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Battle Rap News


October 23, 2014, 1:27 am


Image by Rehab Regime




By: Jon Reiss


Having covered pretty much every big NYC battle event for the past 2 years for RapGrid there are a few type of people I’ve gotten used to meeting, over and over again. Battle Rap has a core group of fans but at every big event there are a few new heads that are experiencing their first big battle.  These aren’t the only the people you’ll meet at a battle. There’s also drunk white girl, dude that’s trying to take drunk white girl home, guy that’s going to get a photo with every person whose ever spit a battle bar and even cops.  Last time, I shit you not, there were two cops outside Irving Plaza and once no one else was outside, a lady cop took out her phone and shows it to the other cop and all the sudden I hear, “Get that hat the fuck outta here, since he said I’m goin lose, get Smack the fuck outta here!”  And the other cop goes, “So what he’s yelling?  I don’t get it.“  Meanwhile inside DNA was getting roasted by Tay Rock.


Aside from cops and drunk white people.  Here’s the five types of people you see at every battle.


1.    Mr. Boo Face


This guy comes to the battle just to boo.  How often in life do you get to straight boo at somebody from the top of their lungs? Better yet, how often do you get to boo somebody who is performing the equivalent of poetry that they just spent months writing?  I’ve gotten to the point where I can spot boo face before the event even starts.  You can tell by the way he carries himself, his palms are sweaty, knees weak, he’s usually fat in the belly and he’s practically shaking in anticipation of the first weak bar.


2.    The Guy Who Hasn’t Been to a Battle Since ‘99


This guy hasn’t been to a battle since that time his boys started up on the corner and so after he watches the first battle, he suddenly thinks he’s figured something out that nobody else in the crowd knows. He goes outside after the first battle so excited and makes his announcement to anyone who will listen.


“Yo!  I don’t know if ya’ll realize this… but that shit wasn’t freestyle!”


3.    Mr. What You Don’t Know About


This is the guy who just got out of jail, so the first time somebody spits a jail-related bar, they lose their fucking shit.  So when Bigg K or Head Ice goes, “What you know hiding soup in ya asshole?” They’re like, “They don’t know about that!  They’ do not know about that shit!“  It’s good for them.


4.    The Guy Who’s Never Heard of Flips


This person doesn’t realize that in Battling, rappers constantly take their opponents shit and change it just slightly to use it against them. So when they hear a bar that sounds like somebody else’s bar, they lose their minds. “That’s Hitman Holla’s shit!  That’s his shit!”  They literally will not be happy until the crowd parts and makes a lane for them to walk onto the stage, take Smack’s mic and pronounce exactly who’s shit that is.


5.    The Tweeter


That’s me, but I’m doing for a reason, so stay the fuck outta my lane. The rest of ya’ll chill. There won’t be a test on this stuff later.  Jaz the Rapper, I’m looking at you. It’s a rap battle enjoy it.


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Rap Grid Radio: Episode 8 - Duel In The Desert

October 22, 2014, 7:57 pm

Sonny Bamboo - CINDY (EP)

October 9, 2014, 5:35 pm

Sonny Bamboo definitely has some of the best music in battle rap.  Click the pic for bandcamp link

URL's Duel In The Desert Live Coverage

October 4, 2014, 6:00 pm



Our team will be giving you free updates on URL's Duel In The Desert event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

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PURCHASE RBE'S BLOOD, SWEAT, & TIERS PPV: Arsonal vs Big Kannon, Goodz vs Boom, & more



Arsonal vs Rum Nitty


(Battle over crowd was feeling Nitty more.  Want to review this battle on footage)


“Retarded strap - you'll get duhhhhh arm *does retarded arm* stupid motherfucker!” - Rum NItty


(Crowd is saying they want to see one more round)


“Im a cognac drinker I can't stand Rum / I'm fuckin - u fingering bitches until ur hand numb” - Arsonal


(Ars just switched shit around and had a crazy reaction)


“U never RED your daughter a story but u willing to die over that BLUE nigga?” - Arsonal


(The crowd ain't messing wit Ars.  We don't know if it's because Nitty is home or they just don't like his bars)


"U like Math Hoffa's faggot ass - after this Dizaster u goin sue when the footage drop" - Arsonal


“I'll leave a fuckin pussy bloody if that rag come up" - Rum Nitty


(Nitty had a "gun so big/ray rice elevator" line that made the crowd go nuts)


"Fuck the parking lot - ill let it fire in the building, I won't go to jail for Arson" - Rum Nitty


“Like bitches gettin tattoos on boobies I'm tit for tat” - Arsonal


"This is something u never seen before (CB4) since u comin out a lil cash” - Arsonal


(Seems like Nitty got rnd 1.  A bunch of huge reactions)


“Daylyt vs T-Rex - if this Spawns out I'll pull some shit on the stage" - Rum Nitty


“Every line he actin out wit the semi - I can't give Arsenio bars” - Rum Nitty


(Arsonal had a straight first round. Nothing that shook the crowd but steady)


Bigg K vs B Magic



(Magic vs Bigg K is debatable. Arsonal vs Nitty up now)


“They goin be like y g spinning like Young Buck chain” - Bigg K


“Let the 50 sing in da club like its your birthday” - B Magic


“When u see this Luger lift it's not a torture rack” - B Magic


(Bigg K just said he goin swing Magic's daughter in a circle by her micro braids)


Charlie Clips vs Illmaculate


“Ain't missin / clippers came wit dots all on 'em like Blake Griffin" - Charlie Clips


“Main reason macs die is from overcharging their battery” - Charlie Clips


(Illmac isn't done yet and he won the second rnd)

“Clips in front of a mag like news weekly / got killed fuckin wit Magic like Houdini" - Illmaculate
(Illmac just canceled out Clips whole 2nd round)
(That was a rebuttal to clips State Farm line)
"He ain't progressive cause he ain't got flow" - Illmac

(Clips is freestyling a lot - Illmac just bodied him wit a crazy flip)

“My name Charles so I feel like the man Barkley / get my white shooter to kill u - Dan Majerle” - Charlie Clips
(Clips got rnd 1 too charismatic)
"Where I'm from they shoot all day - I can hear big Kannon rapping every night" - Charlie Clips

“We can go Mano y mano / I'm el blanco diablo” - Illmaculate


(Illmac just saying Clips is a used car salesman who sells garbage)


You nice, but you ain't goin do SHIT for real you Daylyt" - Charlie Clips


"I'm on eastern time - I kill him at night it mean he died tomorrow" - Charlie Clips


"Word is y'all wanna see Sir Charles ball out in Phoenix again" - Charlie Clips

Illmacs last rnd was intricate can't tell if him or Clips won the last. They both had 1 body bag round a piece

Real Deal vs Daylyt


(Daylyt is doing it got kicked out venue)


"If I hear two more boos ima take a boo boo on stage" - Daylyt


(Wow now Daylyt is spitting crazy bars with his head missing and the crowd going crazy)


(Welp Daylyt took his own head off in the battle)


(Real Deal reenacted the scene from Beetlejuice) "Daylyt come and me wan go home" - Real Deal


(Daylyt hasn't showed his face the whole battle.  He said "I'm not QP" ppl busted out laughing)


(Daylyt was getting heckled and literally started rapping for real and won the crowd back.  Smh amazing crowd control)



“I'm down to throw outside like an intentional walk” - Real Deal


“It's like lil Kim's face the way I turn this bitch from bad to ugly” - Real Deal


“When it pops off be like Jean Claude - split when u see them two semis” - Real Deal


“Your stupid ass came dressed as the ghost of Christmas future” - Real Deal


(Daylyt is def being weird and trolling. Crowd is heckling him.  He's quiet and they called time)


(People are literally rushing to see what Daylyt is doing)


“I been in the slammer so long, when I got out I had a Pog smell" - Daylyt


(Daylyt asking people if they really want bars. Crowd going crazy) "I don't got none" - Daylyt


(Daylyt is on some crazy Grim Reaper shit vs Real Deal.  He doing magic tricks)


Johnny Storm vs QP


(Crowd is threatening to beat up QP before he leaves now. They are just making jokes, but WOW)


(Calicoe just made QP stop rapping for snitching I'm his verse. Crowd made him stop too it's over)


(QP dissing Teddy Grizzle [the man behind the event] he getting reaction but crowd saying he snitched)


(Crowd is booing QPs third.  He is getting heckled terribly. He talking to the crowd and being weird)


“Funny how a member of the SONS goes on the Maury show to deny his own” - Johnny Storm


(QP lost the crowd for the whole battle event.  He's not even choking. Ppl don't like him I guess)


(QP had a dope line about how he's Johnny Storm so his body is supposed to get fired on)


“You know you a faggot when you ghostwrite for girls cause it makes u feel more masculine” - Johnny Storm


“If u get outta line in the 'O' ... That Capitol Q” - Johnny Storm


“Once they find your body, it's Illuminati - just your skull and ur bones” - Johnny Storm


“Q been (Cuban) killing Puerto Rican niggas” - QP


“Got two shooters in Phoenix ... Bledsoe and Dragic" - Johnny Storm


Danny Myers vs Aye Verb

(Verb is saying he's goin pass the torch to Danny.  He's acting like Mr. Miagi & Danny is Daniel Son)

“I'll rip his scalp from the back to the front, that's a different wave brush” - Danny Myers

“I'll chop ur parents up, then put them back together - that's a family reunion” - Danny Myers

(Verb is clowinin Danny's wife!) "U ain't a bad bitch u just look bad bitch" - Aye Verb

“U and ur brother both share blood that's the same pop/ put u nerds in line ... GameStop” - Aye Verb

“That's bird shit - do a nigga greasy for that chicken that's Church's” - Aye Verb


“40 under his chin, put his roof in the sky ... That's a tree house” - Danny Myers


“U give em show time I give me Netflix” - Danny Myers

“On foot wit tan ... lil tree on the side - that's timberland / learn how treat that girl I'm a gentlemen” - Aye Verb

(Rnd 1 just started and Aye Verb is in vintage form. This event is crazy)


“I whip it til it got a yellow coat like Dick Tracey” - Danny Myers


“It's ironic your name is Chaz cause you goin hear that 'chhh' in AZ” - Danny Myers

Oh shit. Danny might have beat Aye Verb. Verb stopped the 3rd short


Marv Won vs Lotta Zay


“Fat ass jumped on the scale and it said 'nigga get the fuck off me” - Lotta Zay


(Crowd goin crazy for Lotta Zay. Idk this is a classic low key)


“I got a machine gun I can draw from a distance I know how to arc-a-tech” - Lotta Zay


“Put u in a plain (plane) box ... Nigga that's CARGO” - Lotta Zay


“he Rolls Royce from 5-9” - Lotta Zay


“niggas ain't gotta take u to Red Lobster to get the coochie out you” - Marv Won


(Marv strung about 45 rhyming pinch lines together and he is DESTROYING IT)


“Tongue kiss the Desi - I'll make a Luci out u / actin funny dog - nuttin goofy bout u” - Marv Won


“How u wanna handle this?  Ur potassium low?  Have a banana clip” - Marv Won


“This chopper got a kick like its electric sliding” - Marv Won


“Suge pocket checked u and damn near ripped your pants off” - Marv won


“I'm ur upstairs neighbor - if I take away ur roof what that make me? Flawless nigga" (floor less)” - Lotta Zay


“Ur name is Marvelous Wonderful - u sound like a tranny that Mr Cee picked up on a back block” - Lotta Zay



(Marv's second was crazy. Lotta has to go ham!)


“Gun so big I nicknamed it Megatrom / not the football player - it's big as a deceptacon” - Marv Won


“U won't be the guy Lot. Why not?  Ur career got eczema ... way too many dry spots” - Marv Won


“I will FRY you - my metal talk like Futurama” - Marv Won


“Gun is reverse Drake on some real shit - that bitch go from 100 to 0 REAL QUICK!” - Marv won


(The battle is crack!  Marv was fire rnd 1 but Lotta Zay prolly got it)


“Blast the 40 - leave this Detroit nigha under covers like Axel Foley” - Lotta Zay


“Wiggin out like Walter White after the cancer treatment” - Lotta Zay


“It's funny u look like Mark Henry but I'll have your neck snappin like Dee Lo Brown” - Lotta Zay


“I wouldn't be surprised if a kid hopped out your stomach like Total Recall” - Lotta Zay


(Lotta Zay started off singing Diddy & Mase!  Crowd goes crazy)



“If the bucks right I'll get this Kidd snatched outta Jersey" - Marv Won


“I’ll pistol whip you and leave ... You'll be the butt-end of the joke” - Marv Won


“I walk wit so much metal I should have a lost bitch for Kansas & a Scarecrow wit me” - Marv Won



Lotta Zay vs Marv is a classic. Idk who won!  Watch the vids when they come out


Yooo Danny Meyers has a big ass Jaz The Rapper shirt on hahaha!


Cortez vs Danja Zone


“Your bitch is a hooooo but u think niggas Lyin? oh?" - Danja Zone


“die for Denero like Don corlenone ... He'll get shot when I run down Cort doin the Jordan pose” = Danja Zone


(This is a great battle.  Danja is brought a crazy 3rd round)


“Cor RE the same nigga Mr. math use (Correy Matthews)” - Danja Zone


“This child's play ... Discovery Zone” - Cortez


“Big arms got him waving a flag like Hulk Hogan” - Cortez


"He a Stan til I hop out the Van and Gun D ... No coaching" - Cortez


"Sean carter I never let 40 stop me"  - Cortez



"swing and land that before u draw hands back I'm counter clock wise" - Danja Zone

Danja Zone got a standing ovation for his 3rd round. He might have pulled away. Great battle

DNA vs Sketch Menace


"I will son ya neighbors they better respect it / problem child after them - den it's the menace" - DNA

“OTBVA ... When I steal it's a wrap for 'em (forum)” - DNA


"How's name Sketch but you not a draw on this card" - DNA

Watch Nuborn vs Brixx Belvedere from last week's Blueprint event


Going down November 1st:

Keith Murray Says Promoters Didn't Pay Him & Fredro Starr

September 30, 2014, 11:09 am

Keith Murray catches up with Drect & Jack Thriller outside the venue and explains why he did not battle Fredro Starr at MCWAR's #NWO event in Atlanta, GA. He says he had six rounds prepared and is willing to do it on another battle league



URL's Summer Madness 4 Live Coverage

September 28, 2014, 6:39 pm



Our team will be giving you free updates on URL's Summer Madness 4 event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day.

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PURCHASE URL'S DUEL IN THE DESERT PPV: Charlie Clips vs Illmac, B Magic vs Bigg K, & more


PURCHASE RBE'S BLOOD, SWEAT, & TIERS PPV: Arsonal vs Big Kannon, Goodz vs Boom, & more


Charlie Clips vs T-Rex


“I like Violence u got knocked out and woke up with ALS from that ice challenge” - Charlie Clips


“Pistol in my hand. Oh u mad? Cuz I helped the night that pistol whipped ur man (Math)” - Charlie Clips


“I don't think u understand me fuck my pops life. My mom wa the real gangsta in my family” - Charlie Clips


“Keep it lyrical. Nah I'm a g that od lets get spiritual” - Charlie Clips


“Let it ring. One time u put ur finger in ur ass took it out and lost ur wedding ring” - Charlie Clips


“I know some thanks about ur past like when u fuck bitches u like to put ur fingers in ur ass” - Charlie Clips


"U coulda said how much that line was hurtin u. Instead u called goodz like this nigga dead I'm gettin personal" - Charlie Clips


“We pull up w them treys like sonics at the drive thru. Round starting shaky for rex” - Charlie Clips


“We pull up w them treys like sonics at the drive thru”  - T-Rex


“U gon wake up and look like Cassidy after the car crash” - Charlie Clips


“Mother getting clapped they'll find him dead w red skin and his cousins on his back” - Charlie Clips

“You’ll get hit w so many clips he dont know if he getting show or watching sports center” - Charlie Clips
“Lines that make an atheist say Christ want Rex to chill? Say ice. Elevator. U want the solange or the Ray rice” - Charlie Clips
“a ratchet parent at their kids graduation that mean I over clap. They'll find a cap inside ur gown but they dunno where ur diploma at” - Charlie Clips
“I tell my night jenga. That mean he pull a piece and ur whole block get took” - Charlie Clips

“The way u struggled with Reed u might be Mayweather” - Charlie Clips


“Besides my bro dna I battled every nigga on this card” - Charlie Clips


“U a bitch trying to to play tuff nigga u” - T-Rex

“Collars Id never let a rookie take me out in not Reed Dolla” - T-Rex
“Hit me up like they did to pac silencer so quiet u could hear a pin drop” - T-Rex

Battles over clips killed shit


Tay Roc vs DNA


“Raheemed if I give him the tool then ditch the steel in the alley like bishop in juice" (Crowd goes crazy) - Tay Roc


“U can ask any killer in a holding cell the all gonna say the same thing DNA is the reason u go to jail" - Tay Roc


“Time for all that I'll put a loose under ur mouth like u ain't buy the whole pack” - Tay Roc


“I hit so many niggas off with the side piece that lost the side piece” - Tay Roc


“K shine killed u dressed like a cna” - Tay Roc


“Give this star bucks when I hit the cab they gon find u in the lot Tay” - DNA


“I'll kill danny spell it out that's dna in ny” - Tay Roc


“Professor Shine call the janitor this mess is mine” - Tay Roc


“This 1 8 will leave 2 0's w out callin collect” - Tay Roc


“That's two revolver barrles spinnin next to each other like the washer and dryer” - Tay Roc


“Tay. U can't catch up cuz u don't know how far rock a wiring” - Tay Roc


“Find u on the dock in queens. The cops takin pieces of Corona out u” - Tay Roc


“Check it d. Smack gon charge me for killing charlie again that's double Jeopardy” - Tay Roc


“Man like u don't know where u r d and I replied back in the middle of murda” - DNA


“Cock riding. They bringing a new definition to rock climbing” - DNA


“Cheese once I serve tay w this Big Mac I'm a give Mickey dees” - DNA


“What do u say that's light to a night that's punching ur lights out” - DNA


“Smack OUTTA here.? If I was smack I woulda said "u didn't get paid u other half shun get it ass the duck OUTTA here” - Tay Roc


“Make me mad I will paul George him. 2 4's on him then break his leg in half” - Tay Roc


“Smack told me to take Eric's life. Now I gotta do Eric wrong and send him to Eric right” - Tay Roc


“Hula hoop head shot have his wisdom comin out his mouth like I pulled a tooth” - Tay Roc


“It's mardigras that all of yall with us top missing” - Tay Roc


“I'm cooking a meal kinda sickening cuz u gon sit n watch while I fry chicken. Can from under the shirt like I'm shoplifting” - Tay Roc


“Gun bar King that not ur style I'm foul shoot up ur building and hope I shot a child” - Tay Roc


“red beam on ur lip. Look like the lit cherry on a cigarette” - Tay Roc


“Make me hit it. pistol whip him he gon have to re learn everything and be. Baby sitted - Tay Roc


“Since Charlie made it debatable get Charlie Clips the fuck outta here” - DNA


“Don't u notice he says That's Light so yall can be blinded from it” - DNA


“Clips said. Jaz The Rapper hammer  that means it's nothing but big heads” - DNA


“Card again T. rex follow where that car goes and we gon hit ur next” - DNA


“Use it now cuz last time we seen a dot reaching was the proving grounds” - DNA


No question Tay Roc took it



John John Da Don vs Aye Verb


“He got the showtime from magic. Hope u got better blood. Fans say he ain't sick no more. Some say he never was” - John John Da Don


“U got the white boys thinking they can own us for lettin them take  shine on stage here's some slow bucks” - John John Da Don


“Keep hope alive nba when u get banged on u post to rise” - John John Da Don


“It look different hitman gave u the wound I'm just opening stitches” - Aye Verb


“This shit about to get ugly little nigga un kasa. I'm John Connor in a leather bombe” - Aye Verb


“I'll ride up to u for an entire year and everytime I see u. U better be wearing riot gear when I appear” - Aye Verb


“Old school I get ur leader when I box the head that's a bold move” - Aye Verb


“What's up with that. You'll have metal arms clappin over heads u think they jumpin jacks” - John John Da Don


“The last time u held the strap was when u felt that fake dick in ur moms room” - John John Da Don


“U lost a lot of stock this year so how am I the cry baby when yall the one droppin tiers” - John John Da Don


“PG. He gon be face to face with s dot if he try to Reece me” - John John Da Don


“Father to me. Headshot let's see if the apple fall far from the tree” - John John Da Don


“Pops for real. Just cuz ur mother got a metal dick don't mean u out here cockin steal” - John John Da Don


“Bow wow take a piss. U follow him. Wash his hands for him. Stop cheesin 90-120 that's shock treatment” - Aye Verb


“Fuck All u niggas smack starting to feel like lebrons mom. These two hammers starting to look like I'm bangin baby dragons” - Aye Verb


“All talk. U young punks think yall tough cuz yall tatted? Yall all marks” - Aye Verb


“Showtime. Loud bark. I say nice shit every card. I'm a hallmark” - Aye Verb


“I left my gone at home - stand for. He die before he come out the closet that Luther vandross” - John John Da Don


“They can suck near the next time a nigga argue over biting I'm gonna buck teeth” - John John Da Don


“Elvis move. Ur not a shooter. U a dancer that's all the hell u do. We even seen u do the runnin man” - John John Da Don


“Aint fishing. Timberwolves is the only way we seeing A Wiggin” - John John Da Don


“Reed. That was even boring to me. But now I got someone this crowd hates even more than me” - John John Da Don


It's over Verb 2-1. All pretty decisive so far


Tsu Surf vs Hitman Holla


“He taught u that spiral amazingly. He taught me u gotta let that hammer of slow and hit trigger simultaneously” - Tsu Surf


“That wasn't played well. If that was me. Magic Ill and verb worlds spent every night in Detroit t made bail” - Hitman Holla


“Watery death. Plain sight. His momma gonna have to wear scuba gear to visit the grave site” - Hitman Holla


“Tay get a tomb stone. U see rock on the roc like Hov signed him” - Tsu Surf

If I could reload w the same bullets I shot with im about to stuff these mossberg shells in this glock quick - Tsu Surf


"Block is Hiring. Potato on the deadbeat. That mean the pop is silent" - Hitman Holla


“I'm Stevie wonder subtitles don't mean shit to me” - Hitman Holla


“I'm strapped in the neighborhood w 2 30's lets see if ur really about the 60's shit” - Hitman Holla


“I ain't Tryin to get shot for shit. It became so normal I reach when I ain't got the shit” - Tsu Surf


"I’ll Send him macs. He pay per round. Verb It’s Showtime" - Tsu Surf


Prob surf 2-1


Conceited vs B Magic


“Magic, stop reaching for the short cut bitch... Halle Berry” - Conceited


“I got a gun soooooo big, it don't have magazine, shit load dictionaries” - Conceited


“Bad boys 2 you know when Martin daughter went to date? I meet Reggie at the door and put a 40 in his face” - B Magic


“STL , the new afghan, I keep a ratchet on me like a lap dance” - B Magic


“Conceited? You look more like a snitch...  How about CONfess” - B Magic


“You got beat by Charron and Real Deal live on camera they beat you with bars you Rodney King” - Conceited


“Nigga I'll dump and pile da cans (powder cans) like AJAX” - Conceited


(A guys just passed out in the crowd) "my bars do that to niggas” - Conceited


“I kill this shit, testifying the only time you lifting the 5th” - B Magic


“Metal talking, get the sparking Conner (Con will ) run like Terminator 2" - B Magic


“He'll get lifted in this bitch with the 9 stilettos ,leaves shells in his back now he's Donatello” - B Magic


“Shorty stop you like 40 Glocc, you bought no punches to the Game” - Conceited


“I raise two fours ta niggas like I'm Phil Drummond” - Conceited


“You claim you rep that blue, you Beyoncé nigga, nobody believes that blue was ever in you” - Conceited


“My style wayyy better your style two plain in the building , World Trade Center” - Conceited


“A hollow killed Joe ass (yo ass) total slaughter” - Conceited


“B Magic vs Con this Gonna be a homi, I taught this nigga how to drop his shit,  he on the potty” - Conceited


“To keep the beef fresh I bought something aluminum for you (foil)” - B Magic


“Bullets aim, close range I hit con and hop back in the cavalier Lebrun James” - B Magic


“My pistols blow , sex on the beach this bitch about to get laid in dirt” - B Magic




HA Double vs Ah Di Boom



“U a nerd herb. Put a bullet in ur dumb ass face and that dumb ass aye verb perm” - Ah Di Boom


“Ill shoot ur stomach through ur ass just to see if u can back up that shit” - HA Double


“We hold court in the street I'll take the law in my own hands for any nigga that want to test-tha-five” - HA Double


“I guess the new shit in battle rap is reaching. Congrats. U a trend setter. U say stupid shit and make it sound clever.” - HA Double


“Hear how that sound  Ur bars is like bitches who give handjobs from the back. U just reach-around” - HA Double


“Watch who u talkin to. I'll smack this nigga then make the nigga who got smacked smack the fuck of u.” - HA Double


“His whole top will ident when I punch in double space (face) - Ah Di Boom


Ah Di Admitted to reaching mid syllable




Uno Lavoz vs Young X



“Those techs. I'll hit him with 23. That's uno dos tres” - Young X


“U ain't Robbin w the gauge. U fix roofs and make minimum wage” - Young X


“Yo John John. Reed dollaz said he would fuck u. On behalf of all the straight niggas in philly. We apologize” - Uno Lavoz


“I got 2 guns. Rick Ross. Jah Rule. That means they both spittin about 50.” - Uno Lavoz




“Get evicted. Treat ur neck like a misunderstanding that means get it twisted.” - Uno Lavoz


That shit remind u of the Wayans brothers cuz when it pop. Pop. Pop. Don't tell nobody” - Uno Lavoz


“U never trapped in house with so many dimes u coulda made a Sprint call in 03 and still been on the line” -Young X


Young X is having some trouble


“My purpose is to put my dick in her. Nigga that's perpendicular! U couldn't search for the reach? Say it backwards that's research” - Uno Lavoz


Uno owns the room right now.


“Ur like daylyt when he battled arsonal in UDubb cuz ull never see that pound off smack” - Uno Lavoz


“I ain't here to play round.  Lyrically I'm sick - this how aids sound - Young X having more trouble


“U only made it off the hardwork and sweat people left behind so who's really the wetback” - Young X





Steamz vs Prez Mafia


“Since I'm a janitor when I clean up the faculty it's for principle.” - Steams


Steams snappin. Like the new magic.


“Dna killed u I told Beasley gimme PM when the mournings over” - Steams


“Cuz I'm lite skin like Drake u get this pound cake. Arm extended off the balcony I call that upside down cake.” - Prez


“Called that bitch Mr. Rogers.  She adressed in front of the kids then we run train thru the house” - Prez


“Big difference. Niggas said they want that old Prez back . So here's Bill Clinton” - Prez


“I'm good to go. Cookin on the low like a midget chef” - Prez


“Get Prez a dental plan cuz its like what he doing ain't working - Obama care.” - Steams


“Got me now ur bitch like to spar that means she helps me polish these rounds.” - Steams


We aren’t doing Steams’ rounds justice. Shit’s hot. He just spits fast


“Silencer. Boy You’ll see Steams in a cloud like I opened the pot.” - Prez


“I'll leave shells in the cake like a bad baker” - Prez


“The only nigga that won't be home till he battle here is Daylyt so u niggas save that pride shit for gay night” -Steams


“Off a steam - Tell Born I still body side kicks like War Machine” - Steams


“I got a screw loose. I'll gouge his eyes out cuz what's a faculty without his pupils.” - Steams


“I got a gun called woosa when I'm done w ya that shit’ll have u shalom on stage like Prez Mafia.” - Prez Mafia


Prez getting booed for finishing round mad short


Charron vs Shotgun Suge


“This ain't a battle. This is justice for Mike Brown” - Suge


“Why u pickin on this white boy?  These white boy picked on us. We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us.” - Suge


“That go for u. Ur wifey and ur boo. Don't get her taken too.” - Suge is goin ham


“Here's 10 bucks but some fucking chicken nuggets and quarter pounder w cheese” - Charron


“I'd be amazed if u put up a good fight I'm Chris Brown at the VMAs -  i’m fuckin up Suge night” - Charron


“This is columbine I'm taking a shotgun to school.” - Charron


This battle is crazy


“When you’ll be back? Answers never. This is an intervention they want u off smack for ever.” - Charron


“This Hollow vs Budden - I could beat him with my worst performance” - Charron


“What made u say fuck that guy? (Proof.) If the Proof is in the pudding u should love that guy” - Charron


Amazing first rounds from both Charron & Suge


Suge just went in on Charron for talkin about grape "I took a father from his son for this."


Suge went easier in the 2nd


“White boy leave jersey inside out like the clippers roster” - Charron


"Look at me when I'm killin u" - Charron (Suge got brollic on him)


“Size 12 but it's 13 cuz the snub don't fit in the tims” - Suge


“I was forced to trap. U up here rappin like someone believe u. You wanna rap. I need to.” - Suge


“I'm the great one killin with frees like sub zero we ain't the same son (Shang tsung)” - Charron


“What u know about introducing yourself to Norbes and he thinks you’re the camera guy. - Charron


“Thats real cracker shit what u know about hearing a party starts at 7 and showin up on time” - Charron




Qleen Paper Pulls A No-Show For His Battle vs Mr. Wavy


Head Ice vs Kay-Shine



“Real killers ain't gotta give em a dead kick. U can tell by how they leg twitch” - Ice


Head Ice got cut short, but he was killing the first round


“Niggas sold you those drugs so u could get money muthafucka. U chose to get high” - Shine


“Real shit. We don't talk to jake not even State Farm” - Shine


“Bucks for his leg. Asl challenge - bucket on his head” - Shine


“Body shine. Call Rex I bodied shine. Even his car waxed - body shine” - Ice


Kay shine got old rapper props. Glasses, gold chains, etc.


“They put a young nigga against a dude that went to school with everybody in Krush Groove.” - Shine


“Gotta hooka with me. Putting ice in a bag like the cooler empty” - Shine


“Crime pays. I don't allow a rat in my maze” - Ice


“I been waitin to kill one of u smack rappers and put a hole in ur head big as a SnapBack backwards.” - Ice



Watch Nuborn vs Brixx Belvedere from last week's Blueprint event



September 28, 2014, 1:43 am

Image by Rehab Regime





By Dutch Vega


In my last article, I brought up a point and said I'd address it at another time in another article, well here we are. Battle Rap superfans have been clamoring for the mainstream for quite some time now. Hoping that somehow Battle Rap "goes mainstream." This is the most illogical shit ever you ask me. Battle Rap isn't built for the "mainstream." There are several reasons why, but first I want to take people down memory lane and remind them of the couple of times battle rap DID go "mainstream."


First, there was the Blaze Battles on HBO. After that shit, battle rap went back to obscurity. Then we had Fight Klub on MTV2, which was short lived. After that shit, battle rap went back to obscurity. Now if you're the type of person who believes that "History repeats itself" and "patterns exist for a reaso,n" then you could say that this is a pattern and history is bound to repeat itself. I personally am of that mentality.


There are many reasons why battle rap will not ever go mainstream. The first reason I can think of was told to me by my friend, Jay Smooth (whom is one of the smartest people I know.) The biggest problem battle rap has is that it alienates two groups of people: Women & the LGBT community. Battle rap is filled with bars that some pretty big demographics wouldn't find appealing. Am I saying that battle rappers SHOULD change and stop doing/saying certain things?! NO. I'm a strong believer in, “Say whatever the fuck you want to.” I'm also not going to turn a blind eye to the fact that we cut ourselves off from ALL demographics.


It doesn't end there - logically WHAT channel would host this commercialized and mainstream theoretical battle league? MTV? BET? HBO? Fucking FUSE bruh!? [Laughs] Sincerely, (in my opinion) there is going to be a sign of demise in battle rap. Personally, I view any attempt to commercialize battle rap as a black eye on our culture. The current era might be coming to an end as History Repeats Itself.



Paragraphs Vega


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Charlie Clips vs Heartless presented by Cheddahouse

September 28, 2014, 12:07 am

So many quotables in this one from Cheddahouse. Enjoy Charlie Clips vs Heartless.



Rap Grid Exclusive: On The Fly With Prep (of URL Proving Ground)

September 26, 2014, 10:10 pm




By Nettie McFly


There are so many new comers that have stepped on the Battle Rap scene.  Some fall by the wayside, some are stuck in limbo looking to find their place in “ The Culture”  while others are taking advantage of every opportunity  and making moves at a rapid pace. One Battler in particular that is making major moves and taking strategics strides is Prep. Prep is among the URL’s newest P.G’s (Proving Grounds)  Alumni, who is quickly becoming known for his clever wordplay and seemingly gimmicky spiffy attire. This newcomer has caught the attention of some of Battle Raps top tiers and Bad Boy artist Los. I caught up with the “ Dapper Rapper” and picked his brain as he prepares for 106 and Parks UFF Battles.  In true Prep fashion, (no pun intended) he showed up in tailored threads and bowtie in tow.


NM: So Prep! How and Why did you step into the Battle Rap scene?


Prep: Kid and Play. You remember the scene at the party?  “ Kid spelled backwards describe you best, is it gonna be me or eraser head?” I caught you off guard with that one didn’t I?


Yea you did.


You probably thought I was going to say Mook and Lux or something like that.  But that whole Battle Rap scene was tough. That made me want to battle. Yeah Eminem too. I’m not talking about 8 Mile, I’m talking about way back in ‘97 with the Battle Rap Olympics. He lost or whatever but he was nice. MTV with the dude Rainman, Swan, Blind Fury all of that leading up to Freestyle Friday and SMACK.


So you’re a fan for real. Where are you from?


Yeah. I can sit here talk about Battle Rap for hours, and that doesn’t even involve SMACK. I can go deep into Battle Rap history. I’m from where you’re from; Baltimore. I grew up over east near Monument Street and Patterson Park.  Like Tay Roc is From Baltimore but he’s from Edgewood County. I’m from the actual City of Baltimore. In the heart of the city where they filmed The Wire.  There’s such a stigma attached to Baltimore. There’s no Hip Hop foundation here. And people who are from Baltimore that made it never  really shout Baltimore out. There’s such a “Crabs in a Barrel Mentality” here. It’s crazy cuz there’s a lot of talent in Baltimore.


I can see why you say that. So other than MTV and Eminem, What battle(s) have you seen or Battler that has been influential in you actually pursuing Battle Rap as an artist and not just a fan ?


That would have to be Murda Mook and J Millz. That was the first recorded battle on SMACK. So if you’re talking about more current and recent then yeah Mook and Millz, T- Rex and Un Casa, the first Lux and Mook battle, Not the rematch the old one from back and the day. I named Mook probably like five times already . So I’m just gonna say Mook. He’s the one who really made me want to do it.


Was Mook your only influence as far as current Battlers go?


Nah. When SMACK Battles kind of died down , It was Con (Conceited). Him against Tall T and a couple of others in The Jungle. Me seeing Con made me want to battle him so that’s why I really started battling. I wanted to start battling everyone so I can get to Con one day.


I read a tweet you put out there recently saying Aye Verb was one of the first people to show support.


Yeah … He was one of the first people to show me any love. The funny thing is, It wasn’t because of my PG or anything.


So How did he know about you?


It was from my second battle ever. In Baltimore on the Pit Fights Battle League. Shout Outs to Shaka Pitts because that’s where I got my start.  Verb saw that one round tryout battle on Pit Fights and he hit me up and sent me his info and everything. He was like “ I want you to come out here for the tournament.” I don’t know if he wanted to manage me, take me under the wing or whatever the case may be, enter me  the tournament or what. Verb didn’t have to watch my battle . He was already on Summer Madness and making moves. He reached out to me in like 2012. So that’s to let you know right there that he has an eye for talent and he watches what goes on.


So speaking of managers, NuNu is your manager right?


WHOOOOOO! (Chuckles)


How did you establish that bond? That is a really good look right there given her connection to the URL.


It started from the D Money battle. Did you see that battle?


I didn’t watch it in its entirety.


Well that happened on the We Go Hard Battle League. They had a card where it was like The Take Over. They had battlers from others leagues come on the card and battle. It was like an evasion card.


Oh Ok.


So they had me vs D Money. That was after he came off the Prez Mafia Battle. You know how bad that look for him, So I guess he thought he was gonna come through and battle me like this was going to be his time to shine. Like he was gonna get his wind back or his glow back or something. But he got KILLED! Nunu and Jaz was there, and soon as I get off stage they were telling me how crazy the battle was and what not.  Nunu told me she was gonna hit Norbes and Beasley. And everything she said she was gonna do she did and came through.  


That’s cool. I like that.


Yeah, so her coming through on her word let me know she was real . If you look at how fast I’ve grown, you’ll see that she’s doing her job and not just saying she’s my manager just to say it. She makes moves, she’s not just sitting back with her feet up. In a matter of months I was offered to be on Summer Madness and I turned that down.




Because it was too close to UFF and I don’t like rushing to prepare and taking battles back to back in a short span of time. I don’t want to over saturate myself and look slackish. But I got offered to be on Summer Madness after one PG Battle! That’s Crazy right? And turned it down. Right after that,  I got UFF and now I’m here doing an interview with you! It’s crazy.


So you’ll be going against Th3 Saga right?


No, Th3 Saga will be going against T Top. I’ll be going against Chess.


Oooh ok.  So this how do you feel about the UFF line up?


I think this is the best UFF so far. It’s going to be crazy.  The first UFF Battlers was slacking.




Yeah. They had Danja on there, Ill Will, Lotta Zay and whomever. I mean it was cool. But it wasn’t as good as we thought it was gonna be. But the second year, they turned up. Prez and Law was crazy, Snow was going wild. People were going in. But after the first rounds, it started dying down. But this year… man. You got a mixture. You got Me, who’s coming with punches and schemes and lyrical intent. Then you got T Top who’s all the way street.  Brizz , he’s raw , uncut and aggressive. Chess is the youngest dude to do it right now. Th3 Saga is a Christian Rapper; it’s like so much that’s going on this time. There’s such a different variety. UFF is gonna be nuts. What you think about the UFF line up who you think is going to win excluding myself?


I like Th3 Saga, Not just because he and I are Christians, I like that he’s much like yourself, as far as bringing something new to Battle Rap. I like how he can still punch and but on a performance without cursing and a lot of gun talk. It goes to show that he has talent. The gun talk is played out to me. I can’t relate to that. He’s relatable.


Yeah I like Th3 Saga too. He’s nice.


Yeah. I read that people are saying he’s the first Christian Battle Rapper. I disagree with that. There’s others , But he’s just more open about his beliefs.


Right. I think people are calling him the first because he’s executing it and going about it in an open way. While others aren’t pushing that. They aren’t going hard putting themselves out there and he is.  There may be other Christians battling, But no one is out there like he is. They are quiet. That’s why I try to open the crowd up to how I rap. Like the Idiot thing I said against Dot, My homeboy told me I shouldn’t do it, He thought the crowd was gonna boo me out of the building. But it went over well. And the Mime thing too. It ended up being the bar of the year. People are scared to step outside the box because the gun bars formula has been working. But for Th3 Saga to step outside the box and bring thought provoking bars and succeed? That’s why they view him as the first Christian Rapper in Battle Rap. He made an impact. Such and Such who are Christians in this didnt make an impact and he did. He’s my favorite out of this ( Proving Grounds) class. I would say Brizz but he slacks so he would be my number two. Then T Top. People will think I’m lying when I say Dot but I like Dot.  He reaches a lot but he’s entertaining.


As far as different goes, your style is different for the field that you're in. How do you feel about your peers and their presentation or lack there of? Im not asking you to name names though.


I’m naming names! Nah. Some of them look dirty. Let’s just be real. I get it. You hustle, you’re in the trap. You’re “ Real”. Ok  cool. But you’re in front of a camera though. I don’t get how they think looking dirty equals being real. I guess they think that adds to their persona. Regardless if the camera is showing five hundred people, or fifty people, You need to be aware that you’re going to be viewed by the public.


Branding is everything.


Exactly. They fail to realize , if you’re coming to battles like that with the hair all over your face, hair never cut looking dirty with lint and dandruff all in it, shirts with stains on it… Imagine what they do outside just on a regular day? That’s crazy right? to think of it that way.


I feel some guys think it adds to their gritty and hungry appeal.




Battle Rap is reaching new levels by the day.


Right, T.V , Magazines, Celebrities…


Yes. So I feel like a lot of your peers have to really consider how they want to be perceived by those who watch them.


They gotta be on their P’s and Q’s. My sister said to me that one of the things I got going for myself is I can transition to different avenues. For example . Russell Simmons has a clothing line right now called Argyle Life. He also supports Battle Rap. He had Don Trip spitting and a few others, and think about it, Russell is close with Sway, Sway supports they Battle Rap community. So what if I get an interview with Sway and Russell sees how I’m presentable in that interview and I land a spot representing Argyle Life. You just never know. It’s about making strategic moves. A lot of Battle Rappers just all over the place. Something like that will never happen with some of  these guys. They are going to be stuck battle rapping and that’s all.


What sets you apart from other Battlers? Why should we ( the fans) keep an eye on you?


Because I’m not like the average battler. I’m creative. Besides my appearance ,my writing style is different.  The way I approach things is different. I’m like a Chess Player. A  Chess Player is thinking about five or six moves ahead. That’s how I am.


Can you elaborate?


I don’t come in like “In order for me to get a battle I gotta call out a top tier.” I’m not chasing any top tiers. Look at what Ty Law did. He came in, killed somebody and  after he started calling out B Magic. Wavy had is little battle and started asking for Surf. Prez had his battle and asked for who he asked for. So it just kept on being a rerun of the same cycle.  You have good battle, and now you want a big name?  I wasn’t going to do that.  So how can I make people look at me instead of looking at them? One thing was not to chase any big names.

A lot of the big names have fallen off. They get too comfortable.

Nobody wants to be the king of their class anymore. Nobody wants to battle everyone in their class , take the crown and then move on. So I figured since they’re not, that’s what I’m gonna do.  I’m more so doing it for myself. I want to have that stamp and say I did that without no outside influence, no one told me to do it, I did it for myself and got that crown.


Who has fallen off?


Like Verb for instance, He’s one of the best in my opinion. But we haven’t seen the Verb that was against Miles, or that first round against Rex Verb, or that Verb against Hitman. We haven’t seen that Verb on a consistent basis.  I don’t  know if he hasn’t gotten any opponents he feel like he has to kill like that, or If he lost his passion for battling, or maybe he’s gotten comfortable and kicked his feet up because he’s getting paid more money now. Just maybe the lack of competition could be it. I just told myself I’m not going to fall in that loop. I’m not going to start off at the top and out of nowhere just drop.


Do you think the fans have something to do with that?


Yeah somewhat. If the fans( including myself because I’m a fan first)  stop allowing these battlers to get away with a lot of things like poor performances and what not then the battlers will stop giving poor performances. No fans showing up to events means no money. But now and days there’s more fans of Battlers than there is fans of the culture. and that’s the problem.

Like Clips fans think he can do no wrong. His fans made excuses for him not having thirds. But Big T on the other hand is getting crucified right now. Imagine if Clips got the treatment Big T is getting right now, He wouldn’t have gotten away with not having thirds for so long like he did.


What you think about Big T so far?


I think Big T hasn’t been on his A game. He’s very complex and lyrical. But his last few performances especially the Total Slaughter performance is showing what people believed about him for a while now.


Which is what?


He’s looking like he’s not supposed to be on the Main Stage right now. That his style is more for a closed room and smaller crowd. Because fans at major events don’t want to dissect bars. They are in the moment they want to catch bars and want punches back to back.


So what are you looking to achieve  in Battle Rap other than the PG class crown?


I want my name to be mentioned among the greats in this. When you mention the Mooks, The Mickey Factz, The Lux’s etc you mention Prep. Not only do I want my brand to make an impact here ,  I want my brand to expand to different avenues such as fashion and wherever else I can take it. I just want to show people you can be creative and outside the box.


Follow Nettie McFly on Twitter



Biased Review: Go-Rilla Warfare "The Blueprint" PPV Reaction

September 24, 2014, 9:32 pm

Once again the good folks at Go-Rilla Warfare delivered with a solid at event at The Blueprint in Chicago. With the PPV having just dropped, here’s a little rundown of the event along with some highlights and opinions. Don’t hesitate to speak up in the comments section. Regardless of who you thought won, this was a memorable event to start off what’s shaping up to be a noteworthy season for Battle Rap.

Battle Rap is subjective and I think that most of the time people are biased when they watch a battle.  So, for this roundup, if I have bias going into a battle I’ll note that beforehand so that it can be taken into account when considering reactions and verdicts.


***Click here to purchase the PPV***

Aye Verb Vs. Daylyt

Had to watch this battle this battle first. There’s something about the utter seriousness behind the Aye Verb persona that clashes so well with the irreverence of Daylyt.  For Verb, this battle comes off a pretty rough losing streak and for Daylyt, it’s his first battle after what was pretty indisputably his worst performance at Total Slaughter. In general I’ve been pretty disinterested in Aye Verb’s battles since Dizaster, then it got way worse with Caustic. After the Illmac battle I was ready to give up on Verb entirely. I used to think Daylyt was overhyped, but after his Chilla and Clips battles, I realized I was dead wrong.


Round 1


Verb began by giving Daylyt honest to goodness props for being talented, you don’t see that everyday, but then he said that Daylyt’s talent is overshadowed by the fuck shit.  He took Daylyt’s cadence/flow from his battle with Clips and used it, that whole, “Should I keep going?” thing. He did a good job but he didn’t elevate beyond what Daylyt did originally.

“We all even, he don’t want the fade tho- you are a Caesar-

Send hot rounds to your door nigga- who ordered pizza?”


Day sounded kind of Lux-like in Round 1, getting all verbose and preacher-like talking about Total Slaughter.

“I lined up every round perfectly- yo-yo like.”

Only to say

“Total Slaughter… I blew it!  So What?”

But the rounded end kind of abruptly and Verb easily swiped this one.

Round 2


Verb spoke on the Math vs. Diz situation

“When a nigga is your man and e  dead wrong, once you tell him he’s dead wrong. If he’s still standing on it, you stand with him.

But he was just getting started.

You make that purple look real soft- lavender.

Two birds, silencers on em, that’s a pair of doves,vOne talk, the other repeated, just like a parrot does. “

That’s just a piece of it, Verb really snapped in this round. I hesitate to say this but I think this is the Verb from days of old that people talk about.  At this point Day has a steady climb ahead of him.


“Biggest battle of my career, Total Slaughter.  I took a boo boo”

“The guns I cop Robo-like, Give you 8 golden rounds and it’s not Rolo bites.” (Fact check: there are actually 8 rounds in a pack of Rolo’s)

Daylyt then started cookin’. He eased into some multi’s with a Big Pun style rattatat that went through to the end of his round, making this round perhaps too close to call.

Round 3

Damn, Aye Verb’s whole race baiting angle that he began in his battle vs illmac continued here, and he took it up a notch.

“You ain’t one of us because you go on stage and go behave for the same motherfuckers that sold the slaves. (Organik sold slaves?!?!) You go battle in them white leagues for less pay, get on stage and snap, then come to your own people and do gimmicks and preserve thou raps. This shit stops today, we must face the fact that Daylyt savings is setting us back.”

It's especially scathing since here we see Verb doing the opposite, and thus practicing what he preaches by giving his best performance in some time. I’m not a big fan of this angle, especially during the Illmac battle.  But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t effective here.


It feels wrong to quote this last round.  It’s one of the best Daylyt has ever performed.  If you weren’t a Daylyt fan before, this verse might change your mind.  Just watch it

Verdict: 2-1 either way, both rappers won this battle. It's a potential classic.

JC Vs. Danny Myers

This is an interesting matchup. I’m generally less interested in up-and-comer vs. established battles, I like it when the two battlers with comparable resumes go toe-to-toe but Danny Myers has had a lot of battles in the short time he’s been on the radar and in some sense his battle vs. Rum Nitty is like JC vs. Chilla in that it made to lesser known rappers known and propelled them to bigger stages.  JC is coming off a loss to K-Shine and a great performance against Syah. JC as we know can either blow the roof off the place or just kind of miss the mark entirely.  Myers just had a ridiculous battle with Bigg K. a candidate for best battle of 2014.  Let’s see how this shakes out.


Round 1

Myers -1

As usual Myers started off like a rock em sock em robot just pow pow pow with an energy level that’s off the charts. Personally I think Myers would benefit from working up to the level of energy he started the battle with. It makes that energy seem more genuine. It would have been great for this round because he really did work up to his best material.

“Danny Nice, you’ll be flipped upside down with this cross like the anti-christ.”-

"Fifth banger, I’ll take him to the top of a mountain and well…. The rest is a cliff hanger.”-

“Blast K’s, put his eyeball in the ashtray. As soon as cops get to the spot, they look at the scene with the Jazz face.”


“You’re about to watch the Youth, Euthanize.”

“Set squeeze, then put holes in his box like we trying to help his pet breathe.”

“Make sure he die logically, fast and proper, grab the chopper.”

"We right up on him- that’s a biography.”

“People say he looks like a Ninja Tutrtle, Danny tello in fact. All he’s missing is the bandana and a weapon…cuz I got the shell for his back.”

That line was hard enough that Danny Myers said to his friend “I’m about to bar this nigga so bad.” JC has the room.

Round 2


Well, turns out Danny Myers wasn’t lying…

“Bullets gonna take a chunk out of money like a check chasing spot.

"Outside wait for him, yall was taught to pray to JC, now you gon have to pray for him.

"Ya’ll about tot see the steel flare big rounds rotate from both arms like wheelchair.”

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, Myers was consistently strong in Round 2.


JC was so good in round 1, I was almost sure he’d start to trail off by now but that wasn’t the case.

Against all odds he pulled this out.

“He’ll be the first to drop. The metal will body this nerd like Urkelbot.”

“This plain to see, I’m too far ahead you can’t book marks that aint on the same page as me. I got enough in this pen to serve everybody, I create and cremate and trust me, I’ve urned everybody.” GOT-DAMN!

Round 3


Beating JC at this point is a Sisyphian task but Myers had really strong material.

“Spray a slug, your forehead be on the carpet like a prayer rug.”

That gat by my hip, that pistol with an extenz like he can’t satisfy his btich.

“Her burns were 3rd degree like she working on her masters.”


Jc gave Myers a quick hug and someone in the crowd yelled “Stop with all that gay shit.” He then continued what he’d been doing all battle. He maybe had bit less steam than the other 2 rounds but nominally so. If you want to say he lost a round, this would be it…but I don’t think he did lose this round.

‘You vs Bigg K, that aint the perfect way to move that white boy went right through those bars like Terminator 2.”

Verdict- JC 3-0.   He just had more tools and components in his arsenal, as opposed to Myers who had one thing he did extremely well.  Myers stacked up against JC but this may be JC’s best battle since Chilla.  Clearly he wanted to shut up any nay-saying that might have come about as a result of the K-Shine battle. Job well done.


X-Factor Vs. Head Ice

I’m probably a little biased on this one. Never been a big X-Factor fan. His last battle was some time ago and he’s been MIA for much of the new era of battling. Head Ice on the other hand is in a good spot. He chooses his battles wisely and while he’s not really gunning for any top spot,. He does what he does well.  The way I see it, X-Factor has a lot to prove here.

Round 1

Head Ice

Ice shows in this round just what he does that people respond to.  He talks that shit like he could be one of those characters in The Wire that pops up for a few episodes wandering into town preceded only by his reputation and by the time he leaves there’s a g-pack missing from the stash house, there’s beef over what went down and Head ice is already down in Miami, chillin.

“I’m a expose you cuz you aint got the heart to do shit, but your nose do.”

“So stay away or run from me, cuz I’m a bully who bullies bullies and I want more than your lunch money.”

“Simple shit, your bitch says she got all kinds of stories totell about you and your pencil dick- erase that”


This is why I brought up the whole bias thing. I didn’t hear much in this round, at least not enough for a comeback.

“I don’t dice around, everything I spit is water so I’m even colder when Ice around.”

“You a bitch giving a bad blowjob, head is not nice. “

Round 2

Head Ice

Another dope round. Ice used this round to talk shit on everyone from the D, except Ill Will who got a shout out.

“Wedding tux, this muder gonna be worse than miles and lux the un edit cut.”


“I’ll take a page outta K-Shine book and start burnin’ bitches.”

Round 3

Head Ice

“Bringing a young an a big cannon for these rounds, one’s 9, ones 47, ya see the age difference? Your whole family will be scared to see they blood like an AIDS clinic.”

“I flip bundles of dust early before nine to five and wont be happy with my check unless I stay till 12:30. Guns come out, fifties song, I come to your block with a fifty long and wont’ leave until all fifty gone.”


“I won’t pull that weapon on you, cuz you so po-boy Popeye’s got a special on you.”

Verdict- Head Ice 3-0 but not one of the better performances I’ve seen from either.

Young Kannon Vs Cortez

Before his battle with DNA all I thought about when I heard Young Kannon was that battle where he got bodied by Swave. But then he put up a good fight vs DNA and I’ve come to realize he’s got talent.  Cortez is also generally underrated from what I’ve seen but it really can go either way with him. Some battlers are really beholden to the energy in the room and I think Cortez is one of them.

Round 1


This round is a good example of what I mean. Tez had the chance to build up his aggression during this battle. He did everything right in the first.  He began talking to battle rap at large, and then he went in on his opponent, reminded him of his Swave battle, as well as a some poor spelling and fashion choices he made in the past with all the aggression and griminess we hope to see from Cortez. But he finished saying, “This is my weakest round."  From what I’ve seen, when rappers say that, it’s a bad sign.

“Why you gassin these folks? Cuz when shit popped off in Cali, not one of these battle rappers had a punch when it mattered the most. “

“I’m hoping the gate, plotting for cake, I couldn’t afford a ski mask, I had that grandma stock on the face, raise the nine, my moms raised a good boy, that bitch taught me to aim high,”

Young Kannon

Young Kannon told Cortez as he finished his round- “that’s not gonna be enough.”  It seemed doubtful, Cortez had a hard round, one of his best in a while. But Young Kannon came with it.  And he just might have edged it out.

“My shooter, African, he clippin em all, his semi coming to America to bring arson to ya (Arsenio) hall”

“You’ll see Cort shot up that’s State Property ending”

“They say yk can’ compete with Cortez, what kind of drugs you on, I love being the underdrog cuz I keep proving you suckers wrong.”

“Now your up to get greased watch where you fuckers Rome, If that’s ger-man then we rush in then the pair is to your fuckin dome.”


“What are you gonna say, I was on a couch on TV nigga, but where was you watching me from- your couch, on your tv nigga.“

The rest of this round is really strong.  More just cold rap than anything else, too much to quote,  has to be seen.  Again, it’s hard to imagine YK topping it.

Young Kannon

YK needed to do a lot  here to top Tez…

Kannon starts off talking about how Tez likes to say “Are there any real niggas in the crowd?” and then…

“That’s a dick riding tactic, he’s trying to save face. We know there’s real niggas in the crowd but the nigga on stage fake.”

And then…

“Pele, ‘ you get worked out with these hands, that’s a shake weight.”

“You even took ill on smack but then the vault 3-0’d you.  Verb flayed you, gave you Showtime 1 and Showtime 2, you basic cable.”

“I know I spelled should wrong on a shirt, I know it’s pitiful and the shit is true but I did it on purpose, I left the L off the shirt so I could give the shit to you.”

In the end YK did what he had to do but I’d have to call this round a draw.

Round 3


Cortez needed to take this round to win. He delivered. A short but solid round. From beginning to end filled with haymakers, even stuff above the level of what he usually does. At this point, Kannon is winning but if Tez took this round by a margin he’d take it.

“I’m hot with these, buck fifty to both cheeks till it’s an isosceles.”

“Bring shells and I don’t got to knock cuz my name it ring bells”

“Binoculars, the type shit Cort do-stenographer”

Young Kannon

Kannon slowed down a bit here.

“At Nome, smack tried to make you feel at home, cut your time short to give you Grind Time Rounds.”

Verdict- 2-1 either way. There’s a good argument for either. But in the end, Cortez took the third by a big enough margin that I personally think he took the battle, but it was a great showing for both rappers.

Born Vs Brixx

Brixx is one of the most underrated in the game. As far as Born is concerened, I’ve never seen the appeal. Some people say he’s a really solid writer but I’ve yet to see the proof.  I’m going into this thinking Brixx should easily take it.

Round 1


There’s a reason I state my bias beforehand, cuz I’m quick to admit when I’m proved wrong and Born did so in this first round.

“This nigga gotta go, laser on the arm, Beretta got reach when the dot is shown.

Leave Brixx laid on the street like Cobblestone.  “

“Got something to tell to a star, here tell a scope.”


Brixx did what he does in this round…

“Fox got you poppin for one. You gotta be dumb, cuz you link with QP, your stock gonna plunge and now you getting earthed, this  your third rock from a SON.

Plan it or not I get some moon shine expose and rip em, he swings I lean- it’s me to your right. This flow a dip him, this how you this how you put your foot in someone ass and sole their system”

Round 2


He started off calling Brixx Con heir 2- a shitty sequel and kept up the same type of energy he had in the first.

“Fox got you surf, you getting bodied was intentional Brix. He gave you a shot and you missed. You get some points shaving because well, them was intentional bricks.”


I really thought I’d have to give Nubron this round but again Brixx came with it elevating this battle to potentially the best of the night in a close race with Verb and Daylyt. In fact, Brixx did way more than what he needed  to take this round.

“Before QP you didn’t even rap this way, he said he coached you now collects your social he need to get his taxes straight.”

“You let the barrel on your Rueger spin, yet again a shaky punch from Cassius Clay keeps spitting the wrong verbs but when it’s show time, this shit counts like a Matinee”

“Hopin Smack will take him back like Good Time. Ya’ll hate my delivery? I delivered him just fine.”

Round 3


“I’m not daylyt we don’t buy bull in the ring, you’ll get exposed trying to test the 40”

I get to checkin males I aint done my taxes, chopper to his head, let him inspect the fuckin gadget.”


Again, there’s too many quotables in this round to spoil. Brixx finished hard, putting a solid cap on the evening.

“Throw shots, all in his face like botox, open hand, cover my pupil like don’t watch. “

Verdict: No body, but 3-0 for Brixx who is due for a main stage URL battle. This was that battle of the event that made some of the top tier vets look like slouches, even though there really were no duds at this event. Usually you’ll have a dead crowd by the end of the event. Here, the crowd was more hype than they were for just about any other battle.

Overall: No chokes, not even any stumbles really and enough quotables to fill 30 pages of rhymes.  PPV also looked and sounded good. Well worth your time and money as quite a few of these battles are going to battle of the year contenders.

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