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Battle Rap News

URL's Duel In The Desert Live Coverage

October 4, 2014, 6:00 pm



Our team will be giving you free updates on URL's Duel In The Desert event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

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Arsonal vs Rum Nitty


(Battle over crowd was feeling Nitty more.  Want to review this battle on footage)


“Retarded strap - you'll get duhhhhh arm *does retarded arm* stupid motherfucker!” - Rum NItty


(Crowd is saying they want to see one more round)


“Im a cognac drinker I can't stand Rum / I'm fuckin - u fingering bitches until ur hand numb” - Arsonal


(Ars just switched shit around and had a crazy reaction)


“U never RED your daughter a story but u willing to die over that BLUE nigga?” - Arsonal


(The crowd ain't messing wit Ars.  We don't know if it's because Nitty is home or they just don't like his bars)


"U like Math Hoffa's faggot ass - after this Dizaster u goin sue when the footage drop" - Arsonal


“I'll leave a fuckin pussy bloody if that rag come up" - Rum Nitty


(Nitty had a "gun so big/ray rice elevator" line that made the crowd go nuts)


"Fuck the parking lot - ill let it fire in the building, I won't go to jail for Arson" - Rum Nitty


“Like bitches gettin tattoos on boobies I'm tit for tat” - Arsonal


"This is something u never seen before (CB4) since u comin out a lil cash” - Arsonal


(Seems like Nitty got rnd 1.  A bunch of huge reactions)


“Daylyt vs T-Rex - if this Spawns out I'll pull some shit on the stage" - Rum Nitty


“Every line he actin out wit the semi - I can't give Arsenio bars” - Rum Nitty


(Arsonal had a straight first round. Nothing that shook the crowd but steady)


Bigg K vs B Magic



(Magic vs Bigg K is debatable. Arsonal vs Nitty up now)


“They goin be like y g spinning like Young Buck chain” - Bigg K


“Let the 50 sing in da club like its your birthday” - B Magic


“When u see this Luger lift it's not a torture rack” - B Magic


(Bigg K just said he goin swing Magic's daughter in a circle by her micro braids)


Charlie Clips vs Illmaculate


“Ain't missin / clippers came wit dots all on 'em like Blake Griffin" - Charlie Clips


“Main reason macs die is from overcharging their battery” - Charlie Clips


(Illmac isn't done yet and he won the second rnd)

“Clips in front of a mag like news weekly / got killed fuckin wit Magic like Houdini" - Illmaculate
(Illmac just canceled out Clips whole 2nd round)
(That was a rebuttal to clips State Farm line)
"He ain't progressive cause he ain't got flow" - Illmac

(Clips is freestyling a lot - Illmac just bodied him wit a crazy flip)

“My name Charles so I feel like the man Barkley / get my white shooter to kill u - Dan Majerle” - Charlie Clips
(Clips got rnd 1 too charismatic)
"Where I'm from they shoot all day - I can hear big Kannon rapping every night" - Charlie Clips

“We can go Mano y mano / I'm el blanco diablo” - Illmaculate


(Illmac just saying Clips is a used car salesman who sells garbage)


You nice, but you ain't goin do SHIT for real you Daylyt" - Charlie Clips


"I'm on eastern time - I kill him at night it mean he died tomorrow" - Charlie Clips


"Word is y'all wanna see Sir Charles ball out in Phoenix again" - Charlie Clips

Illmacs last rnd was intricate can't tell if him or Clips won the last. They both had 1 body bag round a piece

Real Deal vs Daylyt


(Daylyt is doing it got kicked out venue)


"If I hear two more boos ima take a boo boo on stage" - Daylyt


(Wow now Daylyt is spitting crazy bars with his head missing and the crowd going crazy)


(Welp Daylyt took his own head off in the battle)


(Real Deal reenacted the scene from Beetlejuice) "Daylyt come and me wan go home" - Real Deal


(Daylyt hasn't showed his face the whole battle.  He said "I'm not QP" ppl busted out laughing)


(Daylyt was getting heckled and literally started rapping for real and won the crowd back.  Smh amazing crowd control)



“I'm down to throw outside like an intentional walk” - Real Deal


“It's like lil Kim's face the way I turn this bitch from bad to ugly” - Real Deal


“When it pops off be like Jean Claude - split when u see them two semis” - Real Deal


“Your stupid ass came dressed as the ghost of Christmas future” - Real Deal


(Daylyt is def being weird and trolling. Crowd is heckling him.  He's quiet and they called time)


(People are literally rushing to see what Daylyt is doing)


“I been in the slammer so long, when I got out I had a Pog smell" - Daylyt


(Daylyt asking people if they really want bars. Crowd going crazy) "I don't got none" - Daylyt


(Daylyt is on some crazy Grim Reaper shit vs Real Deal.  He doing magic tricks)


Johnny Storm vs QP


(Crowd is threatening to beat up QP before he leaves now. They are just making jokes, but WOW)


(Calicoe just made QP stop rapping for snitching I'm his verse. Crowd made him stop too it's over)


(QP dissing Teddy Grizzle [the man behind the event] he getting reaction but crowd saying he snitched)


(Crowd is booing QPs third.  He is getting heckled terribly. He talking to the crowd and being weird)


“Funny how a member of the SONS goes on the Maury show to deny his own” - Johnny Storm


(QP lost the crowd for the whole battle event.  He's not even choking. Ppl don't like him I guess)


(QP had a dope line about how he's Johnny Storm so his body is supposed to get fired on)


“You know you a faggot when you ghostwrite for girls cause it makes u feel more masculine” - Johnny Storm


“If u get outta line in the 'O' ... That Capitol Q” - Johnny Storm


“Once they find your body, it's Illuminati - just your skull and ur bones” - Johnny Storm


“Q been (Cuban) killing Puerto Rican niggas” - QP


“Got two shooters in Phoenix ... Bledsoe and Dragic" - Johnny Storm


Danny Myers vs Aye Verb

(Verb is saying he's goin pass the torch to Danny.  He's acting like Mr. Miagi & Danny is Daniel Son)

“I'll rip his scalp from the back to the front, that's a different wave brush” - Danny Myers

“I'll chop ur parents up, then put them back together - that's a family reunion” - Danny Myers

(Verb is clowinin Danny's wife!) "U ain't a bad bitch u just look bad bitch" - Aye Verb

“U and ur brother both share blood that's the same pop/ put u nerds in line ... GameStop” - Aye Verb

“That's bird shit - do a nigga greasy for that chicken that's Church's” - Aye Verb


“40 under his chin, put his roof in the sky ... That's a tree house” - Danny Myers


“U give em show time I give me Netflix” - Danny Myers

“On foot wit tan ... lil tree on the side - that's timberland / learn how treat that girl I'm a gentlemen” - Aye Verb

(Rnd 1 just started and Aye Verb is in vintage form. This event is crazy)


“I whip it til it got a yellow coat like Dick Tracey” - Danny Myers


“It's ironic your name is Chaz cause you goin hear that 'chhh' in AZ” - Danny Myers

Oh shit. Danny might have beat Aye Verb. Verb stopped the 3rd short


Marv Won vs Lotta Zay


“Fat ass jumped on the scale and it said 'nigga get the fuck off me” - Lotta Zay


(Crowd goin crazy for Lotta Zay. Idk this is a classic low key)


“I got a machine gun I can draw from a distance I know how to arc-a-tech” - Lotta Zay


“Put u in a plain (plane) box ... Nigga that's CARGO” - Lotta Zay


“he Rolls Royce from 5-9” - Lotta Zay


“niggas ain't gotta take u to Red Lobster to get the coochie out you” - Marv Won


(Marv strung about 45 rhyming pinch lines together and he is DESTROYING IT)


“Tongue kiss the Desi - I'll make a Luci out u / actin funny dog - nuttin goofy bout u” - Marv Won


“How u wanna handle this?  Ur potassium low?  Have a banana clip” - Marv Won


“This chopper got a kick like its electric sliding” - Marv Won


“Suge pocket checked u and damn near ripped your pants off” - Marv won


“I'm ur upstairs neighbor - if I take away ur roof what that make me? Flawless nigga" (floor less)” - Lotta Zay


“Ur name is Marvelous Wonderful - u sound like a tranny that Mr Cee picked up on a back block” - Lotta Zay



(Marv's second was crazy. Lotta has to go ham!)


“Gun so big I nicknamed it Megatrom / not the football player - it's big as a deceptacon” - Marv Won


“U won't be the guy Lot. Why not?  Ur career got eczema ... way too many dry spots” - Marv Won


“I will FRY you - my metal talk like Futurama” - Marv Won


“Gun is reverse Drake on some real shit - that bitch go from 100 to 0 REAL QUICK!” - Marv won


(The battle is crack!  Marv was fire rnd 1 but Lotta Zay prolly got it)


“Blast the 40 - leave this Detroit nigha under covers like Axel Foley” - Lotta Zay


“Wiggin out like Walter White after the cancer treatment” - Lotta Zay


“It's funny u look like Mark Henry but I'll have your neck snappin like Dee Lo Brown” - Lotta Zay


“I wouldn't be surprised if a kid hopped out your stomach like Total Recall” - Lotta Zay


(Lotta Zay started off singing Diddy & Mase!  Crowd goes crazy)



“If the bucks right I'll get this Kidd snatched outta Jersey" - Marv Won


“I’ll pistol whip you and leave ... You'll be the butt-end of the joke” - Marv Won


“I walk wit so much metal I should have a lost bitch for Kansas & a Scarecrow wit me” - Marv Won



Lotta Zay vs Marv is a classic. Idk who won!  Watch the vids when they come out


Yooo Danny Meyers has a big ass Jaz The Rapper shirt on hahaha!


Cortez vs Danja Zone


“Your bitch is a hooooo but u think niggas Lyin? oh?" - Danja Zone


“die for Denero like Don corlenone ... He'll get shot when I run down Cort doin the Jordan pose” = Danja Zone


(This is a great battle.  Danja is brought a crazy 3rd round)


“Cor RE the same nigga Mr. math use (Correy Matthews)” - Danja Zone


“This child's play ... Discovery Zone” - Cortez


“Big arms got him waving a flag like Hulk Hogan” - Cortez


"He a Stan til I hop out the Van and Gun D ... No coaching" - Cortez


"Sean carter I never let 40 stop me"  - Cortez



"swing and land that before u draw hands back I'm counter clock wise" - Danja Zone

Danja Zone got a standing ovation for his 3rd round. He might have pulled away. Great battle

DNA vs Sketch Menace


"I will son ya neighbors they better respect it / problem child after them - den it's the menace" - DNA

“OTBVA ... When I steal it's a wrap for 'em (forum)” - DNA


"How's name Sketch but you not a draw on this card" - DNA

Watch Nuborn vs Brixx Belvedere from last week's Blueprint event


Going down November 1st: