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Battle Rap News


December 14, 2013, 12:48 am


Our team is live at in New York City today to provide you with exclusive content that will be updated in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day!


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Charlie Clips vs Tsu Surf | K-Shine vs Yung Ill | B Magic vs Ill Will | JC vs Tay Roc







Tsu Surf vs Charlie Clips

"Ill make your spine double the clip take 20 mins to load - i'm having vine trouble" - Clips

"Surf the type of hitman to just wave through - I dont gotta holla shit" - Surf

"Your last name Cox cause your pops was a dickhead" - Clips"

*going by crowd response, Clips shut it down*

B-Magic vs Ill Will

"take dog out for the shit - thats a house pet / send bad niggas to your crib - thats a house guest" - Magic

"wake up in a box like Gothica / Im a star with this blue flag like Somalia" - Magic

"We all like punches but we dont always need the shit / thats why they want him to battle Lil Mama ... I mean Conceited" - Ill Will

"Once I blast him its a wrap / 3 shots will get b-trayed like I stabbed him in the back" - Ill Will

"I beat the nigga that beat you - dont forget stranger / I beat the nigga that beat you - that's a cliff hanger" - Ill WIll

"We came with those two 33s 100 mac 11s no half step / in other words we put so many number on his house we gave him a new address" - Ill Will


"The iron will give this nigga from PG a tour" - B-Magic


K-Shine vs Yung Ill

"Would talk about his priorities, but "x" that / I'm a contract killa - sign him where the x at" - Ill

*Mic problems are plaguing Ill's first round*

"You already know what i'll do to this nigga / Ill put my foot in his ass - they goin have to pull my shoe out this nigga" - Ill

*The crowd is getting out of hand - battle somewhat ruined*

JC vs Tay Roc

"The hockey mask like a Might Duck / with the hockey stick - treat his head like a hockey puck" - Rock

"Fuck your squadron / I always like in a Bull's eye when im talkin" - Rock

"You the second Pontiac I've fucked up - I'm a bad driver" - Rock

"Yall goin let these broke niggas die like Obama care" - JC

"Big choppers that will knock Big Mama back to Martin" - JC

"Im put you in your place & you goin get what you earn ... that bullets in you face" - Rock

"I aint Organik - you goin die if I put 100 Bulletz in your face" - Rock

*Tay Rock thorwing mad shots at Ill Will, who is just laughing*

"When I hit man, his lil brother goin have to hold him up / once I get close enough Dose him up" - Rock

*Tay Rock is killing it ... he just spit a crazy Paul Walker line also*

*Surf and SMACK bet $2k on this battle*

*JC is coming back in the 3rd round*

*Battle looks lopsided in Tay Rock's favor, but JC had mic problems the fist 2 rounds*



Mr Wavy vs Prez Mafia

"Goons on Death Row aren't as hard as Suge/ but I run wit some theives ... i'm Robin Hood" - Prez

"First round i'm giving him hell, i'm Pinhead - I kill Joy" Prez

*Crowd loves Prez Mafia's first*

"Y'all team fraud, you dont event look like you belong here ... where's your green card?" - Wavy

'Gun about as long as a ski from the ski from the X-Games / Get your head blue like a Mets game" - Wavy

"Bang from the sticks like Questlove and Travis Barker / Then pop out the blue like Violet from Willy Wonka"

"He look like he feel some type of way / but you can get the metal to your grill liek a license plate" (sung) - Wavy

*Prez got the first and Wavy got the second*

"My flow tighter than the hoodie you wore against Ah Di Boom" - Prez

"Large rifle - the shit kick back like Shawn Michaels" - Prez

"Dyke ass nigga - Steph Curry in the face without the height ass nigga" - Wavy

*Wavy starts cracking hilarious Puertorican jokes*

*Wavy got it in the end*


Bonnie Godiva Chillin


4:57pm: Ill Will talks about his favorite KOTD battles

Jaz The Rapper & JC


Ill Will Posted Up


4:41pm: Tsu Surf says Charlie Clips is "light work"!

4:30pm: Norbes & B Magic speak on Magic's battling career



See that booty!?!

Mr Wavy Got Tha Burna!

SMACK talking

Ill Will Posted Up

3:20pm Mr Wavy vs Prez Mafia

3:00pm Crowd Shot


2:53pm: B-Magic in the venue

1:28pm: Hear URL fans give their predictions on today's battles at Born Legacy.

1:14pm: A quick look inside the empty venue before it fills up.