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Battle Rap News

RBE's Blood Sweat & Tiers Live Coverage

November 1, 2014, 7:43 pm




Our team will be giving you live updates on RBE's Blood Sweat & Tiers event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

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PURCHASE RBE'S BLOOD, SWEAT, & TIERS PPV: Ill Will vs Big Kannon, Goodz vs Boom, & more


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Big Kannon vs Ill Will

Fat nasty nigga. U look like u wash ur hands then piss. U look like u take a shower than shit - Ill Will

Powers. Kannon u so far that u need to take diet showers - Ill Will

I'm hungrier that an abandoned war baby in Haiti. Come to me w that work light the top of cannon and see if it work - Ill Will

I got s funeral home that'll stuff white in them corpses. That's bodies of work - Ill Will

Why would u ignite the beef. U gonna be the first niga day quil put right to sleep - Ill Will

Put a banana in between u and Gracie. That's Guerilla Warfare - Ill Will

9 open dawan face Lebron in the sprite commercial - Ill Will

U beatn me u gotta be smokin. Stay off the grass this is Stanley talkin - Ill Will

I do have a couple to take u out. In the 3rd will - Big Kannon

Putting rock in front of u that was great man cuz the first Wheel was invented by a cave man - Big Kannon

I've been sonnin other niggas kids for years I got that X factor - Big Kannon

I used to sell weed That soft was romancin. That fine white bitch that's Scarlett Johanssen - Ill Will

Where did she give red head Charlie? Baltimore - Big Kannon

Tell him don't stress he gon get the work out with one machine if they bothflex - Big Kannon

Ored vs Ooops

(The two stacks goes to Ored on a 2-1 decision)

Say hello to MYA Angelou nigga.wasn't being disrespectful. I just meant mya. She wit Ill and Huggins. Say hello to mya and ur Lou nighS - Ored

Write shit. U know you'll never get to the URL. Ur computer got a virus - Ored

(God damn Ooops was in god mode 3rd round. Red took the 2nd. It's a tuff one)

What u gon Jaz The Rapper killed 40? That ain't no savior for talkin that shit I'll let 40 return the favor - Ooops

Don't get it screwed in furgeson I marched with white ppl then Got beat up by black cops how am I not supposed to be confused - Ored

battle could been close till u bet that change on it now this battle gon be 3-0 PS. now this body got ur name on it 3 0's PS ooops - Ored

I got a left that will knock a nigga 20 steps back u get beat boxed and rapped like a dougie fresh track - Ored

I'm hawk flairer. A head shot will send those + 1's to paulbearers - Ored

I don't give a fuck what ur family do for the wrong words gets red x'ed that's family - Oops

You'll get xe'd over the green Jamaican flag - Ored

He dead I woulda fucked up the old red - Oops

Yall say he top tier but I don't see red about c-redibility - Oops

Jimz vs Rich Dollaz

(Rich started off slow but had a good third)

U screamin fuck the police. Stop that cuz a gun in ur face will have u wonderin where the cops at? - Rich Dollaz 

I won't even see me fixin his grill that's invisiline - Rich Dollaz

Why u think they say my aim fantastic four cuz when it's beef I'll stretch u with the thing- Rich Dollaz

His mom will now I'm putting him in a land fill after I waste him that's how u take out the trash - Rich Dollaz

(Damn Jimz and Rich almost at each other throats)

With a hollow in Queens it ain't the don. This pump elevate with a clip it ain't solange - Jimz

This loser is a battle rap cancer. Rbe said they needed a shooter I said I am the answer - Jimz

When I see him in a fire on him. He like Pinocchio he was made to have wires on him  - Rich Dollaz

Swave Sevah vs Showoff

Grave quick. Word play? My words ain't meant to be played with - Swave Sevah

Dramatize You sing and this will sing. Yall can harmonize - Swave Sevah

Lama pop. My niggas only pray when they facin time or the condom pop - Showoff

Top flying like a Skelly nigga He ain't eating.snake nigga Lyin on his belly nigga - Showoff

Show off ain't so tuf this choppa will light him up turn his body to shonuff - Swave Sevah

bars out of this world. Meteorite. Wanna fight Introduce me to ur right What's the result? My face all on the media right - Showoff

Rage this ain't daylyt any antics there gon be some shit on stage - Showoff

Design plan. I gotta tell ppl u a real nigga but it's the ppl that tell me I am - Swave Sevah

Goodz vs Ahdi Boom

Think Paul George you won't be the initial PG nigga to get his legs broke for stepping wrong - Goodz

Will flip. If I can't take u on taking the kids out like a field trip - Goodz

I do what I do nigga. I was me before battle rap. How about you nigga - Goodz

Getting money I'm nice tho ur green too small to talk this ain't geico - Goodz

Ah di. I'm official. But with that body u official. Are u ah di clips or Charlie boom. How u steal a nigga body shape - Goodz

Hip hop is in my blood scrap the name boom will rang bells forever. Watch the comeback - Ahdi Boom

I just see a bitch in a man. There's a half a gal in goodz - Ahdi Boom

Difference in that. I pull broads I pull triggers. There's a difference in macs - Ahdi Boom

Lyrically I'm better than any tier or veteran this is the cleanest I have ever been - Ahdi Boom

Long clip in it. Everybody wonder what's in his cup till I hawk spit in it - Ahdi Boom


Rosenberg Raw vs Jai

U a habitual liar. And u don't do it too we'll. u ain't call u text and said u was in a cell how u in jail and using a cell - Jai

U fake flagging when u say u crippin I'm known for stealing crabs I'm Janus Winston - Rosenberg Raw

Tupac the only rose that grew from the concrete - Jai

U let that dude tap ya ankles on some gritty shit. U replied "don't do that" Nigga he already did the shit - Rosenberg Raw

My whole squad is shooters. I'll fuck every nigga u came with u Riley Cooper - Rosenberg Raw

U lose berg. The city of NY don't want u. I bloomberg - Jai

Ur not a man of ur words 50 vs. Ross I can't believe the shit rose say - Jai 

(Wow. Jai just went in a tear of some intricate shit)

U should put ur bars to sleep since they ain't into resting  - Jai 

I know something u do well. U suck dick to get camera time. U Nunu_Nellz - Rosenberg Raw

U mad as hell nigga broke still playin Madden 12  - Rosenberg Raw

Club to his chin give u the slide jaw make you snort an ounce dry wall - Rosenberg Raw

Sin City vs Cash Capone 

I know I'm not too tier. But I'll take a mid tier nigga instead of the only nigga that's in "not tier" - Cash Capone

(Sin city got bars)

Stupid bitch. U need to learn to quit because my tool legit - Sin City

My partner cocky. Bear arms and drop bombs like Nagasaki. When I flash cannons it a look like paparazzi - Cash Capone

You say shit that doesn't make sense. Like "the letter 2". Ur girl wanna suck this dick and I'm a let er too" - Sin City

U ass Capone. Well u gon die behind bars like the last Capone - Sin city

Krazy George vs KWAlker

Can get right. Just cuz u a dick don't mean u can go hard whenever u want. Some need enzyte  - Krazy George

(Damn Kwalker_music is spittin that shit)

Doodoo smell. U show up to every battle and don't do shit like Nunu_Nellz  - KWAlker

We don't got it the same. What I got in this heavy bag will gve a nigga 15 minutes of fame - KWAlker

My white boy play with semi autos that's Mack miller. This is 50 Jack thriller - KWAlker

Say it to my face don't dial us or text-us  - Krazy George

They insure u you'll be in good hands but fuck what they all state - Krazy George