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Battle Rap News

#OnTheGrid With Nino Bless & Aak | Celebrity "Comeback" Battles: Lady Luck's Return, Drake vs Mook & More

March 11, 2015, 8:28 pm

If you haven't peeped the latest episode of #OnTheGrid, watch Nino Bless & Aak discuss the controversial subject of celebrity rappers making comebacks in battles. Watch the full episode below, and if you haven't seen the past two episodes you should subscribe to Rap Grid's YouTube channel by clicking here and go check that for some more heated and controversial discussions.



Nino Bless & Aak Discuss URL's Upcoming Rookies vs Vets Event

March 5, 2015, 5:46 am

In our second episode of On The Grid, join Nino Bless and Aak as they break down the upcoming URL "Rookies vs Vets" event. Watch this episode below, catch the first episode here, and subscribe to Rap Grid's YouTube channel by clicking here.



iBattle Worldwide Presents E. Farrell vs DOT

February 24, 2015, 1:30 am

At iBattle's first iGotNext event, the main event was E. Farrell vs DOT. Watch this heated battle below, and subscribe to iBattle's YouTube channel by clicking here.



Peep The First Official Rap Grid Cypher

February 21, 2015, 6:54 pm

Watch AMiAM, JBiz, MyVerse, Drect & Jonny Storm shut it down in the first Rap Grid Cypher, filmed in Orlando, Florida right before 2015's Blackout 5 event. To catch our next cyphers as soon as they come out, subscribe to our channel by clicking here.



Rap Grid Network Welcomes Barbarian Battle Grounds, Boss Chick Battles, & Infamouz Battle League

February 20, 2015, 11:05 pm

We just welcomed three new partners into the Rap Grid Network: Barbarian Battle GroundsBossChick Battle League & Infamouz Battle League . BBG is out of Detroit, MI, BossChick is based out of Bronx, NY and Infamouz is located in the Bay Area of California.

Check out some of their newest (and older classic battles below), and subscribe to their YouTube channels at Barbarian Battle GroundsBossChick Battle League & Infamouz Battle League. If you're a league interested in joining our network, hit us up at [email protected].


Barbarian Battle Grounds

Charlie Clips vs Marv Won

Daylyt vs Quest MCODY

Ill Will vs X Factor


BossChick Battle League

Norma Bayts vs Morawsha

Dutchess vs Jada Raye

Kashie Ty Vs Imah X


Infamouz Battle League

Marv Won vs Amazin


Fredo vs Remy D

G4 vs Cali Smoov


Daylyt vs Uno Lavoz: Presented By 413 Battle League

February 16, 2015, 5:19 am

Peep an instant classic from 413 Battle League: Daylyt vs Uno Lavoz. Click below to watch the battle hosted by Lush One, and subscribe to 413 Battle League's channel by clicking here. Click here to see all of Daylyt's past battles, and click here to see all of Uno's past battles.



KOTD's Blackout 5 Live Coverage

February 6, 2015, 6:03 pm




Our team will be giving you live updates on King Of The Dot's Blackout 5 event in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day. Checkout for custom merch and hats!


You can also follow us here:


YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Google Plus









PURCHASE RBE'S BLOOD, SWEAT, & TIERS 2 PPV: Daylyt vs. Ooops, Ill Will vs. Showoff, & more





Blackout 5 | Day Two

Charron vs Pat Stay (Title Match)


- Pat is really talking to Charron -


If I didn't beat Arcane our chain would have faded from metal to plastic - Pat Stay


- Charron a 3rd was super personal and crazy -


- Charron said he has a form of autism and breaking down his medical history -


- Woah ... Charron is trying to expose pat for trying to mess with the match & hurting his sister -


U eve - a bitch that turned her back God (Hollohan) to talk to a snake - Charron


- Pat was singing Outkast so fresh so clean -


He racist - if u hear him say cocoon he ain't talking butterflies, he stuttered guys - Pat Stay


Pat is saying that Charron was on tour and didn't change his drawers "Organik only set this up to see u get washed” - Pat Stay


I got a lot in store, all my Canadian Targets bout to get shut down - Charron


- Charron flipping crazy.  Goddamn -


U a cordless phone, cause u won't receive reception if u step outside of your home - Charron


U ran from Marv in NY like Kevin McCallister - Charron


Watch me lift up his skirt like the opening credits of Sailor Moon - Pat Stay


- goddamn Pat is spitting that shit! -


My punches connect with the fans like Hitman's brother - Charron


Shriveled scrotum - Pats balls are so small Tom Brady wants to throw them - Charron


U know what rhymes with sucka free? Ducking me! - Charron


U from the dark side and can't even use his Hands Solo - Charron


Ur Bruce buffer u just talk before other ppl fight - Charron


Daylyt vs Madchild


They thought this child was crazy, but he trash like Brenda's baby - Daylyt


Get real wild cause if I steal child, it will leave the kid napping - Daylyt


You'll be injured when I air bud, ima hurt you dog - Daylyt


U bring 40 watts burning that was a waste of energy - Madchild


U always gotta bunch of gangsters around you in case it's Daylyt savings time - Daylyt


I was in the hyperbolic time chamber doing Goku reps / vampire biting u the one ima give the whole two necks - Daylyt


Watch me do my numbers in this round - that's Wheel of Fortune - Daylyt


- Daylyt is literally taking the approach that ppl have been begging him to do -


My writing is poseyedon - the fans screaming this what u gotta see (God of sea) - Daylyt


If ur a gangster how u make it across the border you young dumpling - for 6 years I was banned from your whole country - Madchild


I'm a bicentennial 5 star general that grew up with criminals - Madchild


Mainstream rappers just here for a check, but Madchild I'm just here for respect - Madchild


Head ICE vs Serius Jones


- Jones and Ice was pretty good. Some great rounds -


Use the axe on Ice & make him smell the blade so he can get the accent right" *in Jamaican accent - Serius Jones


I let u think u made a play on me b I'll knock him out in the end zone ... That's a KOTD - Serius Jones


This ain't Indiana, in the end he Anna ... Nichole Smith - Head ICE


U a walking fake chain - every jeweler make you" (slow it down) - Head ICE


U Reggie in two star Telly smelly - Serius Jones


SUCK MY DICK, straight like that / u ain't got to make no funny noises to get one straight like that - Head ICE


- Ice second round is murder -


U got the swag of everyone's uncle that just came home from prison - Serius Jones


Wolves don't worry about getting outshined - u only howl cause u jealous of the moon - Serius Jones


- Quotes won't do ICE justice. Delivery is crazy -


U a fruit loop ... Wit nutrition facts - Head ICE


yo almost died cause a guy felt your thigh (Guy feltherthigh) but it wasnt a guess game - Head ICE


Dumfounded vs Conceited


- Con vs Dumb was funny.  Cons best performance in a while -


These bullets like the 3 ninjas - shit get Rocky put the Colt to your Tum Tum - Conceited


your favorite battler is math, ur second is Tsu surf cause he puts his rhymes I'm subtitles - Conceited


the can it will (canada) cap it all (capitol) like ottawa - conceited


- Dumb said Con and his friends play "Gangsta The Gathering" -


*sings* "Ratta tat tat butterflies on your back, them Chinese letters on your tats really don't mean jack - Dumbfounded


I got grown man tats lil Tyga - that shit is Kid Ink - Dumfounded


Bring the Maggie to his yellow family like the Simpsons Show - Conceited


if theirs problems i’ll get the shit jumping like mr hanky - Conceited


Just like a fortune cookie u can get the message from a shell - Conceited


U have imaginary guns - some ppl have mandatory ones - Dumfounded


- Dumb might have got rnd 1 but Con got a lot of reaction -


He got 3 hot tubs at the crib ... All sinks - conceited


- Con making fun of the way the talk in Asian movies -


Don’t think the dot will save ya, cause they gave me the body I always wanted like a personal trainer - Conceited


How are u that small?  U look like a male Bratz doll - Dumbfounded


ironic the shortest muthafucka always trying to go over your head - Dumbfounded


Shout out king of the dot and ovo one time, fthey lew out jet li on a leer jet cause romeo must die - Dumbfounded


Rone vs Big T


your fingers are too fat so you fuckin type with a stick - Rone


he's the first fat guy I battled sooo ... this is Big for me - Rone


face looks like he’s drowning, you dont have a lazy eye just a lazy face around it- Rone


man shut the hell up, you out here like brad pitt in fight club beating ya self up - Big T


- Big T just helped Rone's 2nd round with that dance lol -


Yo im sexy and fat…  why you and pat keep texting me that? - Big T


I fell asleep in that last round ... where's Drake at I wanna ask him  .. Did he (Diddy) land a punch - Big T


You wouldn't draw on me if I was passed out in a Frat House - Rone


you fucked up on total slaughter you couldnt take the glares, thats not the first time you couldnt take the stairs (stares) - Rone


I'm from Philly but I run this show in Toronto, I'm Kyle Lowry - Rone


I said what about Pat, Shots,  ....I was like All Right .. T then ... I was sounding like Ace Ventura - Rone


I make em call ... and Tie Rone (tryone) up like Erykah Badu - Rone


cablacka, blaka, boom, pow Raka shaka - Big T


I get money in the garden, I don't EVEn think Adam eating in the apple - Big T


Soul vs Osa


but that propoganda's a long shot like American Sniper - Soul


Now I gotta bring Soul back to earth like reincarnation  - Soul


These bars are STD's .. something he'll catch later  - Osa


but you came back because you're popular and you suck now ...  Mistah Fab - Soul


Thesaurus & J-Pro


How did ya'll expect a gambling addict to save Dollaz - J-Pro


I don't feel this pussy, Charron when he drills Tarsi - J-Pro


- On 1 days notice ...  J-Pro & Thesaurus are putting on a show right now. Crowd is loving it-


you got 30 pages of rhymes in this mother fucker, thank god you finally remembered 1 - Thesaurus


how'd you birth 1000 battler rappers & still look pregnant - J-Pro


its been 6 years, you're barely enhancing/ you're still trying to top yourself, Marylyn Manson - J-Pro


I got the Queez Elibabeth going crazy, I'm the Macho Man - J-Pro


you always been a shaky ass performer, amber rose - J-Pro


howd you go from rich dollars to the ghost of chris wallace, I’m nice! - Thesaurus


Looking like a mexican ice-t - Thesaurus


You not battling rich dollars no more, but after this first round you gon wish you were - Thesaurus


I hopped a flight last min to take that fee, I board it (abort it)but it was Pro choice to take plan - Thesaurus

- Porich, Hollohan, Bender, and Shuffle T.. or is it Kid Twist, You Decide? -


Blackout 5 | Day One

HItman Holla vs Shotty Horroh
The bald white boy shoots and everyone in black suits like the Hitman game - Shotty Horroh

Let's just say this JFK ... Still questions about who this Hitman is - Shotty Horroh


- Hitman just said Shotty looks like Goldust from wrestling!!! -


You'll get sliced down the middle for not picking sides - HItman Holla


- Hitman might have won first two rounds, but shotty's last punch of the round made the second debatable -


The down truth is ur like Frank Lucas - we wouldn't know u exist if it wasnt for smack - Hitman Holla


I draw then wipe blood from the picture like a tattoo artist - Hitman Holla


Showott shit starter - Toronto ain't seen a better 1-2 punch since T-Mac and Vince Carter - Hitman Holla


The only Wildcats we know in the UK play basketball - Hitman Holla


This ya dawg?  I'll beat the shitzu out ya man and pistol whip the pistol out Ya hand - Hitman Holla


- 1st round is a toss up -


Picking up the bullets is ur way of admitting u only have one round - Shotty Horroh


I'll finish Hitman - Shawn Michaels - Shotty Horroh


Showoutt says "nah I'm the shooter" Hitman says "nah gimme my Shotty back - Hitman Holla


I'm the king they can't check us, how u think I flew across the border wit it - Hitman Holla

- Hitman spitting about fucking dudes up. Crowd going crazy after what just happened. The energy is mad crazy now! -

- The whole crowd fucked the dude up. He's gone!  It was a beat down -

- Some dude jumped up n middle of the battle.  Showott punched him & Shotty kick him in the face.  Nobody know what happened. Battle still on -

The deuce deuce give a kiss ... That's four play - Hitman Holla

Illmaculate vs DNA

Have ur bitch riding my dick like Mook begging Drake for a battle - Illmaculate (ppl in crowd yelling BODY)

- DNA kinda fell off and Illmac has the crowd -
Ur punches are horrid u have no personality just good for a fuckin performance - illmaculate

Danny Devito? I already know what DNA does like I'm cracking the genome" - Illmaculate (Rebuttal)


- Crowd getting mad at DNA. Mumbling they don't like it -

- DNA is breaking down why The Saurus vs Illmac shouldn't have went down -
How u expect to make it big when u taking another niggas Shyne Poe - DNA
This what u get when U mix DNA wit a beast like the Island of Dr. Monroe - illmaculate

Swing fast as a Ali Combo then slash him wit the Hanzo - illmaculate


I'm Galactus in comic novels, im leaving the planet swallowed - illmaculate


It's like foosball ... the long steel will make his body flip - DNA


U got the name ill from taking two "L's" back to back - DNA


- Illmac destroyed round one.  It's 1-0 -


Charlie's the king, but when u add a Queens' DNA u get daddy's little princess - illmaculate


Ilmac had a crazy DNA impression!!! "Now I lay me down to sleep sumthin sumthin my soul to sleep - illmaculate

What's that mean if I'm washed up but ur the guy getting washed now - illlmaculate
I came to make mac flip more than u vs Conceited - DNA
Illmac like Russell Wilson, he threw a bullet at the wrong time - DNA
Arsonal Vs Bishop Brigante
- Arsonal KILLED that first round, but the choke messed him up.  Bishop was consistent throughout -
Ima kill him for kicks like the next Jordan release - Bishop Briagnate

This purple dread will get smoked and dye here ... Wiz Khalifah - Arsonal


drake finally decided to leave other niggas bitches alone when Diddy knocked sense into his ass - Arsonal


I'll put a round on both sides of your V nigga ... That's OVO - Arsonal


Ironic the fakest nigga in the room claiming his art-official - Arsonal


This is Goldberg vs Goldberg, you know ... Bill vs Whoopi  - Bishop Brigante

Soon as this Guy Felt her thigh, his 15 mins of fame was up! - Bishop Brigante

- Arsonal freestyling the rest of his round -
- Arsonal just choked in his second -

- Bishop probably edged the first -


Overall I got straps with a few stripes like Dennis the Menace - Bishop Brigante

Punch through his back, grab Pat and snatch the King of the Dot chain - Bishop Brigante


U wanted Drake's time ... I just wanted his watch - Bishop Brigante


- Bishop's delivery is crazy!!! -

- Ars cooked the first round and messed up at the end -
U brought me to ur crib aims said u was a pimp nigga, but ur bathroom was in ur living rooms ur bed is in your den nigga - Arsonal

Timothy delaghetto and dumb I mean Parker at blackout 5


Knamelis post his surprise at Blackout 5

Corey Charron side of the face at blackout5
T Rex vs Hollohan
- Rex might have won. He was a little more personal. Straight battle -
I ain't goin be wresting wit this Hill Hogan ass nigga - T Rex
my niggas sold so much birds we walked pigeon-toed - T Rex
It'll open up his eyes when I give him a sign of life Ace of Bass - Hollohan
- Rex just said him & Mook can do the 2 vs 2 against Hollohan & Pat Stay
24/7 vs Eurgh
- Eurgh had crazy line about getting 8MM points on THPS for doing a Christ Air -
After WRC u sounded like an angry Nas fan just talking bout the lost tapes - 24/7
you wanna know what rhymes with fake host and a battle groupie?.. I don't know .. face open Dizaster's loogie - 24/7
See your rep is different from mine, I'm known for what comes out my mouth, not what someone else is spitting inside - 24/7 
He brought up head lice and that british swag is just like head lice because  ... black people don't get it - 24/7
how can I be racist .. I hung out with Ness Lee like 3 times - 24/7

100 Bulletz vs Chilla Jones


this gun's so big that if I load a clip and squeeze it, it'll pick Bulletz up off the ground .. like a Hitman remix - Chilla Jones


what I craft in a session ... Big T, on a leather couch ... it'll leave a lasting impression - 100 Bulletz


its going to be such a Notorious death ...  Puffy & Mase'll come to the wake - 100 Bulletz


I'm rocking bulletz across the chest like Rambo - Chilla Jones


but words is weapons, and these bars  .. off the chain like nunchucks - Chilla Jones


call me Carlton Banks ... that's cool ... you goin see me snap with the Tom .. Jones - 100 Bulletz


This gun's so big that if I load a clip and squeeze it, it'll pick Bulletz up off the ground .. like a Hitman remix - Chilla Jones


2 arms squeezing on your chest .. ain't a titi twister - 100 Bulletz


The Gun never Jams Like Steve Nash - 100 Bulletz


Now I'm in the trenches, taking bulletz to school like Columbine - Chilla Jones


what I craft in a session ... Big T, on a leather couch ... it'll leave a lasting impression - 100 Bulletz


its going to be such a Notorious death ...  Puffy & Mase'll come to the wake - 100 Bulletz



Skelly Vs Marv Won


I'm looking like Rone at the press conference - anybody can get it - Marv Won


They say one monkey can't stop a show, but I guarantee one Llama can - Marv Won


I keep a little shooter with me - call that my Dej Loaf - Marv Won


Hit him wit a combo quicker than John Jones when he's on coke - Skelly


You left your little brother like 9th wonder - Skelly


The OVO owl ain't the only bird on the card - Skelly


I got a gun so small ... I snuck it inside the venue - Skelly


Seeing this pistol is like Dating Fresco ... You going out wit a bang - Marv Won

Don't let me catch u eyeballing funny nigga - that's Colombo - Go to ur block and post up that's mutombo - Marv Won

They goin have to take him out the building like the 13th floor - Skelly


You are 2 feet away from the pain, that's a dropkick - Marv Won


You should have brought a stage coach.this fight is so one sided its gonna look, staged, coached - Marv Won


I'll hit em with a combo quicker than Jon Jones when he's on coke - Skelly


Skelly is going in on Marv for not swinging on Pat during their battle


I'm getting my 2nd wind, Skelly this is your 39th battle and you're still looking for your 2nd win - Marv Won


I bet you got a gun so big, you couldn't fit it inside your rental, well I got a gun so small I got it inside the venue - Skelly


Seeing this pistol here  .. is like dating Fresco  ... nigga you'll go out with a bang - Marv Won

Hey Pat  .. my momma said she needs that fade bro - Marv Won


Press Conference

Drake at the press conference

Hitman holla vs Shotty Horror


T Rex 

The Best Rap Battles of 2014

February 3, 2015, 1:06 am


I’ve written for a couple mainstream outlets about battle rap and it’s safe to say that it’s tough to communicate to people why battling is popping right now. Usually they’re still thinking 8 Mile, or at best their thinking Grind Time, but like any artistic movement in a renaissance, battling is changing and evolving with each passing year. That’s not to say that it gets bettereach year. Check out my Top 10 list from last year, if you compare this year’s top 3 to last year’s, it’s give or take. But now, having had a month to think it over, 2014 is looking pretty clear in retrospect. Many of the events that were supposed to be the best weren’t. Many of this year’s best battles came from the smaller leagues.  On the other hand, there were far too many battles this year that just happened for the sake of happening.  The biggest thing missing in battle rap right now is logic, narrative. Yes, Charron should battle Pat Stay because they match up in terms of skill and there’s history, and sure, Carter Deems should battle Head Ice, because it’s fuckin’ wild to even consider. Charlie Clips vs Hollow is the kind of battle you can advertise 6 months before it happens, because it makes logical sense.  But a lot of battles happened this year seemingly just because they hadn’t already.  Nonetheless it was a great year, thanks to some of the accepted top tier like Clips, Daylyt, and now Bigg K, and also thanks to some up and comers.  Here’s the best battles of 2014, and some superlatives.

This is the first of two editor's lsits. Stay tuned for D-Rects. Hit me on twitter @jonreiss if you want to transfer some hate into my checking account

10. Issac Knox vs Carter Deems

Bigg K may have had a metoric rise this year, but does he have 2 microwaves? Last year, I put Shuffle T and Marlo on my best of the year list for the same reason I’m putting this battle on this year’s list, it brings something wholly new to the game. Carter Deems' character has proven to be more dimensional that anyone would have expected and this match provides the best example of that character so far. Meanwhile, Knox put up a strong fight, by not really fighting but rather by being himself as well.


9. Jaz The Rapper vs 40 Barrs

I was hesitant to put such a clear body on the list, but damn, this was just too good of a performance from Jaz not to make the top ten. By that criteria however, Clips’s performance vs Rex should also be strongly considered.


8. Charron vs. Shotgun Suge

In this battle Suge showed up and performed with that aggression that is nearly un-matched in battling right now. Charron on the other hand showed that he is one of the only battlers that can go to any league, in any place, and get the entire crowd on his side. Style clashes really are fun to watch, as was proved by last year’s best of battle of the year, Illmaculate vs Bigg K. This battle will go down as one of the great style clashes in battle rap.


7. Hitman Holla vs Tsu Surf

An excellent example of why URL is still the league that attracts the most eyes and the most respect.  Holla remains the best pure performer in battle rap. Surf is eclectic in his delivery and unique stlyistically. This was a battle that deserved to be a Summer Madness Battle.


6. Pat Stay vs Dizaster

Pat Stay when he’s focused has that intangible thing that makes a great battle rapper. It can’t be taught or learned. He’s also entirely unique, unflappable, and good at controlling a crowd. I believe this is his best performance thus far.  Dizaster performed extremely well also, but it was clear that Pat won this one pretty much from minute one.


5. QP vs. QP

The Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown of battle rap before they had a chance to go all Thelma and Louise with one another.  Both of them showed why people find them so frustrating- both have so much talent that goes untapped most of the time, and yet both wield skills that are more or less diametrically oppsed. As such this was a style clash for the ages.  


5. Brixx Belvedere vs Danny Myers

I have to think that anyone who just doesn’t really like Myers, still has to admit how talented he is.  He has had one of the best trajectories in battle rap, from $200 and a backpack, to a lima bean in a time machine, to Aye Verb giving him props as the best of the new breed.  Brixx Belvedere’s most famous battle is a clear loss. It’s pretty strange, but that he’s been incredible in nearly every battle since then. He’s one of the few battlers save for Hollow, Dose, Rone and few others that really incorporates flow and musicality in their rounds in a way that wins battles. This was easily among the year’s best.



3. TIE: Bigg K vs Danny Myers/ Bigg K vs Bigg Kannon

   Bigg K Vs. Danny Myers

It’s really hard to choose which Bigg K battle was this year’s best. I watched Bigg K vs. Myers, Conceited, Magic, Thesaraus and Kannon twice over to pick which was best and ultimately couldn’t decide between these two. As far a battle that doesn’t dip or get boring at any point, this is the perfect example. 

Bigg K vs Big Kannon

RBE leaped out in front of the pack this year as far as the tersiary leagues. Between the Lift His Soul Event and Blood Sweat and Tiers events, they proved that they are as capable of holding professionally run events with solid matchups as even the big three leagues.  ARP acts and carries himself professionally and doesn’t bite off more than he can chew. He also throws battles that others wouldn’t and he seems to book battles more from a place of passion and less based on demographics or politics- often the result is battles like Bigg K vs Bigg Kannon. This battle is one that really holds up the metaphor of battles as actual battles. It felt like two people slugging eachother on stage, just trying to hold on and deliver that knockout punch. This is what happens when rappers try and it makes for a much better battle than when they don’t and say afterwards it didn’t count.



2. Charlie Clips vs Daylyt

I realize that Chilla vs Daylyt would probably occupies most people’s top 5 for this year but in my mind, this battle, along with Daylyt’s battle vs Aye Verb were far better, both for Daylyt and his opponents. In fact, I’d call this Day’s best battle. His first round was so good, and so unique that people will be copying it for years to come. Charlie Clips of course proved why he simply has to be considered when deciding who is the Jordan of battle rap.


1. Hollow Da Don vs Loaded Lux

The battle was hyped to be legendary and it delivered. History was being made and the feeling was palpable. Both rappers then went on to take battles that denigrated the value of how good this battle was.  Both rappers have rounds you can listen to over and over again. Both rappers delivered bars that sounded fresh. You could feel the ground breaking. Without a doubt this was 2014’s best battle.

Honorable Mention        

JC vs. Danja Zone, C3 vs Tory Doe, Soul VS Sketch Menace, Marlo and Shuffle T vs Dialect and Zen, JC vs Syah Boy, Ms Hustle vs Young Gattas, DNA vs Rone ,Ty Law vs Prez Mafia, Math Hoffa vs Dizaster, Daylyt vs. Aye Verb




Best Year: Bigg K

After having last year’s best battle, Bigg K used that momentum to establish himself amongst the best in the game. Considering he’s still a somewhat new face, it’s a really impressive feat.  Why is Bigg K great? Creativity and conviction. He’s also one of the few battlers that regularly rebuttals. He takes himself really seriously and thus the conviction but he still manages not to let that conviction hinder his ability to emote and perform. 

Runners Up: Charlie Clips, Danny Myers

Best Event: Vendetta 2

Suprisingly none of the V2R battles were on this list, but at the same time none of them were bad and a few of them were great. That plus a relaxed venue, Lush and Aspect keeping things moving, a strong vibe as well as not too many battles made for a great event.

Runners Up: BO4, High Stakes, SM4

BO4 had a great vibe but the no shows hurt it. High Stakes had great batltes but the production (aside from actual video and audio quality) was off putting. Summer Madness was a really strong event, save for some audio and venue issues.

Best PG Battler: T-Top

Only a few wise fans saw T-Tops reign of the PG’s coming. He came through and utterly destroyed the UFF. It would be hard to imagine him not battling top tier opponents by the end of 2015.

Runners Up: Brizz Rawstein, Xcel, Prez Mafia

For UFF, the smart money was on Brizz, but surprisingly he fell flat during the last match. Otherwise, he’s likely to come out as one of the greats from this particular PG class.  Prez is precedes that class but he’s one of the most memorable cats to come out of the PG’s in a long while. In fact, for all the hate Norbes gets, you have to hand it to him that he continues to find such a high caliber of talent.

Most Up and Down: Dizaster

I don’t care what people say, I’m a big Dizaster fan and there’s pretty much nothing he could do to change that. That said, him losing so clearly to Cassidy was a harder blow than tI could have imagined.

Runner Up: Qleen Paper

After no-showing for three battles, all of which probably would have been great battles, it’s almost easy to forget that he had to of his best performances this year.

Most Underrated: Brixx Belvedere

Didn’t have to think twice about this one. Brixx is innovative and intentional. If I had to pick a ghost writer, it would be him.

  Runners Up: Lotta Zay, M.Ciddy

   What happened with Lotta Zay? He was one of the best up and comers in URL then he suddenly disappeared from the big stage? He’s been great on      KOTD, but deserves better battles. He’s a great mix of aggression and complexity.

   I  don’t understand why, but it’s easy to forget M.Ciddy, and yet every time I watch him battle, I think, “He’s the most underrated battler out there.” Without    a doubt he’s among the most underrated and his recent battle with DNA proves it.

  Best Mainstream Crossover Battle: None

   They were all pretty terrible.



Watch The New Illmaculate & OnlyOne Music Video For "Anonymous"

January 28, 2015, 5:47 pm

Illmaculate is always raising the bar with his music videos, and this week’s latest release with OnlyOne is no exception. Click below to watch the cinematic video for “Anonymous”, and subscribe to his channel by clicking here.

culate is always More standadr text





Rap Grid Network Welcomes No Coast Raps & DFW Battle League

December 11, 2014, 12:43 am

We just welcomed two new partners into the Rap Grid Network: No Coast Raps and DFW Battle League. No Coast is out of Columbia, MO and DFW is located in the Dallas Fort-Worth area of Texas.

Check out some of their newest (and older classic battles below), and subscribe to their YouTube channels at No Coast Raps and DFW Battle Leagues. If you're a league interested in joining our network, hit us up at [email protected].


Real Deal vs XQZ

Sketch Menace vs Deadbeat

T-Rex vs G Soulders



Killa vs Swazy

TeeKay vs Casey J

Southside Vic Vs Yung Lyhan