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Battle Rap News

UW High Stakes Live Coverage (Hollow Da Don vs Loaded Lux)

January 26, 2014, 8:28 pm


Our team will be giving you free updates on UW Battle League's High Stakes event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.


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Loaded Lux vs Hollow da Don

Tsu Surf vs Calicoe

Hitman Holla vs O-Red

Daylyt vs B-Magic







Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don



Battle over #classic

The crowd is screaming and chanting hollows name

"It's easy to develop a large picture when u focused on the negatives" - Hollow

"He a lost nigga? I found him say it to blacks face" - Hollow brought out calicoe's dad!

"Dear lord ... I'm the chosen one that's why hollow be thy name" - Hollow

"Go ahead with that bullshit Shareef!" - Hollow

"In jail No singles - just Pringles - I'll stack chips in the can" - Hollow

" why would we expect a nigga name hollow to be solid?" - lux

"Stand up niggas don't lean!" - lux *crowd going crazy*


"When hollow ween off it he goin always be a nigga is disguise" - Lux

Lux breaking down Hollow's sobriety

Hollow was more original in the second round, but the battle is close

Unlimited last round!

My rhymes give u that I just shitted face/he give u that 'I think I get it' face - Hollow

Hollow wrote a letter & ended with "wat I'm Tryna tell u ... Ps don't rush ur delivery"


"Because you don't understand him don't mean that he's nice!" - Hollow

Hollow impersonating lux lmfaooooo oh Gawd

"Get this work - fired in a furnace / cal got it for free u goin earn (urn) it" - Lux

"I never showed a weak hand but I off writers (arthritis)" - lux

"Most talked about battle rapper of this age - do an autopsy on the stage" - Lux


"That's you LOM niggas - living off of moms" - Lux

"Y'all might look like monsters on screen but you Backyardigans" - Lux

"I'll for for the trunk like a Keibler elf" - Lux

"Ru Paul couldn't drag Queens this much" - lux

"I HATE YOU LUX!" - Hollow

"So far ahead if my time I can rebuttal a rhyme before u come up with the line"

"It's a circus act just to see this clown go through a fire round" - Hollow

"I guess it takes a while to put on that Hell's Angel jacket and Eddie Murphy pants"



"They can't picture the Don king, but he good for promotion" - Lux


"This is interview with a vampire - u ain't know it was high stakes" - loaded lux


.@iAmLoadedLux's camp got "say no to drugs" picket signs w/ @HollowDaDonLOM's bugged out face on it







Tsu Surf vs Calicoe




Calicoe vs Tsu Surf was classic! Could be a tie, but Cal's ending was crack!

"This the 4th battle in Jersey and the 1st time we seen you!" - Calicoe

Calicoe got heart! He all in Jersey dudes faces. The atmosphere is dark In Here

Bunch of Jersey niggas gunning for me, I would been bussin back screamin nigga I come from the D!" - Calicoe

Cal and Surf is heated. Wouldn't be surprised if they fought later

"You would think ima love and hiphop fan I hate tahiry (to hear he) said no - Surf

"omaha omaha ... nigga im Peyton Manning thats the place for the body" - Calicoe

Surf said Calicoe had a police excort when he battled O-Red

Surf good second round its on Cal rnd 2


"only BMF i know is this Big Muthafuckin' Forty" - Surf


Surf said Calicoe had a police escort when he battled O-Red


Hitman let his lil bro Showout clap tonight!


"you bout to get stuck up hoe ... but you the baddest bitch" - Calicoe


Calicoe's making Surf's homies mad he gettin all in they face!

Calicoe spittin that real shit about legal situations!


"You was skinny dippin with 6 bitches and none of them was in the picture" - Surf

"You battled @Shotgunsuge103 and said you had a show w/ @RickRoss.When, where? Did he know you were there?" @Tsu_Surf

"ill lift it up then lift him up - thats how you verti-cal" - Surf

"pay attention cal - its not what you got its what you lack" - Surf

"Name that 40 December - that's a Cal ender" - @Tsu_Surf

Calicoe bout this life


O-Red vs Hitman Holla


"Tell 'em roll ... bounce before i put sweetness in a box" - Red

"Debo voice - I wanna spend Red money" - Hitman

"Tell my sharp shooter bring me hitman heart" - O-Red

"Will and Jaden ... you'll get a couple smif's after earth" - Red

"Toss that, move out the way and let my brother clap" - Hitman's brother clapped!


"Im standing thurr giving him the mayweather shoulder" *mayweather def. move* - Hitman

"that magazine was the last thing that O Read" - Hitman

"I told Ars send me my bread ... and his half too" - Hitman

"Hitman man was rappign and all of a sudden, O-Red just flew backwards"






Daylyt vs B-Magic



Magic post battle interview #uwbattleleague #uw #rapbattle #highstakes


Daylyt's girl @mari2ahadi slow motion booty POPPIN for Morpheus cray moment #uwbattleleague #uw…


Another pic of magic and Daylyt #uwbattleleague #uw #rapbattle #highstakes


Pic of the fake lux Daylyt brought on stage #uwbattleleague #uw #rapbattle #highstakes


Bars wise Magic won, but Daylyt's performance was LEGENDARY great show!  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


B-Magic killing the 3rd round ... slipped a lil and brought it right back  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"Get the pump to your LA Gear if you step light" - @DaBest_BMagic  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


Daylyt rapping with slo-mo matrix now he's killing it.  Girl slo-mo booty poppin  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


Daylyt just brought the crowd back with a "Pearl Harbor/Battle ship" lin  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


Some people are getting bored with Daylyt's crip lesson, but he is saying some crazy bars  … #uwbattleleague


"Put that gin aside.  This is genocide" @DAYLYT2k #highstakes  …


Daylyt is giving Magic a crip history lesson  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"ill put in work on his chin like Axel Foley" - @DaBest_BMagic  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


B-Magic's second round was crazy  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"You'll see a Day vid Ruffin niggas up - couldn't resist the temptation of a mark out"  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


Daylyt is battling the Lux impersonator  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


Daylyt started 2nd rnd bringing out a Matrix agents fighting a Loaded Lux impersonator  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


It was a good round, but B-Magic may have won that.  He had some real dope lines


"Stick n' weave like a bobby pin" - @DaBest_BMagic  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"Dome shot - lean his body like Smooth Criminal" - @DaBest_Bmagic   … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"I'm fucking day up like a death in the family" #highstakes  …


"ill get the snub nose - Letoya Jackson" - @Dabest_bmagic  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"I wig on him with the mil, I'm Donald Trump'in"  #highstakes  …


"I'm just ahead ... Zordon" - @DAYLYT2k  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"im a king ... Arthur - no wonder I be on the cam a lot" - @DAYLYT2k  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"The blue pill, well thats quill" - hes lettin ppl choose the outcome of battle @DAYLYT2k  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"Is it goin be the red pill or the blue pill" - @DAYLYT2k  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


"I can no longer work for this fuck money, fuck money" - @DAYLYT2k #highstakes  …


Daylyt is dressed like Morpheus from the Matrix  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes


B-Magic vs Daylyt starting now!  … #uwbattleleague #highstakes