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Battle Rap News

URL's NOME4 Live Coverage

June 7, 2014, 5:51 pm

Our team will be giving you free updates on Ultimate Rap League's NOME4 event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.


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Charlie Clips vs Tay Roc

Big T vs B Magic

Goodz vs Aye Verb

T-Rex vs Cortez

DNA vs Ill Will

Ms Hustle vs Young Gattas

Reed Dollaz vs John John Da Don








DNA vs Ill Will


I get paid nigga but u go to the white boys and get paid less now whos the slave niggas @illwill6deep

Ur bitch call me r2 cuz she want my d 2 times a week @illwill6deep 
Im cool my nigga. The day i dont murda ink ill let ja rule mah nigga @DNA_GTFOH 
If i kill this nigga its all for nothing and when u and nuborn stayed together u was fuckin @illwill6deep r
Get that the fuck out of here get that hat the fuck outta here. Since he said im gon loose. Get smack the fuck outta here @DNA_GTFOH
Two handguns to his face it aint macauly culkin @illwill6deep  
Smack watced me kill a magician thsts why he put this monster on the card thats yu gi oh  @illwill6deep 
U couldn't last on my strip ud bd doin what u do in new york. Suckin clips @illwill6deep 
Talkin bout the time limits we aint gonna do no Rex and cortez shit im a spit till im finished @DNA_GTFOH
B magic was lying cuz smack really the one tryin to con yac niggas @DNA_GTFOH

T-Rex vs Cortez


Mook was getting some head thats when mook jumped up. Pushed kshine off the bed rex said this nigga dead @CORTEZ_HSP 

They gonna put holes in u till u whistle like a flute @IHATETREX  
This gonna be a bobby brown show a bunch of 40's clappin. @IHATETREX  
Crome disorder. Yea. We on smack but u about to see a total slaughter @CORTEZ_HSP 

Young Gattas vs Ms Hustle


Knock her fitted off. Give her a hollow tip like she tool advice from the dinininon @MsHuSTLe127  

Im dat bitch that say where da hos at. U dat bitch that when they fuck they wake up and say u gotta go where ur clothes out @YoungGattas
Im not saying u transsexual. But u taller than every nigga u stand next to. @YoungGattas
U get played bitch. I got body on top of body this a slave ship.  @MsHuSTLe127 
Free zae itll be a stretch b4 my boy meets world he Been savage  @MsHuSTLe127
If ebony try to jet shell b in btwn magazines like the beauty of the week @YoungGattas
U throwin up grape signs its bitches like u decieving nigas u banned from face time @YoungGattas
Half the time she dont even know why she fuckin. Its just something to do. @YoungGattas
How the fuck u on bet with ebt. @YoungGattas  
When u living off us we pay the taxes to cover ur expenses. @YoungGattas  
Ill bust and leave her camp pissed thats a college trip @MsHuSTLe127 
U couldn't execute this simple plan when we met yrs ago u was a different man @MsHuSTLe127
I wont need twizz editing if i get to chokin on this bitch. @MsHuSTLe127  
Ill say for not keepin it a thousand ill put a g on ur head like spike in school daze @YoungGattas  
Snipes a bitch like too wong fu all u see a mask out the bucket like schoolboyq @YoungGattas  
Yall haters im Tomb Raider the first bitch in the game @YoungGattas  
Team pussy all talkers ill paul walker if she try to switch in my lane @YoungGattas  

Big T vs B Magic


Dump a hollow. Keep the iron on my side like cuss damato @DABEST_BMAGIC  

I got a gun so big. Its so not little. Last nigga i sent a screen shot to wound up on the hospital @BIGTQMB  
Run up on me like what now! Ill reverse it like now what? @BIGTQMB
Them punches usually land except ur fight with fox. @BIGTQMB 
BMAGIC Choke. Recover. Long choke. Forfeit round. Yikes.
U either drop from the shady like obie trice or the that milli from the ring lole koby wife @DABEST_BMAGIC 
Damn Big t round 2 a stinker.  No quotes. 
Last year for my bday i blew out the candles and wished a muthafucka would. - @BIGTQMB  
Cocky w the blazers gotta be a slayer go to all these bitches cribs like its how to be a player @DABEST_BMAGIC  
Metal spray. Cross between ur eyes like Kevin gates. Handing out these big metal rounds like collection plates. @DABEST_BMAGIC 


Goodz vs Aye Verb

I aint top tier. Im in a class of my own cuz i can whip a nigga all 3 rounds off swagger alone @TheRealGoodz 
I show up on they block with tan, white girl and wet. Turn that bitch into Baywatch. @AYEVERB  
U only battle where ur ground at. A real king  can go outta town. Face a king and bring his crown back @AYEVERB
Big scope involved. I use it to hit em from far away thats a callin card @TheRealGoodz
Make it hot Yo Baka. I made my living off taking blocks. @TheRealGoodz  


U ain't got bars like that. U look like 33 yr old Benzino. U ain't gon be a star like that. @AYEVERB  

Wet erbody out here cannonball off the deep end. Creepin w the extension gotta put my bitch weave in @AYEVERB 
U ain't got the heart to play. How it feel gettin killed by ur father. U Marvin Gay @TheRealGoodz  
Pistol dumpin. U gonna get what u don't want if this cat fish for something. @TheRealGoodz  
You gonna be out of here by tomorrow baby. plan B @TheRealGoodz  
I don't think u straight nigga. U was on stage against swave lookin like a 14 karat gay nigga @TheRealGoodz
I'm from the hood. I used to have to freestyle over the sound of Mack rounds in the background @AYEVERB  
Who talk bigger. Y'all know how these soft niggas act when they sip thAt hard liquor @AYEVERB 



Reed Dollaz vs John John Da Don

His mother suck my dick. Extra extra km telling Reed all about it @JohnJohnDaDon  
Other nigas bars is sumn u gotta deal wit so no matter how much real shot u say it ain't gonna equal up to how I steal shit [email protected]
Tell my maintenance bring dum mops. I was killin wrappers was u was packing ur lunch box @RealReedDollaz
U been a faggot. U prince and u brotha Bart look like Lenny Kravitz @RealReedDollaz
A lot of Reed vs Read stuff
U was hot for 1 year. Missing for twelve. I been sucking that glass dick prolly sniffing as well @JohnJohnDaDon
I know it haunt u at night. He can't sleep still cuz he be havin dreams of getting meek meals @JohnJohnDaDon
Bill collected was lookin like a heel collector when he got knocked out. I'll still fuck u up just ask @HollowDaDonLOM [email protected]