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Battle Rap News

URL: Redemption Live Coverage

July 24, 2015, 11:50 pm





Our team will be giving you live updates of URL's: #Redemption event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

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T-Rex vs Danny Myers


*RapGrid Review: First Round was fire, but in the end, Danny got Rex #url #redemption


*Rex didn't get too much reaction in the third.  Crowd booing


*Tsu Surf said Nunu Nellz saved Rex


*Nunu stopped Danny's time in the middle of crazy bars.  Crowed and the rappers are booing

"You went from 12/12 skinniest to dressing like you 12 in some skinny jeans" - Danny Myers


*Danny getting mad reaction

"I'll snatch the blood out your baby momma panties and squeeze the blood in your son bottle" - @MolotovMyers

"Now Ima take the chain off this pussy like slave sex" - Danny Myers

"My uncle jumped from the 15th floor ... I got stories nigga" - Danny Myers

*Second round was lighter than the first on both sides. It's close going into the 3rd

"12 thousand? I don't care if I owed a whole / I'd kill everyone in the crib like I did Total Slaughter" - @IHATETREX



*Danny had big bars in the second but his first was stronger. It's on Rex



*First round was close. Ppl saying Rex, but trust us it was close #url #redemption

"Black thought that shit was common like a conscious nigga" - Danny Myers

"Wow nothing happened like spending the night at @JazTheRapper house" - T-Rex

*T-Rex is back

"Have him hooked up to so many cables he going optimum" - T-Rex


"I took your 12 thousand and battled you when I wanted to nigga. Yo Suge that's how u pocket check a nigga without touching a nigga" - T-Rex



"U a nurse ... Same nigga to shoot a nigga and treat the wound" - Danny Myers

*Danny Myers won the crowd over fast as hell

"Stretch you nigga / You died on the same day as your nephew nigga" - Danny Myers

"U.S. mans goin be like, "get that nigga Rex ... To the hospital!" - Danny Myers

"Shooting at you from a balcony's the only time I bow down" - Danny Myers


*T-Rex vs Danny Myers up now!  Rex got on the new "Battle Rap General" RapGrid hat. Salute!


DNA & K-Shine vs Chess & Steams


*Chess was way too upset to finish the battle. Sucks cause that one round was classic


*Chess got in Shine's face.  Shine pushed him and a big tussle broke out. Everyone is good.  Trying to finish

*Fight broke out during Chess & Steams vs DNA & Shine. They will finish the battle. But not sure what happened.


*Chess is destroying this

*Steams messed up a bar. Crowd going crazy.  Damn their momentum was building

*Might edge the first to DNA & Shine.  Crowd loving this battle.

"Look at Steams face - get that cut the fuck outta here" - DNA




DNA: "Bobby Johnson" Shine "two arms over the Chess (chest)"

"I shot this way" "no I shot that way" "we don't know if he dead I gotta double take" crazy team work DNA & Shine

*Just trust us ... Chess and Steams are killing the teamwork

"Action movie -leave his body hanging from the chopper" - Chess.

*Chess & Steams "brrrrrrat the kickback got switching targets" they did the gun action and switched off. It looked crazy #url #redemption

*The two on two is hard as hell to quote.  Hmmmm ...

*Steams and Chess already showing great teamwork #url #redemption


Bill Collector vs Dot


*RapGrid Review: Of course Bill Collector won lyrically, but Dotgot soooo much reaction. It was ridiculous. He's a star?

"Take your head off with a steal bar ... Prez Mafia" - Dot

"Try me.  I'll draw like an architect ... Then arc the tech" - Dot


*Fan yells to Dot, "Fuck this nigga up!" Crowd goes crazy #url #redemption

"Boy!  U can catch it out one arm like Beckham JR" - Dot

*Bill's 3rd is fire!

*Bill Collector just walked all around the crowd and said he can snipe Dot from anywhere. The choreography was fire

"U ain't got no Super Saiyan dot u like Piccolo" - Bill Collector


*Rnd 3 on Bill. First line "no socks I can't see defeat" lmao


“Robbin me, not at all smart, I’m riding with the metal in the back like a golf cart” - Dot

"This shit come wit a kickstand. It kick while it stand like Jujitsu" - Dot



"Next Uzi / u ain't fuckin for real - you a Cinemax sex movie" - Bill Collector

“I'll shoot you from the 3 point 5 - that's a 8th of loud" - Bill Collector

*Dot has the crowd so electrified.  He's definitely one and only.  It's on Bill Collector Rnd 2

"The gun got a loooooong nose ... That's Papoose nostrils" - Dot

"Blow your brains out your body (what that mean?) maybe you should think for ... Your ... Self" - No one cares. They love dot

*Dot is getting soooo much reaction. He dead ass spoke Chinese


"I'm a street fighter Dalsim - I just reach and spit fire!" - Dot



*Dots intro "I drop classics after classics after classics" *crowd roars* they love him

*Good first round Bill. It's on Dot

"Say it in your bars and it's no cool / them niggas swung on me NOT YOU" - Bill Collector

"It's about to get uglier than Hell Rell" - Bill Collector

*Bill Collector just did a Young Thug bar we can't even tweet.  "Blit blatt blupblup bla lifestylleeee"


Tay Roc vs Brizz Rawsteen



*Probably 2-1 Rock. Battle lost some steam.

“U started in the lions den but honestly we ain't seen the lion since either u  Lyin now or you was lion den” - Brizz


“Conversatin. I'll show all u niggas how to cook up rock. I'm Ronald Reagan” - Brizz Rawsteen

“Two hands on the 9 that's real nigga time” - @BRIZZRAWSTEEN

“Cave gang? I don't respect the member when 3 of yall is registered as sexual offenders” - @BRIZZRAWSTEEN

“Dick in your mother mouth, get your sister pregnant, regret it then kick the stomach out” - Tay Roc

“This a baby seal vs a navy seal.” - Tay Roc


“I told smack I wanted to fight. Bring him to me. Whatever is done in the dark will come to the light” - Tay Roc


“Prolong these rookies think they vets. They ain't even been pros long” - Tay Roc


“I swear to god you suck worse than that nigga in the bow tie” - Brizz Rawsteen

"I stay wit a stack and drugs ... Rest in peace Bundlez & Chinx" - Tay Roc


“Battlin. U can't handle rock. Kendrick Perkins when he travelin” -Tay Roc


*Brizz had a good first round but Tay Roc seemed on another level. Let's say 1-0 Roc.

*Brizz with a dope Roxanne Shante bar

"Split Rock in the ring like I'm Diamond Dallas Page" - @BRIZZRAWSTEEN

"Dustin Rock off - Ima archaeologist" - @BRIZZRAWSTEEN

"Dying for a check / get up close and slit his throat you'll be smiling from the neck" - Brizz Rawsteen

"Ima meet him in that ring, one strap over the shoulder i'm Andre The Giant" - Brizz Rawsteen

“Steal rock like pookie in the Carter. One strap over the shoulder like Andre the giant.” - Brizz



*It's on Brizz #url #redemption

"@JohnJohnDaDon keep talkin shit, he goin make me STEAL sumthin" - @TheRealTayRoc

*Crowd going crazy for Tay Roc

"You named your crew Darkside cause what you get can't pay a light bill" - Tay Roc

"Your bitch eat wood - I know that term might offend you" - Tay Roc

"Knocked over ... The chopper will fuck up your Wall ... Street - I'm a stock holder" - Tay Roc


Chilla Jones vs Prep


*RapGrid Review: Chilla Jones 3-0 over Prep, who dropped the ball but had dope freestyles 3rd round #url #redemption


"The clip this long and it go both ways like Prep do" - Chilla Jones


"Didn't know he was gay Nunu? This is out standing / Wow a manager that know nothing about branding (Brandon)" - Chilla Jones


*Chilla said prep is gay. He's quoting his bars and made a slogan called "we gotta pause that!" Crowd saying it with him


*Round 3 on Chilla

*Prep's 3rd was good. Beginning was straight fire ended ok




"Lux showed you how to get the work, I'm showing you how to get the job" - PREP is killing round 3!


*Prep said Chilla can't get a job & is showing his how to dress like he's at the store


"U had a Brandon lee bar - your first 'eh' but your last draggin' - how u have the glow?" - @GQPrep


"That Disney scheme is the only time you had clips for kids" Prep is freestyling and killing!


*Prep's girl's name is Daisy. Chilla said "I'll put your bow on her head if you don't tell Daisy Duck"

"Should I give Brandon leeway or should I say FUCK IT & do him the Brandon Lee way!" - @chillajones (FYI Prep's name is Brandon)


"Dog will catch a round in his mouth like a frisbee disc" - Chilla Jones


*Chilla had a crazy Disney scheme he just brought back and the crowd reacted different to every line


*Chilla just broke himself down and said "I got more weapons in the ring than the Green Lantern"

*Chilla on Prep vs Saga " seen u & that Christian Mingle & knew u would see God when the date in site"



"Nowadays Chilla cost a arm & a leg like frostbite" - @chillajones


*Round 2 on Chilla


"U goin through withdrawals - u been shaky off SMACK" - Prep

*Prep is going up and down. One bar hot, another getting him heckled



*Prep started Round 2 with a crazy rebuttal "Acupuncture? That's just means I can pen a body"


*Chilla destroyed round 1


"Have u ever seen a euro Prep? / u don't travel just look like u do ... euro step" - Chilla Jones


"This 4-5 will split his bow tie like Pee Wee Herman's" - Chilla Jones is on another planet


*Chilla just ended a Captain Planet scheme : "My guns so big 5 ring will make the planet tear"

“They said I fell off that inspired me now I'm a get to the point. This ain't a act u punks should try with me” - Chilla Jones





"I'm the man in here / your rounds come out plane like landing gear" - @chillajones



"Your were supposed to expose Chess (chest) like Justin & Janet" - @chillajones


*Chilla Jones is cooking #url #redemption

"I'm nice with the Grammar see? (Gramercy) that's why they booked me for the venue" - Chilla Jones


"SMACK got me battling pets ... Guess I'm taking a step backwards" - @chillajones



*Preps first round fell flat*


*People are yelling "terrible" and saying Prep is reaching*


"Since testing DNA in the negative you haven't been poppin son" - Prep


*Some girl in the crowd is heckling Prep yelling "stop reaching" mad awkward*

"You put Con's soul on a box - this where the Game Stop" - Prep


T Top vs Shotgun Suge


*RapGrid Result: Shotgun Suge over T-Top 2-1 or 3-0.  Top's first was slept on cause he went first*

"She (top's mom) dive in Head first like a scuba diver / call me for the bricks & I pull up like a Uber driver" - Suge just won


*Ok. Based off crowd reaction. Suge definitely won. He's quoting baby boy and talking about Top's moms*

*Suge talkin that Suge shit!  Lmao #Redemption #URL


"I'm on his porch with 2 30s they foamposits"  - @Shotgunsuge103 is going to win this battle based off crowd reaction


"Old money ... I was counting' 100s til they turned blue in the face" - @TOPBIZZY


*Top has crazy wordplay. This is goin look good on tape*


"U betta talk to Boi / I'll leave Suge in all red like the 99 Source awards" - T Top


*T Top talking real shit "I'm just happy my partners ain't taking wearing state clothes" no big punches yet in Rnd 3*


*Some ppl may say shotgun is up 2-0 but it may be 1-1 going into T-Top's 3rd. Top need a crazy round*



"I know he dead - his feet lazy / tried to play Hard Ball and got G-Baby'd" - Shotgun Suge


"The streets don't know u like the bitch that scream Maybach" - @Shotgunsuge103

"He goin catch it like Biscuit for crossin that Gun Line" - @Shotgunsuge103


"In the crib cookin wit my coke partners / Direct line to the plug - that's a phone charger" - T Top

*Top just had a crazy Orange the New Black bar*



*Suge just had a crazy "I'll take this niggas lunch money" line. Based off reaction it looks like Suge is winning the 1st*


"Hit his brother ... But this shit got a different pop" - Shotgun Suge


"Think he super bad? This pump get on up and knock the soul out him" - @Shotgunsuge103 may be the most reaction so far


"Head shot ... Make him sit Indian style!" - @Shotgunsuge103 for the crowd roaring!


*It's goin be hard for Suge to beat Top's first!   ooh it's on Suge*


"Slip sumthin in her drink ... Leave a pudding cup and a note that said Cosby did it" - @TOPBIZZY got the crowd ELECTRIFIED


*Top getting mad reaction*


*T-Top moment of silence for all the black victims of the police and got back to the bars "tap my pockets and Ina split his shit"