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Battle Rap News

URL's Summer Madness 4 Live Coverage

September 28, 2014, 6:39 pm



Our team will be giving you free updates on URL's Summer Madness 4 event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

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PURCHASE URL'S DUEL IN THE DESERT PPV: Charlie Clips vs Illmac, B Magic vs Bigg K, & more


PURCHASE RBE'S BLOOD, SWEAT, & TIERS PPV: Arsonal vs Big Kannon, Goodz vs Boom, & more


Charlie Clips vs T-Rex


“I like Violence u got knocked out and woke up with ALS from that ice challenge” - Charlie Clips


“Pistol in my hand. Oh u mad? Cuz I helped the night that pistol whipped ur man (Math)” - Charlie Clips


“I don't think u understand me fuck my pops life. My mom wa the real gangsta in my family” - Charlie Clips


“Keep it lyrical. Nah I'm a g that od lets get spiritual” - Charlie Clips


“Let it ring. One time u put ur finger in ur ass took it out and lost ur wedding ring” - Charlie Clips


“I know some thanks about ur past like when u fuck bitches u like to put ur fingers in ur ass” - Charlie Clips


"U coulda said how much that line was hurtin u. Instead u called goodz like this nigga dead I'm gettin personal" - Charlie Clips


“We pull up w them treys like sonics at the drive thru. Round starting shaky for rex” - Charlie Clips


“We pull up w them treys like sonics at the drive thru”  - T-Rex


“U gon wake up and look like Cassidy after the car crash” - Charlie Clips


“Mother getting clapped they'll find him dead w red skin and his cousins on his back” - Charlie Clips

“You’ll get hit w so many clips he dont know if he getting show or watching sports center” - Charlie Clips
“Lines that make an atheist say Christ want Rex to chill? Say ice. Elevator. U want the solange or the Ray rice” - Charlie Clips
“a ratchet parent at their kids graduation that mean I over clap. They'll find a cap inside ur gown but they dunno where ur diploma at” - Charlie Clips
“I tell my night jenga. That mean he pull a piece and ur whole block get took” - Charlie Clips

“The way u struggled with Reed u might be Mayweather” - Charlie Clips


“Besides my bro dna I battled every nigga on this card” - Charlie Clips


“U a bitch trying to to play tuff nigga u” - T-Rex

“Collars Id never let a rookie take me out in not Reed Dolla” - T-Rex
“Hit me up like they did to pac silencer so quiet u could hear a pin drop” - T-Rex

Battles over clips killed shit


Tay Roc vs DNA


“Raheemed if I give him the tool then ditch the steel in the alley like bishop in juice" (Crowd goes crazy) - Tay Roc


“U can ask any killer in a holding cell the all gonna say the same thing DNA is the reason u go to jail" - Tay Roc


“Time for all that I'll put a loose under ur mouth like u ain't buy the whole pack” - Tay Roc


“I hit so many niggas off with the side piece that lost the side piece” - Tay Roc


“K shine killed u dressed like a cna” - Tay Roc


“Give this star bucks when I hit the cab they gon find u in the lot Tay” - DNA


“I'll kill danny spell it out that's dna in ny” - Tay Roc


“Professor Shine call the janitor this mess is mine” - Tay Roc


“This 1 8 will leave 2 0's w out callin collect” - Tay Roc


“That's two revolver barrles spinnin next to each other like the washer and dryer” - Tay Roc


“Tay. U can't catch up cuz u don't know how far rock a wiring” - Tay Roc


“Find u on the dock in queens. The cops takin pieces of Corona out u” - Tay Roc


“Check it d. Smack gon charge me for killing charlie again that's double Jeopardy” - Tay Roc


“Man like u don't know where u r d and I replied back in the middle of murda” - DNA


“Cock riding. They bringing a new definition to rock climbing” - DNA


“Cheese once I serve tay w this Big Mac I'm a give Mickey dees” - DNA


“What do u say that's light to a night that's punching ur lights out” - DNA


“Smack OUTTA here.? If I was smack I woulda said "u didn't get paid u other half shun get it ass the duck OUTTA here” - Tay Roc


“Make me mad I will paul George him. 2 4's on him then break his leg in half” - Tay Roc


“Smack told me to take Eric's life. Now I gotta do Eric wrong and send him to Eric right” - Tay Roc


“Hula hoop head shot have his wisdom comin out his mouth like I pulled a tooth” - Tay Roc


“It's mardigras that all of yall with us top missing” - Tay Roc


“I'm cooking a meal kinda sickening cuz u gon sit n watch while I fry chicken. Can from under the shirt like I'm shoplifting” - Tay Roc


“Gun bar King that not ur style I'm foul shoot up ur building and hope I shot a child” - Tay Roc


“red beam on ur lip. Look like the lit cherry on a cigarette” - Tay Roc


“Make me hit it. pistol whip him he gon have to re learn everything and be. Baby sitted - Tay Roc


“Since Charlie made it debatable get Charlie Clips the fuck outta here” - DNA


“Don't u notice he says That's Light so yall can be blinded from it” - DNA


“Clips said. Jaz The Rapper hammer  that means it's nothing but big heads” - DNA


“Card again T. rex follow where that car goes and we gon hit ur next” - DNA


“Use it now cuz last time we seen a dot reaching was the proving grounds” - DNA


No question Tay Roc took it



John John Da Don vs Aye Verb


“He got the showtime from magic. Hope u got better blood. Fans say he ain't sick no more. Some say he never was” - John John Da Don


“U got the white boys thinking they can own us for lettin them take  shine on stage here's some slow bucks” - John John Da Don


“Keep hope alive nba when u get banged on u post to rise” - John John Da Don


“It look different hitman gave u the wound I'm just opening stitches” - Aye Verb


“This shit about to get ugly little nigga un kasa. I'm John Connor in a leather bombe” - Aye Verb


“I'll ride up to u for an entire year and everytime I see u. U better be wearing riot gear when I appear” - Aye Verb


“Old school I get ur leader when I box the head that's a bold move” - Aye Verb


“What's up with that. You'll have metal arms clappin over heads u think they jumpin jacks” - John John Da Don


“The last time u held the strap was when u felt that fake dick in ur moms room” - John John Da Don


“U lost a lot of stock this year so how am I the cry baby when yall the one droppin tiers” - John John Da Don


“PG. He gon be face to face with s dot if he try to Reece me” - John John Da Don


“Father to me. Headshot let's see if the apple fall far from the tree” - John John Da Don


“Pops for real. Just cuz ur mother got a metal dick don't mean u out here cockin steal” - John John Da Don


“Bow wow take a piss. U follow him. Wash his hands for him. Stop cheesin 90-120 that's shock treatment” - Aye Verb


“Fuck All u niggas smack starting to feel like lebrons mom. These two hammers starting to look like I'm bangin baby dragons” - Aye Verb


“All talk. U young punks think yall tough cuz yall tatted? Yall all marks” - Aye Verb


“Showtime. Loud bark. I say nice shit every card. I'm a hallmark” - Aye Verb


“I left my gone at home - stand for. He die before he come out the closet that Luther vandross” - John John Da Don


“They can suck near the next time a nigga argue over biting I'm gonna buck teeth” - John John Da Don


“Elvis move. Ur not a shooter. U a dancer that's all the hell u do. We even seen u do the runnin man” - John John Da Don


“Aint fishing. Timberwolves is the only way we seeing A Wiggin” - John John Da Don


“Reed. That was even boring to me. But now I got someone this crowd hates even more than me” - John John Da Don


It's over Verb 2-1. All pretty decisive so far


Tsu Surf vs Hitman Holla


“He taught u that spiral amazingly. He taught me u gotta let that hammer of slow and hit trigger simultaneously” - Tsu Surf


“That wasn't played well. If that was me. Magic Ill and verb worlds spent every night in Detroit t made bail” - Hitman Holla


“Watery death. Plain sight. His momma gonna have to wear scuba gear to visit the grave site” - Hitman Holla


“Tay get a tomb stone. U see rock on the roc like Hov signed him” - Tsu Surf

If I could reload w the same bullets I shot with im about to stuff these mossberg shells in this glock quick - Tsu Surf


"Block is Hiring. Potato on the deadbeat. That mean the pop is silent" - Hitman Holla


“I'm Stevie wonder subtitles don't mean shit to me” - Hitman Holla


“I'm strapped in the neighborhood w 2 30's lets see if ur really about the 60's shit” - Hitman Holla


“I ain't Tryin to get shot for shit. It became so normal I reach when I ain't got the shit” - Tsu Surf


"I’ll Send him macs. He pay per round. Verb It’s Showtime" - Tsu Surf


Prob surf 2-1


Conceited vs B Magic


“Magic, stop reaching for the short cut bitch... Halle Berry” - Conceited


“I got a gun soooooo big, it don't have magazine, shit load dictionaries” - Conceited


“Bad boys 2 you know when Martin daughter went to date? I meet Reggie at the door and put a 40 in his face” - B Magic


“STL , the new afghan, I keep a ratchet on me like a lap dance” - B Magic


“Conceited? You look more like a snitch...  How about CONfess” - B Magic


“You got beat by Charron and Real Deal live on camera they beat you with bars you Rodney King” - Conceited


“Nigga I'll dump and pile da cans (powder cans) like AJAX” - Conceited


(A guys just passed out in the crowd) "my bars do that to niggas” - Conceited


“I kill this shit, testifying the only time you lifting the 5th” - B Magic


“Metal talking, get the sparking Conner (Con will ) run like Terminator 2" - B Magic


“He'll get lifted in this bitch with the 9 stilettos ,leaves shells in his back now he's Donatello” - B Magic


“Shorty stop you like 40 Glocc, you bought no punches to the Game” - Conceited


“I raise two fours ta niggas like I'm Phil Drummond” - Conceited


“You claim you rep that blue, you BeyoncĂ© nigga, nobody believes that blue was ever in you” - Conceited


“My style wayyy better your style two plain in the building , World Trade Center” - Conceited


“A hollow killed Joe ass (yo ass) total slaughter” - Conceited


“B Magic vs Con this Gonna be a homi, I taught this nigga how to drop his shit,  he on the potty” - Conceited


“To keep the beef fresh I bought something aluminum for you (foil)” - B Magic


“Bullets aim, close range I hit con and hop back in the cavalier Lebrun James” - B Magic


“My pistols blow , sex on the beach this bitch about to get laid in dirt” - B Magic




HA Double vs Ah Di Boom



“U a nerd herb. Put a bullet in ur dumb ass face and that dumb ass aye verb perm” - Ah Di Boom


“Ill shoot ur stomach through ur ass just to see if u can back up that shit” - HA Double


“We hold court in the street I'll take the law in my own hands for any nigga that want to test-tha-five” - HA Double


“I guess the new shit in battle rap is reaching. Congrats. U a trend setter. U say stupid shit and make it sound clever.” - HA Double


“Hear how that sound  Ur bars is like bitches who give handjobs from the back. U just reach-around” - HA Double


“Watch who u talkin to. I'll smack this nigga then make the nigga who got smacked smack the fuck of u.” - HA Double


“His whole top will ident when I punch in double space (face) - Ah Di Boom


Ah Di Admitted to reaching mid syllable




Uno Lavoz vs Young X



“Those techs. I'll hit him with 23. That's uno dos tres” - Young X


“U ain't Robbin w the gauge. U fix roofs and make minimum wage” - Young X


“Yo John John. Reed dollaz said he would fuck u. On behalf of all the straight niggas in philly. We apologize” - Uno Lavoz


“I got 2 guns. Rick Ross. Jah Rule. That means they both spittin about 50.” - Uno Lavoz




“Get evicted. Treat ur neck like a misunderstanding that means get it twisted.” - Uno Lavoz


That shit remind u of the Wayans brothers cuz when it pop. Pop. Pop. Don't tell nobody” - Uno Lavoz


“U never trapped in house with so many dimes u coulda made a Sprint call in 03 and still been on the line” -Young X


Young X is having some trouble


“My purpose is to put my dick in her. Nigga that's perpendicular! U couldn't search for the reach? Say it backwards that's research” - Uno Lavoz


Uno owns the room right now.


“Ur like daylyt when he battled arsonal in UDubb cuz ull never see that pound off smack” - Uno Lavoz


“I ain't here to play round.  Lyrically I'm sick - this how aids sound - Young X having more trouble


“U only made it off the hardwork and sweat people left behind so who's really the wetback” - Young X





Steamz vs Prez Mafia


“Since I'm a janitor when I clean up the faculty it's for principle.” - Steams


Steams snappin. Like the new magic.


“Dna killed u I told Beasley gimme PM when the mournings over” - Steams


“Cuz I'm lite skin like Drake u get this pound cake. Arm extended off the balcony I call that upside down cake.” - Prez


“Called that bitch Mr. Rogers.  She adressed in front of the kids then we run train thru the house” - Prez


“Big difference. Niggas said they want that old Prez back . So here's Bill Clinton” - Prez


“I'm good to go. Cookin on the low like a midget chef” - Prez


“Get Prez a dental plan cuz its like what he doing ain't working - Obama care.” - Steams


“Got me now ur bitch like to spar that means she helps me polish these rounds.” - Steams


We aren’t doing Steams’ rounds justice. Shit’s hot. He just spits fast


“Silencer. Boy You’ll see Steams in a cloud like I opened the pot.” - Prez


“I'll leave shells in the cake like a bad baker” - Prez


“The only nigga that won't be home till he battle here is Daylyt so u niggas save that pride shit for gay night” -Steams


“Off a steam - Tell Born I still body side kicks like War Machine” - Steams


“I got a screw loose. I'll gouge his eyes out cuz what's a faculty without his pupils.” - Steams


“I got a gun called woosa when I'm done w ya that shit’ll have u shalom on stage like Prez Mafia.” - Prez Mafia


Prez getting booed for finishing round mad short


Charron vs Shotgun Suge


“This ain't a battle. This is justice for Mike Brown” - Suge


“Why u pickin on this white boy?  These white boy picked on us. We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us.” - Suge


“That go for u. Ur wifey and ur boo. Don't get her taken too.” - Suge is goin ham


“Here's 10 bucks but some fucking chicken nuggets and quarter pounder w cheese” - Charron


“I'd be amazed if u put up a good fight I'm Chris Brown at the VMAs -  i’m fuckin up Suge night” - Charron


“This is columbine I'm taking a shotgun to school.” - Charron


This battle is crazy


“When you’ll be back? Answers never. This is an intervention they want u off smack for ever.” - Charron


“This Hollow vs Budden - I could beat him with my worst performance” - Charron


“What made u say fuck that guy? (Proof.) If the Proof is in the pudding u should love that guy” - Charron


Amazing first rounds from both Charron & Suge


Suge just went in on Charron for talkin about grape "I took a father from his son for this."


Suge went easier in the 2nd


“White boy leave jersey inside out like the clippers roster” - Charron


"Look at me when I'm killin u" - Charron (Suge got brollic on him)


“Size 12 but it's 13 cuz the snub don't fit in the tims” - Suge


“I was forced to trap. U up here rappin like someone believe u. You wanna rap. I need to.” - Suge


“I'm the great one killin with frees like sub zero we ain't the same son (Shang tsung)” - Charron


“What u know about introducing yourself to Norbes and he thinks you’re the camera guy. - Charron


“Thats real cracker shit what u know about hearing a party starts at 7 and showin up on time” - Charron




Qleen Paper Pulls A No-Show For His Battle vs Mr. Wavy


Head Ice vs Kay-Shine



“Real killers ain't gotta give em a dead kick. U can tell by how they leg twitch” - Ice


Head Ice got cut short, but he was killing the first round


“Niggas sold you those drugs so u could get money muthafucka. U chose to get high” - Shine


“Real shit. We don't talk to jake not even State Farm” - Shine


“Bucks for his leg. Asl challenge - bucket on his head” - Shine


“Body shine. Call Rex I bodied shine. Even his car waxed - body shine” - Ice


Kay shine got old rapper props. Glasses, gold chains, etc.


“They put a young nigga against a dude that went to school with everybody in Krush Groove.” - Shine


“Gotta hooka with me. Putting ice in a bag like the cooler empty” - Shine


“Crime pays. I don't allow a rat in my maze” - Ice


“I been waitin to kill one of u smack rappers and put a hole in ur head big as a SnapBack backwards.” - Ice



Watch Nuborn vs Brixx Belvedere from last week's Blueprint event