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Battle Rap News

URL: Summer Madness 5 Live Coverage

September 25, 2015, 3:16 am





Our team will be giving you live updates of URL's #SM5 event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

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Charlie Clips vs Loaded Lux
Tay Roc vs Calicoe
Ms. Hustle vs O'fficial
Shotgun Suge vs Big T

T-Rex vs T-Top

John John Da Don vs Mr. Wavy 

K-Shine & DNA vs Steams & Chess








Charlie Clips vs Loaded Lux


*Rap Grid Result: Loaded Lux 2-1 Ober Charlie Clips.  We wish they didn't get cut off in the 3rd round.


*Clips was heating up at the end of the 3rd. Should have just let both sides finish rapping


*Clips just had a good bar. Lux ppl are mad trying to shut clips round down

"Russell Wilson ... Let's just say I see errors in your future baby" - Charlie Clips

"Fuck Clips? Oh I see what's going on ... A bunch of yall is Loaded ... On lux dick" - Charlie Clips



*Lux homie turned up on Clips and got bodied with a freestyle.

*Clips trying to rebuttal. Crowd tried to boo. Clips just killed Lux's homie with a freestyle

*Rnd 3 on Clips. Let's see if he has a rebuttal ...

*Lux is preaching. Breaking down his life. Everyone seems to be on his side

Crowd is saying it's unfair and they want Lux to finish… SMACK is letting Lux finish his round

*They cut off Lux early. Lux is arguing about the round times.  Everyone is mad and arguing.

"Your mother was chasing the cheese and ended up with a rat nigga" - Loaded Lux

Lux breaking down Clips dads trial, "that nigga Peanut told on Alpo"

"That's Charlie Clips / the two faced nigga with the dimples with the Harvey Dents" - Loaded Lux


"Math was swinging and u came out playing caddy" - Loaded Lux

"U and your punk ass daddy a couple of Chatty Patty's nigga" - Loaded Lux

Lux is on 100 right now *ugly face*

"Feeling sharp when I come out to rock like Arthur the King" - Loaded Lux

*Loaded Lux vs Charlie Clips is 1-1 going into the 3rd round

*Lux handily won the second round. Clips dropped the ball

"I'll go in the Arsonal again and make u rematch the Shotty" - Charlie Clips


*Charlie Clips is funny as hell. His Lux impression is hilarious

"Them back 2 back loses had u go from Drake to Meek / Mook was smokin out the foot but u the one tasting defeat" - Charlie Clips

*Clips is rapping to Lux with a Kufi on LMAO

*Lux second round will be hard to beat

"Charlie Clips gettin them chips again ... Last SMACK what happened? Couture said u got no money for the rent again" - Loaded Lux

"That's what happens when a nigga get checked in front of his mate ... S/o to all my boss bitches wifing niggas" - Load Lux






"Beasley Ima get this money, don't mean Ima be Glad rapping with with trash niggas" - Loaded Lux

*Lux is killing it now.  He's on a roll

Lux said Goodz gives Clips everywhere, "half a gallon Goodz don't even have a half a gallon in the tank"

"8 battles for $50,000 ... What are you, Mexican?" - Loaded Lux

*Good first round. Clips won Rnd 1 a lot of good bars from both sides

"We ain't seen your son since the video on BET - let me find out you a lost nigga" - Charlie Clips


*Clips is a creative dude.  Never a boring moment

"Say clips ain't nice / right now Eddie is calling Martin like 'this ain't life" - Charlie Clips

*Clips is killing

"One look big and one sound big ... That's Shine featuring Gorilla Black" - Charlie Clips

"Right now there's a nigga paralyzed watching the pay per view like, 'oh I'm feeling that'" - Charlie Clips



"Your slogan is crazy b / That work u give out don't last long - u the temp agency" - Charlie Clips

"I tried to take a Hollow out in front of you SMACK, wat makes u think Clips wanna be Loaded" - Charlie Clips

*Charlie said he got a disease called NotGiveAFuckInTitis that makes him not always show to to the battles prepared Lmao

"I'm coming to win(d) like typhoons / raisin on a nigga like dry prunes" - Loaded Lux

"I wish a funny acting ass nigga would make a move ... But u ain't never been stiller" - Loaded Lux

"If u tell them where the pills buried see ... U not the dough boy that u think u are" - Loaded Lux

"Just because u got tits doesn't mean u be thinking in broad layers" - Loaded Lux



Tay Roc vs Calicoe


"Clip hanging out like parenthesis" - Calicoe


*Crowd booing calicoes third for no reason

"Stash his body where I got the bricks now that's a death trap" - Calicoe


"Bought the Uzi in 2004 nigga my Mack 11" - @TheRealTayRoc ended fire! "We know u from Detroit ... Stop telling all them D tales (details)" - Tay Roc

"Ima wind up in a cell .. See us ain't Farenheit" - Tay Roc

Calicoe has a lot of real talk. Effective and very aggressive

"No fakin / once Cal seem 'em bones breaking" - Tay Roc

*Tay Roc just had a fire video game line (Xbox game boy controller)


"The double barrel look like I snatched the trunk off a elephant" - Tay Roc

"Show up at his funeral - get to smacking him in his casket" - Tay Roc



K-Shine & DNA vs Steams & Chess



Rap Grid Result: DNA & Shine might have taken the 2 on 2 with the mike round but Chess & Steams were fire


"Indian burn - I'm twisting the arms" - Chess & Steams


(DNA) "we throw up different" (Shine) "we got got scars but we cut different"


*Shine is dressed like a mime & DNA is rapping backwards. Crowd going nuts


*Feel like Chess & Steams got Round 2


*Chess killing it


(Steams) "Arab & Chinese ... (Chess) the Ox at his Chin"  


"razor blades & lemon juice / cut his eyelids off and keep taking pictures too" - Chess


"Put two in his shit / Remy won't be the only person in jail for shooting a bitch" - K-Shine


"In case the d around (quesadilla) I'm still grippin the heater (DNA) / they don't want shells they two chicken fajitas” - K-Shine

"Shit draws on the last straw like Debo" - DNA & Shine


"Indian burn - I'm twisting the arms" - Chess & Steams

(DNA) "we throw up different" (Shine) "we got got scars but we cut different"

*Shine is dressed like a mime & DNA is rapping backwards. Crowd going nuts



*Feel like Chess & Steams got Round 2

*Chess killing it

(Steams) "Arab & Chinese ... (Chess) the Ox at his Chin"  

"razor blades & lemon juice / cut his eyelids off and keep taking pictures too" - Chess

"Put two in his shit / Remy won't be the only person in jail for shooting a bitch" - K-Shine

"In case the d around (quesadilla) I'm still grippin the heater (DNA) / they don't want shells they two chicken fajitas” - K-Shine

"Shit draws on the last straw like Debo" - DNA & Shine


*First round of the 2 on 2 was fire. This is the most entertaining battle so far


"Really rap - Get Him The Fuck Outta Here like DNA when it was time to scrap" - Chess & Steams

"they both losing this a Double X L like fat niggas" - Steams

*2 on 2 is really good so far

"Chess make that line better now / K pushed u but I'm slipping wit the second round" - Steams

"Got a kickback - de ha Vu to Redemption how the K pushed me" - Chess

*Chess screamed all in Shines face and stared him down. Crowd going crazy

"Caps blue - it's the Dodgers / two big ratchets - it's the Parkers" - DNA



T-Rex vs T-Top


*Rap Grid Result: 2-1 or 3-0 T-Top.  Rex first two rnds were nice. He was talking that shit, but Top was personal


*T-Top is on fire man

"I heard u got married to Star Smilez ... But y'all separated / it's like u was bout to get a divorce but then hesitated" - T-Top

"Kyrie Irving - I’ll point & put 2 in his calf" - T-Top

*Crowd was rocking with Rex.  He ended the third a little light. It's on Top

*Crowd boo'd and said Rex spit some mixtape bars

"Two .45s I'm shooting like 90%" - T-Rex

"Bullets like child support - they going straight to take mom even though they was meant for you" - T-Rex

*Rex has a good angle on Top's mom "I had a conversation wit a nigga that used to serve ya moms"

*Dope battle. We have T-Top 2-0. He has more personals.  Rex is rapping dope

"I ain't Danny, if I send 'em 12 he won't make it to the battle" - T-Top

"Put it in his mouth like bitch swallah /  head shot send him with Prep & Rich Dolarz" - T-Top

*Rex fucking wit Tops rounds heavy. Dope shit

*Top got at Mook too, "You the bitch that been wit a Busta ... Rah Digga"

"SMACK made his Call of Duty - I shoot zombies" - T-Top

"That hammer dirty and hard to clean like Jack Mack" - T-Rex

"Work come in purple tape, you would think Raekwom shipped it" - T-Rex

*Rex vs Top is a good ass battle

"Fight where? Last thing u jumped in ... Double Dutch" - T-Rex



*Damn Rex just killed Surf

"We all saw that shit that happened to Norbes - u can't hide behind the real" - T-Rex

T-Top winning 1-0

"Dots like to reach for ass & DOT wit his reaching ass" - T-Top

"Bodies in the morgue / im killing all you faggots - Sodom and Gomorrah" - T-Top

"Since u #2 I figured that u could handle lead / let niggas snatch your chain we like, "dammit red." - T-Top

"That red light flash at his top like the camera dead" - T-Top

"U can get a box off top - u think I'm Kidding? Play." - T-Top

"Put the barrel right to T Top like I'm shooting me" - T-Top

"Even the fans say u goin lose to me / I told em we goin have a classic don't make a fool of me" - T-Top


Strong first round on Rex.  The building is hype

"My lawyer confused the story he helped me skip a sentence / Popeyes, KFC, I'm in the chicken business" - T-Rex

"oh he a bear? ... Them Shotty shells will hibernate him for the rest of his life"  - T-Rex

*Rex is killing it. He's back

"Them two trays will got Pat and put you in (Ewing) a box" - T-Rex

"You’ll lose a megabyte of your brain now ain't that a BITch" - T-Rex



Ms. Hustle vs O'fficial



*Rap Grid Result: crowd is chanting 3-0 for Hustle, we give her the 2nd and 3rd. Ms. Hustle beat O'fficial


"Talk all that shit and I would cab in ya hood like a log house" - O’fficial  


"I seen it easily, ur Easy E - I already know how u got sick" - Ms. Hustle


"I didn't understand, but now I see O (CO) you Rick Ross"- Ms. Hustle   


"I was like the perfect gentlemen ... I opened doors for you bitches" - Ms. Hustle


"I'll show her true colors when I brush her - that's body paint" - Ms. Hustle


*Crowd is chanting "3-0" and "Leave her alone" during Ms. Hustle’s 3rd


"Cancer treatment - so many pounds in thesis u thought it was a Black Panther Meeting" - Ms. Hustle

"I’m at your door - I’ll knee and sneak her (knee in sneaker) that's Roscoe" - Ms. Hustle


*Ms. Hustle got rnd 2 clearly. The first is debatable. Rnd 3 on Hustle

"You went to BX to box just be happy 'O' wasn't in the middle" - O’fficial

"Since she is slime (Islam) she can get these punches like Muhammad or Farrakan" - O’fficial

*Crowd is booing and talking over O'fficial.  This is the most restless URL crowd in a while

"bang blood the choice is urs /Get slime dropped on her head like the Kids Choice Awards" - O’fficial



*Crowd acting restless. official needs a big line


*Official said Hustle stole her slave ship bar


"Soon as I X O bitch aint no hugs and kisses" - Ms. Hustle


"You from New Orleans it's only right u give super dome" - Ms. Hustle


"U that big bitch that a nigga be mad as fuck at for taking one for the team" - Ms. Hustle *crowd going crazy*


"Bitches yelling cap her (Kappa) and they ain't tryna pledge or nothing" - Ms. Hustle

*Ms. Hustle is noticeably well written in this battle. She's talking and touching on personals

"I been gave up on (Lady) luck / I ain't superstitious" - Ms. Hustle



"That other slut needs a tummy tuck / heyo Nunu Nellz I'm here today bitch ill fuck you up!" - Ms. Hustle


*First round a little light on both sides. Official started with mad punches but lost crowd a little bit. Need to see more

"It's Ludacris how I stand in front of Hustle N Flow" - O’fficial

*Official saying that ABBO wrote for Ms. Hustle vs Gattas

"She'll let any common D nominate her (common denominator)" - O’fficial

*Officials punches are shaking the building

"Yall think Ebony queen til I put a big cap on her head like Nefertitti" - O’fficial

"This the first time I get to kill a bitch I actually don't like" - crowd loving O'fficial out the gate!

*Strong first on Ms. Hustle

"U like Smokey - no matter how hard Debo push u you not getting in the window" - Ms. Hustle

"You don't remind me of a voodoo priest ... Your pen ain't stickin' doll" - Ms. Hustle

"One nigga bring two niggas ... Two niggas bring ... Man I'm just tryna catch O-Solo" - Ms. Hustle

"Can't fuck wit u? Please mami, this goin be a IG model ... A mean body" - Ms. Hustle


Shotgun Suge vs Big T


*Rap Grid Result: Big T's first 2 rounds were good (crowd on Suge's side), but Suge ended great. 2-1 Shotgun Suge

"While u was playing with Mr. Potato Head I was tryna put the potato on the nose" - Shotgun Suge


"Oh u got shot my nigga? *claps* I'm glad u made it ... IF IT WAS ME U WOULDN'T HAVE MADE IT" - Shotgun Suge


"For being a stare master Ima knock off some body fat" - Shotgun Suge

"Attack hard / I'm like Kimbo Slice in the backyard" - Shotgun Suge

DMX / Crime scene shells ... Look like stunt pegs on a BMX" - Shotgun Suge

"Thang pop / I'll turn Big T into a tank top" - Shotgun Suge

"Quiet Money let them fire? / this nigga Terrance Lyin about his empire" - Shotgun Suge

"Teeth sticking out like Denzel at the Mayweather fight" - Big T



"He'll send his dogs to court like Air Bud" - Big T


Top of the 3rd. Crowd started booing Big T after a "kill bugs with Shotgun Elmer Fudd"


"U tryna intimidate niggas physically cause u can't rap lyrical / big ass get a job in security" - Big T


"I'm shooting everything in think the color purple ... Made a mistake and grazed Harpo" - Big T


"Talking all that 'chula kaka boop' ... Nigga what gun is that"  - Shotgun Suge



"I'm Russell Westbrook with the shooting cause I do it for nothing" - Shotgun Suge

"Every thing he ate on the floor ... We could have a buffet for the projects" - Shotgun Suge

*Big T is MURDERING the middle of his second

"Fried onion / Miss & im goin back to drive thru like I forgot to get my fries from him" - Big T

*T got the crowd rocking off gun sounds


"I'm too busy hitting her spot (hid in the spot) like hide n go seek" - Big T


*Shotgun got crazy reaction. Looks like he got round 1 in the building but it will be good on cam


"Ima shoot the next nigga that say Surf write my shit" - Shotgun Suge


"Desi straight / icing him like a wedding cake / I'll kick one of your fans like Kevin Gates" - Shotgun Suge


"Hang u off the balcony ... The old Suge" - Shotgun Suge


"Ain't got no warrants T, u just take shit back like a warranty" - Shotgun Suge


"I'm put U n it like u-n-i-t" - Shotgun Suge


"He goin die wit his eyes open - he lookin' Sandra Bland in the face!" - Shotgun Suge


"The type of Shotgun Suge'll (sugar) raise ... Blood pressure" - Big T


*Big T is killing the first. Lots of crowd reaction

"Start a fire on they block til the kickback get outta hand like Project X" - Big T


John John Da Don vs Mr. Wavy


*Rap Grid Result: Mr. Wavy made it a match in the beginning, but John John 3-0'd him.  It was UGLY

"I don't respect niggas gangsta like Chris Rock in Empire" - Mr Wavy

"I'll have a nigga clean closed (clothes) in a box like a fitting room" - *crowd boos Wavy after that bar*

"I'll let that arm go behind me like I'm baton grabbin" - Mr Wavy

*John John did to Wavy what Chilla did to Prep


*Wavy started rapping and the crowd is booing him bad.  They are just with JJ

"I'll let that arm go behind me like I'm baton grabbin" - Mr Wavy


*The whole crowd with John John he is destroying it.  It's going into Wavy's 3rd & ppl are chanting "3-0" already

"Whoever tryna ice JJ goin be fishing for this retarded clip" - John John Da Don

*Crowd is chanting "3-0 3-0" for John John. He can't even finish his third yet. He's on fire!

John John just had a crazy power scheme "if u say u bringing cane in (Kanan) ill make u shoot your son"

"I gotta point down because the kicks ugly like WHAT ARE THOSE!?!!?" - John John Da Don

"They had u to make u stay son (station) this a shell business" -  John John Da Don

"This PG getting 3-0'd like he Steph Curry" - John John Da Don

"It's like SMACK running the clock out the way he holdin rock" - John John Da Don

"More arms than a centipede / U goin get taken out behind bars like Remy weave" - Mr Wavy

"Dwayne Johnson Scorpion King that's means me rock different" - Mr Wavy