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Battle Rap News

Daylyt & Swave Sevah Talk Impact Of Their SM3 Battle Being Cancelled & Possible Reschedule For GTT

September 13, 2015, 11:44 pm


What would have happened if the Summer Madness 3 main event battle went down as scheduled?  Daylyt & Swave Sevah talk about a possible reschedule at Grind Time Then and the implications of Daylyt's actions after the event.


Interview by @Drect















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Rone Talks About His 3rd Round For Big T Going Viral Due To "Fat People Hate" Forums

September 13, 2015, 11:40 pm


Rone's third round against Big T went viral earlier this year, due to a well-written angle focusing on his opponent's size and the issue of obesity in America. In a new interview with Drect, Rone discussed why it ended up reaching so many people and how it was recieved.


Interview by @Drect















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RBE's Blood Sweat & Tiers 3 | Lift His Soul 2 PPV is now live!

September 10, 2015, 10:19 pm



Rare Breed Entertainment's Blood Sweat & Tiers 3 | Lift His Soul 2 PPV is now live! Buy here and watch here after purchasing. $35 gets you access to the PPV featuring Arsonal vs Showoff, Charlie Clips vs Ah Di Boom, JC vs Big Kannon, Danny Myers vs Chilla Jones and more!






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Daylyt & His Wife Talk About Sleeping In A Car & Dealing With Racism Before Moving From Watts

September 8, 2015, 11:55 pm


Daylyt and Mari Ahadi tell a powerful story about making it out of one of the worst neighborhoods in America. More footage from this interview will be released over the next few weeks - make sure to subscribe to Rap Grid on YouTube so you don't miss anything.


Interview by @Drect















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Pass Reflects On Battling Iron Solomon & Illmaculate At Scribble Jam

September 8, 2015, 11:46 pm



Pass takes us back to 2005, when he first got a shot at the international spotlight after stellar performances against Iron Solomon and Illmaculate at the legendary Scribble Jam event in Cincinatti, Ohio.


Interview by @Drect















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Rare Breed Ent: Blood Sweat & Tiers 3 | Lift His Soul 2 Live Coverage

September 5, 2015, 7:32 pm





Our team will be giving you live updates of RBE's #LHS2 and #BST3 event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

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Arsonal vs. Showoff
Charlie Clips vs Ah Di Boom
Danny Myers vs Chilla Jones
Cortez vs Jimz
Bill Collector vs Jai
Ooops vs Born
P Dot vs Breezy Nice

JC vs Big Kannon

Uno Lavoz vs Zur Money 

Ya Boy Clip vs Jay Scott


For exclusive access to these battles beginning next week, buy the PPV here.







Danny Myers vs Chilla Jones

It's over. The weekend was crazy. JC vs Kannon was certified. Danny vs Chilla was a dead heat. Bill collector put on. Jimz showed out. Shouts to RBE.

I'm coming to Jonestown to kill him with the punch = Danny Myers

Screaming and running around the whole stage. I gon be the first rapper to die of old age - Chilla Jones

Toss dynamite in ur casket. Now it's a boom box - Chilla Jones

Get ur pops smacked over checks. I'm not taking cereal - Chilla Jones

Stock destroy your family like the Great Depression - Danny Myers

I'm gonna use my home like I'm trying to get unemployment - Danny Myers

I'm clickin on u like a 3-way convo - Chilla Jones

Mini gun got me walkin like I was born with a club foot - Danny Myers

We pick in signs like we was boycotting - Danny Myers

Shots spread like gossipy when shit spread thru ya chest Like nautica - Chilla Jones

Sorry for sparse quotes. Too many punches

Medics apply pressure everywhere Kiel they job huntin - Danny Myers

You Shang tsung the soul owner of a style you stole from me - Chilla Jones

Put u in a black box like flight record, yo ARP - hope this nigga got life insurance. - Chilla Jones




Uno Lavoz vs Zur Money


U like fiend bitches? I bet every window in ur house got the screens missing - Zur Money

Sixty seconds, think illuminati cuz sometimes u gotta fold money up to get the message - Uno Lavoz

Shit ain't as real as it seem because if money try angles Shit better be a pyramid scheme - Uno Lavoz

Clown?  U would think that @LushOne booked u. Cuz after this money will never found - Uno Lavo

Bad move. The crime scene will look like kids finger painting with Ragu - Uno Lavoz

Have u look on like DNa 8 and 8 have u scared of getting hit by this 16 - Uno Lavoz

Fashion. You'll get hit. Then I'll [email protected] again like u was relapsing. - Uno Lavoz

Tell me. Now we can all see this night over bite like a Denzel meme - Lavoz

RBE called me up like yo I want u to battle Lux. I'm like fuck that I want s bigger name - Uno Lavoz



Big Kannon vs JC

Great battle 2-1 JC


This cap still in the air. This the intro to a different world - JC


It take one peek at u to know I'm not the one to put in them rounds - JC

Kannon u know what's up. Get him stabbed while the cameras rolling that's bonus cuts - JC

News flash. This is war kannons gettin fired at home like this the civil war - JC

It wouldnt take much for me to kill u.My body is overcame with Novocain meaning I still don't feel you. - Big Kannon still goin off top


U said it so easy a caveman could do it so why were u the first to get Rocked and couldn’t construct a round - Big Kannon (rebuttal)


Still comfortable since that JC vs Chilla wave. Cuz I final got that mili in - JC

Man Big Kannon vs JC is a classic already.

We know the boy Polaroids, make sure he get the picture on the spot - JC


Rubber on the steel like the tire flat. Waiting on the fifth like I can't find the jack - JC


Wish his family Well. Have him staring down at that 357 like when he stand on a scale - JC

Make news as missing. Took who Yall thought was top rhyming. Showed them I use my noodle different - JC

People think I'm too famous to take this pussy, they are Cosby supporters - Big Kannon

U the cheapest of the writers. Are have this nigga 300 to go to water what are u lionidas?  - Big Kannon

Now he the ice cube of the group. What my meaning is- he gettin no credit for writing all that Easy shit - Big Kannon

Turn this battle bar to avatar. Now mine controlling the movement - JC

I left the can in kannon. Candid camera they didn't even know he was shooting. - JC

Ur going against a mind sharper the the folds in military clothes - JC

I'm just showin u which portion is mine no matter who he sacrifice what made u think JC wouldn't turn water to wine - JC

I get the feelin,Yall gon need a better superintendent for the shithe building - JC

Kids he use the bullets? The only hit Man U call, reuses bullets - JC



Jai vs Bill Collector

Shout out @ItsARP real quick. I think he's the best host in the biz and he makes RBE feel like a community


No bias Jai is one of my favorite up and comers but I give it decisively to Bill Collector  


Man Bill Collector Beasted


You got ass kicked. No exaggeration. Did a bunch of blogs about it. No retaliation - Jai

Bill Collector is cooking right now

You’re battle rappers bird lips how u duck Bill - Bill Collector

J a I. Ballin with ur movements in question, J AI - Bill Collector

White men can't jump cuz we all know Bill, He Ho, and Rose, he Perez - Jai

Glad u waiting I'm a g ps, I provide u with the navigation. If caps up, Jai's down: graduation - Bill Collector

Let me chill on that real shit like ur supposed to do cuz when u keep it real the people say u emotional - Bill Collector

If u and suge had a fight. Ur so charged up in the hood u sayin u couldn't stall it out ? - Bill Collector

Your pride gonna be like u after the fight - You gon’ be left swoll once I start to black we aint seen Bill hold the iron since CaddyShack - Jai


You're famous off having a knot - Jai




Jay Scott vs Ya Boy Clip


Pretty definitive Ya Boy Clip took it

I got Dwayne Wayne glasses. That's rounds that flip on sight - Ya Boy Clip

Kill. Battle rap is watered down cuz Yall be letting it spill - Ya Boy Clip

Does J Live it. Assume he does. Take cans to the face like trying to recoup your buzz - Jay Scott


Call my squad daily couldn't hold my weight if u squat daily - Jay Scott


Like a west in da end in gonna hit the guy in knees - Ya Boy Clip

Bail with him. They get the work just for knowing u. That's nepotism - Jay Scott  

What's stopping ya?  Ur style ain't unique. Bed stuy nigga I get it. Junior Mafia -Jay Scott  

If I aim. In given his tooth the k. Because I'm not trying to see death nigga or a jail - Ya Boy Clip

Miss u. Head shot. Yall gonna need 1000 sheets to wipe the shit from Scott tissue - Ya Boy Clip

Hold son. Get Japanese stitches. I mastered war I show gun - Jay Scott

It won't give this man a cure when it nail clip - Jay Scott



Charlie Clips vs Ah Di Boom

I’d call it a draw 1-1

80's prom picture. Everybody going out with a bang - Ah Di Boom

PPL always talkin like they got mad macks but the cig smoking in another niggas hands - Ah Di Boom

Desire. Statue of Liberty. Every time I reach its fire. - Ah Di Boom

They used to put u on a pedestal. U boshed up. Now u on a badet. Ur ass washed up - Ah Di Boom

U better stand behind what's in that grill before I Norbes ya shit - Ah Di Boom

Ruger clap. Big shell on ur spine. U got the king coupa back - Charlie Clips

I cant lie. Clips is cooking right now

U dated my ex girl. But now u broke. So where the cash at. - Charlie Clips

Gem Star this the SIM card he don't get the message till its in his back - Charlie Clips

This ain't the Kevin gates show. U kick me this little bitch kicking back - Charlie Clips

Clips said you took my hairline my body and my 5o'Clock shadow


Cortez vs Jimz



I don't give a fuck about my Pg takin a year to drop cuz I'm not diva. I was more mad at @streetstarnorbe cuz he shot Selena- Jimz


I don't know how to be faithful. I learned there's no such thing as Friends the day Joey fucked Rachel - Jimz

This is rare breed pussy. Where rappers get punched for thinking battles only count on Smack - Jimz

U got robbed for that battle with ice. Then u got robbed for ur ice in a battle with life - Jimz

U threw shots and made ur point on Cort. But u forget I'm the one that made that lane - Cortez

Wow Cortez is snappin in the 3rd

Jimz just did a horror movie scheme off all his tattoos - Jimz

Carrying heat airnout a pussy that is a queef - Jimz

I remembered when I realized I could come up from hustlin. That's why I almost cried the first time that I cut an onion - Jimz

It's like the Knocks front office. They built the whole team around Cort to bring that old feel back - Cortez

Now that the coast is clear think Jared from subway it's been child's play my whole career - Cortez

Spit that dumb shit. Either way this round 28 grams. 1- zip - Jimz

That's surgery. Bang hammers that will have bullets lyin in Cort. That's perjury - Jimz

Fuck ur kid. I'm showing no curtesy so u better keep ur sun close that's Mercury - Jimz

U was a fast starter but this yung thug here to take ur name like the last carter. - Jimz

This is special. Like a Jamaican saying in insane Monumental - Jimz

Big difference. U workin with D's and I'm workin with dees - Cortez

I'm a bear steal cans If u thinkn that core's light - Cortez

I'm snuffin Jimz I dare u to swing over these bars I'm from the jungle Jimz - Cortez

His botch won't heel. I'm gettin Jimmy Chewed - Cortez



Ooops vs Born

Beyond that ARP know he made a mistake. It said oops on the contract - Born

U don't look physically sick who gives a fuck ur dealing with shit.  30 ppl in battle rap dealin w shit he the only one who want da pity assist - Born

See where I'm going with this? He missed every fucking shot that's why he had a classic with Brixx - Ooops

U battled Lux. Now u battling me. What the fuck wrong did u do to God - Ooops

Stay on. I got the power to touch souls through words. This is a seance - Ooops

So far it's 1-1

How'd u lose to day s d lose today. Had to watch light lines go through u like a saber sword - Ooops

Act like u a big man and I'm a bruise Bruce till this comic try to stand up - Born

Pocket checked another activist that died of a shotgun like Malcom x - Ooops

Punches back to back to back.  U ain't see that coming  well Joe, bye then u ain't see that comin? - Ooops

Ur name Joseph Jackson. That gift u ain't using it right. All those weak punchlines. U abusing the mic - Ooops

More tha. That trash to stop me. Poison pen. This about to be a massive homi - Born

The case is gonna be a slam dunk once they find u in the alley oops - Born

Actions do. Papashango  go the the rest of u wanna see me in the ring workin Magic - Born

At his section the wrong word and these techs do the auto correcting - Ooops

I was looking after that. The shady shit Hoffa pulled vs Red. I'm going after Math - Ooops

Snap on. Think baby mummification.  I'm here to wrap born - Ooops



Rosenburg Raw vs J Murda


I'm boxing raw two up top and 3 below but that's different zones pick and roll - J Murda

I heard he bi racial this mac will do u dirty like ur Puerto Rican side, remove ur Puerto Rican pride - Rosenburg Raw

Soldier made. The hook will hurt him got him walking like he got shot in both his legs - Rosenburg Raw

My uncle smoked crack in front of my little sister when he went to bed I went his room n broke the glass like Shaq in his prime - J Murda


Let's see how far he can go when he get a cap to his side - J Murda

My man will split u in two and he double u with his new shit - J Murda


Rose choked in the 2nd


Sissy. When I press that button ur getting stuck like the controller dirty - Rosenburg Raw

When I raise the lama it's drake and Madonna. It get nasty when that 50 in ur mouth - J Murda

U been watching my battles? Keep watching on my side of town they murk niggas for eavesdropping - Rosenburg Raw

That battle was mild sauce. yall both lost 2-1 nigga the crowd lost - Rosenburg Raw

He got that Prez Mafia PG starter kit flow - Rosenburg Raw


We two diff type of light skinned. U open toed snaffle ass rapper - Rosenburg Raw


P Dot vs Breezy Nice



Breezy Nice is blackin out. This is a good showing for him.

I'd rather shoot when I nigga in my face I feel like Jr Smith when he not open -P Dot

Snootin back to back, shooting back to back, shootin back to back when u see dees skippin - Breezy

Dinner roll. pass the AR to P and I'm a lift his soul - P Dot

Dollar van. It's fuck breeZy for life like a die hard Rhianna fan - P Dot

When u see dot should I give him a round up or a round down- that depends on the estimate - Breezy Nice













Rone on Calling Norm Kelly A B*tch: "He Stepped Into The Lions Den"

September 4, 2015, 1:31 am



Rone discusses his legendary rebuttal to Toronto councilor Norm Kelly after he stepped into the ring in support of Kid Twist during their battle at KOTD's World Domination 5 event. Be sure to check out our full coverage of #WD5 Day One and Day Two.


Interview by @Drect















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Illmaculate & The Saurus on 2 vs 2 Battles: "No One Teaming Up In The Modern Era Can Do What We Did"

September 4, 2015, 1:23 am



2 on 2 battle pioneers and champs, The Saurus and Illmaculate reflect on their history and share their thoughts about the evolution of the format.


Interview by @Drect















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Dizaster Details His Issues With Eurgh

September 4, 2015, 1:14 am



After KOTD's World Domination 5 event, we sat down with Dizaster to talk about why he dressed up as "DizastEurgh" vs Sketch Menace and what issues he has with the Don't Flop battle rapper. Be sure to check out our full coverage of #WD5 Day One and Day Two.


Interview by @Drect















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Best Battles of the Month: August 2015

September 1, 2015, 7:51 pm



We've put together a playlist of some of the August's best battles. Take a look at a few highlights below and click here for the full playlist. If you feel like we missed something, leave a comment on Facebook or get at us on Twitter.


KOTD - Rap Battle - Dizaster vs Chilla Jones















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