckle up like black panther fists - Daylyt
Ooops I gave u the shot but it's the Shawn Marion type. Shit about to get ugly for him - Daylyt

Lotta Zay vs Sin Sity

U don't sell no keys but the name Lot fit him perfectly. Cuz he's about to take this L OT - Sin Sity
Shot. Ur gonna have to face the hands like u couldn't watch - Lotta Zay
Ur momma cryin cuz I spotted U a Onion. Ready to serve u the right way like a drive thru in London. - Lotta Zay
Meth lab cut him from ear to ear. He’ll smile with his throat. I'll make his neck laugh - Sin Sity
Abbo fam. Fun so big. Boom boom. Look like we're trying to knock down ur door w a battaram - Lotta Zay
Squeeze macs he lean back like he riding around w his side bitch in the front seat - Lotta Zay
Disrespectful ur body the villi an in terminator get this liquid metal - Lotta Zay
You've had quite a career. U and C3 was the biggest dyke fight of the year - Sin Sity
He could took a couple hits but once he break he sweet in the middle. That's a pin Lotta piniatta - Sin Sity
See everything. Drums on deck like an employee in Medellin - Lotta Zay

Ill Will vs Showoff

I told my young dog toy story. That mean lay everything Down like when Andy walk in - Ill Will
You gotta remember our code where I come from when u tap a niggas pockets it don't come with a don Demarco - Ill Will
Info. Soon as Show start, Will pulling up to the crib like a Fresh Prince intro - Ill Will
I might get paper. All I hear is these little dogs crying. I'm mike Vick neighbor - Ill Will
I'm clean paper after he get paid. I will knot show up - Ill Will
If this I pull I'll bet the first 5 book on god - Ill Will
Unique A head shot from a beretta wil knock ur daughter berret a across the street. - Showoff
One gauge. He saw death after one rose that's Selena on stage. - Showoff
I had to learn to keep my elbow still when that fifth pop. Wrist locked give that Velcro feel - Showoff
That thing scalped him gave a whole new meaning to catching the fade. - Ill Will
Feces. If I go behind my back 2 times its gon look worse than a Chris paul meme - Ill Will
That gauge will blow him off the step show so manny nights stompin him he'll think he at a step show - Ill Will

JC vs Ahdi Boom

Hospital feedin him shit u don't even think is food. But that's for wantin to be famous. Trying to make a living off the tube - JC
Bad investments got long stocks involved. U run into me that's USDA nigga knock it off - JC
U fuckin buried and ahdi about as real as the one mclovin carries - JC
U doing this Audi wrong gassin it when u shoulda been pumpin them breaks. - JC
My brain is a rubix cube. I'm a block spinner - JC
U.S. Still be a dancer trying to break through son. Every1 wanna be a star to this magazine make u one - Ahdi Boom
These bullets is all for one and one for all these bullets shoots musket tears - Ahdi Boom
U fuckin queer u lack drive that's why u stuck in gear - Ahdi Boom
Against no names u spot the most amazing shit we ever heard but die against big names - Ahdi Boom
U one of those niggas that try to fit in, like your clothes for instance you just buying em to fit in but halfwhat u buy u don't fit in - JC
I'll burn everybody in the same race and scrape every plate I ate off - JC
Some say I only talk about killing. But there’s only been 40 battles bitch there's 1,000 ways to die - JC
I will put a blunt out on his face. That's a hash tag - JC
All quotes have u stuttering before u get knocked out like bidabida that's all folks - Ahdi Boom
There a difference in our macerenas cuz I'll reach for the Mac and tear this whole arena up - Ahdi Boom
*Boom doing a dance scheme pg step, rowboat electric slide etc*
*JC vs. Ahdi Boom bout to go down*


Big Kannon vs Mr. Mill$

*And the winner is on 2-1 decision Mr. Mill$*
Trap kid. You brought a bunch of squares to the battle rap grid - Mr. Mill$
1 word. Authenticity. With the pen you’re unbelievable. but you come off as unbelievable. - Mr. Mill$
Lesson. He don't spazzing out in time but guys we [email protected] mill a second - Big Kannon
Like life. He have no talent till he in another niggas shoes. Thats why I don't like Mile. - Big Kannon
My nine still hold 16 like prez mafia - Big Kannon
22 shells. U get smacked for not knowing what the ratchet do. Thats NuNu nellz - Big Kannon
This round gonna be crazy. If u don't know what I have in for mill. Peep the formula baby - Big Kannon
*Yoooo this battle is judged too. Neck in neck.*
Adriana. Corkscrew through his top. See how I open Diwon - Mr. Mill$
*Damn this is a fuckin battle!!!!!*
Hell freeze. A right left combo will have u face lookin worse than NuNu Nellz knees - Mr. Mill$
Rifle got a wide scope I could shoot into the crowd and just have ur niggas cracking up like its an east side joke - Mr. Mill$
She fucked the whole team in Indiana that's why she don't know who's her (Hoosier) daddy - Big Kannon
Don't think I won't see sparks fly from the steel Mill - Big Kannon
Reggie Miller was the last Indian a nigga they worried about gettin a shot - Mr. Mill$
You’ll get an arp fashion tip.  that's an axe to the cap after our money exchange - Mr. Mill$
That's hysterical. When I cop the pump that moss will leave him in the wall like Jericho - Mr. Mill$
Most fans are stupid nigga. It's like reminiscing over an old bitch. Yall used to filler - Big Kannon
The animation is what kills the battle that's Daylyt vs surf - Big Kannon
What I'll do to u. The answer is you'll be the first to cross over mike - Big Kannon
Get your kid bagged with the toy. Now u happy Mills ? Hell go to sleep right after Mills - Big Kannon

Ya Boy Clip vs 4KUS

U could get killed with a dance move. Think the Macarena how the arms come off of the waist - Ya Boy Clip 
These shots is like cameras if u focus on what's important you'll get a shot perfectly - Ya Boy Clip
This about to get more ugly than DNA with Jazz face - Ya Boy Clip
*Arp and Steams burry the hatchet*
*First battle KWalker vs NunNun just finished.  Good warm up*


K Walker vs Nunn Nunn


This an aushwitz shower vs a spritz of febreeze - Nunn Nunn
Cops drive by ur block they makin sure the building is safe... They Drive by my block they building a case - K Walker
If I get shot they ain't comin til the bussin is finished. If u get shot they comin in a couple minutes - K Walker
Ur bars fit only u. My bars tell what the whole hood goin thru - K Walker
I call my gun buju bantan cuz when that shit boom. Bye bye - Nunn Nun
I'll put you in the sky walker and a kin - Nunn Nunn
Your bitch chin bounce the balls like Jeremy Linn - Nunn Nunn
When u rap u clap ready to steam something. When I rap its facts u really mean that shit - K Walker
You swing left I do a good Brazilian, weave right - Nunn Nunn
This shot like JC vs Chilla. That mill was overdue - Nunn Nunn
I got that Archie bunker wife that chick singing for all in the family - Nunn Nunn
Crack. U look like Charron if he ain't make it to Smack - K Walker
Battle abuse. Charlie vs Rex. U better have an excuse - K Walker
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