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Battle Rap News

URL: #NOME5 Live Coverage

May 9, 2015, 5:24 pm




Our team will be giving you live updates of URL's: #NOME5 event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

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Tsu Surf vs Tay Roc

*Tsu Surfs 3rd round ended a little light. Crowd restless. Event is over but more footage coming*


“Burn the crib. Cops smell that rock is cookin” - Tsu Surf


“Ain't nuthin candy about me, I should pop Roc in his mouth” - Tsu Surf


“I will have you on I.V. for the right numeral” - Tay Roc


“Don't try to be Sopranos, we in the cut, low-key like the left side of the piano” - Tay Roc


“That nena pretty girl the grip is pearl send u to a different world” - Tay Roc


“You didn't have no gun gestures when u battled Red. I showed u how the tech pop” - Tsu Surf


“I don't know how I get here, but it's my favorite place. I'll BOW your head, boy u better say grace” - Tsu Surf

“U got a lot of guns in ur rounds - I got a lot of rounds in my guns” - Tsu Surf

“Hollows to his cage — that’s how u make rib tips” - Tsu Surf

“I’ma let the slug spirals. Surf will be on the turf after all them subtitles” - Tay Roc

“Head shot. Docs gotta make up his mind. That sound picky” - Tay Roc


“I'll hit this cat in the hat and they gotta doctor tsu's cap” - Tay Roc


“Son get. He ain't wanna give up his coke so bullets what son kiss” - Tay Roc


"I mastered the Art of War ... How could he Sun Tzu" - Tsu Surf


*Surf going in on Smack not paying Tay Roc*

“Banana in his mouth like ‘I’ma drop a dime on this nigga’” - Tsu Surf


“Jupiter. He plant it in your head and yall gas Roc” - Tsu Surf


“See now. We getting rock off the glass like a rebound” - Tsu Surf


“Kenneth Cole is what rock a wear in his casket” - Tsu Surf


“I'm on his block limping w/ a biscuit - Fred Durst” - Tsu Surf


“I’ll have you and your flag hangin off the balcony like I’m glad to be an American” - Tay Roc

“When this burner ring it ain't on a electric stove” - Tay Roc

“Two 9s. Nicki, Mina. U could menage w/ em” - Tay Roc

“Touch my property I’m a show you where the morgue get u” - Tay Roc

“Ur head rammed on the steering wheel like the dodge emblem” - Tay Roc

“No bull shit u. I'm a make u apologize then show u what the four give u” - Tay Roc

“They say I'm loony and a maniac I tried to warn a brother” - Tay Roc


“Next shot. Paralyzed from the neck down. He can't even play his XBOX” - Tay Roc

Hollow Da Don vs Charlie Clips


Don't need that. I. I didn't even battle u for myself. I killed u so my little brother could have queens back - Charlie Clips


U like Paul Pierce - "u the truth but u goin end your career with this Wall in front of you" - Charlie Clips


"I finally pick Balrog and learned u could charged for a punch" - Charlie Clips


“He chose a name that mean empty, but your whole career u been full of shit” - Charlie Clips


*3rd was shaky for hollow*


“You’re right the devil wear prada, cuz I’m about to get in my evil bag” - Hollow Da Don


“I’ma palm the tooly, he gonna take shots to the head like John Belushi” - Hollow Da Don


“Split your shit right before I left the room, nigga that’s an exit wound” - Hollow Da Don



"You be standing here pointing and playing with the answer like Eric Snow" - Hollow Da Don


"U be standing here dancing around questions - thats what got your pop locked" - Hollow Da Don


“U was standing there. Dancing around questions but that's what got ur Pop lock” - Hollow Da Don


*Clips multiple choice on how Hollow fell when he fought John John - JJDD comes out & says "All of the above”*


Lom NYB tall always getting ur Pom poms. But where were tall when he was getting washed my John John - Charlie Clips


*Crowd boo'd Clips and he says "shut up the booze, hop in the whip we bout to go for a ride" *crowd goes crazy*


*Cortez is getting roasted for taking Hollows side when clips let him live in his crib*


*Clips goes to say "skye I lied" and goes "damn I don't own it no more*


"He was drinking a cupcake - no mistake ... He was actually drinking a cup of cake" - Hollow Da Don


"Now that I'm giving you the business *points at crowd* watch them start losing interest" - Hollow Da Don


*Hollow just admitted he's the one selling the "Psyche I lied" tshirts and got the phrase copywritten*


*Hollow talking about Charlie's bad business.  WOW he copyrighted Clips' slogan*


“That's symmetry / these burners and gloves go together ... That's chemistry” - Hollow Da Don


“Half the beef. He left ruby Tuesday's and went to Friday's to get a Sunday he just ate half the week” - Hollow Da Don


“Put 2 in his abs and he was standing there looking at shit never knew he had” - Hollow Da Don


*Hollow just spit everyone's name backwards*


"Needed an extension for Loaded, I could worry bout little Clips - Hollow Da Don


"How u clean T but couldn't was Budden up (button-up)" - Charlie Clips


“Fuckin suck. How u was able to wash big t but couldn't wash button up” - Charlie Clips


"Gun Ike u gotta squeeze it just a lil / the kickback will surprise u like Tina in the Limo" - Charlie Clips


"Let that shit POW brutha, it fuck around and mark us all (Marc Gasol)” - Charlie Clips


“Arms out, everyone in your squad get it. That’s a group hug” - Charlie Clips


“Smoke bombs at ur apt door Niggas coughing. They ain't feel wheezy this much since Carter 4” - Charlie Clips


“Rondo working out in the gym - the biggest 9 / shot him in Eastern - the nigga died in Pacific time” - Charlie Clips


“I'm not shook. I ain't seen my father in 20 yrs but still know how my pops look” - Charlie Clips


“Better b. U voice horse. U leave niggas sleepy, hollow. That's the reason ur not ahead me” - Charlie Clips


“Summer. If ur moms do hook on mine we gon jump ur mutha” - Charlie Clips



"My mom would fuck ur mom up" - Hollow Da Don


“At they crib it's hilarious. Instead of arguing they actually start battling” - Hollow Da Don


“U hittin Couture. For bands I wouldn't smash that expensive guitar” - Hollow Da Don


“U a candy rapper wit 4 bars you's a (crowd says Kit Kat) - SEE how easy it is to SPITDAT!” - Hollow Da Don


*Hollow is reinventing. He punching without saying the punch*


*Hollows first is crazy. Breaking Charlie down*


*Turns to SMACK* "Since Da Don been gone you turned to Scott Baio & put Charles In Charge - Hollow Da Don


*Damn. Hollow Da Don performing his ass off*


1st two. Was hot. And the third got stuck like the old clips - Hollow Da Don


No daps for that Oh. U just wanna be friends and play w these words. Well they got apps for that - Hollow Da Don


“I wasn't gonna show up today. My grandma got bit by a bee hall” - Hollow Da Don


Jaz The Rapper vs O'fficial


“Butt is something that you don’t have Jaz. You only got a cute face, so that makes you half bad” - O’fficial


*Jaz The Rapper talking dirty about Queen Of The Ring & doing a Debo impression*


"If u talks show up cause everybody I face light ... Charlemagne" - Jaz The Rapper


"I battle periodically now I'm taking bitches out they element ... I taking out O2" - Jaz The Rapper


“That chopper got a job, and I’m gonna give him a big raise” - O’fficial


“I'll spray Magenta on the wall. I'm tryin to Jaz up the place” - O’fficial


“The pistol gon put u fast asleep. That's a Glock- Coma” - O’fficial


“Help the bitch. I got a clip so long that shit look like a selfie stick” - Jaz The Rapper


“Swing man. Smack the reason u got the box. He's your wingman” - Jaz The Rapper


“Is Jaz a cunt or what. Hey Norbes 3-0. I should get Debo to fuck you up!” - O’fficial


“When I give Jaz five she gon snap back in Will Smith” - O’fficial


*Never seen Jaz get hit this hard*


“When u see Jazz Lyin she ain't talkin about her virginty” - O’fficial


“Hoodoo. Bitch behind me with a ugly butt. That's NUNU!!” - O’fficial


*Seriously O’fficial making the floor shake*


“Pass go. It's not a game. I'm takin everything she Has Bro” - O’fficial


“Stop it now cuz in reality u ain't gon be on smack till after the ring, you Bobby Brown” - O’fficial


“Stop alReady?  Pop a gun. Jaz, u were afraid to even pop ur cherry” - O’fficial


*Got Dammmmmmm. @JazTheRapper is snappin on everybody*


“I said no. The bitch with titties. He said, Ohhh you mean Goodz!” - Jaz The Rapper


“I made sure to tell him u good. I said official. He said who? I said the one w the titties. He said, oh Suge?” - Jaz The Rapper


“U dont even fit in. Smack don't even know u he almost charged u to get in” - Jaz The Rapper


“Keep that fat tucked official or we gon need a replacement ref if u don't back up official” - Jaz The Rapper


“I’mma talk crazy to official, just so I can get the tech” - Jaz The Rapper


“U know the drill Do or die. And the fact that u gotta touch these rounds make it harder. U doin suicides” - Jaz The Rapper


“I can't get charged twice for gettin rid of the 40 that's double jeopardy” - Jaz The Rapper


“Wild heat. She came to the ring with the towel. She val venis” - Jaz The Rapper


Serius Jones vs D.N.A.

“gTFOH =Got The Face Of Hurt, Got To Fox Oral Hygiene” - Serius Jones


*word is, Drake is in the building*


“A-Train to the last stop. Tay Rock washed u. U didn't have to take it that far Rock” - Serius Jones


"Yall think he's not ass? He must love Lost Boys cause he Mr. Cheeks" - Serius Jones


“That sucks. How u gonna talk about a nigga gettin dropped when u never been picked up” - Serius Jones


“Get his crew the fuck out of here. Get serius jones and that woo the fuck outta here. One legend down. Now get Mook the fuck outta here” - DNA


“stop. The way he got jin to switch I thought he was the Kardashians pop” - DNA


“I jumped up. Grabbed my toof out the water and said "whenever wherever this nigga dead” - DNA


DNA starts 3rd with a fire rebuttal "u be in the hood more than me cause I been on a trans mission"


*Standing ovation. Serius just won the whole battle off that round. Momentum swinger -DNA needs a miracle*


“Jerk. Now I'm back on Smack like the Methadone didn't work” - Serius Jones


*Yall just don't understand.  Serius Jones has dropped all fire lines back to back.  No filler this whole round*


“If u dis. I pull and put ur last supper on Clips grandmas wall” - Serius Jones


“U know who Judas's is. U was hangin off my wood. Now u wanna cross me?  That's something that ur crew should fix” - Serius Jones


*Serius Jones is DESTROYING this round with bible references. Every line is a crowd pleaser*


“You don’t got bars like that. Heard he tapped your chin? Guess u got a jaw like that” - DNA


“Missing tooth..I’m Eddie Murphy in Harlem Nights. I’m quick to shoot” - DNA


“Yo serius. U fuckin up a bad rhyme. Stop talkin while I rap. U saw what happen last time” - DNA


“Major buzz. This tech smokin left chest open - that's vapor rub. See [email protected]@comin out the locker like players club” - DNA


“Said jones is too ill. I'm too I'll too jones at Nome I beat Young and Ill. That's 2 ills too Jones” - DNA


*Serius’ whole round was clock/watch wordplay. Crowd not fucking with it*


"The code word for DNA is 3:45 ... That means put hands on him either way" - Serius Jones


“If you rub me the wrong way, I’ll puncture the right spot” - Serius Jones


*Serious has some shit but punches aren't quite landing. He hasnt lost the crowd though*


“Too many lush's in this culture. Hanging around bars but tryin to cheat tabs” - Serius Jones


"U talking about a niggas battle rap career is like a bum peeking in ya window and criticizing the furniture" - Serius Jones


“Wedding singer. I told a bitch I was battlin DNA. She thought I was going on jerry springer.” - Serius Jones


“Blown up. Put u two on the stage at the same time and I'll have both y'all chess's throwin up” - Serius Jones


*People love Serius Jones, crowd gives him ultimate silence*


“I'm so fuckin mean with it except this clips will kill a Jone before I do another scheme with it” - DNA


*pic of DNA vs Serius Jones on the big screen in the venue*

"Told you. Good news I spoke to Lush One, now here's the bucks that he owe you” - DNA


“Math tapped your chin, I’m breaking u down to fractions now” - DNA


“Clip is special. If that's the one u marryin jones I'll strip the metal” - DNA


“can. For talkin silly the four is wit me. I'm Lt. dan” - DNA


"whhhhhewwwwww ... Now before we start I had to get the Math right" - DNA


Smack got the crowd chanting "If it don't happen on URL it don't count”


Aye Verb vs K-Shine


*Word is K-Shine 3-0'd*


“We had a fight on YouTube. That nigga bit me and I but him back” - K-Shine


*Shine's style has evolved. He's killing multiple topics, and doing super effective real talk.*


*Shine said all real niggas that got locked up know about being nice to a loose chick just so she can bring the goodies through*


*Verb might have got the first, but he's getting booed. It's the 3rd on shine. He can catch a body now*


“Patients. Don't get quiet. Open your mouth. This is dyin and you been dyin to taste this” - Aye Verb


"started off good then u had a long flat line like trauma patient / ain't beating me u ain't a dominatrix" - Aye Verb


*Crowd getting mad verb keeps calling shine gay.  Crowd had enough*


*Damnnn verb is falling apart*


*Verb just said he was molested by his babysitter*


*Verb just did Showtime but nobody said it with him*


*Verb missed a pause and is getting groans*


*NY crowd hates Verb. It's ridiculous.  It's going to overshadow K-Shines great performance on cam*


*Back to normal we good now. SMACK made everyone step back*


*Hitman and started arguing with Shine. Rain had to break up Verb and Hitman from fighting Shine and his mans*


*Verb in a pushing Match w Kshine on stage*


*Hitman Holla & Aye Verb on stage looking like they're about to fight*


*After Verbs opening line to his 3rd someone on the crowd heckled him and everyone started laughing*


Shine ends the round, "fuck this niggas haircut and then cheap ass sweatpants ZIP EM UP"


"Let it spray, family dressed for a wedding day / look like they tryna ride for Freddie Gray" - K-Shine


"The 40 Mexican ... I can put it to work for nothing" - K-Shine


“You battled your brother (@HitmanHolla) - and he standing right there, sucka” - K-Shine


*K-shine started the 3rd so tough talking about being loyal to Dot Mobb*


*Round 2 on K-Shine. Aye Verb’s second kinda fell short. Crowd getting restless*


"your ass grabbed, tried to fuck a tranny, gave Phara chlamydia & had bump on ur mouth 4 a month" - Aye Verb


"Shine took one sip of that alcohol and became 6'4" - Aye Verb


*Verb talking about behind-the-scenes action during the Total Slaughter reality show. Saying K-Shine needs to drink to act hard*


*Welp ... It was funny but the crowd is booing verb now*


*Verb is telling a hilarious story right now*


*Round 2 on Aye Verb. Crowd definitely riding with K-Shine so far. No surprises*


“Hollow get a hollow tip, right where his brother be” - K-Shine


*Crowd already going nuts for K-Shine*


"How the fuck you a verb when you don't condone any action?" - K-Shine


*Round 1 on K-Shine. Aye Verb’s 1st was pretty strong. Not getting the NYC hate yet*


*Aye Verb calling Loaded Lux out on stage now*


"Any pickle or beef I been in, I relished it" - Aye Verb


"Don't wanna see you before the battle - like a @Rain910 video" - Aye Verb

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Charlie Clips vs Hollow Da Don - Who Wins? | #OnTheGrid

May 8, 2015, 1:52 am


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May 7, 2015, 4:47 pm



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Infamouz Battles presents: C3 vs Joe Cutter || The Re-Up







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WATCH INFAMOUZ BATTLES' THE RE-UP PPV : John John vs Cali Smoov, Lotta Zay vs Fredo

PURCHASE RBE'S BLOOD, SWEAT, & TIERS 2 PPV: Daylyt vs. Ooops, Ill Will vs. Showoff, & more



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May 6, 2015, 2:13 pm



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iBattle Worldwide's Allegiance 3 Teaser.







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WATCH INFAMOUZ BATTLES' THE RE-UP PPV : John John vs Cali Smoov, Lotta Zay vs Fredo

PURCHASE RBE'S BLOOD, SWEAT, & TIERS 2 PPV: Daylyt vs. Ooops, Ill Will vs. Showoff, & more



#AllegianceIII PPV is now live!

May 5, 2015, 4:23 pm



Our Allegiance III PPV is now live! Buy here and watch here after purchasing. Featuring Xcel vs Hazey Williams, Showoff vs Bangz, Mike P vs Tapedeck, and more.








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WATCH INFAMOUZ BATTLES' THE RE-UP PPV : John John vs Cali Smoov, Lotta Zay vs Fredo

PURCHASE RBE'S BLOOD, SWEAT, & TIERS 2 PPV: Daylyt vs. Ooops, Ill Will vs. Showoff, & more



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May 1, 2015, 8:07 pm

Before Rookies vs Vets, Prep was approached by a certain battle rappers aunt at the hotel.  To protect all involved parties, the battle rapper will not be named.  Just know Prep got the number.


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