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Battle Rap News

Lady Luck vs O'fficial: The Recap - Hosted By Conceited | #Crown2

November 24, 2015, 7:40 pm



Lady Luck & O'fficial recap their amazing battle with each other at Go-Rilla Warfare's Crown 2 event. This one gets very deep and personal but it's dope to see the two ladies respectully break down one another's bars. Order the Crown 2 PPV here to see this battle & more before anyone else.

Interview by @Drect @conceitednyc & @hollywood_stilt











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Go-Rilla Warfare: The Crown 2 Live Coverage

November 21, 2015, 10:50 pm






Our team will be giving you live updates of Go-Rilla Warfare's #TheCrown2 event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

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Aye Verb vs Tsu Surf
Charlie Clips vs Big Kannon
Bigg K vs Math Hoffa
Lady Luck vs O'fficial

Daylyt vs O-Red

Ill Will vs K-Shine 

John John Da Don vs Young Kannon

JC vs Born

Xcel vs Heavy Half









Aye Verb vs Tsu Surf


"U had a bell bottom pants and a shirt wit shoulder odes nigga. You a corn ball!" - Aye Verb


*Surf ended his last round weird. Seemed shorter  


"Dressed like a home invader / Mac clip with 50 gigs ill expose his data" - Tsu Surf


*Feel like Verb and Surf need an extra minute on their rounds.  They are cooking but the ends seems short. Rnd 3 on Surf


"Put a couple holes in his roof that's ventilation / two arms strapped like a mental patient"  - Aye Verb

"Supposed to believe this nigga spray slugs? / I actually fucked up my shoulder tryna show the K Love" - Tsu Surf


"I was around funeral boxes way before fucking Phara" - Tsu Surf


"3 minute rounds they ain't book me for a long time / I ain't had cable I don't know about Showtime" - Tsu Surf


*Seems like the first was good on both sides. Verbs round was longer only difference. We'll call it close  


"I'ma G - strap on me pay the bouncer a g they still search us" - Aye Verb


"I sold everything from the plan b to the herb work" - Aye Verb  


Ok Verb is spitting ... "30 round drum and guess who front row at the musical" - Aye Verb


*Surf had a really good first. It's on verb  


"Tsu Surf got a ghostwriter that's what the nigga said right? / if he got a Ghost writer I swear that nigga DEAD nice" - Tsu Surf


"Indiana Jones Verb u seen me whip Roc" - Tsu Surf

"Gloves ... The cops gotta kiss a front to find the prints" - Tsu Surf


Charlie Clips vs Big Kannon

*RapGrid Result: Clips freestyled most of the battle and Kannon had some good material. Battle should have been better.


*Clips got a good Jersey scheme. "Chris Paul jersey / pierce through his back like Paul jersey"


"When Danny Myers die, you goin be the oldest proving ground nigga I ever met" - Charlie Clips


"New York niggas never leave the crib so I'm making this a home body" - Big Kannon


"Harlem Hospital don't give niggas beds out but Roseland is" - Big Kannon


*Big Kannon said Clips was telling people he fought for Math, but the footage dropped and he said, "sike I lied"


*Clips had a lot of freestyle in the second.


"Go Ginobli when the shit dumpin / In the Spur of the moment I shoot off the glass like Tim Duncan" - Charlie Clips


"See the way I cross words? U seem puzzled / ... chips in a bag - u seem ruffled" - Charlie Clips


"My hand back and forth on her ass - look like I'm DJing" - Charlie Clips


"U ain't even got 500k (views) u ain't seen gold hair (here) since Chris Brown played Rhianna" - good Clips freestyle


*Big Kannon's second round was dope. Let's go Clips! Match that!


"ARP is John Madden - he used Boom to break down a clip" - Big Kannon


*Big Kannon turned up second round!


"You Katana - this bitch man weapon is a fan" - Big Kannon


*Kannon is clowning fans for reacting to Clips bars that don't make sense lol


"I'm that monster that took Charles powers away ... This is Space Jam" - Big Kannon


*Rnd 1 was ok on both sides. Hoping this battle cranks up second round


"Big shell in ya bitch back - we call her Lisa Turtle" - Charlie Clips


*Big Kannon first round was decent.

"It's like Mrs. Doubtfire in a way fam / cause you was raised by a made (maid) man" - Big Kannon



Bigg K vs Math Hoffa

*RapGrid Result: Math Clearly got the first and Bigg K clearly got the third. This is our favorite battle of the night!


"Been through all types of shit but now my aim is to teach / I'm such a stand up nigga sometimes I pray on my feet" - Math Hoffa


"Everything I'm spitting is real life / so how can you relate if you don't know what it feels like" - Math Hoffa


"This is how Brooklyn do, every time I look at you I see the face u made before Dizaster started hooking you" - Bigg K


*If Math's 3rd is fire, this is a all time great battle. It's up to Hoffa to bring it home


*We can't explain how fire Bigg K vs Math is


"They was in there ringing Math buttons like a calculator" - Bigg K


*Bigg K's 3rd round is karma themed. This is dope angle to hear from him


*Yo the second was crazy on both sides. Can't call it. Great battle!


"He hit the block, my son burn him then leave with the tan" - Math Hoffa


*Math's second is crazy too daaaaamn. He just had a crazy air max bar


"Turn K to Bubba Sparxx put that shit in rewind / first he get dropped then he get the Timbaland sign" - Math Hoffa


*Bigg K flamed the second round.  It's on Math


"In in the building dropping 30 on Math like I'm paying tuition fees" - Bigg K


"LOM clothing ... Step into a Hollow" - Bigg K


"U don't want smoke like a vaporizer / Souls on the line it ain't sneakers on the cable wire" - Bigg K


"You put the crack in ya Mouth like the police coming" - Bigg K


"You ate Bonnie's ass ... Math Hoffa the ass gobbler" - Bigg K  


*1-0 Math. Bigg K threw straight punches. Math had a theme that really connected


"Wake up missing drugs and a stack like Far Rockaway" - Math Hoffa


"Hold the chopper steady like polygrip" - Math Hoffa


"Finally Daddy's spending time with me / you look like you belong on Duck Dynasty" - Math Hoffa


"You ain't hard like that / snitches get stitches that's prolly how you got a scar like that" - Bigg K


"Feelin' froggy you get the boot like Battle Toads" - Bigg K

"Set him straight / Right across the forehead like Kevin Gates" - Bigg K


Lady Luck vs O'fficial

*Rap Grid Result: Lady Luck has an older style and her charisma won the room. Ppl will probably say O'fficial won on cam


"You're not a lady if you lay d / that era was golden girl now u just rapping old Lady" - O’fficial


"You walking round with a Dildo but ain't walking around with no deal tho" - O’fficial


"No hotline bling - hot wings, sauce / u not O'fficial u a knock off" - Lady Luck


"Your body fragrance is officially foul - they should call u flagrant" - Lady Luck


"Here's I stand with your future in hand quick to disappear ... Black Chyna" - Lady Luck  


*The crowd loves Luck more I wonder how this will look on camera because O'fficial is saying dope stuff  


*O'fficial is rapping hard u can tell she's mad ..: Ok she's saying some crazy shit not getting the reaction she deserves  


"You not Jordan just because you 45 tryna come back with the Bull" - O’fficial


*Luck kinda raps old school, but then does new schemes and has a crazy personality. A lot of ppl don't know what to say  


*Luck said Official got no neck and she can only deep throat  


*Luck did a scheme with 36 O's and brought the line back & told ppl it was a key. Damn


*Lady Luck's swag is through the roof tho  


*Luck has a hell of a personality. Official is going off but it seems like the crowd just likes Luck  


"Came to the Chi and Jersey won (1) like Derrick Rose" - Lady Luck


"U went from having a proud family to being one on one with just a pop" - O’fficial  


*Offical: "u looked like a nigga last week" Lady Luck: "who would fuck?" *Every guy claps*


"I'll let it sing and bag lady like Erykah Badu" - O’fficial


*Luck blew smoke in Officials face and Official pushed her. Now they snapping  


*Solid first on Luck. Want to see her second she was warming up  


"Pull up in that Dupree & lift that Bow Wow u can't Xcape" - Lady Luck


"Fuck these punchlines in real life u a nobody / how u overweight and still got no body" - Lady Luck


Luck got the updated bars!  

"Cross that line Ima start swinging like the fat under her arm when she waving" - Lady Luck


Daylyt vs O-Red

*RapGrid Result: Daylyt had no antics & O-Red went hard. Seemed like Red was going harder and Day's third was up and down.


"Last time I had a crack rock so big Yung Ill tried to drag it home / this time I had a crack rock so big Yung Ill came to the battle" - Daylyt


*Daylyt going in on the Police. Every time he almost looses the crowd he gets it back


"I don't know if you a man or a bitch ... Sammy Wild 100s" - Daylyt


"funny how all these niggas got beef but none of them willing to slaughter the pigs" - Days 3rd rnd angle


*There's ppl in the crowd talking. Day keep starting his third round over. It demands attention


"If it wasn't for the gwalla I wouldn't even holla, but u know what they say - another Day another dolla" - O-Red


"9 to 5 or make a Day Shift" - O-Red


"See him and treat him like my side bitch calling and I'm wit my main bitch / throw the silence on and let it ring" - Daylyt


"Mutombo vs Air Bud ... Finger wave at ya dogs block" - Daylyt


*Daylyt just had a mansion (man chin) Quagmire line


"I been chasing 0's since '07 now I double 0's should I reload the line? Goldeneye" - Daylyt


*Wtf Daylyt is RAPPING #TheCrown2


*Red had some crazy Matrix bars "I'm like Neo when he lost his sight, I seen nothing but lyt"


"9 get to spittin - you goin need a miracle for divine (Devone) intervention" - O-Red


*O-Red getting mad reaction


"You only fire one round like the Golden Gun" - O-Red


"I treat that shit like getting rid of your side chick for your main chick - I silence her then let it ring" - Daylyt

Daylyt literally just got up there and rapped and did nothing extra. Hmm O-Red maybe Rnd 1 it's close


"They say be careful with the Red Street Fighter - all you can get it let that soak in ... So Ken" - Daylyt


"This is goin be Bad Boy - I box heads off top to like they brought Los in" - Daylyt


"Im making Day lie ( De La) - Soul's are leaving" - O-Red


*O-Red's first is really dope


"I'll crack a (cracker) battle rapper with a Bigg K" - O-Red

"When they see your Ceasar split them Cs'll split" - O-Red


Ill Will vs K-Shine


*RapGrid Result: K-Shine bodied 1 & 2. Ill Will bodied the 3rd. Shine freestyled 3rd round and gave the battle away


*DNA and Shine planned to freestyle the third and Shine just messed up and got boo'd. He might have just gave away the battle #TheCrown2


*Shine just let DNA jump in the battle


"Brrrrrrrrrrrrr bop bop brrrrrrrrrrr bop - sound like Big T & Twista did a song together" - Ill Will


"That tech spit / I'm going through these clips ... I'm bored on Netflix" - Ill Will


"Hit ya botch with a ultrrrrrraaaaa combo and Cinder to the Pearly Gates" - Ill Will


*Ill Will & Mackk Myron just did some crazy double team shit. Crowd goin crazy


"Them guns will have his organs on his front lawn like the Church got evicted" - Ill Will

"Rick Ross on a diet - I Need a pair / He ain't even know he was clapped Charlie Sheen was there" - K-Shine


"Twin revolvers, two thumbs up - way to go" - K-Shine


"I was just 7 on that bull - I am not Kukoč" - Ill Will


*Shine ended a little weak, but he went crazy in the first round. Back to back lines.


"Hit him from the blind side - he ain't even see it coming ... Fetty Wap on a motorcycle" - K-Shine


"When I'm done whipping a sissy think Vivica Fox - that's licks with the butt of the 50" - K-Shine


*Shine is already going ham


"X-factor ass and Miles and battled since Moesha had a show" - K-Shine


*Ill Will respectable first round


"Shine wouldn't catch a body in this club if Diddy made the hit" - Ill Will

"Nice wit the blade but I can't stop shooting - I'm like Yoshimitsu with a Kobe issue" - Ill Will



John John Da Don vs Young Kannon

*RapGrid Result: John John Da Don vs Young Kannon was he best back and forth this far. 2-1 either way


*Johns Johns 3rd is over. The tranny angle was hilarious


John John said YK brought a tranny to a battle "I heard he used KY to bend YK backwards" - John John Da Don


"Think Kannon could win against me / Y'all went out on a limb for thinking shit sweet" - John John Da Don


*We didn't do Young Kannon's 3rd round justice. He said a lot of stuff he didn't catch. Back to back


*YK is going hard. Jeez


"You Shang Tsung - a hat split him in half I'm Kung Lao" - Young Kannon


"You was smokin' on stage but Verb gave you the L and he ain't hit the blunt" - Young Kannon


*Young Kannon got the second. 1-1 going into the 3rd


"Y'all about to see the clown come outta Kannon like we at the circus" - John John Da Don


"This metal made (maid) to sweep the crib like Rosie from the Jetsons" - John John Da Don


*Great second round by Young Kannon. It's on John John


"My Esé's bring tools to your lawn if John Deere (dare)" - Young Kannon


"You remind me of Stringer Bell - you know why nigga?  Cause you got killed by a faggot and a bowtie nigga" - Young Kannon


"You made a league called the Bullpen with no real hitters to bat for you" - Young Kannon


*Young Kannons second round is fire #TheCrown2


*John John 1-0. YK's first round was dope but JJ was crazy


"Gracie & Kannon didn't pay me cause we best of friends / racist y'all made me give him this work for free b/c he Mexican" - John John Da Don


"John seen the (Cena) bitch in him so I came to adjust his Attitude" - John John Da Don


"Squeezing at his set / fuck a multiple choice BITCH - I cheated on the test" - Young Kannon


"Come with Mexican jokes ... Til I pull with the Cartel" - Young Kannon


"They'll find John Lynched when the .47 Buc off safety" - Young Kannon



JC vs Born

*RapGrid Result: JC 2-1. Born took too long to get heated up but his 3rd round was fire.  One of JC's best performances


"You play Dance Dance Revolution after letting your heater pop" - Born


"Everything I earn ash like a surf battle" the crowd laughed then Born remixed it and they went crazy "U-R in the middle of Surf"


"Leave u lying where u stand like perjury/ bar after bar after bar ... That's Bourbon Street " - Born


*Smh this fool Born is KIlLING the 3rd


"All these bodies ... Think about it ... Yellow Tape got the block surrounded" - Born


"It's over for u BlockBusters I can tell from the Netflix" - Born


*Born came out swinging Rnd 3


"I'm quick to hit a Target like back to school shopping" - JC


"Rap wit ur set / What started as a Double Dare got ur career in Jeopary ... U Alex Trebek" - JC


"Crazy with that machine in the house like urkel made it / Flipping bodies out the chamber like urkel basement" - JC


*JC is winning 2-0


*Born lost he crowd. He stumbled a lil bit and got it back.


"U goin play me? / nigga please my name is Joseph, I been sonning JC" - Born

Born has a good Jesus Christ scheme


"The fans came to see JC Born like the 3 wise men" - Born


*If Born doesn't have a good second round it's over. Rnd 2 on Born


*JC is destroying the second round 2


"Can kicking like Lil Chris on Friday" - JC


"I'll be waiting in between Bushes to run & off his (running office) shit I'm Bill Clinton" - JC


*JC is winning 1-0. Rnd 2 on JC


"You done dropped tiers (tears) from the goat like the Jordan meme / point wit the thunder like DJ Augustine" - Born


Born had a crazy Darkwing Duck line


"If I miss the first shot, then JC (j see) a second coming" - Born


*Rnd 1 on Born. JC first round was fire!!!


"Sleep when u rap ... Oxy ... Ozzy, If I was Born (Osbourne) yall woulda seen him pull teeth out his back" - JC


*JC is on another planet!  Born hasn't even gone yet! #TheCrown2


"Ima leave shit spinning - won't be nothing but dust like Remember The Time" - JC


"Like when Simba first came: Born lying goin get him held up for his pride" - JC


*Yo JC came out sooo crazy!  


"When his drop, tubes tied - we ending all chances for Born" - JC



Xcel vs Heavy Half

*RapGrid Result: Xcel had a CRAZY 3rd round. Heavy Half has a very commanding presence. Xcel bats may have overpowered #TheCrown2


*Xcel is BODYBAGGING the 3rd


"How can X miss? Nigga ... My gift is rap" - Xcel


"They got Heavy bagged for 15 minutes of fame!" - Xcel


*Heavy Half just had a dope OJ getting off trial "bitch you not a killer" line


*Heavy Half's mic keeps cutting out. He's moving around a lot.


"That same pen got me out the pen or grabbing a hairpin to end my shit" - Heavy Half


*Solid Rnd 2 on Xcel. Kinda close battle. We'll save our judgements til the 3rd round


*Xcel is heating up!


"No more giving kids shots ... I'm not a pediatrician" - Xcel


"Once I send u up to them gates, you'll have a heaven scent (sent)" - Xcel


*Heavy Half with a crazy line about giving Xcel's wifey money for the uber and slapping her booty


*Rnd 2 on heavy

*Xcel just had a crazy "pen kill you next (necks)" Joe Pesci line


"Big Punisher - they shoulda told you Beware ... You'll die Heavy" - Xcel


"I'll give this heavy nigga the z's (disease) ... Diabetes" - Xcel


"I'll rock you once, put you to sleep - you'll like the Goliath type" - Xcel

"Swave was a body bad he had to start doing karate" - Heavy Half




O-Red vs Hitman Holla presented by UDubb Network

November 20, 2015, 7:10 am



Udubb Battle League has re-released O-Red vs Hitman Holla from their classic High Stakes event (featuring the controversial Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don battle). Udubb will be re-releasing one of the High Stakes battles every week on Throwback Thursdays.


O-Red vs Hitman Holla presented by Udubb Network











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iBattle Worldwide Presents: Deizal Vs Gutta Money

November 19, 2015, 1:15 am



iBattle Worldwide presents Diezal vs Gutta Money from their recent TAKEOV3R event.












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Marvwon: T Rex Was My Last Battle - Marvwon & Quest Mcody Talks Being on URL & 2-on-2's

November 19, 2015, 1:13 am



In a new interview with 15 Minutes Of Fame Radio, Quest MCody & Marvwon talk about battling on URL, 2 on 2 battles, and the state of battle rap in Michigan.


Interview by @15moferadio











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Math Hoffa vs Iron Solomon: Recalling A Classic | Rap Grid

November 15, 2015, 9:22 pm



For many, Iron Solomon vs Math Hoffa was the battle that united both sides of the battle world. Watch as Drect sits down with both legendary emcees to recall one of the best moments in rap battle history.


Interview by @Drect











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GO-Rilla Warfare Crown 2 Ultimate Guide / Predictions (@Daylyt2k & @Drect) | #Crown2

November 12, 2015, 11:43 pm



Daylyt & Drect break down one of the most anticipated cards of the year, Go-Rilla Warfare's Crown 2 - featuring Aye Verb vs Tsu Surf, Charlie Clips vs Big Kannon and much more. Click here to pre-order the PPV, available exclusively on Rap Grid.












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Available Now: Power II PPV, Presented by BBG

November 11, 2015, 4:21 am



Power 2 is a brand new PPV event from Barbarian Battle Grounds, featuring Quest MCody vs Math Hoffa, Marvwon vs T-Rex, B Magic vs Mackk Myron, Midwest Miles vs Head I.C.E. & more. Available now, exclusively on Rap Grid. Buy the PPV here.


Power 2 PPV Available Now On Rap Grid | Presented by Barbarian Battle Grounds 











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November 10, 2015, 4:40 am



Rare Breed Entertainment has released one of the most anticipated matches from their Blood, Sweat, & Tiers 3 event, Arsonal vs Showoff. Watch the full battle below.














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Battle Of The Zae (BOTZ) 4.5 Highlights

November 10, 2015, 4:36 am



Check out some highlights from Dirtbag Dan's Battle Of The Zae 4.5. Watch full BOTZ battles & episodes of The Dirtbag Dan Show at Counter Productive.



BOTZ 4.5 Highlights [Beat Produced by Skylar G]











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