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Battle Rap News


August 28, 2013, 8:18 pm


I have had very mixed feelings about battle rap lately.  On one hand there are sooo many dope emcees in their prime that are simply amazing.  On the other hand, there is so much tweeting, blogging, bad business, and bitchassness fucking up the culture.  It just loses me sometimes.


I was genuinely excited for WD4.  To me, this was the resurgence of the beautiful "style clash."  Not only do you have street emcees going against the suburb cats, you also have multiple accents and a wide array of subject matter being thrown around, which makes each battle unique and interesting.


I am going off of what I saw live and haven’t reviewed any Pay Per View Footage.  This blog is written with predictions, overviews & final grades.  Why?  No idea, I like to write and be creative I guess.


I hope you appreciate my honesty throughout this blog.  Battle rap needs more higher ups keeping it real with the emcees, whether they are friend or foe - its the only way they will get better.


*All these pics are from my iPhone5 - sorry I missed flicks from some of the battles*



Me and Organik got some much needed personal discussion out the way.  Got a lot of love and respect for him.  He really puts on for his city/country.

J Pro is my dude.  He’s like fam now.


Trevor from KOTD is the funniest dude in the world.  What a BAWSE!

Daylyt’s house was actually the one from San Andreas that CJ grew up in.  He said he saw the videogame people outside taking pictures of the neighborhood before the game came out.  Me and Clips concluded that they made CJ look like Daylyt.  Rockstar games may owe him some bread for his likeness.  I’m not joking.







Pat Stay is a very nice man who never orders from the menu.  He goes behind the counter and gets to know the workers at the restaurant and has them make custom plates.



Dizaster had me, J-Pro & Luke from KOTD in some 50 story building that overlooked all of Canada and me and Luke refused to stand up on the patio.  I learned just how much I don’t mess with heights.


Myself, Kenny (s/o to Kenny), Daylyt and Charlie Clips could not win a pickup bball game in Toronto.  God literally stopped us from winning multiple times with a bunch of life obstacles.  I was genuinely upset.

Rone didn’t get raped.


I love Charlie Clips, but I hate him.




Pigsty vs Gin-I


My Prediction: Hadn't seen these two emcees before, but heard their names tossed around.


This was a little messed up because it was the first battle of the day and the staff was still getting the sound right.  I could only hear about 30% of the battle.  Pigsty has a super-rhymy style that reminds me of Anecdote in the jumpoff days.  My advice to him would be to vary his flows and try using different vocal inflections and project towards the crowd when he is on stage.  Gin-I was very energetic, but I think he needed more lines.


Final Grade: D+


This battle would have probably been better in a closed room.  Wish I could have heard more.


My Winner: Pigsty

Definition vs PH


My Prediction: PH 2-1


I forget who went first, but this battle definitely woke the crowd up.  PH had a great first and Definition had a super great second.  I remember the battle coming down to what Definition did in the 3rd round and he dropped the ball a little bit (seemed like he lost the crowd?), while PH was solid throughout.  Apparently, Definition was drunk at the last world domination and PH Jazzy Jeff’d him out of the hotel room.  In PH’s first round he pretended like Definition did it to him - very funny and creative.


Final Grade: B-


The battle had highs and lows, but these two definitely sparked up the crowd.


My Winner: PH


J Pro vs Anygma


This was moved to Day 2


Pass vs Osa


Didn’t happen.  It crushed my life - I was so hype to see this.

100 Bulletz vs JC


My Prediction: JC 2-1


The only person I have ever really felt that convincingly beat JC was Blackheart Adonis, but apparently not too many people saw that.  In some fans eyes, JC is just plain unbeatable - he just has that very professional approach that is commonly seen in the “Top Tier.”  I knew 100 Bulletz could beat JC, but he was definitely the underdog.  Honestly ... JC kinda got washed.  I remember the third round starting and Bulletz saying “I know people from your town that gave me dirt on you” and JC was shaking his head like “yea right.”  Bulletz then says, “you live with your cockeyed sister.”  I don’t know if that was true or not but JC had a look on his face like, “oh shit ... its over.”  That’s what did it for me.


Final Grade: B+


Good battle, but a top level JC performance would have made this a classic.


My Winner: 100 Bulletz

Loe Pesci vs Daylyt


My Prediction: Too close to call


KOTD threw a press conference to hype up the battles the night before day one.  Daylyt came all the way from Cali and was so excited to do the press conference.  Loe Pesci did not show up to the Press Conference and Daylyt became infuriated.  I need you guys to understand that Daylyt didn’t necessarily plan to disrespect Pesci on this level until he didn’t show up to the press conference.  He literally freestyled the disrespectful stuff during the battle and didn’t completely finish his verses.  For those of you that are confused right now ... peep: Daylyt stuck his hand down his pants and rubbed it in Loe Pesci’s face, pocket checked him,  pushed him around and opened an umbrella while Loe was rapping.  I personally believe that Pesci should have just pocket checked Daylyt back and dealt with the consequences, but whatever.  Watching Poison Pen & PH argue over who actually won the battle was hilarious.  I tried to insta-video the moment, but I couldn't catch it fast enough.  All drama aside there were actually some crazy bars from both sides:


“I’m ahead wit the flo(or) ... DDT” - Daylyt


“These lines are over your head like chemtrails” - Loe Pesci


Final Grade: B+


Without the drama, this battle would have been great.  The drama still made this battle very entertaining.


My Winner: Daylyt ... like ... cmon son


Charron vs Shotgun Suge


My Prediction: Charron 3-0, but somehow Suge would still win


For about 10 mins, Charron just stood on the stage while Bishop Brigante called Suge’s name through the microphone.  After a little while, Bishop announced that Suge couldn’t make it and the lights went dim.  All of a sudden, a video of DNA pops up on the back wall.  DNA says he heard Suge couldn’t make it and he will be there in 10 minutes to battle Charron.  Everyone was kind of confused and couldn’t tell whether it was a joke or not.  10 minutes later, DNA comes on stage and the crowd goes crazy.  We had a new main event!



Charron vs DNA


My Prediction: DNA 2-1


Let me start off by saying that this battle was waaayyy better than Charron vs Suge could ever be.  Suge vs Charron would have been funny, but this was a classic battle that challenged both emcees in every way imaginable.  Charron went first and set it off with a crazy verse.  DNA responded and bodied it.  Charron responded with (in my opinion) the best verse of Day 1, “Im here to put DNA in someone else’s box (Suge) like artificial insemination” - that line was craaaaaaaaazy. In DNA’s third he did a rebuttal saying “Im not from SMACK, im from Grind Time.”  The crowd spotted me and went crazy.  Organik and Lush pulled me up to the front and DNA did a freestyle about me and the crowd went bonkers.  Every time Charron said something hot DNA looked directly at me like, “yo was that crazy!?!” So i had to keep a straight face those first two rounds haha!


Final Grade: A


The only thing that messed up this battle a teeny bit was the fact that DNA had to freestyle with no punchlines a few times, but he kept getting the crowd right back.


My Winner: Charron



Arsonal vs Dizaster


My Prediction: Dizaster 2-1


Dizaster is my friend.  I definitely wanted him to win and though he would win.  Arsonal as a person is mad cool, but Arsonal the battle rapper is someone that I would love to hate. The only issue is that I can’t hate him because he raps VERY VERY VERY well.  My biggest issue with battlers is that they don’t RAP enough, so i’d be a asshole hypocrite if I hated him, right?  Arsonal won the first round convincingly; it seemed like Diz was all over the place.  The second round Dizaster took one line Arsonal said and basically made the whole round a rebuttal about how Arsonal ate a girls booty.  Idk if its true, but that shit was mad funny.  I gave Dizaster the second round.  The third round Ars came with some fire and I honestly thought it was over.  Diz had a very ill angle in the third round (being hood vs being from a third world country), but he doesn’t write regular.  Dizaster writes and freestyles a bunch of rhymes before the battle.  During the battle he improvises and pulls all his lines out of thin air from a vague memory.  I think this sometimes causes issues for Diz in transition because he is literally piecing stuff together on the fly and it is not always smooth.  For this reason alone, I thought Diz wasn’t crispy and I gave the battle to Arsonal.  Apparently, Dizaster’s third round was amazing on camera and he bodybagged it.  If that’s the case, then I guess we have Arsonal vs Conceited all over again.  This scenario = mucho views.


“The scene will look like the Kanye crash / Paramedics will literally have to pull a baby out the car dash (Kardash)” - Dizaster ... that was CRAZY.


Final Grade: B+


I don’t know about you guys, but I ruined this battle for myself because I hung off of every single word and was being super duper analytical.  I should have just watched it and had a good time.


My Winner: Arsonal



Miracle vs Youth Oracle


My Prediction: Miracle 2-1


Youth Oracle raps incredibly well, but I don’t think his style is made for a big stage in front of a crowd like World Domination 4, he needs the small intimate crowd in a room.  This is the reason he wasn’t getting too many crowd reactions because he was rapping very well and not really dropping crowd pleasing punchlines.  Miracle wasn’t getting too much reaction until the third round, where he dropped 5 or 6 dope punchlines and pretty much ended the battle.  I have been waiting to see that same Miracle that beat Pat Stay years back - that was a completely different animal.


Final Grade: C


I think this would have been better if it wasn’t on a stage.  I really can’t remember what Youth Oracle was saying - I just really liked his flow and ability to actually RAP.


My Winner: Miracle.  That is based off of the third round alone.  I didn’t really have a winner after the first two.

Uno Lavoz vs Purpose


My Prediction: Purpose 2-1


Out of all the people in the world that I have shared my unbaiased opinions about, the FIRST ONE TO EVER g-check me was Uno Lavoz lol.  I got g-checked twice at WD4, but i'll get to that later.  Uno comes up to me like, “Yo son!  You didn’t even talk about me in the blog.  You just told Purpose to keep banging!”  Honestly, my bad Purpose - I knew who you were.  I just was trying to make sure, but Poison Pen messed it all up in the vlog.  I actually judged this battle.  I am going to say here exactly what I said there: If Uno Lavoz stops stuttering and mumbling, he will be GREAT.  The man is one of the best entertainers in battle rap.  I lowkey think that he paved the way for cats like Daylyt to get love (even though Daylyt does THE MOST.)  Uno had the best fake choke in history.  First of all, it was believable.  Second of all, he said, “I did it on Purpose.”  That was soo crazy - I thought he was going to win after that.  Uno Lavoz, I am speaking directly to you right now.  Please Listen: BE SMOOTH WITH YOUR SHIT!  You are very creative and know how to control the crowd, but when you start rapping on your Philly shit, make sure you deliver that shit crisp and then jump back into the funny stuff.  Every time you stumble over a word, the punchline you are building up to loses impact.  Now Purpose went through all of his rounds straight without messing up and he had one line that was crazy (can’t remember it sorry.)  My advice to Purpose is to throw in more punchlines and try to KO your opponent.  Purpose is a very good rapper (google Pegan Elypsis - his group is dope,) but he needs to up the anty if he’s going to compete with these top cats, especially if battles are on stages now.  Learn how to make the crowd go crazy.


Final Grade: B


Both did good, but a few more punches from Pupose and clean delivery from Uno would have made it great.


My Winner: Purpose


Tantrum vs Protege


My Prediction: No clear winner.  Had to see it.


I am a big fan of both of these guys.  The crowd wasn’t really feeling it and they actually boo’d tantrum at one point.  I was in the back, so I couldn’t really tell, but someone told me tantrum messed up out the gate.  From what I did hear, their battle had too much rappity rap in it.  They were both rapping matching up a lot of syllables while trying to make a point.  I did, however, like the part where Protege rhymed all the different ninjas and such that Tantrum likes to turn into during the course of a battle.  That was real funny.


Final Grade: C-


My Winner: Protege


The Saurus vs Loonie


I’m sad this didn’t happen.  Having Pete at an event is always great.  If you don’t know who Pete is ... watch more battle rap.

J Pro vs Anygma


My Prediction: J Pro 3-0


Anygma stands for a lot.  I think of him as a political rapper.  Most of the time, its hard for Americans to understand the process that someone from another country may have to go through just to make it to an event like a battle.  There was a flood in the Philippines, people couldn’t get visas - there was all type of stuff going on.  This is actually the reason why Loonie couldn’t make it.  That being said, I didn’t think that Anygma could keep up with J Pro’s punchlines, especially since the battle was on a stage and the crowd probably wasn’t thirsty for “real talk.”  To my surprise, Anygma really shined and had some of the most creative angles of the night, “I don’t need similes to diss like you” is one of my favorite bars EVER.  J-Pro was punching about everything from Cookie Monster to the Philippines economy.  “You guys always been victims of World Domination” smh.  This is the battle that woke the crowd up and threw Bonnie & Gattas the alley oop.


Final Grade: B+


The battle didn’t end bad, but the first two rounds were very very good.  J Pro had a huge advantage in the energy department.

My Winner: J Pro

Bonnie Godiva vs Young Gattas


My Prediction: Gattas 2-1


I manage Gattas.  I have to admit ... I go a little too hard on her.  I be like *whip crack* watch 100 battles and develp all levels of talent (LOL.)  Me and her came up with an idea to do a female Slaughterhouse that battles and makes music, since the girls dont have any cliques and are always fighting and whatnot, we knew the fans would eat it up.  Due to all levels of ratchetness and laziness (one day I might publically share some of the stories smh,) it just never happened.  Gattas called me before the battle and was like, “If me and Bonnie is a classic I wanna put her in the group.”  Long story short ... her and Bonnie was a classic, now Bonnie’s in the group.  MAN this battle was crazzzzzy.  After Bonnie’s first round, Gattas looked at me like, “Awwww shiiiit here we go.”  This is going to be a preference battle.  It depends on what type of content you like and what rhymes you prefer in each round.  I’ve heard THE MOST about this battle: Gattas 3-0, Bonnie 3-0, 1-1 with a debatable third - all kinds of stuff.  At the end of the day, they both won.  I was a fan of Bonnie’s “I would give you the finger, but that’ll prolly get your dumb ass wet” and Gattas turning Bonnie into Clyde Drexler.  Daylyt says he wish Bonnie kissed Gattas back and they made out on stage.  SMH no female should ever agree to battle Daylyt - it would be over.


Final Grade: A


People are calling this the best female battle of all time.  I’m not going that far - we’ll just wait until the footage drops.


My Winner: They both won.  Watch their stock rise crazy now.

Tycoon Tax vs Cortez


My Prediciton: Cortez 2-1


I thought this would be the best battle of the whole event.  When Cortez was announced, the crowd went craaaaaaaaaaaaazy, when Tax was announced, the crowd went craaaaaaaazzzziiiieeeeerrrrrr.  I just knew this was going to be a classic.  I actually heard a round from Tez before the battle and I was like, “If Tax don’t get on that level, its over.”  The battle started and Cortez didn’t get too much love from the crowd.  Tax goes second and the crowd erupts with every line he delivers.  Let me break down what happened: Cortez over-delivered some lines and they didn’t get the reaction he was looking for.  I don’t know if this caused him to keep over-delivering to try compensate for lack of crowd reaction but something was off.  I don’t think Canada would just hate on Cortez for no reason, but there was something that I couldn’t really put my finger on.  Tycoon Tax was getting too much reaction - it was to the point where im thinking, “the crowd is going to kill the footage.”  If you were kind of paying attention, you would have swore that Tax 3-0’d Cortez off of the crowd reaction alone.  I don’t remember everything they were saying, but the crowd is going to look biased on the footage.  I just hope it doesn’t kill Tycoon Tax because I knew this was his chance to solidify his spot and put on for T-Dot.



Final Grade: ?


My Winner: I can’t call it because the crowd was being OD.  At one point I was paying more attention to the crowd than the battle.  I heard they did a rematch in the hotel - anyone got the footage?

Rone vs Real Deal


My Prediction: Real Deal 2-1


This battle was hosted by the Grind Time staff.  Me, Kap, Lush & Pen - oh how amazing!  Remember I said I got g-checked twice?  Well Rone got at me for not being in the top 100 (Him and Prophet was in the 50 Honorable Mentions.)  Sorry Rone *icing the black eye he gave me.*  Anyways, Real Deal killed Rone in the first round to the point where everyone on the stage is like, “its over.”  Rone comes back with an amazing second round and the rest of the battle was just amazing.  Amazing on top of amazing to the third power.  This fool Rone said, “If you got the mac in the back of the ac ... you are stealing your neighbors wifi.” #Yikes!  Real Deal went in on all the guys from SMACK/URL that are ducking him ... I rep Boston all day, but that shit he said about Chilla Jones being the biggest Mark in Boston since Wahlberg was nuts lmfao.  Crazy battle.


Final Grade: A+


My Winner: There is no way to tell who won without watching this footage back.  Sorry.

Charlie Clips vs Hollohan


My Prediction: Charlie Clips 2-1


Charlie Clips did THE MOST in this battle.  This may be my favorite performance from him ever.  He turned into a white boy, made the crowd boo him on purpose, made the crowd feel racist if they didn’t cheer, did a tribute to Rosa Parks, dissed SMACK and opened a Sprite Can.  Hollohan may be the only battle rapper on Earth that does all bars with minimal gun references and no personals.  I think Hollohan’s style is very dope and its refreshing that he doesn’t use personals as a crutch, but he needed SOMETHING cause Clips came at him with that Ray Allen 3 pointer in game 6 heat.  This battle was a 3-0 live, but Hollohan was rapping so well that I know he will probably win a round on camera or people may prefer his style.  Hollohan said Clips got caught driving his getaway car through the Drive Thru LMFAOOO!


Final Grade: A-


If Hollohan had personals, this would have been an A+


My Winner: Charlie Clips



Pat Stay vs Arcane

My Prediction: Pat Stay 2-1


I remember thinking, “Why is Arsonal vs Dizaster on Day 1?  I hope everyone stays for the title match.”  When I tell you that Canada put on for their title match ... damn the crowd was crazy intense.  Best reactions of the whole entire event.  I understand a lot of people feel that Arcane may have won and i’m not mad at that, just let me break something down: I dont know how well fans can grasp this, but when you rap, sometimes it takes a lot for you to respect another mans pen game.  As an emcee, we respect things that have not been said before and are delivered in a creative and original way.  Pat Stay was saying things that were making all of the other battle rappers look at each other like “this man is great.”  For instance, Pat Said, “I don’t care if you poppin oxy moron, don’t get smart idiot” - wtf that was mad original.  Wait til you see his geometry scheme that ended with “a cute angle” -  it was soo crazy.  Pat Stay has a charismatic aura that can’t really be matched.  Ever since he battled in Nova Scotia, I knew he was one of the best, but now I feel like the man is one of the 10 best battle rappers in the world - NO DEBATING!  I know this may sound very biased towards Pat, but I just met the man for the first time in my life this past weekend.  I am saying all of this based on his skill set.  Arcane was dope, but I think his first round should have been as good as his third.  If those two rounds were switched, the battle would have went down to the wire.  I felt like Pat Stay had already won going into the third.  Arcane had some crazy chess line and ended with, “We all seen him make crooked moves dodging Bishop tryna get to the king” - crazy.  I honestly don’t hold it against Arcane for the whole stealing bars thing.  I’m not going to ruin anything for the fans, but a lot of battle rappers do way worse than Arcane did, they just don't get caught.  I'm not a fan of exposing people that you are supposed to be cool with anyway.  Shit is messed up, but I do think Arcane is dope and he deserved to hold the chain for that long.  He defeated the odds and had a lot of classic matchups that I give him credit for winning and having classic performances.  He really looked destroyed when he lost ... I felt bad as hell, but thats the game - you win some and you lose some, but you live to see another day.


Final Grade: A-


If Arcane had convincingly won the first round, it would have been too crazy.


My Winner: Pat Stay




Congrats to Organik, Gully, Avi, KingFly and the whole KOTD staff for having a classic event.  There are always bumps in the road, but they made a lot of last minute adjustments and pulled through.  I was proud to attend and get to know some of these guys on a personal level.  Great Job!


- Drect


Behind The Battles: Hollow Da Don (Battle Rap Documentary)

August 5, 2013, 6:37 pm



WATCH NOW! --> Behind The Battles: Hollow Da Don


The entertainment industry is riddled with fakes, phonies and aspiring actors.  Often, the only way fans can see their favorite personalities in true form is through interviews or behind the scenes videos, which are often edited for TV - thank god for the internet.

On January 31, 2011 I published a video about Conceited called “Behind The Battles” to YouTube in an attempt to give fans insight into what goes on behind the scenes of battle rap.  To my surprise, everyone loved it and began asking for more episodes.  This was something I always wanted to come back to.

In between watching ESPN 30 for 30, Oprah’s Interview with Rihanna, and VH1 Behind the Music, I became re-inspired to make this documentary series.  Often times, battle rap lacks the proper media surrounding battles/rappers and I feel as though this element needs an introduction to our forever-growing fanbase.

As with all of our exclusive videos, this documentary will eventually be free, but the $2.99 price tag is split between the battle emcee, the Rap Grid site, and production costs.

Welcome to Behind the Battles, Rap Grid’s monthly documentary series.  Thank you for your continued support throughout the years.




Click Here To Watch Behind The Battles: Hollow Da Don (Full Documentary)


Part 1 (below):


Click Here To See The Full Documentary


- Drect


June 26, 2013, 6:00 am
















Live Coverage of SMACK/URL''s NOME III (Event Blog)

June 23, 2013, 4:21 pm



Any time huge events go down, battle fans across the world scour the internet to find any kinds of updates, pictures or quotables from their favorite emcees.  This time around, RapGrid has made it easy for you guys to find everything in one place, as our team is live at Stage 48 in New York City today to provide you with exclusive content that will be updated in this blog until the event is over. Don't forget to refresh the page, as we will be posting stuff all day!


Big on social networking?  You can also follow RapGrid on these sites:







12:00 pm: The line is building up


12:38 pm: Battle Rap Arena's Jesse Rican gives his predictions for URL's NOME3



12:53 pm: Norbes speaks on event





1:02 pm: SMACk and Beasley outside venue



1:22 pm: DNA speaks on battle with Chilla Jones


1:55 pm: Posion Pen speaks on Dizaster's translation to URL, the return of Hollow Da Don, & more
The Venue: forty8
SMACK Gettin some love
O-Red taking interviews
Moneybagz outside

1:02 pm: Tsu Surf on the meaning of his name and his strategy against Hollow Da Don



2:57 pm: B-Magic on how he feels about Charlie Clips as an opponent, and why he's a unique battler



3:17 pm: Charlie Clips compares battling on URL with Don't Flop and other international leagues


O-red, Tsu Surf & Jersey holdin' it down

Shotgun Suge
Aye-Verb (and Hitman Holla)

3:45 pm: Organik at his first large URL battle, speaks on which URL rapper he'd like to see on King Of The Dot






"When I squeeze ratchets it will be magic the way June disappear" - Clips


"Why are y'all on magic Johnson if all he can do is best (Rosenburg) raw" - Clips


"These cocaine lines to bring yung ill back" - Clips


"Everywhere I go bring that Mac. I'm soft where?" - Clips

"Ur a g magic Well Im a non believer u go in jail a tight end and come out a wide receiver" - Clips

"Jump around and get beat fast like techno" - Magic

"A liter of blood will run out him like death row" - Magic

Magic flipped Clips’ room scheme then said the ring card girls have stretch marks


"You'll be done before the 3 rd round on some Qleen shit" - Magic

Rd. 1 DonDemarco count: Magic - 6 Clips- 9

Rd.2 DonDemarco count Magic - 4 Clips - 6

Clips is saying Magic’s bars make no sense.

"Ima move this crip aside this g was never no biggie. Y'all been hypnotized." - Clips

"That's why ur wins low like Urkel bitch" - Clips






Chilla Jones invents a new style called “double scheme”


Chilla’s mic is too low and is getting a little slept on

Chilla spazzed out in 1st round

“Once i kill him for chicken they goin take him off the Boston Market” - DNA

Round 1 Don Demarco count: DNA - 8 Chilla Jones 5

Hollow just showed up in the building. Heads are going crazy. Return of Da Don.

DNA pulled his tooth out on some old school shit!

Just announced that Arsonal battles Aye Verb on July 21st in St. Louis


6:36 pm: Hollow Da Don before Tsu Surf battle on his time away and battling on King Of The Dot
Big T vs K-Shine up

I come back to cross t like I'm writing in cursive - @_kay_shine.

Another nigga with a death wish sawed off shotty fuck around and eat a breadstick @_kay_shine rd 1

Another 5 foot nigga with a death wish. Headshot will have his brains lookin like Chex Mix @bigtqmb

Y'all put a Chicagorilla against a Harlem koala bear @bigtqmb all 1st round

Okay @_kay_shine with a cold and flu medication scheme. Rd 2.

Wow looks like Big Tjust dropped a sandy hook reference that was actually too offensive for the crowd!

Ouch K-Shine stumbled while quoting BigL and the crowd turned on him crazy.

No doubt Big T will be called the winner of his battle #nome3


Papoose peepin the battles:



Overheard Arsonal say he lost $50 on K-Shine


Long hiatus. People are shouting refund and bullshit


Adrian Broner Challenged Mook to a $200,000K battle at Summer Madness 3


Hollow Arriving



Arsonal Reppin for UW Battle League










Y'all put Jada in his prime against Coolio @hitmanholla

Bragging is what the goofy do. If I still lived with my momma my closet would be Coogi too - @hitmanholla


Crowd feelin Hitman

"Shotgun you a fraud. So what u pushed little Bill. Why didn't u do that to swave." -Hitman

"Bringing props to win. I ain't wit dat if I'm gonna bring a prop to a battle that shit gon have kickback" @hitmanholla


I knew I smelled something funny if some1 said they knew where Holla-toast-is - @conceitednyc


So far @conceitednyc vs @hitmanholla may be battle of the night.


Hitman fell off in the 3rd, but a lot of people are saying his first round is the best in battle history & the battle as a whole is one of the best.









Here we go! @hollowdadonlom - corporations play like philanthropists. Cuz everybody that raps like this chokes like lux or Canibus -Hollow

I can push tsu aside cuz I knew this was a body from the jump @hollowdadonlom

Tsu surf gonna get that title title wave and he gon see shells for shore @hollowdadonlom

I went from having my own clothing line to wearing matching clothes in jail @hollowdadonlom


Whoa @hollowdadonlom threw money on @tsu_surf


Hard rebuttal for @tsu_surf opener #nome3

trying to hit everything standing. Got a kick back when it shoot so when u aim u gotta slant it - @tsu_surf

Run for cover I felt just as bad as ur father putting a hollow in ur mother - @tsu_surf

Ok @tsu_surf goin hard right now. Shittin on Hollows Grindtime roots


I'm sharp it's off with his head. Should I say it again-tsu (ginsu) - @hollowdadonlom


Ur last time goin hard is the 1st time I remember being on a card. Anything Pryor to that was funny @tsu_surf

By the crowd Feeling like its one round each now @hollowdadonlom vs @tsu_surf


It aggression like PAC in juice but ur rhyming like DR. Suess @hollowdadonlom

You got fans blindfolded by the trash like a Febreeze commercial @hollowdadonlom

3 rd for @hollowdadonlom is a good look #nome3


I ran up on him stabbed him up gave him a buck fifty and the funny thing about that, I had a gun with me @hollowdadonlom


Close battle.





Look at the face on him. Why u play with him. This about the time Stallone pop out and shout Adriaaann @murdamook

You know why this is 1 round battle today. Cuz usually my fights is over before round 2 - Adrien Bronner #nome3





Last battle @organikhiphop hosting with @smackwhite

Smack says this is @mrdizaster s first debut


Rex on now.

First @ihatetrex- u use ur hype to tower over ur oppoent. That's cool. But how it feel to look down to a nigga u look up to #nome3


That 44 is as long as a @chillajones setup @ihatetrex


This URL he trespassing. He ain't got no business here @ihatetrex


Me bein a nurse knock it off. Honestly I wish I was so I could get scripts and knock those percs and oxys off -  T-Rex


Dizaster Round 1


1st round @mrdizaster brand new flock in the box I'm like a manager at Sea World if that seals broken I won't buy it

Ill beat this pussy up like the bulldog from Tom and Jerry @mrdizaster


Dizaster I hate everything about him I'm ready to shoot a cab driver every time I think about him @ihatetrex

U get shot. Barrel on that 44 smokin like a hookah spot @ihatetrex


How u gonna show anyone grown man bar when u look like a fat woman a little Roseanne Barr @mrdizaster


You said for Mook and shine you'd use the 9. What are u waiting for that to happen 2 more times? @mrdizaster


Diz going in

Ill shoot her badu her get her mf'in head wrapped. That catapiller will get hear head peeled back @ihatetrex

We both got robbed for our dot chains @mrdizaster

We both got robbed for our dot chains @mrdizaster

Battle over.  More video and photos coming soon.  Stay tuned to 


JC's winner predictions (taken earlier in the day)



Drect's Top 100

June 11, 2013, 11:32 pm



It took me about two months to finish, but we are finally here at the TOP 10 BATTLES of all time. At first, I hated the idea of this list, but I knew it would get a lot of attention. Now, I'm happy I put this together - real fans appreciate the list and the battle emcees love it. See you again at the end of the year when I update it! Without any further adieu ... get ready to argue for weeks - Drect


Dont forget to hit "view next in series" underneath battles that either have multiple parts or are part of a series


Check out the entire list:

Click here to see 1-10

Click here to see Top 50 Honorable Mentions

Click here to see 11-20

Click here to see 21-30

Click here to see 31-40

Click here to see 41-50

Click here to see 51-60

Click here to see 61-70

Click here to see 71-80

Click here to see 81-90

Click here to see 91-100


When I first announced that I would be making a "Top 100 Battles of All Time" list, the immediate reaction of the majority of my peers seemed to be, "why would you put yourself through that kind of stress?"  What some may look at as stressful or overbearing, I like to look at as a challenge - maybe this is my duty; I feel empowered to teach the people about something I love so much.

At one point in time, there were only two classifications of battle rapper: one that sucks and one that doesn't.  In the last 20 or so years battle rappers have consistently raised the bar in this craft by developing unique styles and complicating rhymes, which has ultimately resulted in millions of fans gravitating toward the artform and their favorite personalities within it.

Now that battle rap is huge, judging is nearly extinct and the majority of emcees are very talented, everything is based off of opinion.  If I like you personally, am a fan of your music or know your little brother, chances are that I will log onto youtube and defend you in the comment box.  This has a lot of people watching and interacting with the artform, but I believe it has one downfall ...

New fans of battle rap have been introduced to the scene in a very comment-box/reality-based youtube fashion.  They don't have the same feeling or knowledge a lot of us battle rap purists have gained through 10+ years of involvement with the culture.  Instead of seeming like a bitter old man (which a lot of hip hop notables tend to do when something/someone new comes along or changes,) I have decided to teach.  This is my reason for writing The Top 100 Battles of All Time.


As I have mentioned time and time again, battle rap is HEAVILY based on opinion.  It is nearly impossible for anyone to 100% agree with my list.  A lot of my writing is based on a heavily educated, yet personal opinion of the artform.  I have ran battle leagues, been to countless battle rap events, manage battle rappers and speak to different fan bases all the time.  The most important part of this list was that I didn't rush it and took the time to understand why different fans like different things.  Whether it be geographical location, lifestyle similarities, historical value or personal opinion - I asked EVERYTHING.

You can choose to either look at this top 100 list with critical, yet argumentative eye or treat it as a guide of sorts.  I purposely chose to include both freestyle and written battles for a simple reason: nobody else would dare do it and there is great historical significance in some of the things we tend to forget about.  A few different people/companies have chose to make lists of their own, which I respect, but I bring an unprecedented amount of knowledge from all facets of the battle rap world and would like to educate the fans instead of force feeding them a bunch of recent or highly viewed material.

When making this list, I needed a criteria - something readers could easily understand and grasp - not only follow my writings, but form their own opinions.  So, along with 100 of the greatest battles, I have included a detailed write-up on each match, which whould give you some insight into my ranking system.

*Note: This list does not include battles from 2013, as I will be creating an updated list at the end of the year*


*click picture to view battles*

Battle Rap Network: Barfest I (Pics)

June 4, 2013, 10:10 pm




Verbs, Poison Pen, The Deadman, Germfree, Aspect One, Okwerdz & Lush One



Saturday, June 1st marked the first of many upcoming events for Rap Battle Network - a new youtube-based battle company that has implemented a monthly/yearly subscription service in an attempt to further build battle rap business.


Poison Pen, a huge staple in the battle rap community put together their first card, which featured the following:


Real Deal vs Bigg K

Math Hoffa vs Daylyt

John John Da Don vs Shotgun Suge

J-Pro vs Syd Vicious

Bonnie Godiva vs Loonie Divine


Huge shoutout to @FuckYourHustle & @EvaDivaDoll for submitting these dope pictures:


the DJ getting ready

Real Deal vs Bigg K

Bonnie Godiva vs Loonie Divine

Dizaster killing the cypher

Daylyt literally slept on Math

Behind the scenes with Germfree, Traphik (Timothy De La Ghetto), Okwerdz, Aktive & more!


Definitely looked like a dope event.  Follow Poison Pen on twitter at @PoisonPenBK and check out RapBattleNetwork on Youtube

Top 100 Battles All Time: Honorable Mentions List

May 29, 2013, 9:09 pm


Before we get ready to drop our highly anticipated 10 best battles of all time, RapGrid thought it was only right to do 50 "Honorable Mentions."  This Honorable Mentions list is filled to the brim with battles that almost made the cut (in no particular order), vids that people sleep on HEAVILY, or rightfully should have been a top 100 battle (depending on who you ask.)  Either way, there are waaay more than 100 significant rap battles in history and these emcees deserve some credit, so without any further adieu, here are the 50 Honorable Mentions, for the Top 100 Battles of All Time:



Marvwon & Quest MCODY vs The Saurus & Illmaculate - 1st Battle

First time Illmac & Saurus took a loss


Yung Ill vs Tsu Surf

“Toughest nigga in the Midwest is Aye Verb’s mother”


Locksmith vs Dizaster

Dizaster’s first loss & Locksmith’s solidification as a legend


FLO vs Dumbfoundead

One of the funniest battles in history


Masta Ace vs Boogie Man

After a disagreement, Ice T set up this infamous battle on the set of Lyricist Lounge


Lotta Zay vs C4

Most slept on battle in New Jersey history


Pooh Bear vs K. Reid

Monster match between Chicago and Detroit


Ghetto Ghost (aka Johnny Ca$h) vs Nymesis

106 Champion takes on one of Dot Mobb’s nicest members


Roxanne Shante vs Busy Bee

Roxanne fucked up Busy Bee and Frukwan in the same night smh


G.Dash & King Jordz vs Arkaic & Eurgh (Week 10)

The definition of “Down to the Wire” - Everything was at stake


Remy Martin vs Lady Luck (Both)

The original female battle that paved the way & blew up Fight Klub


Iron Solomon vs Flamez

No crowd - just crazy, bars, jokes & freestyles


HighCollide vs Madness

“More chickens in your front yard that the Legend of Zelda” - classic FL grudge match


Syahboy vs Scotty P

Controversial battle that proved Syah is one of the most charismatic people in battle rap


Young Kannon vs Big Kannon

The battle of the Kannon’s would have to be a classic, right?


Marvwon & Quest MCODY vs Madd Illz & Parable - Battle 1

One of the most dominating 2on2 performances of all time


Dirtbag Dan vs The Saurus

That third round ... wow


Pat Stay vs Miracle

One of the biggest battle upsets - all time


Arcane vs 100 Bulletz

Possibly the best battle in KOTD's Grand Prix history


Kaboom vs Tay Rock

Philly vs Baltimore Lionz Den street classic


Iron Solomon vs Shirt N Tie

Hold up ... What did Iron Solomon just say?  Daaaaaaamn!


Swann vs Rhymefest

Classic scribble final - Rhymefest avenged an earlier loss


Ness Lee vs Dirtbag Dan

Ness was on crutches & homeless - Dan gave no fucks


Busy Bee vs Kool Moe D

The original battle


Fresco vs Illusion Z

“This is my favorite part ... Selena getting shot in the face”


The Saurus vs Franco

“James Van Der Beek on 8 grams of speed”


Iron Solomon vs Mic Assassin

The term “body bag” was invented when this battle dropped


Ness Lee vs Illmaculate

When M.O.B got shut down, they took it back to the streets for a classic


Tricky P vs Deffinition

Never thought a complement battle could be so great


The Saurus/Illmac vs Madd Illz Parable - 2nd battle

“Eddie G from Tekken 3”




Sahtyre vs Real Deal

Slept on classic - one of the hardest battles


Heartless vs Syd Vicious

Crazy debut for both emcees - dope bars


Dizaster vs Illmaculate

One of the best displays of freestyle vs written


Rone vs Prophit

Prophit should have seen it coming (he’s not that type of prophet though)


Frank Stacks vs Surgeon General

Worst comedy bodybag of all time


Dirtbag Dan vs FLO

Set the standard for non-main events


Mosh Jelton vs D-Lor

Mosh & D-Lor at their best


The Saurus vs Tantrum - Tourettes Champion Battle

The Saurus proves why he’s the freestyle battle GOAT


Chilla Jones vs M.Ciddy

Just when you thought lyricism reached its peak, here come reverse punchlines


Hitman Holla (aka Yung Holla) vs Yung Ill

Yung Ill was COLD - that’s why they call him “Ice Pack”




Jae Millz vs Sire Castro

“How it went to him Diddy?”


Midwest Miles vs Aye Verb

The reason not to sleep on Miles


Osa vs 24/7

Young Bike Rack got busy


Loe Pesci vs Tantrum

“The head go wit it”


Possesed & Whashisface vs Illmaculate & The Saurus - Battle 1

“Its the US bitch, we advocate war / and  our country is just arrogant enough to eradicate yours”


Fresco vs Kid Twist

“I'll pull the tool, leave a hole in you ... a perfect circle”


Don LadyII & Tori Doe vs Shooney Da Rapper & Phara Funeral

Highest viewed female rap battle in history


Fredo vs Lyraflip

“Look like Luigi touched ‘em a mushroom”


Conceited vs Tall T

The beginning of the Conceited phenomenon - R.I.P Tall T


Ness Lee vs The Saurus

So many great rebuttals in crunch time

Interview with Johnny Trash of 1Outs Australia

May 22, 2013, 12:12 am


The recent MYBattles event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was supposed to be the biggest Battle Rap event yet to happen in the country; International acts Flex Digits, Rebo Orange, Chase and King of The Dot’s Loe Pesci flew in for a close look at the battle scene in Malaysia. But with sponsors backing out, the lack of funds and more importantly lack of experience, MYBattles ‘The International Standard’ failed to live up to the hype.

Though his battle with Malaysia’s Bawss went off without much fanfare, we took the opportunity to talk to Johnny Trash, one of 1Outs Australia’s best, about battle rap, hard work, and his next opponent at 1Outs Avalanche event against King of the Dot’s highly rated 100 Bulletz.


HQ: First of all, thank you for doing this interview and the support you've shown man, we appreciate it.

JohnnyT: Yeah I’ve claimed my profile and the sites dope!

HQ: Thanks man! Ok, let’s start with the recent MYBattles event. The whole event and its shortcomings are now pretty well documented online, what was your take on the event?

JohnnyT: Well basically in the leading up to the event, all the details were quite loose and shady, myself, Flex (Flex Digits) and Chase all had discussed our concerns in the days leading up to leaving for MY, I myself hadn't put much prep in or anything because we had no idea what was going on from the beginning. I truly think that Zain believed it would all work out for us though, against all odds.


HQ: Was this your first event in Malaysia?

JohnnyT: This was the first time I had been out of Australia/New Zealand, I had previously battled in Auckland for 1Outs New Zealand, so had no idea what to expect from an event in Malaysia. I had seen previous MY events on YouTube, and from what I saw, it all looked legit.

HQ: What did u think of your opponent on the night?

JohnnyT: Bawss Hogg? Wow he was good. I expected him to step up, but the performance he put on was on a seriously high level, A few performance tweaks and it would have been on a high international level.

HQ: What was your take on the other matchups?

JohnnyT: I think the circumstances of the night and days even weeks leading up, took away from the international guests, Flex had been one of my favorites in Don't Flop since his battle with Sensa at least 2 years ago. Flex did good, it wasn't bad, just not the Flex you would see without all the bullshit happening behind the scenes.

Soul Ash had a strong performance, definitely had some unexpected charisma, I feel that the local battlers clearly had a home court advantage and not effected by the matters at hand. It's battlers like Baws Hogg and Soul Ash that makes me think there is a positive future for battling in Malaysia.

HQ: And what about Loco Spitta, who, I thought had nice intricate bars, and Rebo Orange, who didn’t have the best of nights..

JohnnyT: Loco Spitta had a nice clear delivery about him this performance, he has a thick Somalian accent, so it is hard for me to pick up what he is saying, but I could tell he really worked on having more accessible delivery. Rebo Orange, great dude, just wasn't prepared nerves wise more than anything, when things weren't going 100 percent for him; he lost sight of the bigger picture and struggled. It is a common thing for a first time battler.

HQ: Ash definitely stepped up to represent man, and Bawss is definitely someone to watch out for. So who are your favorite battlers out in Malaysia?

JohnnyT: No question, Bawss Hogg and Soul Ash, I would like to see them somehow battle in Melbourne someday, the home of 1Outs Australia. I know there are a few others like MC Stiff and Tactmatic, but by the sounds of it they are moving on from battles, making way for these new guys who are really hungry, and with the right guidance and development, have so much time and room to improve and reach their potential. I would include Loco Spitta in that as well after a couple more solid battles.

HQ: The way u guys handled yourselves were very professional on the night.

JohnnyT: That’s the thing about battle rap, i feel a lot of the fans think we just roll out of bed, say some shit that rhymes, and think it's a career, I look at battle rap as a career in the sense it's an important part of what i want to make of my life, where I want to go. You need to look at yourself and conduct yourself like a professional and you need to put in the hard work that any professional would in their chosen field.

The proof is there, if you watch my first battle with Mr. Virus from 3 years ago, back to when this style of battling was a new concept to me, and compare it to now with my last battle against Zain Azrai, you would think you were watching two different rappers from my performances, that is all hard work, countless hours of it.

HQ: I think the whole culture itself has developed because of hard work and dedication

JohnnyT: Yeah, it’s crazy what it has become in a few short years, I like to think sometimes 5 years from now, who knows what the buzz will be.

HQ: What would you like to see done different in the next MYBattle event?

JohnnyT: For MY battles to have life again, Zain needs to build a team around him to have input and actions to making an event a success, like with any successful league out there, there needs to be a team, not just one man doing everything. More care with timing and location needs to be considered also.

HQ: Is there anything u want to air out or say about the event?

JohnnyT: My firm stance on it... the event should have never gone ahead, it should have been cancelled or at the least postponed when the original sponsors pulled out, I’m glad I went and had the experience, but it should not have and did not need to happen like it did. But I believe Zain has started to compensate Loe Pesci, Flex Digits and myself for the whole thing, I have said for me to be reimbursed last, because well that’s just the status quo, I respect that and am cool with it.

HQ: Who are your favorite battlers worldwide?

JohnnyT : I started out really favoring performances from Carter Deems, Fresco, The Saurus, Mr Biscuit, now that I have a vast knowledge of battle rap, I would say my favorites are Conceited, QP, 100 Bulletz, Arsonal, the Smack style rappers, really anyone with crazy wordplay or crazy pop culture references, either one of those, and I'm a fan, shout outs to Tantrum and Madness as well though, two respectable vets, always got time to chop it up with me on Facebook, and I'm always following their work.

HQ: If you had the pick of anyone in the world, who would be your dream matchup?

JohnnyT: Now I feel very lucky because I think the answer to that is 100 Bulletz, the history and the clash of wordplay, just too good to pass up, not many battlers get their dream match ups, so I'm feeling lucky. But if i could duke it out with anyone else, either Pat Stay or Arsonal, I don’t know why, just those two names are the two I can’t choose between. Actually Pat Stay, Arsonal, Bender or Illmaculate, in no particular order, but those 4 are all dead even to me.

HQ: What can we expect in your battle with 100 bulletz?

JohnnyT: This battle with 100 Bulletz, I intend on putting more work than I ever have into a battle. On some level there will be a story to this battle that people will want to know. If I live up to my own hype, I feel this battle will be bar for bar, scheme for scheme and a crazy wordplay fest.

Headlining that same "Avalanche' card, is 1Outs is Charron vs Ilyak, both accomplished freestyle MCs. looking forward to that one, and I’m sure the rest of the card will be dope also.

HQ: Dope man, Avalanche is gonna be one hell of an event. Any shoutouts?

JohnnyT: Yeah, shout outs to 1Outs Battle League, for giving me the opportunity to do something I love. And the Hit The Fan family who I am working on my debut EP with, out sometime before I die, cheers!

HQ: Thanks man! Looking forward to the barfest that is 1Outs AVALANCHE, you and 100 Bulletz are gonna give us one hell of a show.


View Johnny Trash's previous battles on his Rapper Profile.

Haz Riq is a staff member located in Malaysia and carries a personal conviction to contribute to the battle rap scene worldwide as well as help the local scene in Malaysia every chance he gets.  He can be reached on his Twitter handle: @HazriqZ

1Outs AVALANCHE event details can be found here, and will continue to update the page as more information is released.

Rap Grid Cuts 003: Swave Sevah - 4 U Haterz

May 1, 2013, 6:10 pm


The latest joint in our Rap Grid Cuts series is "All U Haterz" from Swave Sevah.  His latest album Son Of A One Armed Man features Killer Mike, Sean Price, Ike P, Moe Dirdee, Quest McCody, Marv Won, P. Stacks, Chordz Cordero, Poison Pen, Nems, & Phase One, and it's available now on Rap Grid for just $9.99!

Click here to buy the full album Son Of A One Armed Man.


Ami Miller vs Gattas - Back Again

April 9, 2013, 11:08 pm


Following Grizzlemania 2, Grind Time had some of the biggest hype/anticipation for videos dropping that battle fans had ever seen.  In the midst of all this was the lone female match at the event, Ami vs Gattas.  It was one of the fastest growing female battles in history, reaching 150,000 views in a week on youtube alone.  Ami went on to have a successful and heavily promoted battle run on BET, while Gattas’ popularity started shooting through the roof.  Unfortunately, disagreements between both parties led to the battle being erased from the internet all together.  Fortunately, I had it this whole time.  Enjoy!